New Year's Day

(Mm) (anal, fist, oral, ws) (torture)

The sixteen-year-old kid lay, untied now, on the messy cum-covered, piss-soaked and bloodstained bed. The New Year's Eve party was over. So was he – over being a normal, healthy, teenage, high school student.

The pillow beneath his cute head was yellow, soaked with piss and crusty in places with cum and snot. He moved just enough to elicit a groan of pain from his swollen battered lips. He was still cute even though his nose had been broken and his mouth was all discolored and swollen from sucking so many cocks. His short, neat sandy hair was now thick and plastered with fucksnot. His face had dried cum streaks up and down the strong cheekbones and all around his nostrils from when the guys had shot up his nose and of course all over the lips and chin.

When he did open his swollen eyes, one of them was terribly red, probably from the urine when the guys had all pissed on his face. Most of the cum covering the boy's face had been washed away from the urine.

He had a fight you see with his twatfriend on New Year's Eve. She caught him hard dicked over some stupid, slut waitress or something. She'd gone home all weepy and he'd hit the streets and the bottle, very upset that he had fucked over his girlfriend and also that he wasn’t going to get any pussy on New Year’s Eve.

He was fairly drunk when I found him and invited him to the party. He was in one of those self-serving, weepy states where he wants the world to feel sorry for him. Poor, young jock had no one – dumped by his cunt, his father had run out left him and his fucked-up mom and she was never home staying gone for weeks at a time with her latest dick find. Poor, young jock so cute too with sandy hair, nice build, rough punkish face, a real naughty boy so I invited him to the party not telling him of course that he was going to be the party.

The sixteen-year-old boy had a memorable New Year’s Eve. A bunch of the guys had had a contest, blowing their noses in his mouth. Then face fucked by twenty-seven guys.

I hadn't approved when they'd knocked out two of his teeth. It damaged his good looks, but the little dickditch wouldn't suck cock saying he wasn't a faggot. That made some of the guys angry so they broke his nose and broke two teeth. He sucked much better and did not give us hardly any trouble at all after that so I guess it was worth it.

Cum still dripped out of his ears where guys had shot some of their loads. The left ear was sore because some of the guys had decided to pierce the puppy and give him an earring. Well they had botched the job. I told them not to use a shish-kabob skewer. There was this huge, ugly blood encrusted hole in the kid’s fat pink lobe. Somebody had stuck his keyring carabiner in there to keep it open.

The kid's neck was blotchy with marks from guys sucking on it. At least these fellows were somewhat romantic. They gave the kid better suck kisses than his cunt had ever given him. His chest was full of red, black and blue suck marks too.

And oh, Jesus, what a laugh. You should see the kid's titties. They had been very flat pink-brown, nickel-sized, masculine discs at the start of the party. Now they stood up like erasers, over an inch of ugly-beautiful, distended knobs of nipple flesh. The right one was stuck through with a dozen toothpicks and the left one adorned with four safety pins.

The safety pins in his stomach flesh you could see real clear because all of his body hair had been shaved off. You could also see the cigarette burn marks from when they had used his teen tummy as an ashtray. Some drunken dude had put a cigar out in his belly button and left the thing there like some kind of monument.

The fuckboy's armpits had been burned from lit candles after candles had been used to make him squirm on the cocks better after he had sobbed that he was fucked out and could not take any more. Shit, that had been only half way through the party. By the end of the night, he had been begging us to kill him.

The champagne bottle up his ass was the only reminder of the forty-eight times he had been fucked in his newly formed boy-cunt. Not to mention eight fistings he endured. And to think, the kid had been an ass virgin when he walked through the door. Blood, cum and ass slime stiffly crusted the bedsheet beneath his once tight, dimpled, jock boy ass. An ass we had beaten raw with our leather belts by the buckle ends.

We had also beaten the kid’s ball bag black and blue. Then some joker had put a tiny hole in the scrotum flesh, stuck in a straw and blown his nutsack up like a fucking balloon. It was hysterical. The young jock had had a nice, big bag when he came into the party. You know the kind of scrotum that swings when he swaggers through the locker room at school, bragging about which twat he fucked the night before. The kind of scrotum the cheerleaders lick clean of sweat after the big game while the boys guzzle beer and high five each other.

The kid's dick was not pretty to look at now. It had been a very pretty six-inch flaccid, over eight when hard, teenage cuntstuffer. This kid was one hundred percent jock stud all the way with a beautiful, smooth, salami thick, cut piece of fucktool. I’ll bet it stretched a freshman cunt's mouth or two. Now it had staples up and down it.

One of my buddies had gone wild with a big fucking staple gun, the kind you slam into walls and stuff. The boy’s dick was a bloody, silver-stapled mess and when the kid had passed out from the pain, my drunken pal just switched gears and stapled the insides of the boy's thighs until some piss could revive him. A whole fucking box of staples.

I don't know who the fucker was who twisted the cork screw into the pisshole of the boy's cock and I don't know if that was before or after they had stuck twenty thumb tacks into the dickhead.

I had turned the music up real loud at about ten thirty so the screams wouldn’t carry. By eleven fifteen he had screamed so hard, he had no voice left and things were fine from there on in. Finally, some dude had taken some huge motherfucking nails, number tens or some fucking thing and driven three of them right through the dick stalk itself. As I said, the jock's genital area was not too pretty to look at unless you like that kind of stuff.

I stood at the side of the bed looking down at him. He batted his eyes and snorted a bit of blood and cum from his nose. He was still burping it up every now and then so cum bubbled from his mouth. His lips moved, but I couldn’t hear him. I leaned down and put my ear to his mouth.

"What baby, I can't hear you?"

I think he had damaged his vocal chords screaming like he did. I toyed with one tit. He winced, but continued to rasp something out at me before I understood him.

"Take me...take me to a hospital...please...help me..." something like that.

I smiled and stroked his forehead.

"Oh, I would honey. I'd be glad to, but some of my buddies are coming over this afternoon for a New Year's Day party and you, darling boy are the guest of honor. You're going to be fucked one hundred or so times!"

His eyes rolled back and his lips moved, but no sound came out.

Damn. I sure hope he lasts through the day.