My Trip: A Visit to a School Camp

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My friend in Tokyo, Coach, took me to visit a preteen and early teen camp school. This was after my adventure with Yoshi which I still need to tell you more about. We watched the boys on the playing field in various sporting events, and that got my prick really hard, as they are all topless. Those smooth preteen chests were just starting to develop. The boys are very physical with each other rough housing it and getting armpits in the face and their faces shoved into crotches. I, of course, took lots of pics.

But, the real fun started when he took me to the school to visit one of the groups of ten and eleven-year-old boys. He told them I was a very famous Coach from the States looking for talented boys to win a scholarship. We talked and played with the boys, and then my friend started a competition. He asked which of the boys had the cutest butt. Well, the boys showed their little asses covered with their soccer shorts to us, and Coach said he couldn't tell and they should pull their shorts down. One boy after another did this laughing and getting goofy as only little boys can do. Still, I couldn't judge, and so the boys had to pull their underpants down too. The gorgeous, fresh, virginal, boy ass drove me nuts. Coach told me to pick which boy I wanted. I asked him if he was crazy or kidding.

He said, "Which ass do you wanna fuck?"


I asked how this could possibly come about. He told me these boys were either orphans or destitute and on scholarship. They are also Japanese, and so they wouldn't ever dream of not obeying a school adult. Well, I picked the sweet little ass I thought looked the most fuckable and Coach picked one too, and then we headed for the private rooms with our boys in tow. The boys blushed, and the other boys jeered and teased, and made love sounds. On the way, we stopped to take a piss. Coach made a big deal of taking his dick out and showing his boy, so I did likewise.


They were all amazed at my size, which I suppose to a little Japanese boy it looked pretty awesome. I stood back from the urinal and pissed while Coach and the boys watched. As I pissed, Coach leaned down and started to kiss the rear of his boy's neck and lick his ear. The boy giggled and tried to turn his head away. I could see the boy was scared and uptight, but trying to be polite. How fun! We insisted that the boys piss for us and we got our first looks at their tiny, little, boy pricks. Cute. We made them pull their shorts and underpants down, stand back from the urinals and arch their backs, so the little boy piss made a nice arc. I couldn't keep my hands off my boy anymore and started to feel his soft neck and face. I had some piss on my fingers, and I wiped it on his cheek.


My boy was just really quiet and shy, but Coach's boy said he didn't want to play with us. Coach squatted down looked at him severely and asked the boy if he wanted to embarrass the entire school and bring shame on his team. The boy chewed his lower lip and got tears in his eyes. I got hard. Of course, this was all in Japanese, and Coach had to translate for me. Just as we were leaving the toilet, a schoolboy janitor came in. The poor boys sometimes make their tuition by helping out and having jobs at the school.


This little guy of eight or nine had to clean the toilets. He watched us watching the boys piss and saw that Coach and I still had our dicks hanging out from our pants and he was something of a school joker I guess because he hauled out his little wee-wee and posed for this fun pic of him pissing and cleaning the urinal. I wish I had had the time and ability to take him because I would have loved to throw a fuck into his little ass, but I was a guest and didn't know how far I could push. Coach told me he took boys from this camp about six times a year for porno photo shoots and that I could feel free to use them for pics for my stories, so this kind of networking pays off you see. All of you will benefit in the future.


Well, we took the boys to a private room and fucked them. We both stripped and had the boys play with our big dicks. They had never seen men’s dicks before, so they were shocked at how large they get. I had my boy pump it with both hands and then asked him to kiss it. He was so cute and shy.


Coach rubbed his pre-fuck scum all over the lips of his boy and then asked his boy to kiss my boy on the mouth. It was the first taste of fuck slop for the boys, and they made cute faces and wrinkled up their noses. Coach and I had the boys lie side by side and open their mouths, and then we jerked out dicks until our pre-cum ran in strings down into the boys' mouths. The boys hated it of course, and we loved it.


Coach's boy began to cry again, and Coach had to get a little rough with him. The truth was my boy was shy, but obedient so I was actually getting off more on Coach's boy who was scared shitless and shook up. You know that's the kind I am partial to. We spent the next half hour teaching the little brats to suck cock. Coach told the boys he was going to give their names to the gang of high school boys at the camp next door and that from now on, they had to suck any high school boys who wanted to get their dicks off. I couldn't keep my fingers out of my boy's asshole, and soon both Coach and I were having a kind of game seeing who could get the most fingers up his boy's ass-pussy. These boys were so small it was just wild watching them crawl around on the bed with our fingers up their tiny shitters.


But now, it was time to fuck. The coach insisted that the boys help each other, so his boy was required to help shove my dick into the asshole of my boy. It was quite a chore and took a fuck of a long time. His hole was so fucking small, and my dick just seemed to get larger and larger. I was having the time of my life.


I have to admit, my pal Coach has opened up a shitload of doors for me in Japan. It’s through him that I attended those horribly rough hazings that I got pics of for you and through him that I got the models to pose for the Asian School Bullies series. Well, he has done so much for me.


Here I was on a bed at a school camp with my dick half way up the virginal asshole of a very little boy.


Ever the teacher, Coach told me, "Even men who don't fancy little boy ass should sample it now and then. It is a most special feeling to have your dick deeply embedded into the rectum of a boy not yet in his teens."


As he spoke, he pushed on my boy, so more and more of my prick went into his stretched asshole. The boy was in extreme pain, and Coach stuck the knuckles of one hand in the boy's mouth for the kid to bite on.


"Fuck harder my friend," he said to me. "Don't cheat this boy of the pleasure of his first fuck."


I have to tell you for one of the few times in my life, I thought I would shoot early without even fucking the boy much I was so fucking turned on. They had the kid on me and me on my back, so he had to actually sit on my fat, thick dick. While Coach's boy helped, Coach snapped some photos so I would have a beautiful memory of the fun day at the school camp. I honestly didn't think I could get it all up into the boy. He was just too small, but Coach insisted that I keep trying. He reached in and slapped the boy's thin, small legs apart, grabbed ass and tugged the boy’s cheeks apart opening him up even more so I could shove more dick into him. The boy screamed out, and I was freaked, but Coach assured me that the room was soundproof.


Once I was all the way in, balls deep, I rested for a few minutes. You have no idea how exhausting it was for me. The kid kind of sat there, impaled, head hanging, spit running from his mouth. Then I started to fuck him hard. He made sounds like a choking chicken as you wring its neck. Coach laughed and pushed the boy harder onto my prick. He grabbed his boy's face, shoved it down onto his dick, and had the kid lick off his drippings.


We fucked for about four hours. I fucked my boy twice, and I fucked Coach's boy once. He fucked my boy too. Then we made the boys suck and fuck each other. They were fucking wiped out. It was so cute. And at the end, wouldn't you know it, the God damned Japanese are so polite, the boys bowed to us and thanked us while tears were still running down their sweet, little faces. Coach and I roared with laughter, and Coach reminded the boys that they had to suck any and every senior school boy who wanted it. I asked Coach if he was serious about giving their names to the high school boys.


"Hell yes, my friend, those two little twats will become the dick dumps for the whole high school next door."


You have probably read something in the papers of the disturbing incidents of sexual abuse and hazing that goes on in Asian schools, but I don't know. I think it's kind of charming. What about you?