My Son's Slumber Party

Mbb, anal, oral, inc

You want to try sucking it?"


I couldn't believe my ears as I stood silently on the staircase, eavesdropping on the conversation between my son, Justin, and his friend, Erik. Justin had invited Erik to spend the night at our house, and the boys were camping out in sleeping bags in our living room. It was after two a.m., and I had been awakened by the sound of laughter coming from downstairs. I was coming down to tell the kids to quiet down and go to sleep when I heard Erik suggest cock-sucking as a slumber party activity. Jesus, what ever happened to ghost stories and innocent truth or dare?


"I don't know. Isn't that kind of gay?" I heard my son reply.


"No one has to know about it," responded Justin. "And I'll suck yours if you do mine."


My son remained silent for a few moments, contemplating the proposal, and then answered, "OK, but you do me first."


"Uh-uh," answered Erik, "I asked you first."


"OK, but you got to promise to suck me after."


"I promise," Erik assured him.


"Cross your heart?"


"Yeah, I cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. Just suck it, Justin, I'm really horny."


Even though I am straight, I found it incredibly erotic to be listening in on my son's homosexual sex play. Justin was only twelve (he would be thirteen in two months), and Erik was less than a year older. The two boys seemed awfully young to be experimenting this way, but I was turned on by it. My normal hetero cock had quickly hardened while I listened to the boys' banter, and I decided to go the rest of the way down the stairs and into the kitchen, where I could peer into the living room from a cut-through area in the wall that separated the two rooms.


"Oh, that feels so good," I heard Erik mutter as I tiptoed across the hallway floor. "Suck my dick, Justin."


The kitchen floor creaked beneath my kitchen feet as I proceeded to the cut-through. I was afraid the boys would hear me and stop their youthful sex games, but they were too absorbed in what they were doing to notice. When I got to the cut-through, I nearly gasped at what I saw. It was dark, but I could clearly make out my son's head bobbing up and down over the crotch of his friend, who was lying on his back on the floor. Erik ran his hands through my son's blond head and moaned contentedly.


Then, after several minutes of sucking, my son pulled his mouth off Erik's rod.


"My turn," he announced and lay down on the floor.


I could see his dick silhouetted in the dim light. It was thin but bigger than I would have expected. I couldn't see how much pubic hair he had, but I had seen him naked in the locker room at a beach a few months earlier, and at that time he had had just a few small hairs sprouting up.


Justin lay down on the floor so that his feet were pointing towards my hidden position in the kitchen and opened his thin legs apart so that his friend could reciprocate the blowjob. Erik crawled on all fours in between Justin's legs to fulfill his end of the bargain, thrusting his young ass out towards me.


I stared lustfully at the beautiful sight of his smooth young butt, which seemed perfectly molded and made for fucking. I couldn't believe I was having such lewd thoughts about a young boy – or any boy for that matter, as I was straight and certainly not a pedophile, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the firm globes of his ass cheeks.


"Yeah, Erik, suck it," my son ordered, obviously enjoying his turn getting blown.


Erik's ass bobbed up and down in time with the movements of his head on Justin's prick. The slight movement was mesmerizing, and I found myself desiring this boy flesh more than I had ever wanted anything.


"Shit, Erik, that feels so nice!"


That was my cue.


"It sure looks nice, boys," I said loud enough for them to hear.


"Dad!" Justin exclaimed as he pushed his friend's head away from his groin. "We were just..."


"I can see what you were just doing, Justin," I interrupted him, massaging my stiff cock through my boxers. "I have quite a view from here. That's one cute ass you got there, Erik."


"Um, thanks," the boy answered quietly, seemingly as surprised by my comment as he was at the fact of having been discovered sucking my son's cock.


I walked into the room. By the time, I got there the boys had covered their crotches with pillows.


"You boys mind if I join your little sex party?" I asked.


They looked at each other silently with quizzical looks on their young faces.


"You want to try sucking me a bit, Erik?"


It was more of a demand than a question, and to make this clear I pulled my boxers down to my ankles and walked over to the kid.


"Suck me, Erik, suck me like you were sucking my son."


Erik looked up with an expression that revealed a mixture of confusion and desire.


"Go ahead. I urged Erik on. I know it's bigger than Justin's, but I think you can handle it. You're ready for the big league now."


Erik threw his pillow aside and scooted over to me. He grabbed the base of my cock and began licking my cock head as my son looked on. I started to run my hands through his dark hair as I looked over at my son, smiling at him to let him know everything was OK. Erik took my cock into his mouth, and I let out a loud moan.


"Get it nice and wet, Erik, cause I'm gonna fuck your ass in a minute. Anyone ever fucked your ass, kid?"


"No, Mr. Mapstone," he answered, removing his mouth from my prick. He didn't seem bothered by the idea of his imminent deflowering.


"Cool, so I get a cherry boy-ass tonight. Hot diggity!" I exclaimed as I started to fuck his mouth, excited by what was about to happen. Blowjobs are nice, but what I wanted to do was butt-fuck this boy's little ass.


"Justin, go upstairs and get the Vaseline," I instructed my son. "And tiptoe. I don't want your mother waking up."


Justin nodded and got up, throwing the pillow he was using as a fig leaf to the side. His prick, which I was pleased to notice, was not surrounded by much more pubic hair than that day at the beach, was fully erect and happily bounced as he headed off on his nasty errand.


I looked at his ass as he scrambled away, and tried to suppress my interest in it. It was as pretty as Erik's and would probably be a good fuck. I ignored this thought, though. It was bad enough to be getting ready to fuck Justin's twelve-year-old friend, but fucking my son in the butt would be beyond the pale.


I enjoyed the sensations provided by Erik's surprisingly skillful mouth for the few minutes it took for Justin to return with the jar of petroleum jelly in hand. He handed it to me, and I withdrew my cock from Erik's mouth.


"Get down on all fours," I instructed him.


Erik complied with my instruction, and I once again marveled at the sight of the boy's beautiful ass. I scooped out a glob of the greasy lube and applied it to his hole. I stuck a finger into his butt-hole, which elicited a gasp from the kid.


"Just relax, I'm gonna get you good and ready for my cock," I told him.


I inserted my finger deeper into his hole and began to twist it around, then added a second finger. Shit, the kid was tight. His sphincter squeezed around my fingers, and I felt a desperate need to replace them with my cock. Maybe he should be loosened up some more first, but I couldn't wait anymore.


I withdrew my fingers from his ass and got another glob of Vaseline from the jar. I coated my prick with it and couldn't believe how good it felt just stroking my cock while looking at this thirteen-year-old kid's ass. It was so firm, so beautiful, much prettier than any girl's ass I had ever seen. I got between the kid's legs and placed the purple head of my dick against his pink hole and pressed it in.


"Oh, fuck, Mr. Mapstone!" he cried as I entered his most private area.


"Fuck, yeah, Erik, that fucking feels great!" I exclaimed as I shoved all the way to my balls.


I had no patience for going slow, and I placed a hand around the little fag's mouth to muffle the cries of pain I knew would follow my impalement of this young boy. An electric thrill of excitement shot straight to my brain as Erik's rectum clamped around my invading prick. I began to pump in and out, and Erik reached under to start jacking his pubescent dick.


"You don't need to pull your mule, Erik," I told him, "not when Justin is sitting here ready to help out. Justin, why don't you suck your buddy off some more?"


Justin looked at me briefly with a look of pure adolescent lust in his eyes and then immediately scampered over and got underneath his little friend. I looked down and saw him gobble up Erik's young cock as my scrotum bounced off Erik's boy ass cheeks.


"And you, Erik, why don't you open up your faggot mouth and swallow my son's prick too?"


Erik obeyed, and in no time the boys were operating as a smooth sixty-nine machine. Each time I banged into Erik's ass the force of my thrust shoved his prick into my son's mouth, and a muffled groan of pleasure emerged from my queer son below.


My penis was on fire with sensation, and I thought nothing could feel any better. Then, suddenly, I felt a warm softness washing over my balls, and looked down to see that my son, Justin, had stopped sucking his pal's prick and was now licking the nuts of his father! I couldn't believe it!


"Fuck, Justin, you're fucking licking your Dad's balls!"


"They looked so big and nice, Daddy," he explained, "and I loved the way they were bouncing off Erik's ass. I hope it's OK."


"Well, I'm sure it's not OK, but keep it up, son, your tongue feels real nice on my sack. Fuck, yeah, fuck!"


Justin continued licking my balls as I banged his friend. I couldn't take much more sensation, and I warned the boys that I was cumming soon. I couldn't believe what happened next.


"Cum in my mouth, Daddy, please!"


My head was swimming. It was one thing for him to lick my balls, but now he wanted to swallow my cum? He was massaging my balls and had started to lick my shaft as I plowed into Erik.


What the hell, I thought. I've gone this far, why not give the kid what he obviously needs? If the little pussy wants to swallow my baby batter, why the hell not? It's not doing me any good. I pulled my throbbing penis out of Erik's ass and told Justin to open his mouth. He swallowed my prick like a starving man being offered a roasted weenie.


"Fuck, Justin, fuck that feels good!" I exclaimed as I started fucking his face while he fondled my balls.


"I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna fucking shoot my load down your fucking throat! You ready?"


A muffled ‘uh-huh’ emerged as I felt the cum start to shoot out of my balls and into his mouth. I came and came like I had never cum before, enjoying the feel of my son's mouth as I looked at the hot little ass of his friend, who was still on all fours in front of me and sucking off Justin's prick.


Then I heard footsteps on the stairs. Shit, we must have awoken my wife!


"Your mother's coming, Justin! Get back in your sleeping bag," I told him as I ran into the kitchen. I ran to the refrigerator and opened the door just as my wife walked into the room.


"Mark, what are you doing?" she asked, observing my naked body.


"Just getting something to drink."


"Well it's late, and you're going to wake the boys up. Come back to bed."


I poured myself some juice and downed it as she looked at my dick with desire burning in her eyes.


"I hope you got some energy from that juice, cus I want to feel your dick inside of me," she whispered.


I nodded in agreement, and we went back upstairs. I fucked her doggy-style and thought about Erik's tight ass and my son's sweet mouth the whole time.