My Son's Rape

MB, anal, oral, rape, inc

I can’t believe I let it happen. How could I?

In one way, it wasn’t my fault. I had no control.

But on the other hand, it was all my fault.

You see, it happened this way...


I’m bisexual. My wife is aware of that much, but not that I act out from time to time with other men. Hey, I’m in my mid-thirties. The prime of life. Not bad looking for an office executive. I take care of myself, and it pays off when I meet other guys. My wife is good looking too. She’s a doctor and happened to be away at a conference when all this shit happened. We have a ten-year-old son named Matt.


Matt is an average looking kid with reddish-brown hair and brown eyes. He plays some youth soccer and baseball, so he’s “toned.” He’s on the cusp of puberty. Still has that hint of little boy in him, but he’s growing.


As I say, the shit really flew when my wife left town on a Friday morning for the weekend, and I was horny. There was a guy I had seen several times before, who I knew as Jose. I was hoping we would be able to get together Friday afternoon, but that didn’t work out. Then he called me on my cell about eleven after I put Matthew to bed.


“Can you slip out?” he asked. “I got something you’ll enjoy!”


“Aw, man...I want to, but I got a kid. I can’t just leave him.”


“Really? I didn’t know that. Boy or girl?” Jose asked.


“Oh...a boy, he’s ten and still too young to leave alone at this hour.”


“Sounds nice. Look, I’m horny, and you’re horny. What if we’re quiet. Is your house big enough that he won’t hear us? I could come over, and it’d be tough, but we can be quiet.” Jose laughed.


“I don’t know...the house is plenty big enough, but...” I said, but I was crumbling.


“We both need it. You know you want it!”


Jose was almost pleading, and I did want it, so I gave in and told Jose my address. I know you think that I’m a bad dad and all, but at the moment, my cock was throbbing, and that’s what was doing the thinking. I honestly didn’t think there was any interest in Matthew.


Jose was at my front door about twenty minutes later. He wasn’t any taller than I was—only five-foot-eight, but he was built tough as if he worked hard outdoors. His black hair and eyes made him look even tougher. He stood there dressed in jeans that did nothing to hide the bulge in his crotch and a clean, white t-shirt.


I let him in, and I led him to the family room at the back of the house. Almost immediately, we were all over each other. Shirts were off. We were wrestling on the couch, grinding our bodies together, and having a good time. Pants were discarded, and I was giving Jose an excellent blowjob. All of a sudden, Jose slowed the action.


“Hey, we don’t need to rush. How ‘bout something to drink?” he suggested.


I agreed and went to the near-by kitchen for glasses. I asked him if he liked bourbon whiskey, and he said that would be fine. While I was getting that together, he commented on the family pictures that were scattered around.


“Nice family. You’re a lucky guy.”


I brought the drinks out and gave Jose a glass. He slopped the drink and apologized, asking for a napkin. I put my drink down and went back to the kitchen. Yeah, I know. It’s the oldest trick in the book. While I had my back turned, Jose must have slipped something from his pocket into my drink. I came back, and he apologized again for being clumsy, taking the napkin to clean up to drink. I told him not to worry about it. Obviously, Jose didn’t.


A few minutes later, the room started spinning. I wasn’t sure at first whether it was the drink itself, but as Jose took hold of my arm, I saw something in his face that made me think, “Oh, shit!”


The studly Latino helped me into a chair, and I sat there naked as he ran his hand across my cheek and told me, “Now it’s time for some real fun.”


I saw him grab his jeans and put them back on, barely covering over his thick Hispanic dick before he left the room. I was hoping against hope that his intention was to rob us blind or something. I couldn’t move. I could tell what was going on, but couldn’t react.


A few minutes later, Jose reappeared with Matthew. I learned later that he found Matthew’s room and went in and shook the boy on the shoulder to awaken him. The ten-year-old was naturally scared to have a strange man without a shirt on, leaning over him.


“Wha...what do you want,” Matthew must have stammered.


“You’ll find out. Come downstairs with me. Your dad needs you,” Jose told him and pulled him out of bed.


When I saw the two of them, Matthew had on his thin pajamas. Jose was dressed only in his jeans, and those were unfastened. Matthew saw me and was shocked at me sitting in the chair, nude.


“What happened to my dad!” he asked nervously.


Matthew started to move toward me, but Jose grabbed his arm, and they stopped about six feet from me.


“Hold on there, kid. Your old man will be fine...if you cooperate.”


Matthew cringed.


“What did you do? Why...”


“Shhh. It’ll be okay,” Jose said as he ran his fingers through Matthew’s thick head of hair. “Everything will be just fine. And when we are finished, you will say, ‘thank you, sir.’ ”


Jose positioned himself directly behind Matthew with the boy facing me. I watched as he reached down the front of Matthew’s pajama shirt and began to unbutton it one by one. This horny Hispanic was teasing me and torturing my son.


“You know, you’re a good looking boy,” Jose said as he unfastened the first button.


“I...I guess...”


“Yeah, you are. You ever been with another boy?”


Jose unfastened the second button. I saw him reach in and feel Matthew’s chest. The boy trembled.


“I don’t know what you mean...”


Jose lightly but firmly slapped my son.


“Don’t play dumb. You know what sex is?”


“Ye...yeah...my friend, Jeff...we kinda looked at each other.”


“Nice. How old is Jeff?”


He unfastened the third button and slipped his hand back in to caress the boy’s skin.


“He...he’s eleven.”


“Mmm...he never made you feel like this though, did he? Did you ever suck his cock?”


“No...Jeff...well...his brother, Jackson.”


I listened and couldn’t help but notice that my own dick was thickening. Jose slipped my son’s pajama shirt off of him, and it fell to the floor. He squeezed the boy’s shoulders and continued caressing his chest and tummy. Matthew was starting to stammer, but Jose kept pushing him.


“What did Jackson do to you, kid?” He plunged his hand into my son’s pajama pants. “Did he feel you up? Did he make you suck him?”


“He...he did...he made me put…put my mouth on him.”


I noticed he was feeling up my young son, trying to get him hard.


“But you only tasted his dick?”




He unsnapped the pajama pants, and they fell to the ground, I saw my ten-year-old son’s little cocklet. Jose grabbed him by the chin. One finger swept across Matthew’s lips.


“Well, muchacho, tonight, you’re gonna do more than taste boy cock.”


He spun the boy around so quickly that Matthew almost fell over the pants that were at his ankles. The two of them were in profile to me. In the dim light, I could see the boy tremble as he faced his tormentor. Jose grabbed Matthew’s reluctant hand and put it on the crotch of his jeans.


“Feel that, kid? We’re gonna have some fun tonight, or something bad happens to your old man.” He nodded toward me, then down to his rapidly hardening dick. “That’s gonna be your plaything.”


“Nooo...please don...”


Jose slapped Matthew on the cheek. Not hard, but enough to startle the child. I could see tears forming in his eyes.


“You little culo, get my dick out. Now!”


Matthew’s trembling hands unsnapped the jeans, then unzipped them. Unconstrained, the big, Hispanic cock popped out at him, and the boy tried to jump backward, but he was held firmly in place. Jose roughly pushed him down to his knees. Grabbing my son by his hair, the man began to run his thick cock across his face. Pre-cum began to leak, leaving shiny streaks on his smooth skin. Then, the man shoved the cock knob into the ten-year-old’s mouth.


Matthew’s rape had begun.


It’s hard to describe. I was in a kind of fog and yet knew exactly what was happening, and most disturbing, my own cock was responding to this violation of my boy. Matthew struggled against the invader. He beat on the man’s thighs, as tears flowed from his eyes, but Jose was inflamed with lust, and nothing can stop that. Matthew’s protest was a muted “aaagh!” He pulled his cock head out of my son’s mouth; I guess to give him a chance to breathe.


The Hispanic said in a low voice, “Tell me you like big Latino dick. Tell me how much you like to suck it.”


Sobbing and stammering, the boy replied, “Nooo...I don’t like it.”


Jose looked down at the young boy, then was like a volcano exploding in rage. He slapped at Matthew’s face.






“Don’t ever…”






“Say no…”




Matthew was quietly sobbing.


“to me again…”










The sobbing of my ten-year-old son filled the room.




As my son continued blubbering, Jose held onto the child’s hair, turning his face upward.


“Tell me you like to suck this big dick.”


“I...I like...to suck...don’t hit me...I like to suck—”


“Then take it, slut!”


Jose thrust his dick back in the ten-year-old’s mouth. This time he didn’t stop with the cock head. He started pushing in, pulling back, then pushing in further. I swear that even in the dim light, there were moments I could see the outline of his dick in my son’s young throat.


“Oh yeah, take it little fucker...suck on it...fuckin’ little cock slut...you’re gonna learn...gonna learn your place…is on your knees…mmm!”


Matthew gagged as he earnestly sucked on the thick cock invading his throat.


In my fog, I wasn’t too sure how long it went on. It could have just been a few minutes or hours. Occasionally, Jose pulled his cock out and made Matthew, reluctantly, lick up and down his shaft or on his big Latino nuts.


But the moment came when he growled, “Mmm...gonna cum, you fuckin’ bitch...take it...”


He thrust his cock deep into my son’s face. Again, I’m sure I could see Matthew’s throat swell with the invader. As Jose tensed up, he almost stood on his toes to get every fucking, throbbing inch of cock shaft into the boy. That shaft showed the movement of semen moving from his nut bag, and I knew volleys of cum wads were shooting directly into Matthew’s throat and down to his stomach.


All at once, Jose stumbled backward, pulling his dick out of my child’s throat. Matthew collapsed to the floor, heaving and gasping, trying to get oxygen and spitting out flecks of cum on the carpet. Jose was breathing hard, but he wasn’t finished. Not by a long shot. He looked over to me, then to Matthew.


“Looks like your daddy has liked watching us, hmm, kid?”


My son looked over at me. He couldn’t miss that I was sitting there with a full-blown, leaking, erection. Shit, shit, shit, why was Jose pointing this out! I found out quickly.


“Looks like you’d better start making your papa happy, huh?”


With that, the Hispanic grabbed Matthew by the hair again and almost dragged him over to me. In crossing that six-foot distance, everything changed in our relationship.


“Get down there between his knees, slut,” Jose ordered Matthew, shoving my son downward.


Matthew held on to both my thighs with his hands, briefly looked at my dick, then looked with pleading eyes toward his violator. He didn’t dare say no to Jose, but he must have hoped against hope that the man would change his mind.


“Take his dick in your fucking hands...now!” he said as he pushed Matthew’s head back to my waiting cock.


Trembling, my ten-year-old boy closed his hand on my dick shaft. I trembled, too, in anticipation. Slowly Matthew leaned toward me, still clutching my thigh with the one hand. He stuck out his little tongue and tentatively swiped my piss slit. My dick spooge flowed out. Obediently, he lapped it up. I wondered in my fog, did he like it? His tongue continued to sweep around my cock head. Without a word from Jose, he closed his mouth around my cock head, and I felt him begin to suck. I may have been drugged, but I could feel the velvety softness of his tongue and cheek. Nothing had ever been so good!


“That’s it, suck your daddy’s dick...get that baby batter,” Jose whispered as he knelt behind the boy, watching intently. “Yeah, you like that, you little cock sucker...swallow your brothers and sisters...suck that dick, baby boy.”


I noticed, vaguely, that Jose was running his hands up and down Matthew’s back, then down to his butt. He was working himself in between the boy’s legs, caressing his young, virgin ass. It occurred to me what he intended. I wanted to scream, “No!” but all I could do was watch as he began to finger the boy-hole. He spit on his finger, then worked it in. Matthew began to pull off of me in response, but Jose’s response was to slap his head


“Keep sucking, bitch!” he told him sharply as he continued loosening my son’s tender rosebud.


Matthew obeyed, sucking me. His moans at Jose’s finger fucking vibrated around my cock. It was amazing. I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to lose it. My son was sucking up and swallowing my dick leak. Soon he would get more.


Jose told him, “Yeah, you’re a good cock sucking slut. I bet your daddy’s gonna make use of your mouth a lot in the future. You both should thank me for what I’ve done for you. little slut!”


I was losing it. Matthew’s hand moved down to my testicles. I didn’t know if Jose made him or if it was his own idea. I didn’t give a fuck at the moment. My nuts were drawing up tighter and tighter, and my sperm wad was beginning to...beginning...




All of a sudden, Jose pushed down on Matthew’s head, so that he choked before pulling him off. Grabbing hold of my shooting cock, Jose aimed it within inches of my son’s face. Streak after streak of sperm shot up at him. One rope hit him above the eye and dripped down. Another hit him directly in the eye. I heard him groan on that one. A third must have shot into his nose, and another covered his lips. Jose pushed him back onto my cock knob with the order, “Swallow it.” Matthew obeyed.


In my fog, I wasn’t sure if the ten-year-old was ashamed, tired, or simply telling himself that all this must be over. What else could happen, he might have thought. Matthew knelt in front of me, holding onto my legs again with my spooge on his face. He was breathing heavily. He couldn’t see Jose stand up behind him. His Latino dick was a full erection again, even as mine was softening. He gently ran his finger through my son’s hair.


“You’re a muchacho bueno, you know that?” he asked quietly.


Matthew looked up hopefully, past the thick cock into the man’s eyes.


“You’ve got a good mouth. I can tell you’re gonna be a real good cocksucker for a lot of guys.”




“Did this Jackson ever take your ass?”


Matthew wasn’t sure what Jose meant but shook his head.


“So, you’re a virgin.”




Jose whispered, “That’s gonna change now.”


Almost like lightning, the Latino grabbed Matthew by his arm and pulled him back on the floor. The child was obviously confused as he was thrown on his back. That confusion was multiplied as Jose dropped down between his thin legs. Right in front of me, my son’s legs were separated and pulled up. For a moment, Jose leaned forward and pressed his hands on Matthew’s shoulders. The boy felt himself pinned down as the man spoke.


“So, you’ve never been fucked. Well, I’m gonna fuck you hard, and you’ll never forget it.”


At this point, Matthew realized what was going to happen, and screamed, “No! Please...no...I...I’ll suck you again...please don’t!”


“Oh…chico, you probably will be sucking me off again, but not before I open you up wide.”


“No…no…no…no!” Matthew pleaded to no avail.


With one hand to press on Matthew’s shoulder, Jose used the other to guide his dick to the virgin rectal opening. He pushed, teasing the boy.




Jose pushed harder, beginning to split that rosebud apart.




Then, without mercy, Jose punched his cock head into the boy.




Matthew’s scream filled the house. He didn’t stop as the violator continued pushing deeper and deeper into his anal cavity. I felt a tear come to my eye, wanting to save my boy, unable to move. Except for my dick, which filled with blood again.


Jose didn’t stop until he was balls deep inside my son. He looked over at me and smiled.


“You’ll always remember that I’m his first. I won’t be the last.”


With that, he started fucking my Matthew. The boy’s scream dropped into an ongoing groan. With each push in, it was like air escaping from his lungs.




He was crying from the initial white-hot pain, but then there was something else. Was his prostate developed enough to give him those special feelings, or was he just on the verge of passing out? I couldn’t think clearly enough to decide.


Jose added to his humiliation.


“You’re not only a cocksucker, but you’re also an ass whore now. Mmm…you’re good...maybe daddy will want your ass. I...mmmm...I got friends who will enjoy you...fuck, you’re tight. Shit, maybe we can get some high school boys...ah...high school boys to fuck you...fuckin’ whore boy. Gonna breed you...gonna give you my babymakers...you...cunt. Here it cummms!”


Throwing his head back, Jose groaned and went balls deep again to spill his seed in my boy’s butt. The room was silent except for the breathing of both Jose and Matthew. He remained buried deep in my ten-year-old son’s ass for several minutes. In a last act of humiliation, he kissed the ten-year-old on the cheek.


“Muchacho bueno.”


He got up and used Matthew’s pajama shirt to wipe his dick off, then dressed quietly. Matthew remained quietly on the floor. Once dressed, he was looking at the boy, but talking to me.


“You know, kid, you will say absolutely nothing about this. Know why? Cause bad things will happen if you do. Your friend Jeff, you’d something happening to your friend, wouldn’t you? I’m pretty sure you don’t want this getting out at school, do you?”


He paused for a moment.


“I told you that some friends of mine will be interested in you. It may be that one of them will meet you after school. You’ll take care of him like you took care of me. Got it? What do you say?”


Matthew looked at Jose and whispered, “Thank you...sir.”