My Son's New Boyfriend

(Mm) (anal, oral) (humil) (nc)

As a concerned member of The Dads’ Club, I believe it is vital that my boys provide some community service. I think teenage boys are often selfish and unconcerned about the happiness of others. I, therefore, require that my two sons give a certain amount of community service work.

Now, my sixteen-year-old son, Kyle, is still timid perhaps because I have never allowed him to date or socialize much. He is still very awkward around strangers, but I didn’t want his mind corrupted. So he, of course, is a bit reluctant when I bring a nice new friend home to meet him. I told him that I had a potential boyfriend for him, and he should wear his prettiest purple posing pouch.

Now Kyle has been fucked by me since he was twelve and by my friends too, so his pussy is nothing sacred. He also still insists that he is not gay and that he doesn’t want a boyfriend. I could have trained this out of the little cunt, but I find it kind of charming. I love the fact that he is still humiliated by sex with men after all these years.
The new friend I brought him was Herbert Saville, Herb to his friends. Herb has had a run of pretty bad luck lately and was living at the Rescue Mission. He does not wash much and does drink a lot. In fact, most of his days are spent in Ripple oblivion. I offered him one hundred dollars to play with my son and allow me to take pictures.
At first, he was suspicious as any upright citizen might be, but the lure of money and fresh teen boy ass was enough to win him over. I had to admit I had trouble speaking with him as he hasn’t brushed his teeth seemingly in weeks and his breath was unbearable. He asked me if he could take a quick shower before we went, as he hadn’t bathed all week—all month was more like it. I said, no that I preferred him to meet my son just the way he was. He also confessed to me that he had some sores on his dick, but I assured him that that didn’t matter at all. I had trouble being in the same car with him because of the smell, but we were soon at my home.
I had to laugh at how shocked Kyle was when he entered wearing nothing but his purple posting pouch. He stood there looking at Herb, disbelief on his cute sixteen-year-old face.
“Say hello to your new friend, Kyle. This is Herb.”
Herb stood there blurry eyed and reeking. Kyle moved in on his large athletic feet, so pretty, so vulnerable.
“Ah, hello, Herb,” Kyle said in his soft, respectful voice.
“Now, son, that’s no way to greet a new friend. How about giving him a nice big kiss on the mouth?”
My almost naked boy looked at me pleadingly, but I just smiled and snapped a picture. He knew the consequence of disobedience. He walked over to Herb holding his breath. I had to laugh. He leaned in and kissed Herb on the foul mouth. Herb was stiff and shy, but only for a moment. The lure of the fresh boy was too much to resist. Herb put his arms around him and kissed the boy deeply. I saw Kyle gag and swallow his own bile.
“Why don’t you two kids sit on the couch and get to know each other,” I said to the fifty-eight-year-old man and my sixteen-year-old son.
Kyle tried to look away as he tried to breathe through his mouth. Herb was having the time of his life now. He started to talk to my son as if they were intimate friends. While Herb rattled on, his dirty hands fluttered here and there over my boy’s naked body. He brushed the boy’s nipples. He stroked the soft skin of his neck. Kyle became physically ill.
“Spread your legs for Herb, Kyle,” I instructed.
Kyle obeyed, and Herb was able to paw my son’s fat teen fuckmeat.
“Oh, fuck, you’re such a nice big boy. I’ll bet the girlies at school love that hunk of horse cock, don’t they boy?” Herb asked.
“I’m not allowed to date girls,” Kyle answered back, trying to squirm away from the gross bum who was slobbering all over him. The man’s spit shone on Kyle’s body.
“Now, Herb, I warned you that my boy here is a bit shy, but I have a feeling he’d really like to feel your big dick.”
“Would you, honey? Would you like to feel old Herb’s pussy buster?”
“What do you say, Kyle?” I demanded.
“Yes, sir,” Kyle groaned.
Herb yanked down his stained trousers to reveal an old swimsuit that he must have been wearing as underpants for months without washing them. I could smell them across the room.
“Go on, Kyle, feel your new friend’s nice big cock.”
“Oh, god,” Kyle moaned.
“Kyle, we will have a punishment session later for that! Now be a good boy and don’t embarrass me.”
So they sat there pawing each other. Herb got more and more worked up. I could see his erection in that gross swimsuit.
“I bet Herb would love you to kiss his dick, Kyle. I’ll bet no teenage boy has kissed his dick in some time.”
“Dad…please,” Kyle said, chewing his lip, tears in his eyes.
Herb was so busy sucking on my son’s flesh that he never noticed.
“Kyle, don’t make me angry. Now kiss and lick Herb’s nice big dick.”
Kyle had a difficult time. I could see that the fat ugly prick was unwashed and encrusted with dried spunk. It stank of spooge and piss, and there were three or four ugly sores on it. Twice he had to pull away gagging. Herb didn’t seem to mind at all. He just laughed.
“Suck his cock, Kyle!”
Cute sixteen-year-old Kyle had no choice. He did not want to face a punishment session, so my son performed his community service. Herb was kind enough to suck the boy in turn, and soon they were sixty-nining like two old lovers.
“When was the last time you had your ass sucked, Herb?” I asked casually.
“I don’t know if I ever did.”
“Well, sit back and relax, because my boy, Kyle, is a first class ass sucker. Go to it, Kyle.”
You can imagine the unwashed, unwiped condition of the man’s wreaking asshole. I made Kyle kiss and lick and suck it for over twenty minutes. Herb acted as if he had died and gone to heaven. I felt so good that Kyle was making another human happy. This was true community service. Herb’s life was not easy.
As Herb stripped to fuck my son in the ass, I moved in and teasingly said, “Well it looks as if my little Kyle has a brand new boyfriend. I hope you two kids are happy. And Herb, you’re welcome here anytime, and feel free to bring your friends.”
As Herb’s swollen sore-covered prick meat worked its way into Kyle’s sweet young ass, Herb leaned over the boy. “I really like you, Kyle. I hope you like me too,” the old piece of street shit whispered.
“Yes, sir, I like you a lot,” my son said, unable to hold back the tears of happiness any longer.