My Sister's Husband

(MM) (anal, oral) (nc) humil)

My name is Sean. I am a seventeen-year-old high school junior, and while my parents toured Europe last summer, I went to live with my sister Cathy and her new husband, Trent. I got along really well with both Cathy and Trent and hung out with them quite a bit when they were dating. I was comfortable with both of them, and my sister was one of my very best friends. It seemed as if Trent was a really cool, wonderfully kind dude as well. Boy was I wrong! This is the story of what happened during the summer I stayed with them.

They had only been married a few weeks. During their dating, Trent had been a really cool buddy to me. He invited me to basketball and football games, let me go out with Cathy and him and bought me drinks and stuff. We even smoked weed together a bunch. I kind of idolized him. He was twenty-four and really stacked. I mean, his body was total muscle, and he was built big and thick. He had a stern but very handsome face. My sister worshiped him. She physically clung to him. The first sign of discomfort I felt was sometimes when we were together Trent would grope Cathy right in front of me. He would grab her tits or her pussy through her clothing and then look at me to make sure I was watching. He would wink at me, like a joke between buddies. I would also catch him staring at me across a restaurant table or in a bar—kind of an odd, intense look. Still, he was a really cool dude, and my parents loved him, and we all got along really well.

I should tell you at this point that I am one hundred percent straight. I may be only seventeen, but I have fucked six different girls. Not bad for my age, huh? I am what you would call a total jock. Actually a pretty normal guy. Of course, I think about sex all the time. Sex and sports, and shit like that.

The second odd thing I noticed was that my sister, Cathy, only two years older than me, stopped wearing a bra. I could see her nipples through some of the tops she wore, and it was embarrassing. We are really close as I said, so I asked her about it. She told me Trent told her he didn’t want her to wear a bra or panties under her clothes. He thought it was sexy, so she did it for him. Well, I guess that is okay, but he would grab and rub her tits when we were out together, and I could easily see her big hard nipples through her clothing. Being a normal healthy teenage dude, I threw a boner more than once. The sick part was that it was my sister. Trent would nibble on her ear, and feel her tits and smile while looking at me. I didn’t know where to look.

Still, all of that shit was only once in a while. Most of the time, things were quite normal. I even took the high school sophomore I was fucking out sometimes with Trent and Cathy. It was fun. So, when my parents announced they were gone for the summer, and I would be staying with Trent and Cathy at their new place, it sounded like a fun summer.


They gave me a room right next to theirs, and the very first night I was there the problems began. I was trying to go to sleep, and I heard them fucking. Not just fucking; it sounded like an earthquake. There was pounding and grunting and groaning, and Cathy kept telling him to please be more gentle because it was so big and thick, and she couldn’t handle it. This was only a few weeks after their wedding. He kept growling things like, “Take it, you fucking Bitch. You fucking cock pig of a cunt take my big fat prick! I’m going to fuck your asshole next!”


Okay, so they got off on talking dirty. More new information I didn’t need. Still, it did turn me on. I found myself kicking off my boxer shorts and beating the fuck out of my nine-inch teenage prick. I lay there, playing with my nipples, whacking my pecker listening to my own sister getting fucked by her new husband. It was sick, and it was hot! AND THIS HAPPENED ALMOST EVERY NIGHT! We’d be watching TV or playing video games, or something, and all at once, Trent would rub his crotch and shout to Cathy, “Come on, Baby, time for you know what!”


Cathy had been a very independent girl all her life, and it was surprising to see her so obedient and docile. I guess, she really loved Trent’s big dick. She’d drop whatever she was doing and follow him into the bedroom.


I would pretend to keep watching TV, and then as soon as their door shut, I would race to my room, tear off my clothes and jump onto my bed to start listening to their fucking and whack my prick. Jesus, when he fucked her ass, I thought she would scream the house down. Sometimes he would just instruct her to kiss and lick and suck his thick dick and lap his ball sack. He told her what to do in a booming, masculine voice, almost as if he were doing it for my benefit. Sometimes I came twice in a row listening to them.


And then one night, Trent yelled quite loudly while they fucked, “I’ll bet your little brother can hear everything. I’ll bet he is beating his big jock meat as he listens to me fucking the shit out of you!”


I didn’t know what to do. I lost control of my body. My legs bent, and my toes curled, as I pumped harder and shoved one finger up my asshole. I shot the most massive load of my life.


Cathy seemed to withdraw a bit from me. I mean, we still got along fine, but she became quiet and looked at the floor a lot. I think she was ashamed that she needed her new husband’s cock so badly that she let me listen in on their fucking.


And then, about three weeks into my stay, Cathy went away for a day to visit her best friend Martha, who had just had a baby. I actually thought Trent was out of the house as well, as I didn’t hear him puttering around. I went outside to fool around with a basketball for a bit and then headed in to take a shower. I went to the main bathroom. Cathy and Trent had their own off their bedroom, which they always used. I opened the main bathroom door to find a totally naked Trent stepping out of the shower! I froze. I actually just froze. I could not move a muscle. I freaked out. There he was—completely naked. I had seen him in swim trunks, but not ever naked. He had just come from the shower, so his body was still a bit wet, and his black hair was damp and lank. His muscles rippled as he dried himself with a towel. And his dick! Well, his dick was flaccid and not particularly long, but it was very, very thick with lots of wrinkles. I knew he grew to over nine inches when hard because we had both joked one night that we each had over nine.


But it wasn’t even that. It was that it was Trent. It was my sister’s husband standing there bare-assed. I have listened to them fucking every night for weeks. I heard my sister slurping on his leaking dick. And he was built like a jock god. He looked at me with a stern face. I wanted to close the door again, but I somehow just froze. He casually moved the towel to one side, so that I could see his entire naked body. I could not take my eyes off of him.


“You like what you see, Sean? You’ve wanted to see it for a long time, haven’t you?”


He put one hand down and rubbed his big ball sack.


“What? Stop kidding around. Look, I’m sorry I busted in on you. I’ll shower later.”




He fingered his thickening prick. His muscles rippled.


“What the fuck are you talking about, man? Knock it off for Christ’s sake.”


I turned to go. As soon as I turned my back on him, I felt his strong arms around me, pinning my own arms to my body.


“Knock it off, bro. Seriously, this is not funny.”


“That very first time I came over to your parents’ house to pick up Cathy, I knew I wanted to make you my boy bitch. Oh, yeah. You were wearing gym shorts and had just finished working out, and I saw your fine, tight little ass, and I knew there and then that I wanted to own your boy-pussy.”


I’m a well-muscled dude, but Trent is much larger than I am. He dragged my twisting and kicking body down the hall to his and Cathy’s bedroom.


“Do you want your first ass fuck on the very same bed where I plow your sister’s cunt and ass?”


“You’re a sick Fuck!”


I managed to get one arm out of his hold and pushed at the side of his head. He hauled back and punched me full force in my side. I doubled over in pain, and he threw me on the bed. When the pain began to subside and my head cleared, I looked up at him. He stood with his hands on his naked hips, legs spread. His amazingly fat prick now stood up a full nine and a quarter inches with a drop of clear liquid hanging from the pisshole.


“Look, Sean, you are going to be my bitch. It’s part of the reason I married your sister. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love her and all that shit, but I also want a permanent boy bitch to fuck around with. Here’s how it’s going to work. You’re going to stop dating girls. You’re going to be at my beck and call. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you anytime and anyplace I want to. You will drop whatever you are doing and spread your hole for me the moment I call you.


“You will also learn to suck my dick, lick my balls and eat out my ass. You will even drink my piss. And a few other games that are a bit nastier, but you’re not ready to hear them yet. From now on, you will live to service my big fat pecker. It will be your whole life. You will break up with your girlfriend tonight.


“At first, we will keep out fuckings discreet, but eventually your sister will know about them and accept our arrangement. She wants my dick so badly that she’ll have no choice to let me fuck you whenever I want. Once she knows, you will never wear clothes in the house again. You will be totally naked bitch ready at all times to serve my pecker. I will fuck you in front of your sister. You will suck my dick and my ass with her watching. After I fuck her, you will lick the cunt slop and cum from my slime coated dick. I will control your entire fucking life! DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND THAT?”


Well, needless to say, I fought. I fought like hell. I resisted as I never had fought before in my life. Trent beat the fuck out of me. He kicked me in the nuts and ass. I seriously think he damaged my prostate permanently by kicking me as it still hurt weeks after the event. He slapped my face until my head spun. I cried. Hell, I sobbed, I swore, I begged. I tried to fight him off, I really did. I swear to God that I am not a faggot. Trent beat the shit out of me, and then, when I was a totally broken wreck, he fucked my ass for the first time. He un-manned me. He turned my teenage boy asshole into a pussy. It hurt so bad I blacked out twice. Each time, he slapped me awake again. He wanted me to feel every inch, every thrust, every grind.


I still remember that first time, the sound of his big balls slapping against me as he fucked as hard as he could. I knew now why my sister screamed. He fucked me so hard that after he unloaded his balls that first time and pulled out, cum and shit splattered the bed sheet. I started to gag and then puke. It was a fucking mess. I was a fucking mess.


Trent laughed as he watched me rolling around in the shit and sperm, groaning with anal pain, sobbing that my ass hole had been ripped to pieces.


“Cleanup this fucking mess and wash the bed sheets. I want this room spick and span. I’m going to have some lunch, and then I’m going to teach you how to suck cock! Then we are going to give you three nice full douches and then I’m really going to fuck you. This was just the warm-up.


“By this evening, when you break up with your girlfriend, you will have a pussy as fine as hers just pulsing for my pick. You will lie in your bed at night, so jealous of me fucking your sister that you’ll play with your new cunt and wish I were stuffing it. You will follow me around like a fucking puppy, tongue hanging out, just waiting for a taste of my fuckmeat.”


That was the start. Who knows how it will finish. He fucks me almost every day, sometimes twice a day. He humiliates and degrades me in every way he can. He makes me serve dinner to him and Cathy. I have to wear a frilly apron. She is starting to catch on that something is wrong. I thought about reporting him to the police, but I’m scared of what might happen. He might somehow take it out on Cathy if I run away or report him.


I hate eating his sweaty ass the most. Well, almost the most. The thing I hate the most is when after he finishes fucking Cathy, he tells her he is getting a drink and comes down to my room and makes me lick his filthy prick clean of cunt slime and sperm. I have to lick my own sister’s cunt juice off his dick. Now he tells me he is seriously thinking about having me fuck my own sister!


What kind of monster is he? What will happen?