My Dad is a Poppers-Crazy Cocksucker

Mm, oral, inc

My dad is a poppers-crazy cocksucker. I was fifteen and had been living with my dad just outside Atlanta ever since he and my mom split up three years earlier. One summer night we were sitting around watching TV. It was hot even though the AC was on, and we were both shirtless and wore shorts. Mine were rather skimpy, and I must admit I thought I looked sexy in them. Dad must have agreed, as he kept looking over at me with an obvious interest in what he saw.


Dad offered me a beer, and I happily took one (he had let me drink for the past year or so). Dad had already had several himself. When I had finished my second beer, he brought out a little brown bottle and held it up to his nose. He pinched one nostril closed and inhaled deeply through the other one, and then moaned blissfully. He repeated this and then asked me if I wanted to try it. I asked him what it was and he told me it was a special juice that made you feel good.


I asked him if it was a drug, and he said not really, that it was legal and everything, but that it was something that should be sniffed, not swallowed like regular juice. So I figured why not, and reached out my hand. He passed it to me and told me to inhale it through one nostril as he had done. I did this and instantly felt an intense rush wash over me, a type of euphoria and horniness that I had never felt before. After the feeling had subsided, he told me to do it again, and I did. It felt heavenly, but I was a little worried as my heart was beating fast.


He told me this was normal and just to enjoy it, and to do it again. I did, and Dad asked for the bottle back. He took a few more hits and then passed it back to me. I took another hit, and then all of a sudden Dad said he wanted to suck my dick. I wasn't sure I had heard him correctly, but then he lunged at my crotch and pulled my shorts and underwear down. I was too stunned to react, and he quickly engulfed my now hard dick in his mouth, swallowing it down to the root.


"Fuck, Dad!" I yelled. I was simultaneously freaked out and thrilled. Here was my father sucking my cock, but if felt so fucking good. And I had sworn in front of him, something that was strictly verboten in my house. But with my cock now snaking its way down my Dad's throat, he didn't seem to mind.


Instead of reprimanding me he grabbed my big balls and gave them a nice pull, and I spread my legs open wider to allow him better access to the scrotum he was obviously enjoying so much. He began to bob up and down on my meat, and I placed my hands on top of his head, massaging his dark black hair.


Dad pulled his mouth off of my prick and looked up at me. "You like that, kiddo?" he asked with a lustful look I didn't know anyone was capable of, let alone my dad.


"Fuck Dad, that feels fucking great!"


He picked up that magical brown bottle again and brought it up to his nose, inhaled deep into one nostril, and then the other before handing it to me once more. "Take another hit," he commanded. I did as he said, and felt my head spin and my penis tingle.


"Now I'm gonna make you cum!" he shouted. He started sucking me again, and I started bucking my hips upward to meet his downward bobs. Up, then down, then up, then back down. My dick was on fire, and I felt my balls inching towards release. Up, down, up, down, in, out, in, out.


I was now fucking his face hard, and there was a resounding slap each time my balls hit his chin. In, out, in, out, and I felt that ultimate tingle before the floodgates in my testicles opened up, shooting gobs of sperm deep into his suctioning mouth. Dad let out a muffled "hmpf" as my spunk flooded his mouth and he desperately tried to swallow all of my teenage load.


When my cock had finished shooting Dad milked it with his throat muscles a few times before releasing it from his talented mouth.


"Thanks, boy," he contentedly murmured while lapping his tongue around my piss slit to catch the last few drops of my cum. "Thanks for the load."


"Um, sure Dad, and thank you."

And the poppers, Dad and I lived happily ever after.