My Boyfriend

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After School

I want to tell you about my boyfriend and the fun I have with him. He's not really my boyfriend or maybe he is. It’s very confusing. I’m a straight 18 year old high school senior, you see, good looking jock and all that. I am Captain of the baseball team. I’ve been fucking girls since I was fourteen and know my way around so I don’t want you to get the wrong impression of me. I picked up the little fag for a little cock suck fun on the side. You see I was dating this thirteen-year-old cunt who wouldn’t suck dick. I would have dumped her, but I wanted to teach her a fucking lesson so I vowed to stay with her until I got her pregnant.

If all this sounds rough to you, tough shit, I’m a kind of rough guy, but you gotta be to make it in the world nowadays. Anyways I decided to stay with the bitch until I put a baby in her tummy. My buddies and I bet on how long it would take. But the twat wouldn’t suck dick so in the meantime I had to find myself a little cocksucker. That’s when I first got the idea of getting a boy, a fag, to service me.

So there was this kid; a freshman, a fourteen-year-old blond boy who was into literature and music and that entire pansy shit. And this little fag idolizes me. He follows me with his faggot eyes when I cross the cafeteria. Sometimes I grab my dick and balls through my jeans just to watch him blush and get a laugh out of my buddies. The kid's name is Joey. Well Joey rhymes with blow so what do you know; I decided to get his little lips around my prick.

I don’t mind telling you my ten inch cock is the talk of the school and more than one guy would be willing to swing on it. But something about corralling the little freshman fag tantalized me. I decided to make the little shit fall in love with me. Just for a lark, for something different to do. You know?

Well it was as easy as copping a feel of Linda Torrence’s tittie and everybody has felt that. Little Joey just fell all over himself the minute I started talking to him. I guess he was kind of lonely. The more I stared at his cute blond face - almost like a chicks - and his full cocksucker lips the harder my boner would get. I invited the little shit to one of our games to see me play. Afterwards I talked with him, me still all sweaty and my dick pushing out the front of my baseball uniform. I ignored the dozen or so twats hanging around willing to let me fuck them and instead offered little Joey a ride home. He seemed to grow two feet taller. His big blue eyes got even larger and the cutest damn smile played around the corner of his dick hole mouth. I could have gotten a blow job from any of a dozen girls there, but you see word would have gotten back to the little cunt I was trying to get pregs and that would have ruined my game.

The following week I asked Joey to a flick. His dad thought it was just wonderful that the jock hero of the school was willing to spend time with his pansy son. He hoped I am sure that some of my manhood would spill over into his son. Well it would all right, right into his throat and eventually up his tight small virgin asshole.

This story is not about when Joey told me he loved me or about the first time I convinced him to suck my big sweaty jock dick, which I hadn’t washed on purpose, after Baseball practice so the taste would be nice and strong for the little boy cunt. This story is not about when I convinced little Joey to open his boy ass to my dick and how I really enjoyed fucking his hot tight hole while he screamed and cried. This story is not how it was as good as fucking any twat I ever had. This story is not about that. That I will save for another story. This story is about how I realized I could get the boy who loved me more than life it appears to do any fucking thing I wanted. Do you realize the power implied in that? He would do any fucking thing I wanted because he was afraid to lose me. Afraid I would dump him. Yes sir, that’s when the fun really began and that’s what this story is about.


By this time my former girlfriend had celebrated her fourteenth birthday with a bellyful of baby and I had moved on to fucking other girls. All the time with Joey I still fucked lots of girls. Like I said, I’m straight. Anyway after school I would swing my Ford Escort around the drive at the side of the school and Joey would be waiting there for me.


“Hi Brad.” He would beam sliding into the seat next to me. “How was school today?”


“Shitty as always. I flunked an English test. Christ did you see the sweater on Alice Cunthole?” (Her real name was Coulter, but we guys always called her Cunthole.)


“Eh, no I didn’t...” Joey wasn’t interested in talk about ditches. He only wanted to talk about me and him; us.


“You could see her fucking nipples right through the material. Like fucking torpedoes; shit I got so hard I thought my prick would explode. Then I flashed the kid one of my killer smiles. “You gonna take care of that for me baby?”


Slender young Joey Carter in his tee shirt and baggy jeans blushed and smiled. He has the cutest damn face.


“Don't I always Brad? Brad, can we go to a movie this weekend?”


I wanted to keep the brat needy. That way I could control him.


“I dunno. I wanna fuck some cunt this weekend. Let’s see what happens.”


“Brad, do you really, really like me?” The kid was always asking.


“Look twat brain...would I let you suck my dick if I didn’t really like you? Do you know how dangerous it is to my reputation to be hanging around with a faggot? If I didn’t really like you, would I fuck your ass every couple of days and waste all that fuck juice that the cunts are just dying for? Of course I really like you. All my buddies wanted me to go see Phantom Menace with them, but who did I go to see it with? Y-O-U.”


He kind of giggled and slid one hand over to touch my leg.


“Now be a good boy and show me some pussy.” I smiled at him. I saw his look of love turn to one of apprehension and confusion.


“Not here Brad, we're still in the school driveway. “


“All right then, get out of my car and walk home.”


His big blue eyes filled with tears. I love that how fast they cloud up. He kicked off his tennis shoes and in another second had stripped off his jeans and underpants. Now he sat on the car seat kind of facing me holding his teenage balls out of the way with one hand and spreading his slender hairless boy legs so I could see his pink asshole.


I smiled and nodded. “Feet on the dashboard” I said as I gunned the engine and pulled out. He grew red with humiliation but he put his feet on the dashboard spreading his legs as wide as he could. I slid one hand down his leg and rammed a finger up his ass cunt. He grunted and closed his eyes. I finger fucked his tight little boy twat.


“Nice and moist, all wet with the need to be fucked, huh bitch? Is your queer little cunt all sopping from looking at all the boys in school today? You imagine them all lining up to shove their big boy dicks in your little slut pussy?”


“You know I only love you Brad. You're the only guy I think about.” He was growing hot with my finger fucking.


“Shirt...” I said and he slipped off his tee shirt baring his smooth tanned boy body and his youthful chest capped with two pink pouty nipples.


“Have you been working your tits every night like I told you?”


“Yes, Brad I have, but it hurts to put clothes pins on them. It’s hard to fall asleep that way.”


“We gotta get you tits like a cunt, nice big sow tits that show through your shirt, just like Alice Cunthole.


“Lookee there Joey, your little prick is all hard and wet. You must want sow titties like a cunt, huh?”


I took us through downtown into a really bad area of town. “Now we know how much I like you Joey baby, .but the question is do you really like me?”


“You know I love you Brad! Ugh...” I guess I shoved a second finger up his cunt about then.”


“I don’t know, you say you love me. But do you mean it? I’m thinking maybe I should get another girlfriend, maybe this isn’t good for either of us.”


“Please Brad, its good. Don’t I make you happy? “


“Jesus your twat is wet today. You make my dick very happy Joey, but do you love me? Will you really do anything for me?”


“I swear I will.”


So I told the fourteen year old faggot that I was gonna test him; to prove his love. I pulled into an alley in the really bad black section of town. “Okay lover boy, get out of the car.”


“Did I do something wrong Brad?” His full lower lip trembled and my dick gave a lurch in my pants.


“No, dumb shit, this is your test to see if you really love me. Now get out of the car for a minute.” Joey reached for his clothes but I stopped him. “Get out the car bare assed naked, just like you are.”


“But its daylight and this is a really bad part of town. There’s...”


“You see, you say you will do anything for me, but you won’t.”


Joey sniffed back some tears and opened the car door. Wearing only his white socks, he stepped out into the alley. I could see from his posture and body language exactly how humiliated he really was. His slender legs pressed together and one hand covered his cute little prick and blond bush.


“Ooohhhh Brad...” he whispered, looking left and right out onto the main street.


“Good girl. Now run around the car three times.”


Fourteen year old Joey, five foot five and light as a feather, scurried around my Escort. His gorgeous boy ass cheeks rising and falling as he ran giving my already hard dick a real workout. I liked the fact that his body was undeveloped, slender, half boy and half twat.


He finished his run and stood panting at the door wanting in.


“No good Joey, you held your hand in front of you dick the whole time. I couldn’t even see you dick and balls bounce. I’m afraid you have to do it again.”


“Please Brad...this is so scary and embarrassing...please...”


“Shhhhhh, just calm down. The sooner you do it the sooner it will be over.”


He made his run again, this time giving me a good look at his flopping cock and swinging balls as well as his ass. He had a nice little package for a fourteen year old, not excessively large He was not as big as I was as fourteen by a long shot, but then not many are. He started to climb back into the car.


“Just a minute dick breath, this isn’t the test. This is just the warm up. I wanted you to feel how horrible it would be to be stranded out here in this part of town bare assed naked. Christ, if some of those black gang members got a hold of you, you'd be mincemeat. Now here is the test. You have a choice: either you walk home from here bare cunt naked or you prove your love for me by sucking nigger dick.”


The boy’s eyes became very wide. His nostrils flared, ”WWwhhhhhaaaat?”


“You heard me. I want you to prove your love to me by sucking a black guy’s cock. We'll pick one up down here and you suck his dick. That’s all I want.”


Now I should explain to you that Joey comes from a very right wing very white suburban family. Joey is terrified of niggers. He won’t even talk to them at school. So actually I was doing him a big, big favor.


“I can’t do that Brad; you know how I feel about African Americans. I mean I have nothing against them, but I’m scared of them. I don’t feel comfortable with them.”


“Will you suck black cock for me or not?”


He started to cry. “I can't Brad, I just can’t...”


“See You...”


I slammed the door in his face and pulled away, leaving him bare assed and crying in the alley. I drove around for about twenty minutes looking at the muscular black skinned studs hanging around the street corners in their tank tops and dick bursting pants. Jesus Christ they were animals. I could just imagine little Joey's soft young lips wrapped around one of those big slick veined ebony pricks all dripping with black baby juice.


After a half hour or so I drove back to the alley. I pulled in and beeped. Sure enough, after a few seconds a bare assed fourteen year old ran from behind a garbage dumpster to my car. He looked scared shitless.


“Oh God Brad, I knew you'd come back.


“Oh God I was so scared. How could you do that to me?”


“How could you do that to me? You told me you loved me and would do anything for me and then you let me down. The deal still holds pussy boy. Either you suck black dick or walk home.”


He hung his head and cried for a few minutes. I saw the tears run down his naked chest and my dick started to leak.


“I'll do it,” he said finally.


“Do what?” I rubbed my aching prick through my jeans.


“What you want.” Snot dripped from his cute little button nose.


“What will you do? Say it.”


“I'll...I'll suck a black dick.”


I almost came when he said that. His little boy voice all a quiver talking about sucking nigger cock.


“If you do this for me, I'll know for sure that you love me,” I said pulling out onto the street again.


“Now let’s find a good one for you to blow.”


“There,” he said after a long time and I was glad to see him taking an active role in his dick sucking training. He had pointed to a kid of about fourteen or fifteen.


“Fuck no, you don’t want a kid. You want full-grown man dick, nice thick, sweaty black, nigger prick. We gotta find you a man.”


Well we sure enough did. A few blocks further on there was this stud animal, dark as night with no shirt with a really muscular chest with tattoos and big fucking nipples. Low slung pants with a dick bulge that defied description. Just hanging there on the corner, thumbs hooked into his pants with the waistband of his boxers showing and kicking at the dirt with his work boots looking mean as hell.


“Oh God no,” Joey gasped.


“Oh God yes,” I crooned. I stopped the car and got out.


“How's it going dude?” I asked.


The animal eyed me suspiciously. “I got a favor to ask.”


“Fuck no,” he sneered. His thumbs dug deeper and I saw the start of his black curly pubic hair as pants and shorts were dragged down.


“You ain’t heard what I want yet.” I had to admit even I was pretty scared.


“I don’t do no favors for white boys.”


“Even for twenty dollars?”


“Fuck you and yo momma and your twenty dollars. You think I need your money?”


“I got a queer in the car that wants to suck black cock. He’s a fucking faggot from our school and he needs to be taught a lesson.”


His eyes got real big. His eye brows arched. His chest puffed up and I swear his nipples got harder.


“What the fuck?' He looked at the car. At Joey whose naked chest showed.


“He’s a fucking fag. He’s bare assed in my car. I want him worked over real good by black dick. You boys know how to do it. It'll be a free suck for you.”


He smiled then showing large even very white teeth. “Not free. It’ll cost you twenty bucks.”


“Deal,” I said.


“One more thing whitey...” he was already groping his swollen crotch. “I gets to fuck the little boys white ass too.”


Shit. I hadn’t counted on that. “How big are you?”


He groped again. “Little bigger than a foot...”


Hell Joey couldn’t even take my ten inches all the way to the balls; he was just a slender little guy. On the other hand I couldn’t pass up a chance like this.


“It’s a deal.”


Little cunt ass Joey in the window was looking more and more freaked out every second. I gave the black whose name was George the twenty. I ushered him to the car where he scooted in next to Joey.


“Nice little bare assed white boy just hungry for some big black dick?” I heard him say as I circled to the driver’s door.


As I got in I could see George already had his hands on Joey’s young slender body. He was tugging at the boy’s titties, pulling them out and letting them snap back. Joey sat stiffly eyes closed, scared shitless.


“You a real cute little queer cunt,” George soothed as he twisted and tugged on pink the boy’s nipples.


“What do you say Joey,” I admonished.


“Thank you sir,” Joey said his voice all over the scale. You'd a thought he hadn’t reached puberty yet the way he squeaked.


“You get milk from these titties girl?” George said squeezing the puffy pink nipples with his big black fingers.


'No sir,” Joey squeaked.


I had to laugh.


“Once you get pregnant you will.


“You like that bitch? Getting pregnant from a black mans cock?”


Joey made groaning noises like he was getting sick to his stomach and George laughed and started in to chew on the boy tits. Joey looked over at me with desperation in his beautiful eyes.


“Brad please.....” he whimpered.


'Joey, be a good boy,” I told him as I drove as quickly as possible back to the alley. Once there we put Joey in the rear seat and George stripped. My God the man had a body hard as steel and solid muscle with a real fucking dick of death, thick as a beer can, dripping and ugly as hell but beautiful too.


“I can’t get all of that in my mouth,” Joey squealed as he crawled into the far corner of the rear seat.


“Of course you can. Down your throat too, balls deep.


“Don’t worry, we'll make it fit,” George laughed.


I watched guard while he face fucked the teenage boy. I heard Joey screaming and begging me to take him away. I heard the grunts and groans. I looked in and saw Joey's soft pink youthful face impaled on the big horse cock. I saw the dick swell down the boy’s neck. He was getting one face fucking all right. He would never complain about the size of my prick again. The boys face was stuffed with dick; big stinking sweaty black dick. I looked in again and George had pulled out and was rubbing the huge swollen head of his twelve inch prick all over Joes face covering it with pre cum. Dick slime coated the boys cheeks and mouth and nose. Cock slime dripped form his nostrils and hung in strings from his fourteen year old lips. His eyes were closed and he breathed through his mouth. His lips were swollen and red looking like the perfect pussy.


For twenty minutes George fucked the boys face on and off until he blasted the biggest load I ever saw in my life all over the kids face. Then he scooped up the fuck with his still spurting dickhead and fed it to the submissive cunt boy.


George came out for a cigarette.


“That boy is a real twat


“Man, I don’t know if I can fuck him though. His pussy is pretty small. That would really hurt badly.”


“Hey come on. A deal is a deal. I paid you,” I said.


“Well I suppose the fucking little whore deserves it”


“You better believe it.”


So after he finished his smoke, George climbed back into the car to ass fuck Joey. This the boy hadn’t expected and now he really screamed He tried to claw his way out and George had to backhand him a couple of times to shut him up Then the real work started I watched as George with infinite patience worked his huge fat prick head into the tight pink teenage ass pucker.


Shit Joey made sounds like he was giving birth. Inhuman sounds and I wished I’d had a tape recorder to catch it all. It was a long, long fuck. Almost an hour, it took twenty-five minutes just to get the prick in the first time. Then of course, the fucking commenced. In and out the full length of the big sloppy black prick intruded Joey's raw, agape and obscene looking asshole.


When the boys fuck hole was really stretched, George would pull all the way out and then punch it back in to the root. He would look at me for approval and I smiled and nodded my head. Joey was like a broken puppet being thrown around the back of the small car. Bent over the front seat; ass fucked in every possible position. A couple of times George even pulled out of the boy’s ass and shoved his big dick into the kid’s mouth for lubrication.


George yelling at the kid, “Come on bitch push that pussy out, swallow my dick. Come on cunt, give it to me. You are my bitch now. You are my white whore slut cunt bitch. Take this big black dick; take it in your faggot cunt”


I learned later he shot two loads up the boy’s cunt. Joey’s parents weren’t home when we got there and his little brother was visiting neighbors so I helped him stagger up to his room. He really couldn’t walk on his own. Every few minutes he broke out into hysterical sobs.


I comforted him and told him how proud I was of him. How much I loved him. Yes, I said I loved him. Well what the fuck could I do? I had to calm him somehow. I told him I now knew he loved me too.


I helped him undress and put him in the shower, but now I was so fucking horny I couldn’t stand it anymore. I mean what do you expect? So I stripped and climbed into the shower too.


I fucked his raw ass as hard as I could. He screamed and clawed the shower stall walls. I asked him over and over if he loved me.


As I fucked his fucked out ass, he screamed over and over, “I love you, I love you.”


I knew then this was only the start of the fun I could have with my boyfriend Joey. I put him to bed and he fell asleep with my dick in his mouth.


Just as I was leaving the house, Joey's little brother Josh came home. What a fucking cute little twelve year old. I grabbed my crotch in front of the kid to give him a thrill. After all I was a kind of high school sports hero around town. The boy looked wide-eyed at me. I rubbed my prick until it got hard in my jeans and the kid could see the fat flesh tube down my leg.


“See you around stud,” I laughed and went home feeling really good about myself.