My Big Brother

(mB) (anal, oral, ws) (humil)

Everyone worshiped my big brother. I guess, at first, when I was just a rug rat, I did too. He was always handsome, even as a young boy, athletic, charming, put together perfectly with blond hair and blue eyes. Of course, when he developed into a teenager, he had the biggest dick in the school wouldn’t you know it. And, he got good grades and was the top jock in the high school. He was fucking cunt at fourteen, and all the twats just seemed to line up for a chance at his six foot two muscular frame and his nine-inch prick.

My big brother, everybody worshiped him, including me, but I had no choice. I had to. I was his slave. I was the only one who knew what a fucked up psycho, sadistic bastard he really was. Well, I suppose some of the virgin girls he fucked and dumped knew too. I really believe it shaped my entire life, and part of the reason I am writing this as some sort of therapy.

Life was normal until my dad just up and disappeared one day with some cunt he met at work. Mom hit the bottle and started dating real scuzzbags who hit her. My brother, Jason, liked the idea and started pushing me around. Mom left us pretty much to ourselves, and at first, he just did dumb stuff like made me clean his room and beat my ass with his belt if it wasn't perfect, but the really bad shit happened my fourteenth year, and that’s what I want to write about.


Jason was eighteen and a high school senior. I was fourteen and a high school freshman. Now he had always had access to me at home and life was hell. I cried myself to sleep many a night over some stupid rule he would impose just to torture me. He'd say something like, "Tonight you sleep on the floor ass wipe." and I did. I was small for my age and thin and to make matters worse I only had an average boy dick not a twat stuffing monster, so I was no competition for my big brother.


I'd been sucking that dick for some time. Jason is not gay, he is a real hunk of a cunt fucker, but he loves to be cruel and making your little brother suck your dick is one hot way to be cruel. I also remember lying in bed at night bare-assed. Jason ordered me to sleep bare-assed. I would wake up with him lying on top of me. He'd just come home from a date, stinking of beer, and he would lie on top of me and rub his huge, hard dick along my ass crack. At the same time, he would whisper in my ear.


"Hello, pussy boy, are you my little pussy boy? Are you Jason's little pussy boy?"


I'd have to say I was. I remember to this day the feeling of his thick fuck slab in my ass crack just rubbing up and down. That was before he started to fuck my hole. One night he pushed the head of his big, dripping dick against my little asshole. I made the mistake of saying it was too big, so he proved it wasn't. I was so sick for three days after the brutal fuck that he actually got scared. But, eventually I was able to walk, and he continued to fuck me just to punish and abuse me.


Swallowing his cum wasn't so bad. Not compared with having to lick his dick clean after he had fucked some high school twat. He loved to describe the fuck to me while I licked her cunt sauce and sometimes cherry juice off his fat dick. I hated the taste of pussy juice on his dick, but he'd just laugh, his big, broad, easygoing, white-toothed smile and say, "Don't forget the cunt slop on my balls."


When I didn't do everything he wanted, just the way he wanted, he would punish me. He would make me put my dick and balls in a drawer and then slam it really hard, or he would whip my ass with his wide belt until it was all red welts, or he would beat my balls with a ruler until they were swollen the size of oranges. Once he put my cock and balls in a waffle iron and turned the goddamned thing on.


And, he'd make me do the damnedest things. Like I say, some of them were just stupid. There were so many, I can’t even tell them all, then there are some so disgusting and awful, I will never tell a single soul. A list of some of the dumb stuff he'd make me do or do to me reads like this:

  • He would make me lick the inside of his sweaty tennis shoes and also make me lick his sweaty feet clean while he talked to some chick on the phone.
  • He would come home from sports practice and throw his sweaty jockstrap at me, and I had to sit and suck the ball sweat out of it.
  • When he had skid marks in his underpants, he'd make me lick the brown stain and try to guess what he had for lunch as if I could.
  • He'd make me walk around the house wearing my mother’s skimpy, short nightgown and high heels and nothing else. Dressed like that, he'd make me serve his buddies beer.
  • I had to give blowjobs to six of his friends on a regular basis.
  • He'd make me suck his asshole while he talked to his latest girlfriend. If I didn’t do a good enough job with my tongue and get deep enough, he'd punish me.
  • He'd piss in a glass and make me drink it down in front of his friends even in front of girls sometimes. I have to drink the piss of his buddies too.
  • He'd drive me places, make me strip bare-ass naked and then I had to get home by myself somehow. He thought this was very funny, do you?
  • When some high school cunt he was fucking made him wear a rubber, he would bring it home with him and make me suck it clean. Several times after I sucked a rubber clean, he informed me that it wasn’t his at all but just a used one he had found in a garbage dump or in the park.
  • He'd make me masturbate four or five times in a row, until I couldn't anymore, then, when I felt nothing sexual at all he would fuck my ass.
  • He told he wanted to turn my ass into a pussy so he made me fuck myself with various objects every day he would check to see if my cunt lips were developing. Some of the objects I had to fuck myself with were: coke bottles, beer bottles, an ear of corn, carrots, candles, sausages, cucumbers, a head of celery, a baseball bat, the bedpost, doorknobs, shampoo bottles, the showerhead, a hockey stick, a broom handle, a toilet plunger, a flashlight, and a loaf of French bread, and on and on, and you name it until ass was stretched like a whore's cunt.
  • He'd make me masturbate and fuck myself in front of his friends when he had parties at the house. Everybody at the party would use my mouth at a toilet to piss in.

But, all of this was nothing, nothing at all, not when you hear what he did to me my freshman year at high school. That year made all of this seem like fun and games, and it was that year I realized he wasn't only a sadist, but a really fucked up whacked out monster. My fourteenth year left scars in me that will never heal. And all because of my big brother!