Mister Roth's Descent

Mb, bb, oral, humil, nc, spank

A palimpsest based on a story by Unknown

“You’re late Mister Roth.”


“I know sir, sorry sir,” Cooper said, flustered as he made his way to his desk amidst the smirks and snorts of the boys.


"Come here, Mister Roth."


"Sir?" Cooper replied as he dumped his books and bag on his desk at the back of the class.


"Now," replied Mr. Eads from the front of the room. Cooper cleared his throat and headed towards the teacher’s desk.


"I’m very sorry I’m late sir. I…" Cooper started as he reached the desk, but the teacher raised his hand to silence him. Snorts derisively arose from the boys behind him.


"You are over twenty minutes late, Mister Roth, which is unacceptable. Come around here and face the class."


The teacher moved his chair out from under his desk and pointed to where it had been. Cooper did as he was told, not wishing to get into any more trouble. Cooper now stood facing classmates who were all staring at him while grinning, snickering and whispering to each other. Cooper immediately felt incredibly self-conscious and his face felt hot.


“Now, bend over, put your elbows on the desk.”


“I’m sorry, sir?” Cooper said, turning to look at the teacher with a quizzical expression.


“Do as you’re told. Now!”


Cooper turned slowly back to face the class and gulped. Cooper could tell his face must be bright red now. Cooper, doing as his teacher told him and wondering what this was all about, leaned forward and put his elbows on the desk. Cooper felt his teacher pull down his pants and expose his white cotton briefs.


“Sir, what are you do…”




Mr. Eads paddle collided with Cooper’s ass.


“…ing, Mr. Eads” Cooper gasped at the sharp pain the paddle inflected on his ass.


He was stunned. Cooper did not know what to do. His mouth had fallen open and his eyes widened in astonishment. The boys in front of him all laughed hysterically as they pointed and jeered at the bewildered boy.




Mr. Eads continued his punishment and Cooper did nothing. Cooper stayed rooted to the spot. Another round of raucous laughter arose from the boys. Someone started chanting, “SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!” and the whole class joined in as Mr. Eads struck Cooper another ten times.


"Quiet down everyone,” ordered Mr. Eads and the laughter subsided. “Back to your desk now, Mister Roth. I hope you have learned your lesson.”


Cooper pushed himself up shakily from the teacher’s desk and reached down to pull up his pants.


“Leave them down, Mister Roth!”


Cooper shuffled his way to the back of the room, looking determinedly at the floor as the boys’ snickers and whispers followed him. Cooper sat down at his desk, wincing as his ass made contact with the chair. The lesson began again as if nothing had happened. Cooper was beyond embarrassed. Cooper sat there in a daze, distracted by the warm stinging of his ass cheeks and stared at his desk unable to comprehend what had just happened.


Several minutes went by and Cooper was aware of boys turning to look at him. Cooper noticed every face in the room staring directly at him.


“Mister Roth. Mister Roth, are you even listening to me?”


The teacher had been trying to ask him a question, but Cooper had been too lost in his own thoughts to hear him.


“Huh? What? Sorry sir, I just… sorry, sir,” Cooper said pathetically.


The teacher slammed his book on his desk, pulled something out of the drawer and strode toward Cooper.


“Clearly you need more disciplining,” he said curtly as he reached Cooper’s desk.


Cooper could see now that the thing he had pulled from his desk draw was a roll of duct tape.


“No. Please, sir, I just…”


Mr. Eads slapped Cooper. Cooper fell into the same shocked disbelief with his mouth open and his eyes wide. Cooper felt Mr. Eads grab his hands and bring them behind his chair. Before his brain could catch up with what was happening to him, Mr. Eads had bound Cooper’s hands with the tape. Mr. Eads pulled Cooper’s chair with him sitting on it, to the front of the room.


All the boys were staring at the distraught boy. Cooper blushed fiercely and looked at the floor. Cooper could not think of what to do. Mr. Eads stood in front of him and, in front of the entire class, unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis. Cooper gasped and stared at a thick, eight-inch, semi-erect cock not twelve-inches from his face. His classmates began snorting, giggling and whispering to each other as they struggled not to make too much noise in case they disturbed the spectacle in front of them.


Cooper continued to stare at the massive cock in his face. Cooper slowly looked up with a pleading, helpless expression at Mr. Eads.


“Open your mouth,” Mr. Eads said firmly.


Cooper made a small noise of despair and continued to look at his teacher as he tried to make his expression as pleading as possible. Mr. Eads slapped the boy again with force enough to turn his head. The class whooped and hollered. Cooper was their entertainment. Cooper gulped down his tears as best he could as he felt himself almost begin to cry. Tears welled in his eyes, but Cooper held them back and turned to face his teacher’s cock again. Cooper took a steadying breath, closed his eyes and opened his mouth.


Mr. Eads held the back of Cooper’s head in his left hand and pulled him forward. Cooper felt the soft head of his teacher’s cock enter his virgin mouth. Mr. Eads was still not fully erect and as Cooper’s lips closed around the hard shaft, he felt it begin to expand.


“Look at me,” Mr. Eads commanded.


Cooper opened his eyes and looked into his teacher’s eyes.


“Suck,” Mr. Eads ordered.


Cooper obeyed, sucking on a cock for the first time in his life. Mr. Eads’ cock, now fully erect, filled Cooper’s mouth and Mr. Eads began to move the boy’s head back and forth. Cooper felt detached as if he were looking at the scene through someone else’s eyes. Cooper could not believe this was really happening to him. That he was sucking cock in front of his classmates while bound to his chair. All of whom had shuffled to the front of the class, eager to get as close to the action as possible and surrounded him and their teacher.


Mr. Eads continued to fuck the boy’s face, slowly pushing his head all the way down his cock until it hit the back of the boy’s mouth. It was not quite enough to make the boy gag. The teacher pushed the boy back until only the head of his cock was in the boy’s mouth. Cooper continued to look into his teacher’s eyes, looking as pleadingly as he could as he sensed what was coming.


Tense anticipation hung over his huddled classmates as their teacher slowly pulled Cooper forward and slowly pushed his cock into the boy’s mouth. It reached the back of the boy’s throat and Mr. Eads paused briefly, then continued forcing the boy’s head forward and pushed his cock into the boy’s throat. Cooper began to gag and retch, but his teacher’s cock filled his mouth so completely that it all that happened was spit began to dribble down his chin as the assault of his throat continued. Cooper’s classmates watched in awe as the cock went in until Cooper’s lips hit their teacher’s pubes and his classmates cheered. Cooper could feel his teacher’s balls against his chin.


Cooper, close to puking, was still gagging as spit drooled down his chin and snot ran from his nose. His reflexes fought to keep him breathing as the lack of oxygen began to take effect and the boy’s eyes rolled back. The corners of his vision began to fade to black and just as Cooper thought he was about to pass out, Mr. Eads slowly, very slowly, pulled the boy’s head back. The feeling of the hard thick cock sliding out of his convulsing throat was amazing and Cooper caught himself actually enjoying the sensation, but Cooper was far too confused at this point to process the thought. As soon as Cooper was able, he gasped and took huge gulps of air, making slurping and sucking noises around the cock still in his mouth. Cooper continued to gasp around his teacher’s cock with spit oozing down his chin and neck and snot draining from his nose as Mr. Eads held the boy’s head in place.


“You have some skill, Mister Roth. Have you done this before?”


He kept the tip of his cock just inside the boy’s mouth. Cooper looked up at him and miserably replied between deep breaths.


“No sir, never.” His teacher’s cock slurred and muffled his words.


The class laughed once more. Cooper noticed that his classmates were now as close as they could get to him. Cooper felt a hand palm his right breast begin to pinch his nipple and another hand joined in, squeezing and pulling on his left nipple. Cooper was so dazed and shattered that he could not even muster the strength to turn his head against Mr. Eads’ grip.


“Well, we must put your natural fuckhole to good use, mustn’t we, Mister Roth?”


Cooper looked up at his teacher. His pleading expression was gone being replaced with the heavy look of defeat and submission. When Cooper did not answer him, Mr. Eads pulled on Cooper’s hair to turn the boy’s face up. Mr. Eads cock fell from Cooper’s mouth with long tendrils of spit clinging between it and his lips. He raised his hand and slapped Cooper once more. Cooper let out a small whimper as his face burned and a tear rolled down his reddened cheek.


“Mustn’t we, Mister Roth?” he repeated to the boy.


Cooper gulped, “Yes, sir.”


Another sharp slap and Cooper sobbed quietly.


“Yes what, Mister Roth?”


“Yes, please make good use of my fuckhole, sir” dejectedly replied Cooper. His classmates whooped again. This was probably the best day of their lives. His teacher began rubbing his cock adding cock slime to the boy’s spit, snot-covered and tear-stained face.


“Tell the class you’re a fuckhole and a cumdump,” Mr. Eads demanded as he spit on the boy’s face.


Cooper gasped and took another steadying breath. Knowing another slap would be in order if Cooper disobeyed, he did as he was told.


“I’m…I’m…I’m…a cum…cumdump and fu…fu…fuck…hole.” Cooper said as clearly as he could with his quavering voice. His voice was weak. Mr. Eads had broken his will.


Mr. Eads turned the boy’s head to the left so he could slap his cock on the broken and defeated boy’s cheek. Cooper could now see one of the boys who was molesting him. The boy was fumbling with the buttons on Cooper’s shirt with one hand and his other hand was rubbing the bulge in his pants. Mr. Eads turned Cooper’s head the other way and began slapping his other cheek. The boy to Cooper’s right had actually pulled his cock out to masturbate, his hand stroking his cock and was now moving his free hand slowly up Cooper’s thigh. Cooper looked behind him and saw that all the boys were either rubbing themselves through their pants or had their cocks out and were openly masturbating.


The boy to his left finally popped the last button open and pulled Cooper’s shirt down his shoulders, exposing his chest to the entire class. They cheered and laughed again. Cooper felt so degraded. He was nothing but a toy for them.


Mr. Eads started fucking the boy’s mouth again. Every few strokes he would push all the way down the boy’s throat and hold there as the boy struggled for air and then pull out to let the boy catch his breath while he continued to fuck his mouth.


Mr. Eads his cock out of the boy’s mouth and pushed his balls to the boy’s lips.


“Lick, like a dog,” he order and, like a dog, Cooper obeyed him and lapped at his teacher’s big balls until he slid the head of his cock back into the boy’s mouth. He started the same drill again. He fucked Cooper’s mouth harder and pushed his stiff rod into the throat more often and for longer periods, training the boy as a fuckhole. The boy to Cooper’s right, who had been sliding his hand on Cooper’s thigh, had reached Cooper’s briefs and started rubbing clumsily at Cooper’s dick and Cooper began to moan involuntarily around his teacher’s massive cock.


Mr. Eads pulled out again, placing the tip of his cock on the boy’s lips.


“Keep your mouth open, fuckhole.”


Cooper knew what was coming next. His teacher grunted and his thick, hot cum squirted into Cooper’s mouth, one huge, stringy spurt after another. He must have squirted at least a dozen times. His hot sticky load completely filled the boy’s mouth, dribbling over the brim and onto his chin and cheeks. He missed his mouth a few times and very nearly got it in the boy’s eye. He finished finally and squeezed the last few drops onto the boy’s forehead. Cooper looked up at his teacher with one eye shut tight, not wanting any to get in his eye.


“Swallow that down now, Mister Roth.”


Cooper braced himself and closed his mouth, causing a little more of Mr. Eads’ cum to dribble from the corner of his mouth. Cooper closed his eyes and took a big gulp. Cooper felt the warm, salty, slimy liquid slide down his throat. Mr. Eads pulled the boy’s hair so Cooper was facing him again and start pushing the cum that was on Cooper’s face into his mouth with his cock. He instructed the boy to suck it off and swallow it and Cooper did so. When he had got as much cum into the boy as he could, he stood back, put his penis away and spoke to the class.


“Alright boys, form a line.”


There was a lot of sound and movement as twenty-three boys scrambled to get into a line. Cooper was confused. What was happening now? Surely, Mr. Eads could not mean that…that Cooper had to do suck every…


“No, Mr. Eads, please. PLEASE! No please, I beg you don’t make me.”




Cooper wept quietly as Mr. Eads crouched down to talk to the boy directly.


“Either you let every cock in this room use your fuckhole, Mister Roth or I’ll take you to the cafeteria and let every boy in the school have a turn.”


Cooper swallowed his tears and looked at the floor. Mr. Eads took a glass from the cupboard and placed it between the boy’s legs. “You’ll spit all the cum into the glass, Mister Roth.”


The class whooped at Cooper’s further degradation. The first boy stepped up and grabbed Cooper’s head, making Cooper look at him. He was the school bully and had muscled his way to the front of the line with his friends. He grinned smugly down at Cooper and shoved his cock at the boy’s lips. Cooper opened his mouth obediently and the bully began fucking Cooper’s mouth. He was rough and crude. He humped madly at Cooper’s mouth treating it like a cunt while spitting on Cooper’s face.


“Suck my balls, fuckhole.” he said with a smirk, pulling out his cock and shoving his balls up to Cooper’s mouth.


Cooper obeyed and sucked on the sweaty balls to the laughter of the other boys. The bully then shoved his cock back into Cooper’s mouth, pushed it down his throat and brutally fucked Cooper’s windpipe. He slid himself out until only the head was in Cooper’s mouth, pumped it with his hand a few times and came into Cooper’s mouth. He pulled out and slapped his drool-covered cock across Cooper’s face as he smirked.


Cooper spat the cum into the glass and looked up despairingly to see the bully high fiving the next boy, who was a tall black boy. Cooper gulped as the black boy smiled at him and pulled out his thick cock. It was not as long as Mr. Eads’ cock, but it was at least twice as thick. The black boy grabbed a fistful of Cooper’s hair and began rubbing the drooling cockhead all over Cooper’s face.


“Surely this thing would not fit in my mouth?” thought Cooper.


“Open wide, fuckhole,” the black boy said. Cooper tentatively opened his mouth and the black boy shoved his cock in. The head alone nearly filled Cooper’s mouth. Try as he might, and he did try hard, the black boy could not fit it down Cooper’s throat. He had to content himself to fucking Cooper’s mouth as the boy gagged around his thick, black cock. He had Cooper suck on his balls as he jerked himself off and dumped his load into Cooper’s mouth. Cooper let the gooey, viscous slime dribble down into the glass.


The next boy was quite short and fat, with a mean look. His cock was smaller than the previous three cocks that had battered Cooper’s mouth and he found himself inexplicably disappointed about it. The boy took Cooper’s head in both hands and did not even have to tell him to open his mouth, which he fucked with long, hard strokes. He then held Cooper’s head to his body, his cock blocking Cooper’s throat and pushed him back and forth about an inch. Cooper came very close to passing out before the boy pulled out and spurted his spunk on Cooper’s face. Most of it hit Cooper’s lips and chin. The boy pushed it into Cooper’s mouth with his cock so that he could dribble it into the glass.


Cooper felt a humiliated rush of excitement as the next boy stepped up with another massive cock. Cooper felt ashamed at his lust in this degrading and humiliating situation.


The boy stood very close, put his hands on his hips and said, “Throat me, fuckhole.”


Dejected, Cooper took him in his mouth and began trying to get as far down as Cooper could. When it reached his throat, Cooper gagged and automatically pulled back.


“Come on, fuckhole, take it in,” the boy said.


Cooper tried again and managed to stop himself pulling his head back as he retched. The previous mouth fuckings must have trained his throat as he found himself getting further and further down the fat cock. Cooper had to pull back a few times for air, but eventually Cooper found his nose pressed against the boy’s pubes. The sound of applause filled the room at Cooper’s success. Despite himself, Cooper felt a burst of pride at his accomplishment that was almost at once with replaced shameful humiliation at his degradation by his teacher and classmates. Cooper proceeded to throat fuck the boy and Cooper found that although he could not breathe through his mouth that he could breathe through his nose a little if he timed it to his outward pull.


Cooper began to lose count of the number of cocks that had been inside him as boy after boy used his lips, tongue, throat and face to unleash their sexual frustrations. A blur of cocks, cum and spit that lasted for over three hours. It seemed much longer to Cooper. Some boys had surely come back for seconds, but Cooper could not tell which ones, possibly all of them.


“Alright, anyone who’s still got one in the chamber gather around Mister Roth.”


Cooper heard Mr. Eads’ voice over the excited hum. He pulled Cooper’s chair a little ways out from the wall and half the class surrounded the molested boy. Cooper, looking like an imbecile, sat with his mouth open and his tongue hanging out. One by one, the cocks erupted with cum, covering his face. Cooper felt it running into his hair, dripping down his neck, covering his face completely in its gooey slime. Mr. Eads took position in front of the boy once more, filling the boy’s mouth once more with hot, salty cum. Cooper looked down and let the cum dribble from his mouth into the glass. The juice glass was full with the cum of his classmates and teacher.


“Head back, cumdump.”


Cooper leaned back and looked at the ceiling as Mr. Eads held the cum filled glass above the boy’s mouth.


The boys started chanting, “CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!”


His teacher started to pour the spit and cum filled glass into Cooper’s mouth. Cooper swallowed as fast as he could. His feeling of degradation and humiliation multiplied with every swallow. The chanting boys around him seemed to fall into slow motion as Cooper savored his glass of spunk. As the last drop slid down his throat, Mr. Eads took the glass away and Cooper, breathing heavily, let his head fall.


His classmates were not quite done with him yet. Two boys came up either side of him, crouched down and between them yanked his briefs off from him. They grabbed Cooper’s legs and pulled them apart. Cooper struggled, trying to stop this final embarrassment, but Cooper had no chance.


“Jerk yourself off,” commanded the boy.


Cooper started stroking his hard, drooling dick. They were going to make him cum in front of them. Cooper began to moan involuntarily and his hips bucked as he stroked his dick. Cooper was powerless to stop his body from reacting to the ministrations.


Cooper heard a voice in his head say, “Let go, let it happen. You know you want it.”


Cooper was groaning loudly to the cheers of his audience when suddenly Cooper felt the explosion between his legs ripple through his entire body and the noise of the room disappeared as Cooper experienced the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced. Cooper slowed his assault on his dick as he came back down to earth. He pulled his hand from his dick and shoved his fingers into his mouth to boisterous laughter and licked them clean


Somewhere, deep within him, under his sense of self-worth, Cooper loved every single second of his dehumanization. Cooper was their cumdump, their fuckhole and everyone in the room knew it.