Mr. Johnston

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Jimmy Miller was the prettiest boy in Templeton Primary School. He was much prettier than most of the girls, in seventh and eighth grade. He had long beautiful hair, large eyes, a doll-like face with a little pug nose, and his small ass was a delight. His slender hips and the way he carried them made him quite sexy. More than a few girls and some of the boys in the fourth to eighth grade played with their adolescent selves thinking about him. Some of them had only dry cums, but they still loved to play with themselves thinking about Jimmy Miller. But Jimmy Miller had problems.


A large black hand grabbed Jimmy around the neck and wheeled him into an empty classroom. Mister Johnston, the African American science teacher, was pissed with Jimmy, and when he was pissed, it was not good for the boy.


"You fucking, little, white, faggot, how dare you disobey a direct order from your teacher!"


He hissed, spit flying from his thick, black lips and spraying the sweet, little boy. He slammed Jimmy hard up against the wall causing his delicate, heart-shaped lips to tremble in fear.


"I fucking warned you. I fucking warned you that if you dared to wear underwear in my class again, I would hurt you bad!"


He hauled back one large black hand and slapped the little boy. He was a big man. Big and muscular.


"I gave you a direct order, you fucking faggot! I told you from now on, short shorts, and no underwear. I want you to sit in the front row with your legs spread, so I can look at your bald, little clitty and ball sack while I teach!"


Poor little Jimmy was terrified of Mr. Johnston. He only came up to his teacher’s waist. His teacher was so big and muscular and so black with fierce eyes, thick lips, and a nose that flared.


"I'm so, so sorry, Sir, " he stuttered. "I didn't have time to go to the boy’s room to take them off before class."


WHAP! Mr. Johnston slapped Jimmy again, leaving a red mark on his cheek. He fell back against the wall.


"I don't give a fuck if you take them off in the middle of the hallway. If I give you a fucking order, I expect you to obey, cocksucker! I told you no underwear. I told you bare clitty! I work hard teaching you dumb shits all day. I need a little something to give me pleasure. Now strip out of them clothes. You have ten seconds to get bare-ass naked!"


The little boy was hoping it wouldn't come to this today, but he was wrong, as he was most days. It was becoming a regular ritual. Just a few weeks ago, he had been such an innocent, good little boy with almost no idea of sex at all. He quickly slipped off his shirt and his shorts. He kicked off his sandals. He stood there in his underwear.


"You fucking stupid cocksucker. I don't want to see underwear on you ever again. You got no dick to speak of, and I like to see your little clitty peeking out. From now on, no underwear! Now get that fucking clitty cover off!"


Jimmy peeled down his briefs and stepped out of them. He was totally naked. His face turned red with shame. He wanted to cover himself, but he knew that would only make Mr. Johnston angrier, so he stood there with his little, hairless dick and balls on display.


"What a fucking piece of shit you are. Get up there on the science table and spread your whore legs for me. I want to see some cunt!"


Mr. Johnston loved young, white boys. He didn't just have a thing for it. He was obsessed. The younger and the paler, the better. That's right. He was a real child molester. He liked them as young as he could get them.


Afraid of worse being done to him, the little boy scrambled up onto the science table and assumed the position he knew his teacher liked. He laid back on the table and spread his little legs wide. Then he lifted his legs, pulling his feet back to his ears, forcing his cheeks to open, exposing his tiny, rosebud.


"That's how you should be all the time. That's how a fucking cumdump like you was meant to be."


Mr. Johnston checked to make sure he had locked the classroom door.


"Sir," Jimmy blinked with tears in his eyes, "I can't stay long. I have drama club today!"


Mr. Johnston laughed, licking his huge thick nigger lips.


"Well, you gonna miss drama club today, faggot. You gonna attend cocksucking club instead! And maybe a little fuck club too!"


Jimmy’s lip started to tremble. He prayed his teacher wouldn't fuck him. It hurt so badly. It almost ripped him open. His black cock was so huge, larger around than Jimmy’s leg and ten inches long. He had never even seen a cock before Mr. Johnston. Now he knew cock intimately.


"Spread those fucking cheeks for me. Show me some pink!


The little boy sat up a bit and reached around with his hands and pried his ass cheeks open. He was so small and delicate down there, but if one looked closely, red raw skin abrasions and ass lips slightly turned out showed that he had been molested. That was Mr. Johnston's work.


"You fucking lazy fag. I want to see you peel those cheeks back. Put some enthusiasm into it!"


The little boy sobbed and pulled harder at his ass cheeks. Now Mr. Johnston could see the crinkly, little pucker begin to dilate. He walked over to the blackboard and picked up the long wooden pointer. He brought it back to the trembling boy.


"Now hold still, fuckface!"


He placed the tip of the pointer at the entrance of Jimmy’s tiny, pink asshole. Then he slid eight inches of pointer up the boy’s rectum. He squealed in pain. Mr. Johnston chuckled and twisted the pointer around.


"Stretch those ass cheeks wider, or I'll drill up into your intestines!"


Jimmy gritted his teeth and yanked at his ass cheeks stretching his tender hole.


"I'll teach you not to show me clitty during class."


He pulled the pointer out of the boy’s asshole and shoved it in again! Jimmy gasped in pain. Leaving the pointer sticking out of the boy’s asshole, Mr. Johnston walked to his desk and came back with two heavy-strength, metal, paper clamps. He attached one to each of the boy puffy baby nipples. The boy’s eyes rolled back in his head, and he almost bit his tongue in pain.


"How does that feel, cocksucker? Feel more like obeying me now?"


"I'm, I'm sorry, Sir. Please, it hurts so bad. Take them off. I'll be good. I’ll never wear underwear to class again."


"God damned right you won't! Now get off that table and crawl around the room on all fours while I strip out of my clothes."


With the pointer still sticking out of his ass, little Jimmy slid from the table and started to crawl around the room like a fucking animal. Mr. Johnston chuckled as he slipped off his shirt and slacks, shoes and socks as he watched the boy crawling around the room with a pointer sticking out of his asshole. Mr. Johsnton wore no underwear, and his cock was humongous. It was freakish. It hung like a fat salami over balls the size of oranges. A big, fat, nigger dick. And it wasn't even hard yet. His body was muscular and toned, brown and shiny.


"I told you when you crawl to arch your back, so your little ass sticks up. Come on, spread your legs when you crawl so I can see your balls from behind and wiggle your ass."


Jimmy did his best to obey. The clamps on his nipples were tearing at him, and the pointer in his ass stuck him like a nail.


"Yeah, arch that ass up nice and high, so I can see what I am fucking. That's what little, white faggots like you should be taught to do before you ever get to my class. You should be taught to crawl like this at five, six or seven. Just cause you young, don't mean you ain't a cock teasing fuckhole. Now crawl on over here and say hello to my big black hunk of fuck meat."


Jimmy crawled over to his teacher and looked up at the gigantic dick. A long string of pre-fuck leaked from the huge pisshole. Jimmy moved his head to one side, and the fuck sauce fell to the floor.


What the fuck you doing, moving out the way of my pre-fuck?"


He kicked the boy with one large, naked, black foot.


"You lick that scum off the floor, you hear?"


Jimmy bent his head, put out his little pink tongue and licked the fuck slime from the wooden schoolroom floor.


“Yeah, that's your vitamins. You know you love that flavor! Now look up at my cock!"


The boy still could not believe the size of his teacher’s cock. It was like a club or a baseball bat. It bubbled and leaked again, and this time he held still so the fuck slop could fall onto his pretty little face.


"Oh, yeah, that's what my little, white cock whore likes, huh? My little cock hungry boy. You may now kiss my cock hello!"


The tiny boy rose on his knees and began to kiss the big, fat, greasy, leaking cock all over. He kissed the long, thick shaft. He kissed the pink head. He kissed the piss hole and got scum all over his lips. He did the best job he could, hoping his teacher might shoot quickly and spare him pain. But it was not likely as his teacher had excellent control of his back prick.


"That a boy. Now you may kiss my big, fat, wrinkled nuts hello."


The boy kissed his teacher’s balls, tasting the salty, leathery sack. His teacher’s cock bounded on the boy’s head and left pecker juice in his hair.


"You may lick my balls."


Jimmy lapped hungrily at his teacher’s nuts, trying to pretend he loved it. If he did not, his teacher would be angry. He made smacking noises like his teacher’s fuck sack was delicious.


"By the time you get to sixth grade, you gonna be so damn good. Such a good little cumdump. I'm bringing some nigger jocks from the high school around to fuck you next week. You gonna love them. They ain't never had any really, young pussy so I told them I would help them out.


“Those boys are great basketball players, and they deserve some fun. Now lick my cock. Lick it all over. Don't forget to lick up under all that pulled back skin."


Mr. Johnston’s cock was now fully erect and the foreskin had pulled back to show a smooth pink head the size of a plum.


“Lick it all over. Get up all that cock leak. Whoever would think you that sucked your first cock only two weeks ago? You get better every fucking day. Now lick down under my balls toward my asshole where it gets all sweaty after a long day of teaching!"


Mr. Johnston lifted one big, brown foot and placed it on a chair so the boy could lick better down under his balls at his taint and move his face toward his ass.


"That's a good little ass licker. Now you are behaving like I taught you. See, things are fine when you behave and do as you’re are told."


Jimmy sobbed as he started to lick his teacher’s ass crack. His ass cheeks were strong and round and muscular, and little black hairs curled out from his ass crack.


"That a good little fag. Lick up and down my sweaty ass crack. Good. Now lick my shithole! Come on, run your tongue over my shithole!"


Jimmy was sobbing hard now. The smell and taste of his teacher’s asshole were so strong and unpleasant.


“Hold my ass globes apart with your hands so you can really get into my asshole. Get your useless faggot tongue way up inside my shitter!"


Jimmy jabbed his tongue at his teacher’s tight, puckered rectum and eventually it relaxed a bit to allow access. He pushed his tongue up into the rectum. Just for fun, his teacher cut a big fart. The boy almost fainted from the gas.


"You like that, baby? Do you like your teacher's farts? Wiggle that tongue. Wiggle that tongue way up my asshole. Go diving for turds, faggot."


Mr. Johnston was becoming more and more horny, more and more of a jungle animal. He reached back and grabbed Jimmy’s hair and yanked him around.


"Okay, fuckface, suck my cock. Suck my big black cock!"


Mr. Johnston roughly shoved his swollen cock into the boy’s mouth. Even wide open the boy’s little mouth could hardly take his teacher’s cock head.


But that didn't stop Mr. Johnston. He grabbed the boy by the hair and yanked his head forward, impaling the boy’s face on his fucking cock. More and more cock entered the boy’s stretched mouth. Jimmy thought his lips would rip. The fuck meat traveled deeper, sliding on its own fuck leak mixed with Jimmy's tears


Jimmy was certain that one day he would die doing this. He would choke to death. There was no way he could breathe when his teacher rammed his cock down his slender, little throat. His neck bulged out from the shape of the cock filling it. His teacher’s big balls slapped against his chin. Mr. Johnston didn't want Jimmy to suck his cock He wanted to fuck the boy’s little face!


Later, after the fucking, Mr. Johnston sometimes had the boy gently suck his cock clean, and sometimes it was a relaxed suck, but not now. This nigger needed to blow his seed. He slammed The boy’s face into his pubic bone. His cock was down the boy’s throat into his gullet.


Jimmy felt ripped open. Snot and cock slop ran from his nose. His eyes watered, not with tears but with desperation.


The huge prick pulled out only to slam back in. Over and over Mr. Johnston pump fucked the boy’s face, his nuts hitting the boy’s chin so hard they bruised him.


"You fucking piece of shit, primary school, fuck hole! You cock teasing, cum dump, dick ditch! I saw you. I saw you eyeing the lump in my trousers before I even singled you out. You couldn't keep your eyes off my cock, could you?


“Why do you think I stood so close in front of your desk when I lectured? I wanted you to smell my cock! I could see you drooling for it."


How many male teachers, Mr. Johnston wondered stood closely over their young students so the little boys could smell their rampant cocks. So, the boys could not help but stare at the thick, needy lumps in the trousers or the wet spots of cock leak. How many male teachers took every opportunity they had to rub up against their little boy students, rubbing those tiny little asses, and wanting to rip those baby asses open with iron-hard cocks!


Mr. Johnston was close. He tore the little boy’s head off his leaking fuck meat and threw him back onto the science table. Jimmy landed with a thud, and Mr. Johnston shoved the boy’s feet back to his ears.


"Oh, dear God. Please, not that!" Jimmy prayed.


But his prayers were in vain.


Mr. Johnson pounced upon the boy like an animal, ramming his huge, nigger cock into the boy’s tender, soft, small, young asshole with one vicious thrust. He slammed his cock into the boy’s asshole, going balls deep, up into the intestines.


Jimmy’s scream would have alerted people for miles around, but his teacher’s big, black hand clamped over the boy’s mouth at the last moment. Jimmy felt the fucker stretching his bowels. He felt his ass lips stretched beyond endurance. He was only a little boy. An innocent little boy and his teacher was a six foot six nigger thug.


His teacher fucked deep until his cockhead battered the boy’s intestines. Jimmy’s breathing grew ragged as his teacher punch fucked his rectum. His teacher pushed harder and harder, trying to break through. He needed to be balls deep. Jimmy was convulsing and shaking on the table like a puppet yanked by its strings. He felt impaled, split open. His ass jiggled and bounced as his teacher fucked into him. His teacher gave him ten or eleven quick cock jabs, then some long deep ones. The boy’s eyes rolled up in his head, and all Mr. Johnston saw were the whites of the boy’s eyes.


“You love that, don't you, you fucking cumdump. You cock whore. You love being totally fucked!"


Mr. Johnston spit onto the boy’s face over and over. He then blew his nose on the boy until his cute, little face was covered with snot!


"YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!" he spat at the boy.


Mr. Johnston felt his balls pull up with their need to shoot. He forced his cock deeper into the boy’s stretched, raw asshole. He arched his back and unloaded his balls up the boy’s asshole as Jimmy flopped around on the table like a fish out of water.


After a while, Mr. Johnston pulled out, and his breathing grew regular again.


"Clean me up, you fucking piece of nothing!"


The little boy could hardly move, his body hurt so, and his mind was clouded, but he dutifully licked his teacher’s shitty cock clean. His teacher had taught him early on that is was his fault if he had ass slime on his cock.


Jimmy looked at the floor, his face covered with spit and snot and cock slime and some shit.


"May I go now? Please, sir.”


Mr. Johnston laughed.


"Yeah, you think I want to touch you anymore when you look and stink like that? Get the fuck out of my sight. But Jimmy—"


Jimmy froze in the process of putting on his clothes, terrified once again.




I have been thinking. I think you ought to bring your little brother around to visit me. I'll bet he would love to meet Mr. Johnston."


“Sir, he's only five years old!"


"Bring him around tomorrow after school. We'll have some fun!"