Mr. Black's Punishment

(MB) (anal, oral, rim, scat) (nc) (inc)

Larson Connors was a handsome, young man, no doubt about it. He was a former Marine, recently returned from Afghanistan and still in prime, physical condition. His body was hard and smooth, and tan and lean-muscled. There was a fresh all-American boy look on his face. While he was not tall, he was well-proportioned and large where it counted. The cunts adored him. And Larson had a very high sexual drive. In fact, that was the problem that led to his current less than satisfactory position.

And what position was that? Larson was currently totally bare-assed naked on a bed, fucking a boy while being filmed. Larson who came from a modest, religious family did not appreciate the cameras catching every thrust of his ten and a half inch, lust, swollen dick. He did not appreciate the elegantly dressed, middle-aged Asian-American sipping martinis while seated in an armchair very close to the fucking action. The man studied Larson's fucking with an almost clinical detachment. Most of all, Larson did not appreciate the fact that the boy whose virginity he had taken a few moments before was his own little brother, Benny.

How had Larson gotten himself into this predicament? Well, the man in the armchair was known as Mr. Black. Mr. Black had contacts all over the world, and certain sources had captured on camera Larson and some of his Marine buddies having a little R and R. The R and R consisted of emptying their bloated sex-urgent Marine balls up the asses of several young Afghan boys. In one film clip, Larson and his pals had made the victim’s mother and father watch. Of course, the incidents were known to very few, the victims who were violated, sometimes parents or siblings of the young boys, the soldiers who had committed the crimes, and in at least a few cases, the man who sold the footage to Mr. Black.


So, Mr. Black had his favorite negotiating tool, leverage. Larson didn't want to go to prison. He would do almost anything to avoid going to prison. I might add that a handsome, young ass like Larson's would not go un-violated for long in a penitentiary. He might last two days before being turned into a cock bitch for some horse-hung, black lifer. Add to which, Larson's little brother loved his big brother so much that he would do anything, almost anything, to help him. Mr. Black negotiated with Benny. Would he be willing to give up his precious, young, virgin ass to his own brother to save his older brother’s ass from prison?


"Why would you want me to do such a sick thing?" Larson had asked Mr. Black. The sex-trafficker smiled. His dark eyes glistened.


"As a kind of revenge for what you did to those poor kids in Afghanistan, tell me, Larson, why is it okay to fuck and torture innocent Afghan children, but outrageous and sick when I propose you empty your big, Marine balls in the same way into a white boy? Let's face it that there are double standards in the world."


Larson had gotten all teary-eyed at that.


"I'm not proud of what we did. It was the war and the stress. We were so tightly wound up, we were half crazy all the time, and the drugs didn't help. We'd see our buddies get their limbs blown off in front of our eyes, and we developed such an intense hatred for everything over there, that all we wanted to do was destroy."


It was a nice touch that he trembled when he told this to Mr. Black. It gave Mr. Black a throbbing, thick erection in the trousers of his ten-thousand dollar suit.


"We did some terrible things, and none of us are proud of it, but terrible things were done to us as well."


"And the boy in the film. The boy you and two buddies are ass and mouth fucking all at the same time while his older brother is made to watch. Had he done anything terrible to you? Was he the enemy?"


Larson had stared at the floor and shaken his handsome head. His hair was still clipped in nice, clean, military cut.


"If you make this film for us, Larson, we will consider your obligation to society for your crimes fulfilled. The films will be destroyed, and you will be free to go on with your life. I believe you have a lovely eighteen-year-old fiancé, am I correct?


Larson thought and thought.


"Why does it have to be my little brother? He's only..." his voice trailed off at the thought.


"Because, the punishment fits the crime, and my clients will appreciate seeing a well-built, amazingly hung, young Marine shoving his fat fuck meat into the ass of his own little brother. It adds piquancy."


And so, here we were on the big day of filming. Benny had taken some time to convince. He was still very shy and unexposed to sex. He had no idea that his brother's long, fat cock was considerably larger than any he would encounter on a daily basis. The boys who would no doubt eventually fuck him in school would be a much more average dick size, seven and eight inches, and of course, that would not be for some time to come. And now, here he was, about to have to take the awesome length and terrifying girth of his own brother's meaty dick into his tiny, hairless, tight, virgin, asshole to keep his older brother from going to prison! It was quite touching. He had cried. Larson had cried. Mr. Black had smiled.


He was a hot little faggot cunt, no doubting it if one liked youth in the first blossom of awakening adolescence. As part of the preliminaries, Mr. Black had, of course, closely examined the merchandise. Both Larson and Benny had been made to strip naked in front of him. It was the very first time Benny had even seen a real, live dick in the flesh. Larson continued to cry and beg Mr. Black to reconsider. Mr. Black first examined the boy. He ran his fingers down across the boy’s flat, little tummy after first plucking at his young nipples.


Then after prodding and poking at the tiny, tight, hairless boy-cunt, to judge the firmness and flexibility of the virgin fuck hole. Mr. Black was quite pleased. He had his cameramen take long close-ups of the boy from face to feet including his angelic dicklet.


He next examined the soft wonderfully shaped globes of the young boy ass. He ordered the boy to stand still, while he spread his ass cheeks to study the tiny, pink asshole. Larson almost lost it at this, and he actually did need to be restrained. Mr. Black informed him there would be no more displays of recalcitrance. He then had the cameramen film Benny's ass and asshole, and then his face with his mouth open. Mr. Black wanted to get some good shots of his tongue, his future brother ball, and ass licker.


Next, he and the camera studied the handsome Marine Larson. What a boy. What a body. Mr. Black felt the Marine's strong tight pecs. He pulled on and twisted Larson's meaty nipples, twisting them until the kid winced and grimaced in pain. He put his fingers on the young man's full, moist lips. He traced the lines of his nose and his cheekbones.


"The perfect killing machine," he quipped.


Then he lifted the sizable heft of Larson's cock and scrotum.


"You must have been teased a lot in high school about your huge horse dick and baggage," Mr. Black said.


Mr. Black lifted the massive scrotum and rolled the plumb-sized balls. Larson stepped back, revolted, but a stern look from Mr. Black corrected that. The Marine stood there having his male junk squeezed, pulled and tugged.


"How many girls have you fucked, Larson?" Mr. Black asked, rubbing his finger over Larson's piss hole.


"I don't know."


"Oh, come on, take a guess. You started fucking cunt at what, fourteen? You must have fucked hundreds of pussies, right?"


"Yeah, I guess..." Larson's voice was getting thick.


His meat was thickening as well. He had never been touched that way by a male before. He had fucked boy ass in Afghanistan out of desperation, but he had never let the boys touch him. They would simply take it up the ass or suck his dick with no hands.


"How many bitches have you fucked pregnant?"


Larson looked confused, or was it ashamed?




"When was the first time you fucked a bitch pregnant?"


"I was in middle school."


Mr. Black laughed and squeezed the meaty fucker, which grew thicker.


"That's great. I'm proud of you, Larson. If you ever want a job in the porn industry full-time, come and see me."


And thus, the fucking had commenced. The first penetration of Benny by his brother had gone spectacularly. Mr. Black had made the brothers make-out on the bed for a bit. He had Larson lick and suck his brother's titty buds. He had had them tongue kiss deeply and swap spit. Benny was terrified at first, but it was his brother, and that had given him some comfort. He did not take well at first to cock sucking.


To any young boy, cock sucking can be a daunting task. The very smell and look of a rampant, male cock can be off-putting. And if the piss hole pulses and leaks as Larson's did, it can be even more frightening. Larson kept assuring his little brother that it was okay. It was all right.


Any dude about to get his massive, horny, cock sucked by young boy twat would say that, right, brother or no brother? Besides, there were boys and young men all over the world getting their cocks sucked daily by their younger siblings. It was part of life. Still, Benny was reluctant and had to be reminded that his brother's freedom was at stake.


The camera lovingly captured the little pink tongue lapping at the bulbous leaking cockhead.


"That a boy," Mr. Black encouraged. "That's a good cocksucker! Flick your little tongue back and forth over the piss hole. Scoop up some of that nice, juicy, cock scum! That's your brother's cock scum, so it's special.


“How does that feel, Larson? Does that feel as good as young, Afghan tongue? Look at your brother go. He is a natural-born cocksucker!


“Lick up and down the whole dick, cocksucker, from the tip to the root. You are one hot, little cocksucker. You are going to be so fucking popular with the boys at school. This is how to do it, cocksucker, how to be popular at school. Just offer to suck the boys' cocks. The more dicks you suck, the more popular you will become. Teachers too, beg to suck the teachers' cocks, and you will get good grades.


“It's not so bad, is it? Now put the head of the dick right into your mouth. Keep sucking. Use your tongue on the bottom of your brother's Marine dick. Tongue on the bottom and lips sucking.


"All right, Larson, let's see how much of your ten-inches the little fag can take into his mouth. Face fuck him. FACE FUCK THE LITTLE FAGGOT!"


Mr. Black didn't ordinarily talk this way. He was much too sophisticated for that, but he knew that language was a powerful sexual tool of control, and thus he had cultivated a variety of verbal styles to match sexual scenarios.




You see, Larson was now horny, and in this state, a kind of Marine animal mentality took over. When Larson needed to fuck, he needed to fuck, and it didn't much matter whom or what he fucked! Mr. Black was counting on this.


It took a good eight minutes to get most of that huge, slimy cock down little Benny's throat. Both Mr. Black and Larson encouraged him to relax, but he was a bit uptight since this being his first face fucking. And this was just the start for the little darling. After licking his brother's big, fat, salty ball bag, it was time for him to take cock in his boy-cunt. Mr. Black allowed Larson to finger the little twat for a few minutes to get it as loose as possible. Larson probed the fuck hole with first one, then two and finally three fingers, while poor little Benny threw his head from side to side, screaming that it was hurting him. He had no idea what was about to come.


As I said, the actual penetration was superb. Larson's erect dick was truly magnificent. It could strike fear in any heart, male or female.


"Great! Now get down there and fuck his ass! Get that big fuck salami up his tiny, little boy asshole!”


Larson jammed two thumbs into Benny's rectum and spread. The boy grunted more than screamed. His voice was hoarse and nothing but a painful rasp, since his throat had still not recovered from his brother's massive dick down it. With his freshly licked, spit-slick nuts swinging, he placed the bulbous dickhead at the entrance to the tiny, virgin hole and pushed. The ass lips strained and parted, making a kind of squishy sound. Larson grunted and pushed, a fuck animal in heat. The dick plowed in! The boy screamed bloody murder, and a spray of blood squirted out from the sides of the ass lips. His cherry had been broken. There was no gentle easing in of the fuck meat.


"Good, good, now fuck his ass all the way. I want to see those balls bouncing on his ass cheeks, ten and a half inches up the ass. Go for it, Larson. Too bad your Marine buddies aren't here to ram his face and cunt while you do his ass. There’s nothing like Marines bonding over young cunt, right?”


Larson couldn't help himself. He was possessed. This was what fucking was all about. So many bitches didn't want to suck dick and take it up the ass. Didn't they want to have any fun at all? Larson remembered fucking ass in Afghanistan, the younger, the better. Those were the days. Something magnificent about forcing sex on someone young and smaller than you are! How Larson missed that.


Mr. Black urged Larson to fuck hard and deep.


"I don't know if I can go any deeper. He's pretty small."


"Of course, you can go deeper. Do you want to go to prison instead? My clients want to see your balls slapping against his cheeks. Fuck that fucking faggot!"


Mr. Black had his own sizable cock out of his trousers now and was gently frigging it. The cameramen also had their hard cocks out and leaking. Mr. Black loved the look of Larson's lean, muscular body slamming cock into the young boy. He loved the way Larson's ass globes tightened at each down plunge. He loved the way the ass relaxed, and the crack opened a bit on each outward pull.


He loved watching the cords tighten in Larson's legs when he fucked, and he enjoyed the veins in the young man's neck as he grimaced and tried to force more cock into his little brother. Sad to say, the boy bitch was not taking it well. He made a kind of choking sound and flung his little body like a rag doll each time the fuck meat rammed into him.


Mr. Black had Larson continue fucking him in that manner for almost thirty minutes. Then he had the Marine pull out and crawl up onto the body of his fucked out little brother.


"Shove your dick back in his mouth so he can taste his cunt juice and your dick slime."


Larson fed his wailing little brother his fuck meat. Benny’s eyes rolled in his head as he tasted the filthy fucker.


"Now, Larson, squat over his head and spread your ass cheeks and sit down on his face! Faggot, make sure your tongue goes way up his ass.


“Get the camera in really close.


“Come on, faggot, lick that ass. Tongue that shithole! Eat your own brother's shithole! Bounce on his face, Larson, give him a taste of your sweaty ass. Can you fart, Larson? Come on, give our clients a nice, big Marine fart in your baby brother's face!"


Larson squatted over the young boy, beating his own huge fucker wildly. Pre-fuck sprayed a subtle mist into the air, and the large scrotal sack swung, bounced, and hit the boy's forehead. Larson's eyes were closed as he strained and then delivered a nice, loud, wet fart right into his brother's face. What a beautiful romantic introduction to the joys of sex for a young boy.


And so it went. The film would be a tremendous hit. After Larson had fucked the boy’s ass, Mr. Black had Larson shove his ass-dirty dick back in the boy's mouth to clean it off. Larson had objected when he was told he had to shoot his load up his little brother's ass. No protection allowed. Mr. Black wanted the cum dumped right into the little faggot’s fuck hole. Now that he had Larson on film fucking his own little brother, he had all the leverage he needed. The brothers would both be working for him for a long time. After all, young Benny had not yet been introduced to piss, shit, hot wax and other delights.


And as the film series progressed, both he and his unsuspecting older brother would be introduced to the penises of some very well-hung black men. Yes, young, straight Marine Larson Connors was eventually going to lose his oral and anal virginity as well!


Part of the fun of making sequels is they can take the time to be inventive. For example, in the second film, Larson's erect penis was inserted into Benny's boy-cunt, and the two of them were strapped together for the night. He was told that if he dared to cum in his younger brother’s cunt, they would both be punished. The film used time-lapse photography to capture Larson's terrible struggles to keep from dumping his load into his brother's tight fuck hole. He begged, threatened and cajoled the young boy to hold still so his dick would not be stimulated. His scrotum was lightly tickled with a feather so that his fuck meat remained erect.


In a later film in the series, a large double ended dildo was inserted into both Benny and Larson's ass at the same time. They knelt back to back fucking themselves with the dildo. While they did this, they each had to suck the thick, uncircumcised dick of a well-muscled black man. In another film, Larson low hanging scrotum was beaten until it had swollen to the size of a grapefruit.


Needless to say, the brothers not only got to know each other very well but developed a kind of bond with each other. Larson even became jealous when Benny was gang fucked by ten fat dicked Latinos. Mr. Black informed him that his second gang bang would be black, and his third Middle Eastern. In that way, he could play to the tastes of his worldwide audience. Benny's gang fucks were captured on film.


When Benny's classmates discovered his talents, he was the most popular boy in his middle school where he was fucked fifteen to twenty times every school day, and he sucked at least fifty cocks a day.


Yes, Larson paid for his terrible crimes in a most unusual and appropriate way, but poor Benny became a pawn in the game of retribution played by Mr. Black.