Mr. Black's New Year's Bash

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Pack appropriately for a warm climate. | Formal attire required for dinner events

Each year, for a dozen years or so, Mr. Black threw an amazing, and frankly shocking, New Year's Party to thank his clients for their dedication and for making him a billionaire. The party, like some extravagant rave, would move all over the world to avoid detection by authorities, and then when international security became very tight, he abandoned the idea for a time. Two years ago, he had a smallish gathering on an island off Thailand. When he decided to throw a big bash this year, he bought a warehouse on the outskirts of Cairo in Egypt, had it totally renovated and announced to his long-time clients that the New Year's party would be held on November 5th. Changing the date as well as the location kept the event private from prying law enforcement.

Because I have from time to time recorded the sexual exploits of Mr. Black, he formed a kind of friendship with me. Quite frankly, he loves the attention, even though of course Mr. Black is not his real name. Consequently, even though I am not wealthy, and could never afford the "specialized" films Mr. Black makes for his clients, I am occasionally, invited to one of his events. It was a simple invitation.

Chang's was only one of twelve pick-up locations around the world. Guests were met and driven to the airport, where private jets flew them to the location of the party.


I don't know if other invitations gave any further information. This is all that mine said, but I knew that no client of Mr. Black's would fail to attend what may be the last true pagan sex orgy in the world. My dick got rock hard just thinking about past parties and the things I had seen and done. These were life-changing things that one never forgets.


At Chang's I met five other gentlemen with whom I would be traveling. Three of them were older, obviously well-heeled, one was a middle-aged artist of some renown and one was a young pop singer with two hit albums and a bright future ahead of him. All the guests at the party except me would be very, very wealthy. You needed to have big bucks to deal with Mr. Black and his product.


I have been assuming up 'til now that you all know about Mr. Black and what he does. Perhaps there are a few of you who have never read any of my accounts of his activities and who deserve just a word or two of explanation. Mr. Black provides custom-made films for his clients. The average film sells for $100,000.00. The films deal with every known fantasy and perversion short of snuff. Mr. Black has never and will never deal with snuff. Most of his films concern the abduction, training and abuse of boys. I learned from Mr. Black himself that one cannot ever underestimate the perversions of the human psyche.



A client requests a meeting with Mr. Black, or one of his agents. At the meeting, he describes what it is he would like to see in a film.


Let's say his desire is to see a beautiful, smooth-skinned, pale, thirteen-year-old boy anally raped by a horse. Mr. Black is an artist, he knows that horse fucking alone does not a work of art make so he will flesh out the plot. He will help the client design a fantasy to fit all his wishes.


Let's say the plot will concern thirteen-year-old Dexter who is shipped to live with his cruel uncle who is a rancher. At the ranch, Dexter is informed that he will be the fuck boy to the cowboys working there. He is stripped and totally humiliated. Then he is fucked in the face and the ass by every cowboy on the ranch. Because the client wants Dexter to be an innocent virgin boy, Mr. Black will assure him that the young actor they recruit for the film has never been molested before. In the film, the boy is made to work naked during the day, out in the fields or in the barn. At night, he is gang fucked. He is also used as a toilet of course. For entertainment, the cowhands force him to suck the dicks of dogs, goats, pig, and eventually horses. And thus, the film builds to the grand climax, Dexter's ass fucking by a stallion.


Now you see how clever Mr. Black is. The client wants to see a horse fuck a young, innocent boy. However, Mr. Black knows that the boy would never be able to take a twenty-inch horse cock up his young twat so he has the boy loosened up. The constant abuse by the ranch hands gets him ready for the horse fuck. After a boy is fucked by twenty well hung men and had the handle of a rake, the barrel of a shotgun and a rolling pin shoved up his boy-cunt as well as several fists, he is ready for horse cock. Mr. Black also adds several surprises for the client. For example, in this film Dexter is ridden around the ranch naked by his uncle, who whips him and kicks him with his spurs. It an entertaining segment.


Then there are the special concerns. Our sexual fantasies are very specific and what turns on one man, turns off another so Mr. Black must keep a complete record of each client's desires and taboos. Does this client want to see Dexter made to eat horse shit? Will that turn him on or turn him off? Does he want to see Dexter stick his cute young face into the asshole of a horse and lick and suck the horse anus until his face is covered with shit? Does this client want to see the testicles of a thirteen-year-old boy stretched to unbelievable lengths? Does he wish to see the boy's nipples stretched and abused? Does he want to see objects shoved up the piss hole of the boy's still developing prick?


So, you see, the clients get a lot for their buck. They can even request that a boy be brought back in a sequel for further abuse. I should state that price can vary depending on the talent involved. For example, a film in which Asian or Eastern European boys are sexually abused will cost much less than say a film in which a white boy from mid-America is fucked up.


Some clients will be very specific in their requests. Here is a letter Mr. Black shared with me, hoping that I might turn it into a story.




My desire is to see a twelve-year-old white student from a private boy's school kidnapped from a southern state and tortured by a gang of black thugs. The boy must be a virgin and have had no sexual experience. I prefer that the boy has just gone through puberty and his balls have just dropped. He should be blond, although I would accept a boy with very dark curly black hair as well. His skin must be pale so it contrasts with the very black skin of the niggers fucking him. The boy's body must be slender with just a hint of muscle. He must be small of stature. His ass should be round and small like two little melons.


It would be great if he was from a conservative, racially biased family, so he has limited experience with niggers. There should be at least twelve niggers ranging in age from about sixteen to sixty. Their abuse of the boy should be total and by the time they have finished the kid should be totally fucked up for life, both mentally and physically. Not only extreme pain, but total humiliation and degradation should be the main ingredients of the film.


The best film in my humble opinion that you ever made was The Nazi Doctor and the Ten-Year-Old Jew Boy. I still cannot get to the end of the film without blowing my load. I must have watched it two hundred times. I would like this new film to have some of the same elements in it. I love hearing the high-pitched squeal of the boy as he is tortured. I love to see tears. I also enjoy it when his captors promise him that he will be set free if only he can endure 'just a little more pain.'


I require that each of the nigger actors have a penis that is at least nine inches long and much larger if possible. During the fun and games, the boy must be ass fucked at least twice by each of them. I prefer it if they shoot up his ass and then after he has accumulated several loads, he is made to squat and shit out the cum and then of course lick it up. If possible by the end of the film, I would love to see two niggers’ cocks up his ass at the same time and one down his throat. I am sure with lots of other activities a twelve-year-old boy can be stretched enough to take two huge black dicks up his cunt at the same time.


As you know I am not averse to piss and shit scenes, and in fact, one of my favorite scenes in The Nazi Doctor and the Ten-Year-old Jew Boy was when the boy was kept on a diet of nothing but shit for a week. I love to watch his eyes when he is eating his "shit dinner." I do believe that was when he truly started to lose it. It makes me cum every time. Similar activities would be appreciated in this film. Might I suggest that the boy get to sample various types and consistencies of shit from the asses of several of the niggers working on him.


A special request: I know this might raise the price of the film or that you might reject my idea, Mr. Black, but may I please request that near the end of the movie that the niggers pull out the boy's teeth so that he can give a better blow job? Of course, no anesthetic of any kind is to be used. I would truly cherish such a scene and am willing to pay whatever it might cost.


Please get back to me as soon as possible with further details so we can get the wheels in motion.


Thank you,


(name withheld)


I include this letter to show you how specific and detailed some of the requests can be. Mr. Black only deals with clients who have been thoroughly vetted and are wealthy and powerful enough to assure total confidentiality. Mr. Black also pays hefty amounts of money to the police force of numerous countries. In Thailand, Russia, India, Egypt and Mexico, he can pretty much do whatever he wants, but in the States, England and France he needs to be very careful.




Not all requests are so extreme, but many are just as exotic. Mr. Black might get a request for a film showing a handsome well-muscled father making love to his pre-teen son for example. His clients know that the film will have a real father and son, and not just two actors. Mr. Black's honor is sacred. He has never broken his word. If a client want as part of a film to see an fourteen year old boy fuck his own mother, Mr. Black will arrange it. He might blackmail or simply coerce his actors. He might use a bribe or a threat, but he always gets what he wants. I don't know how he did it, but a few years ago, a client wanted a film of a priest fucking the asses of ten choir boys while they sang in the choir loft during a mass. It is an amazing film. You see the congregation below. You see the angelic little boys in their black and white gowns singing in pure high-pitched voices before you see the priest lift those gowns to reveal bare little asses, each one cuter than the one before. The Priest has an enormous prick and he forces it up in between the ass cheeks of first one little boy and then another. The boys wince and sometimes the fucking throws their singing off pitch. It is really funny. The priest makes each boy sit right down on his big throbbing dick while they sing. He fucks all ten boys during the hymn. One little blond tyke gets fucked especially brutally during his solo. You see the tears running down his cheeks and his little, pink lips quiver in pain as he is ass fucked while he sings.




Mr. Black has also sent his crack team out on exotic errands for clients. Once again, they know that he will not sell them artificial goods or services. He will not charge if he cannot produce what is requested.


For example, a few months ago, a client offered $50,000.00 for a pair of Justin Bieber's cum stained underpants. It took Mr. Black two months, but he accomplished the feat. He implanted one of his people in a hotel at which the pop star stayed, then had that employee get to the kid's laundry. Another client requested Johnny Depp's used condom and one of the most unusual, a piece of gum already chewed by Zac Efron.




Well, I have strayed from the point of this missive too long, but I felt it necessary to give some of you a bit of background information, so you would understand the importance of one of Mr. Black's parties and why no one in his right mind with any perverse leanings at all would turn down such an invitation.


I cleared my schedule.


We had no idea at all that we were flying to Cairo. I love Egypt and have had many delicious, young Egyptian asses in the last few years so I knew that this party would be something special. On the plane, four beautiful, teenage, Egyptian boys, wearing nothing but loose flowing gallabiyas, served us drinks and food and knelt between our legs to suck on our dicks. We were seated in leather swivel chairs so we could turn the chair away from others for some private activity. While the lack of total privacy might disturb some, I found it rather exciting. My boy had full pouty lips and he certainly knew how to lick a scrotum, tongue an asshole and suck a cock. The boy offered his ass to me, but I declined, not wanting to be drained before I even arrived at the party.


White limos waited for us at arrival and after clearing customs, we were whisked out of the city into the desert. I love driving past the pyramids, seeing the old and the new collide. It is both sad in a way, and exhilarating. Sad that these ancient monuments are surrounded by modern structures and freeways, but exhilarating that I was able to see them and feel their gigantic presence. In the limo we were offered the drug of our choice, cold beer, vodka, and even sexual stimulants such as Viagra. At the warehouse, five other limos were lined up outside the steel doors of the massive building. We were patted down and our hand luggage searched. Each of us had to produce identification as well as our invitation. One of Mr. Black's boys, a muscular Asian named Chang, recognized me and whisked me through the line.


The contrast between the heat of the desert and the cool air-conditioned interior of the warehouse disorienting. Mr. Black had created a wonderland inside of an airplane hangar-sized building. A luxurious hotel with five star accommodations. Each of our rooms came with a whirlpool, step in bath, a huge bed and a private terrace, which looked out upon an artificially created garden.


We each also had our own personal serving boy. Mr. Black knew each of our tastes of course. My boy was fifteen. His name was Has. He was a light skinned Nubian. I could have been perfect happy staying in my room all three days and just fucking Has. His ass had a way of gripping the dick that was truly unearthly. He also took pain extremely well. Huge tears ran from his eyes, and he murmured sweet nothings while I tortured his balls and tits, but he never cried out loud or disturbed my work in any way. I loved watching his toes curl in agony, and I enjoyed the way his young smooth body would tense up when I shoved a needle into his dick head or stalk or through a nipple. He was totally mine to do with as I wished. He even politely asked me whether I would be using the toilet or his mouth while he served me. I told him a little of both. His big dark eyes grew even larger and I had the idea that he had not had much toilet training. After fucking Has, I lay naked on the bed and took a long relaxing nap. He gently licked my armpits and feet and balls.


I awoke refreshed, took a shower, with Has washing my body and licking out my anus. As he was towel drying me, the phone next to the bed rang. I was Chang inviting me for cocktails and a tour of the facility.


This was the first totally indoor party Mr. Black had ever thrown in my knowledge, a testament to tightened security, so I was anxious to see what he had created. It was amazing. A garden of Eden in a warehouse with flowered walkways with naked boys everywhere. Their dicks dangling and hairless balls tight and round as the posed as living statues, bearing bowls of fruit or baskets of flowers.


A fountain with naked boys as cherubs, one boy, at the top actually pissing out the water through his naked dick. ( I found out later that he had had a tube inserted into his penis so that water could be pumped through his dick.) It was quite a sight, this gorgeous well-muscled sixteen-year-old boy, pissing eternally. Every time I passed the fountain, there he was. He must have been required to stand there for hours on end, pissing water through his teenage dick. I supposed there was another boy to relieve him, but I never saw any.


If one wished to sit on one of the many benches or at cafe tables placed about the garden, naked five-year-old boys knelt to serve as foot rests. Other bare assed teens offered their pricks and balls to be fondled or their assholes to be probed. Any of these boys could be taken back to one's room for pleasure of any kind, no matter how perverse. There were boys to feed you, boys to massage you, boys to sing for you, boys to play instruments, boys to dance. For the hundred or so party guests, there must have been four hundred boys of every age with only one thing in common, they were all beautiful.


I saw a handsome, naked Middle Eastern man of about twenty-one with a fat, uncut dick swinging over large, low slung balls. He walked the garden path holding on to the hand of a naked little boy who only came up to his waist. The man bowed to me. His hand gripped the little boy's a bit tighter.


"Hello," I said. "Do you speak English?"


"Yes, Effendi!" The man had a sensitive, intelligent look to him.


"What is your name?"


I reached out and stroked the man's chest, brushing his nice, large brown nipple.


"My name is Mamoud. This is my son, Yousef."


The little boy was a real heartbreaker. His dick was just a tiny half inch pencil. He had big eyes that looked about warily.


"What are you doing at the party, Mamoud and why are you and your son naked?"


"It is Mr. Black's orders. I disobeyed Mr. Black, and now my son and I are forced to entertain at the party tonight. He also orders us to walk naked through the garden."


"That is very interesting, Mamoud. I know that it is not wise to anger Mr. Black. So, you work for him?"


"I am only in shipping. I was to ship some merchandise for him, but when I saw that the merchandise was a young boy, I could not do it. I did not have the heart. Now my son and I must pay the price."


His handsome eyes filled with tears.


"And what must you do to entertain at the party tonight?"


"During the show, I must —" his voice choked up with tears. "I must fuck my own son in the ass."


Well, of course my already hard dick gave a lurch and a spurt of pre-fuck at that.


"You have a very large dick, Mamoud. And your son is quite young and small. Fucking him in his tiny ass will surly cause horrible pain."


He swung his handsome head from side to side.


"Please, can you talk to Mr. Black. They will not let me speak with him. Please, can they punish me, but not my son? They can do whatever they wish to me, but please do not make me hurt my own son."


 I bent down and spread the tiny ass cheeks of the little boy.


"This is a very small asshole. I don't know how you will even get your big dickhead in there, but you know if you don't it will go much worse for both of you. In a way, you are lucky getting to fuck your own son. Think of how horrible it would be if Mr. Black ordered other men to fuck him. Perhaps he is thinking of using the boy in some of his films. "


The naked man went down onto his knees and raised his hands to me in prayer.


"Please can you help us? I don't know what to do. Please for the sake of my son."


This dude was extremely handsome and seeing him in anguish made my dick spurt pre-fuck to beat the band.


"My friend, I have no more power over Mr. Black than you do. His word is law. The best thing you can do is between now and the party tonight, whenever you get a chance, work a finger or two up into your little boy's asshole so when you do have to fuck him it won't be so tight. He is very young, but if you loosen him up and go gently, you might be able to fuck him without ripping him. Also, a bit of advice, pretend to fuck him harder than you actually are tonight. Grunt and slam your hips into him, but don't really go in balls deep. Pretend you are balls deep but try to keep a few inches of dick out of him. That way you might not rupture anything inside the kid."


While I said this, I fingered the boy's tiny pink asshole. He seemed very frightened and embarrassed. I then asked Mamoud to stand up and I fingered his fat hunk of fuckmeat.


"Let me see just how large your fucker is." He tried to pull back from me. "You know Mamoud, I can just as easily put in a bad word for you with Mr. Black as a good word. I am trying to be your friend and help you here."


As I spoke, I fondled his huge nuts and gently pumped the flaccid Egyptian dick. It started to grow almost at once. He looked away, filled with shame.


"I am very large. Even my wife still complains when I enter her. I am afraid I will kill my son with my dick."


I felt the thick dick grow in my hand.


"Mr. Black has an excellent medical team and I am sure he will provide help for your son if needed."


The dick was indeed a monster. I was really falling for this guy.


"There is one way I might be able to help you. We can put in special requests. If I request you and your son for myself, Mr. Black might re-assign you. He might take you out of the show and give you to me. Now I don't have the power of some of the other clients, but I might be willing to try."


The big dick was leaking all over my hand, creating a sticky mess.


"You would do that? You would help us?"


His handsome eyes overflowed with tears of gratitude.


"Ah, but there is a price. Every kindness in life comes with a price. My dick is smaller than yours by about two inches. I get to fuck your son. I promise to go very gently and take it easy. You will help me. I will fuck both you and your son. And you son will suck your big dick, but we will go slowly and easily and we can do it with as little pain as possible."


That gave him something to think about. But what choice did he really have? At last he agreed to my proposal. I told him I would put in the request, but I also said that I could promise him nothing. Then on an erotic whim, I tongue kissed Mamoud, tasting his luscious spit and feeling his thick tongue. I don't think he had ever been kissed by a man before. I gathered his spit in my mouth and then bent down and kissed the little boy, depositing his father's spit into his little mouth. I put my mouth to the little boy's shell like ear and whispered, 'You are going to be fucked tonight."


I could feel his tight, little body tremble in my hands.


But this is but a smattering of what went on at the party. I have not even touched on all the evil perversities available. I have not yet gotten to dinner, the special show, or to Mr. Black himself.


For that, I need more time and space.