Mr. Black's Instruction Video

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Mr. Black is community-minded. He believes in giving back to society for all of the good fortune he has had. So today, he is filming an Instructional Film for Young Boys.

Five naked little boys of the ages of five and six, looking very young and fragile, sit on stools in a half-circle around a central stool that is a bit taller. One can tell they are nervous. It is exciting, yet a bit scary, to be part of an important movie.

Yes, I did say that all five boys are totally naked. At that tender age, being naked is hardly obscene. It is natural. All five boys are slender and lithe, no cherub-chubby boys in this group. All of the boys are extraordinarily beautiful, some blonde-haired, some dark-haired, all had smooth bodies with pale, delicate skin. They have large eyes on their curious, inquisitive faces and full pomegranate lips. They are beauties. The boys’ tummies are flat, and while some of them have quite pink nipples on their chest, others still only have pale aureoles. Mr. Black only acquires the most beautiful. That is why his films are world-famous and have made him so much money.

It was embarrassing for the boys at first when they were told they had to sit naked. They were also instructed that they had to sit with their legs wide apart, and they could not cover their private parts with their hands. Their dicklets are darling little pink things, sticking out like small fingers over round tight little boy nuggets. The cameras move in for many a close-up of the five and six-year-old dicks and balls.

Mr. Black sits in a baroque armchair wearing a silk dressing gown over his hard beautiful naked body. Standing next to him is a blond boy of fourteen, bearing a tray on which rests a chilled vodka martini and a small bowl of nuts. The fourteen-year-old is also naked except for a pink ribbon tied around his healthy young fuckmeat and balls. The boy is the son of a man who owes a great debt to Mr. Black, so the boy now belongs to Mr. Black. Mr. Black sees to it that the boy is fucked over a dozen times every single day. The boy looks terrified but also alert and attentive. He knew he must not fuck up in his service, or his fucked ass will be tortured even more.

Two muscular Northern European young men of nineteen, clad in tight crotch bulging jeans, will serve as the cinematographers today while a satin-skinned, black youth of twenty, only clad in a tiny pair of white briefs, will work the sound. Every move of his shows a considerable amount of ass crack and pubic bone, not to mention the enormous bulge where the kid’s big thick black dick rests. The still photographer is a magnificent hunk of stud manhood named Richard. Richard is in his early twenties and sometimes acts in Mr. Black’s films. Richard boasts a dick that hangs eight inches flaccid and over ten inches hard and very thick and juicy. Richard always works totally naked. He likes people to see his fucker. Richard has fucked fifteen young girls pregnant, and then he dumps them. He has also ripped the ass virginity from dozens of young men and boys, often for Mr. Black. For Richard, fucking was no fun unless it was hurting the victim. He has been promised some of this fine little boy pussy after the shoot. But this is the crew, not the talent.

Mr. Black now almost whispers, “Action...” and the cameras begin filming the little boys.

Their excited youthful nervousness will look great. Customers will masturbate frantically, looking at the smooth innocent flesh of the little boys. Dicks will leak and drip as the viewers try to decide which little boy they find the most alluring.

And now the “star” enters the picture. His name is Corin, and he is twenty-one. He is a no-nonsense tough boy who lives for fucking and drinking and drugs. Mr. Black picked him up in a drug house. His smooth baby face hides the lovely sadistic side to his nature reasonably well. To say he is handsome is a gross understatement. He is a young Adonis. His body is flawless from his large, well-formed feet up to his close-cropped haircut. He has all the right muscles, all the ride curves, and a dick to die for—nice and thick. So thick that the boys complain it hurts when it stretches their tender young assholes. Does Corin give a shit? Not at all. When Corin needs to fuck, Corin needs to fuck. Corin will be conducting the educational video. Corin smiles as he waves at the five little boys.

“Hi, kids, I’m going to be your teacher today. My name is Corin, but you can call me ‘sir,’ all right?”

The boys nod in awe. They cannot take their eyes off of Corin’s massive yet still flaccid prick, which swings like a bell clapper with every move the young man makes. The boy’s balls are enormous as well. Corin sits on the elevated stool, facing the five little boys. He, too, spreads his legs wide so that his meat is on full display.

“I’m here, kids, to show you some really fun ways to have a good time with your bodies. These are games you can play alone or with your buddies. You’re not too young to begin your sexual education. First off, tell me what this is?”

He fingered his flashlight-thick tube of fuckmeat.

“That’s your pee-pee,” one brave little boy ventures, and some of the other boys giggle.

Corin smiles at the fearless boy.

“Almost correct, but you get points for being brave enough to answer. Pee-pee is the name little babies use. From now on, since you are such cool big guys, you need to use the right names. There are plenty of cool names you can call this—but not pee-pee. You can call it your dick, cock, pecker, prick, fucker, fuckmeat, cunt buster, skull fucker, whack meat, and others. Now, nice and loud, I want to hear you say those names for me.”

For the next few minutes, the camera caught the innocent little boys learning the street names for their penis and balls. Corin smiled as he listened to and corrected each boy, all the while gently fingering his thickening fuckmeat.

“Now, if you want to grow up to have a nice big prick like mine—and believe me boys, a guy with a tiny dick will be made fun of and bullied and be alone his whole life, while a dude with a huge hunk of junk will be loved and popular and happy—if you want to have a prick like mine, you have to start now. You have to start to masturbate every day. Can you say that word?”

They all dutifully did.

Then one cute boy of five asked, “Mister, sir, what is a masturbate?”

Corin smiled and chuckled, a personal and friendly subtle touch for the film. He wanted to ruffle the kid’s silk-like hair and hug him. No, actually, Corin wanted to shove his now pulsing prick up the little boy’s virginal asshole. He wanted to see the boy tremble with pain and cry his sweet eyes out. He wanted the boy to scream so much he damaged his vocal cords.

ut not today, not right now. Mr. Black had promised Corin that if he did an outstanding job on this instructional video, he could star in Little Boy Rapist with the cutest four-year-old you have ever seen. Almost more than fucking, almost but not quite, Corin loved to rub his bloated prick and balls all over the soft young face of a little boy. Mr. Black knew that Corin had a magnificent cock, a true work of art, a beautiful thing. He had filmed it numerous times rubbing back and forth across the faces of boys of various ages, leaving trails of pre-fuck pecker slop on cheeks and noses and lips.

“I’m going to show you how to masturbate. It’s one of the most fun things a boy can do, and he can do it all the time whenever his mommy and daddy aren’t looking. He can do it in his bed at night. He can do it in the bathroom.

“It feels so wonderful that you’re going to want to do it all the time. It’s healthy and so much fun, and it makes your dick bigger.”

Corin wrapped his large hand around his growing fuckmeat and began to pump. The breathing of the little boys became audible. They were mesmerized.

“Now we can’t tell Mommy or Daddy or any adults about what we learn here today. They just would not understand, but I will tell you this. Your daddy masturbates all the time, too, when Mommy isn’t watching. The more you play with your dick, the more sensitive it becomes, and the better the feeling is. Look how large my dick has gotten. Isn’t it a great looking pecker?”

The little boys all nodded.

“But pee is coming out,” one darling boy ventured.

“No, Alex, that isn’t pee. Get up, come closer, and have a look. That’s called pre-fuck. See, it’s more slimy and stringy. It means that I’m feeling sexually good.

“You boys can’t drip pre-fuck yet, not until you are about eleven or twelve, but you can still have masturbation fun.

“Alex, don’t be shy now. I want you to reach out and touch my cock. Feel how soft the cock skin is, but how strong and spongy the dick is underneath the skin. Go on, give it a good squeeze.”

The little boy reached out and gave the enormous fucking prick a squeeze, feeling somehow guilty doing this, but also awfully excited. The other boys leaned in to see close up.

“Doesn’t that feel unusual and great? Who else wants to come over here and feel my fuckmeat?”

One by one, the other four boys raised their hands. They moved in so that each of them could squeeze Corin’s bubbling prick.

“Get a good close look at my dick. The main purpose of a dick is to fuck. You can fuck cunt or mouth or ass. Fucking cunt is not so much fun, but fucking mouth or ass is the best—the very best thing to do in the whole world. Nothing in life is as much fun as fucking the ass or mouth of another dude. Oh, guys get married and fuck their wives or sometimes their girlfriends, but that’s what makes a baby, and who wants to have to raise a baby?” The boys all solemnly shook their heads no. “But ass and mouth fucking with another boy or with a man is the absolute most fun thing in the whole world to do.

“Look at my big balls. Your little sacks are soft as velvet now, but when you get older, your nut sack gets to feel more leathery, and the nuts in the bag get quite large. That produces the fun stuff inside that pricks shoot out.”

“Like that syrup that is leaking out now?” Alex asked, seemingly fascinated that some dick slop got on his little hand.

“No, the stuff that shoots out when you get a bit older is much thicker. I’ll show you later. Some dudes think it is fun to drink and swallow the cock juice of another dude.” All the boys wrinkled up their little noses and made “icky” sounds. Corin laughed. “I’ll let you try some later. Anyway, who wants to feel my ball sack?”

One by one, the little boys felt the stud’s nuts. They held them in their little hands, and when instructed to, they squeezed gently. They liked the feel of the ball bag.

“Now there is a certain smell to sex. You don’t have that smell yet, because your bodies are not developed yet. But when you get older, you will develop a certain sex smell. Even animals have it. It is what partly attracts another person or animal for sex. I want you boys to lean in real close and smell my dick and balls. Really inhale it. It will smell strange and maybe not so good at first, but soon, you will learn to love that smell.”

The camera filmed the little boys smelling their first cock and balls.

“You guys are doing such a great job. I’d swear you were really cool older dudes.”

The little boys beamed, the stink of prick and balls swirling around inside their little heads.

“Now watch me masturbate. In a minute, I’m going to ask you to try to do it. Watch how I move the skin of my dick back and forth. It feels so good. There are lots of different ways to do this either by yourself or with a buddy.

“This is also called frigging, whacking off, jerking off, jacking off, beating your meat, spanking the monkey, and other things.

“Now, I want all of you boys to face the cameras and try to masturbate. No matter how tiny your dick is, don’t be shy. Use just your fingers if you have to, but rub your fucking little dicklets. I’m going to reach down and help each one of you, just to get you going.”

Corin’s dick was over nine inches long now, and not even at its full growth. The film was just getting going!

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