Mr. Black's Gift

(Mm) (ws) (cbt, humil, tort, viol)

I had just checked into my suite at the Omni hotel in New York for a business meeting. The doorbell rang, and there was a hotel bellhop with a suitcase.

“This suitcase was left for you, sir!”

“For me? I’m sure it’s not my luggage, and I don’t know who would leave it.”


The cute bellhop glanced down at a card in his hand.


“It says here, it’s from a Mr. Black. It says ‘Merry Christmas.’ ”


I should confess at this point that I am one of Mr. Black’s select clients. At thirty-two, I happen to be a multi-billionaire. I made my money in the internet business, and so I am well off and can afford to indulge in my tastes. My tastes run to thirteen and fourteen-year-old boy ass! Not only that, but I enjoy being a bit rough with the little boy cunts. My high profile prohibits me seeing kid cunt on the streets, so I was lonely and frustrated until an internet friend of mine put me in contact with Mr. Black. It was not easy to become one of his clients. I had to post a million-dollar deposit, and every aspect of my private life was checked and re-checked. Actually, I am glad about that, because it makes me feel safe. I generally avail myself of three to five boys a year from Mr. Black’s service as well as countless videos of fairly extreme boy training. Pardon my bad grammar, but I might say as far as I am concerned, “the extremer, the better!”


“Oh, yes, the suitcase from Mr. Black, how could I forget?”


I laughed, and the bellhop laughed, and I wondered how his cute teenage face would look with my nine-inch dick shoved down his throat. I tend to think along those lines. Young men and boys, to me, are mostly just fuck objects for me to play with. You would be surprised at the straight boy ass that can be bought if you have enough money. Several months ago, I procured a twenty-year-old marine, just returned from Iraq on the night before his wedding! That’s right. He was in money trouble, and I offered him two thousand dollars if I could fuck his muscular young straight ass and his cute mouth on the night before his wedding to his blushing nineteen-year-old bride. He did not enjoy it, but I did, and he enjoyed the money. He stood at the altar the next day, with a really sore thrice-fucked asshole. I also milked his dick four times, hoping to deplete some of his wedding night lust, but he probably recovered in time.


The case was heavy. About sixty or seventy pounds, it seemed. The teen lugged it into my suite, and I tipped him with a five-dollar bill. He shot me a really cocky smile. I asked if he was free for dinner some night, and he handed me a card with his telephone and email. I winked and showed him out. I was too anxious to see what was in the suitcase from Mr. Black to fool with the bellhop now. One does not keep a summons or a gift from Mr. Black waiting.


I dumped the suitcase over and unzipped it. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but the perfect Christmas gift. A boy of no more than thirteen lay folded up in the suitcase, dressed only in a tiny pair of cotton underpants, with a look of fear and shock on his sweet face. I do not know how long he had been kept in the suitcase, but it was too small for his growing half-naked body. His head was bent over, and his little torso bent with legs up almost to his chin. It was delightful. I could see he was in extreme pain. He grimaced, and his even, white teeth sparkled. This boy was absolutely delicious. He looked up at me with fear in his eyes, and a bit of spittle hung from his full ripe lower lip.


“What have we here?”


He did not know if he was allowed to climb out or not, and I liked his hesitancy. He lifted a card and handed it to me.




Sorry, I couldn’t get your Christmas gift to you any sooner. We had an outstanding year this time around, so I thought a little bonus for our best customers was in order. This little cunt is a virgin. His name is Jarred, and he is the son of a client in another business of mine who missed several payments. The client needs to be taught a lesson, and I thought you might be the one to do it. Jarred just turned thirteen a few weeks ago. He is really ripe and ready for fucking. He has never sucked dick. Use him and use him up in any way you see fit. Have a hell of a time with him. I almost kept him for myself, but I am currently preparing a ten-year-old for fisting by the introduction of larger and larger dildos, and so my time and concentration are spoken for.


When you are finished with the little pussy, deposit the remains at Mr. Ling’s restaurant on Mott Street. As I said, do anything you like, but no snuff. The kid should be alive when you finish. But other than that, whatever you like. Hope to see you at my New Year’s Party at my chalet in St. Moritz this year. You should have an invitation in the mail. Sorry for the short notice, but we need to do that for security reasons. You will fly first class to St. Moritz at my expense, of course. Until then, have a hell of a time with little Jarred. He looks like a screamer to me, so take precautions.


Your friend,

Mr. Black


I hauled Jarred out of the suitcase by his hair. He was cute, all right, with a gorgeous face, a lean, lanky little body, large feet, a nice small bulge in his underpants. He was trembling with fear. His eyes rolled in his head. His lower lip quivered in terror.


“Hi there, Jarred. We’re going to play. You were sent to me because your daddy was a naughty boy and didn’t pay his debts. Stand up straight, Jarred. If you do everything I tell you to do, it will be much easier and somewhat less painful for you. I’m going to punish you because of your dad. I want you to understand that I have nothing against you. This is to teach your dad a lesson. Now stand straight. It says here, you just turned thirteen, is that right?”


His mouth opened and closed like a baby bird wanting food. It would have food soon enough.




“Yes, sir!” I admonished.


“Yes, sir, please let me go, sir. I didn’t do anything wrong.”


I slapped him hard.


“Of course, you didn’t; you’re not listening. I’m going to punish you because of your father. Take off your underpants, Jarred.”


“Oh…please, don’t...I...I...”


He was wild with fear. Again, I slapped him hard to calm him down.


“Take off your underpants, Jarred.”


With trembling fingers, he slid his cotton underpants down over his slim hips, and I had my first glimpse of his tiny circumcised dick and walnut-sized nuts. The sight of his nuts and the insignificant sprinkling of prick hair told me he was just into puberty.


“Well, look at that sweet baby pricklet and sack. It looks like it belongs to a six-year-old.”


I reached down and grabbed his balls. The bag was soft as velvet. The boy squealed like a pig.


“Stand still and shut up. Oh, my, your fuck bag is soft. I bet your nuts just fell a few months ago. That means you jerk off all the time, doesn’t it? How often do you jerk off?”


He shook his head. Tears filled his eyes and overflowed.




I slapped him so hard his head slammed to the right and then back to the left. I pulled on his balls until they stretched out from his mostly hairless groin.


“Don’t you ever fucking lie to me! How often do you beat your little fucker, Jarred?”


“Ev…ev...every day.”


“That’s more like it. How many times a day?”


“Two...sometimes three.”


“A real little thirteen-year-old horn dog, aren’t you?” I put one hand up to his boy tits and started to play with his nipples. “You look as if you have sensitive tits, do you? Do you have sensitive nipples, baby?” I flicked them, and he twisted in my grip.


“Yes...yes, sir. They are...oh...ugh…ah.”


He was really reacting to my nipple work. I started to pinch and twist the little titties, going from one to the other.


“Stand the fuck still. If you want me to stop, stand still.”


He stood there bare-ass naked like a little soldier with his hands at his side, while I tugged and twisted his nipples as tears ran down his cheeks and dripped from his chin. He bit his lower lip. I worked the nipples for a good five minutes. Each time he started to sink to the floor from sheer exhaustion or from the unbearable tit pulling, I would slap him and order him to stand straight. The lips on his sweet mouth were getting slightly swollen from my slaps, and that turned me on. They would be perfect for when he sucked my big dick.


“Please, please let me go. Please…I’m begging you.”


“Shut the fuck up and just do as you’re told.”


I released his nips. His tits were both very red and sore from my work. His blond hair was like corn silk, so beautiful. It flew around and arced like a fan each time I slapped the sweet young face.


“Turn around and show me your pussy!”


“My...huh? I don’t know what...”


I spun him around and slapped his ass cheeks hard.


“Your pussy! Your cunt!” I pushed a finger in between his ass globes. “In here!”


He had lovely round full ass globes, each one about the size of a cantaloupe, with a nice sweet deep ass crack in between. This kid would be prime fucking. I should have known Mr. Black would never send second-rate merchandise.


“Stand with your legs further apart. Reach back and grab your ass cheeks and spread them!”


“Please...I don’t want to...sir...please...”






He spread his small tight globes to reveal the most perfectly pink little asshole I have ever seen. Tightly puckered.


“That, you fucking whore, is your pussy! And what a sweet pussy it is too!”


I squatted down behind him to get a better look. I took my finger and gently prodded the ass pucker. The boy moaned and sobbed. When I pushed at the elastic rosebud with the tip of my finger, the kid freaked and pulled away!


“You fucking hole! You useless piece of shit! How dare you pull away when I am fingering your cunt! I’ll show you!”


Of course, my anger was feigned just to terrify him. I kicked him, and he fell to the carpet. I kicked him right in his thirteen-year-old nuts. His eyes grew wide like boiled eggs, and he grabbed his boy sack, howling in pain. I kicked him again, this time right in the ass crack. His face had a wild, tormented look as he slid forward on the carpeting. My next kick caught him right in the tight little tummy. I thought he would puke, but he just dry heaved a bit. I dragged him up to his knees.


“Open the zipper on my pants and take out my dick!”


He reached up with slender, trembling fingers. I slapped them away.


“Open my zipper with your mouth, and take out my dick!”


I could see his toes curling on his large naked feet as he leaned in and pressed his face into my groin. I knew he could feel my nine-inch fuck meat through my pants. My cock was rock hard. Well, wouldn’t yours be too? He opened his beautiful mouth. A bit of snot hung from his nostrils. His eyes were brimming with tears. He tried to grab my zipper tab with his teeth.


“You get snot on my suit pants, and I swear to God I will shove my fist up your asshole!”


Later, I would do that anyway, but he didn’t know that now. He looked up at me pathetically, snot dripping from his nose.


“Wipe the snot off your nose and eat it!”


He took the snot on his finger and then licked it off. He made a sour face, and I laughed out loud. That was nothing compared to some of the stuff he would be eating! I grabbed him by the ears.


“What grade are you in, fuckface?”


“Seventh!” His voice sounded like a fucking little girl soprano.


“Well, then you should be smart enough to be able to open my pants with your teeth! Now get to it.”


Have you ever forced a little boy to open your pants with his mouth? It is just incredible.


Finally, he got the zipper down. I helped him by unbuttoning my waist tab. I was getting horny and didn’t want to waste too much time. My Hugo Boss trousers puddled around my ankles, and he faced my big fat dripping dick encased in white silk boxer shorts.


“Use your teeth and gently tug the boxers down. Don’t you dare rip or mar the silk, or your name will be shit!”


His darling face looked up at me, pleading for mercy. He leaned in, took some of the thigh material in his teeth, and tugged. Slowly he pulled the boxers down, until, at last, my nine-inch, wrist-thick prick sprang out, drooling pre-fuck from the pisshole like a leaky faucet. He sprang back in horror and awe.


“Yes, Jarred fuckface, that’s quite a hunk of fuckmeat, isn’t it? I’ll bet you never saw one that big before. You’re certainly going to enjoy the feeling of it up your ass-cunt!”




He actually withered in front of me. He is so pathetic.


“Oh, my god, yes, but don’t worry, I’m going to let you suck on it first to lube it up. You can cover it with as much of your spit as you want. See how kind I am. Look at my big nuts. Not like your tiny grapes. Look at the large eggs in my scrotum. You will get a chance to lick those too. I like to have little boys lick my nuts. I like having my nuts licked almost as much as I love having my asshole licked.


“You and I are going to do very, very dirty things, Jarred. Well, you’re actually going to do them. I’m going to enjoy them. After I fuck your ass, you’re going to clean my dick with your mouth. That’ll teach you to keep a clean pussy. I’m also going to piss in your mouth. Some boys learn to love the taste of man piss, but other boys never seem to get used to it. You are also going to eat my shit! You lucky little thirteen-year-old, imagine getting a nice big load of shit to eat for dinner!”


The boy had rolled up into a tiny ball on the floor. He was sobbing uncontrollably.


“After that, we’re going to play a game where I shove different things from the hotel room up your pussy. Oh, let’s see, a three-battery flashlight, that flower vase over there, the mouse from the internet, the telephone, and after everything else, my fist! I’m going to shove my arm up your pussy up to the elbow. Won’t that be fun?”


In hysterics, Jarred tried to crawl for the door. I grabbed the boy by his big boy feet and dragged him across the carpet, hoping for some rug burn along the way. I picked him up around the belly and tossed him on the bed. He was shaking so hard, his little body was a blur. Blond corn silk hair flew everywhere. He was blubbering and chocking in shock. I gave him another hard slap to calm him down. Then I stripped off my clothes until I stood naked before him, my prick leaking long strings of fuck slop.


“First thing you gotta learn, Jarred, is that when a man leaks fuck snot, you lick it up. Crawl on over here and lick up the crap drooling from my pisshole!”


It always surprises a young boy that pre-fuck does not actually have that much of a flavor. It’s the consistency that scares the kids, but he gathered my slop on his sweet pink tongue. I made him stick out his tongue to show me the scum on it, and then I ordered him to swallow. He started to choke as if he would puke, so I clamped a hand over his mouth and would not let go until he had swallowed everything.


Next, I made him worship my dick. I rubbed it all over his soft young face, scooping up tears and boy spit and snot on my swollen dick head and feeding it to him. I rubbed my cock knob in his eyes and across his nose. I coated his soft swollen lips with pre-cum, painting him in pre-fuck like a whore. His body trembled like a leaf under my ministrations. When sweat ran from under his hairless armpits, I fed him that too. Then I noticed the bit of fuzz just starting over his prick. He was growing up too fast.


“Oh, my…oh, my…oh, my…oh, my, we can’t have all that unsightly hair over your little clit, now, can we?”


I reached down, twined my fingers into his prick hair, and pulled. His body lifted off the bed, and he was hanging in mid-air by his pubic bush. Slowly, the hairs ripped from his groin, and he fell back to the bed, bald down there and sobbing uncontrollably. I grabbed his pretty face and force-fed him his own pubic hair. I made him chew and swallow it.


“Be a good boy, do as I say, and everything will be fine. There now, doesn’t your little clit look better without all that unsightly fuzz above it? I hope you don’t have even a single hair around your pussy because that would make me very, very angry. I think you’re much too young to have pussy curls. Just think, pretty soon, my big fat swollen dick is going to be way up inside your tiny unfucked pussy. I’m going to fuck you so hard, baby, that you will not be able to walk. I promise you that. I’m going to fuck your little thirteen-year-old cunt until the muscles are all torn and loose, and we can shove any fucking thing up there we want to—even a fucking baseball bat.


“Hey, there’s an idea. Shall I call room service and have them send up a baseball bat? Not only could I fuck fifteen inches of it up your cunt, but I could also bat you around a bit with it. You know, slam you in the head, in the gut, in the nuts! That would be lots of fun.


“Are you ready to suck my dick now? I want a real good suck job. If you do a really good job, I won’t order the bat. I want you to kiss the dick all over, and then lick the head and suck the scum out of the pisshole, and then lick my big balls all over and put my huge nuts in your mouth and massage them with your tongue. I want you to suck and chew on my prick hair and get it really clean. Then we can move on to you licking and sucking my asshole! That is going to be lots of fun. I’m going to teach you how to properly tongue and suck a guy’s asshole and all that before I fuck your tiny asshole, turning it into a big gaping pussy!”


The kid was so scared by what I said that he actually fainted. The fucking little slut fainted. So I pissed on him to wake him up, and then we picked up where we had left off. He didn’t like the stink of piss on his face and body, but he would soon get used to it and far worse as well. I decided to fuck up this little darling. I was going to fuck him until he fucking lost his mind. I wanted to see how much pain a boy of thirteen could take before he went totally insane.


My dick was never harder. Good times ahead.