Mr. Black's Family Fun

(M/B) (anal) (humil)

The file sat open on the desk before Mark Radke. Across from him, Mr. Black dressed in a dark Italian pinstriped suit and burgundy tie smirked. His handsome face, tan and lean, caught in the afternoon light pouring through the huge glass window behind Mark. The file heralded the ruin of Mark's life and the end of a brilliant career for the thirty-four-year-old wonder kid of the investment world.

"I thought you were my friend," Mark, a strikingly handsome six foot two well muscled “golden boy of business,” said to Mr. Black.

"Of course, you did. You were meant to. Oh, those countless boring conversations about your family and friends I endured in the country club locker room, just to win your confidence.

“But you see it paid off. Over time, with patience and martinis, I gleaned the few last pieces of information I needed to put the final pieces of the puzzle in place and the fruits of my labors you see before you."

One strong, wide hand rose to Mark's neck to loosen his tie which felt all too much like a noose.

"You have the records of my company?"

"Dear boy, you are too modest. Not company records. Records of your illegal transactions and clientele rip-offs, records that indicate to me you are facing twenty to forty in an orange jumpsuit if I'm not mistaken.

“Oh, think of the calamity. Your beautiful young wife out there in the suburbs reduced to a dildo for a husband while you become the prison bitch for some big, black convict. I have connections in the legal system, which would ensure the character and qualities of your bunkmates; I assure you.

“And what about your darling children; perfect beauties. The boys yanked roughly out of their comfy private school environment and thrust into the harsh world of reality because suddenly Daddy is a con. Poor Mark Radke, your ass, as they say, is grass."

Mr. Black flashed a cover boy white-toothed smile.

A lock of dark hair fell across Mark's tan forehead as he shook his handsome head. His bright blue eyes blinked.

"I made some mistakes, hurt some people, and took the easy way to the top. Okay, so now I pay for it. How much do you want?"

Mr. Black laughed out loud and shook his head. His dark hair never budged an inch.

“You stupid cunt; I have more money than I know what to do with. This is all a game for me, don’t you see. I own you now. I own your future. And if you want to stay clear of wreck and ruin, you will give me whatever I want."

Mark slammed a fist onto his cherry desktop. He wanted more than anything in the world to slug the slick fucker, but he knew, at least for the moment, he was trapped.

"All right you bastard; just tell me what you want!"

"I want many things. But for starters, I want to fuck your son."

Mark sat bolt upright in his custom designed leather chair. He couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"You want what?"

"I want to shove my cock up the virgin asshole of your twelve-year-old son. I want you to sit and watch as I force my big, thick cock into his tight, little rectum and he screams with pain as inch after inch of cock turns his ass canal into a cunt."

Mark had been a star athlete in college, and he was out of his chair and over his desk in an instant, but he never expected to encounter a Hung Gar expert. Mr. Black hardly lifted an arm, and poor Mark found his thirty-four-year-old buff body lying on the Oriental carpet in extreme agony.

"Hung Gar is a form of kung fu descended from legendary martial arts expert Wong Fei Hung, a hero of China. I could have broken your back.

“Don’t be stupid again. Now shall I pick up this phone and call the police or do you pick up the phone and send a car to pick up your cute, young son from school?"

Unmasculine tears filled Mark's sparkling blue eyes. Tears not shed in many years since big guys didn’t cry.

"Don't do this. Please don’t do this. Something else; there must be something else you want instead."

"Oh, as I said, there are many things I want, but nothing so much right now as to plow the ass pussy of your twelve-year-old son. If you do everything I ask of you for a few months, I shall leave you and your family to your secrets and your ill-gotten gains. If you do not comply with my every wish, I'll destroy you. It’s just that simple."

"But why my son? He’s not gay. He’s not a pervert."

Mr. Black laughed.

"You stupid twat, I am a pervert. From the moment, I saw your son’s creamy, smooth, ass globes in the locker room at the country club I knew I had to fuck him, watch his squirm on ten inches of fuck meat, split him open and turn him into a bawling, mewling, boy pussy.

“Call it my hobby if you like, and after all when all is said and done, what harm will it cause? You will have your job and family, and your son will have an asshole the size of the Lincoln Tunnel. Big deal."

"Why would you want to hurt an innocent, twelve-year-old boy?"

"The thrill of the fuck, the fun of breaking a slender young kid and watching him writhe on my throbbing prick. The satisfaction of knowing that you must live with the fact that rather than go to prison, you watched your son turned into a dick ditch.

“Now I foresee about twenty minutes of protest from you, then another half hour or so of crying and begging and then the light of reason will dawn. So, your boy is ass fucked. Isn’t it worth it for him to retain Daddy's corrupt fortune and his privileged position in the social registry? We all suffer a bit to succeed. Think of this as the price your son has to pay for his future happiness. Make the call."

It turned out as Mr. Black had predicted. Mark groveled, begged, threw up, sobbed, and in the end acquiesced. Mark Radke for all his macho good looks and power was at heart a coward.

Now his twelve-year-old son Danny stood before him. The kid was strikingly beautiful although quite slender and young looking for his age. He wore a baggy tee shirt and super baggy jeans slopped over the top of his beat up tennis shoes. His hair hung is casual disarray over his smooth forehead, and his father's blue eyes flashed from behind the strands of black. His delicately curved nose with finely flared nostrils, and he had a perfect pouty mouth with what Mr. Black liked to call cocksucker lips.

Mr. Black was an expert on cocksucker lips. He could spot a kid at the mall say, thirty or forty feet away and know at once that the boy had a perfect mouth for face fucking. "That boy’s mouth was made to suck cock." He would remark. The boys had to be forced at first of course, few of them thought of themselves as face pussies. But with practice and time, most of them became expert little, boy dick slurpers and Mr. Black, as usual, was right.

Danny Radke was a born cocksucker if Mr. Black had ever seen one. His smooth angelic face almost screamed "Fuck Me." and the way his ass cheeks rode high and arched, hidden now of course by the baggy jeans, betrayed a true boy cunt in the making. Danny Radke was the kind of boy who was pure torture to any self-respecting pervert. One could barely refrain from ripping the boy’s clothing off in public and plowing the tender, bare-ass body into drooling submission. Mr. Black intended to turn Danny from a healthy, normal twelve-year-old boy into a grunting, slobbering prepubescent fuck hole.

"I’ve been honest with you Dan, because honest to god, I don’t know what else to do. Your future, the future of your brother as well as mine is at stake. I can’t make you do this, but I can say that if you help us out, for the rest of your life I will make it up to you. I swear," Mark told his son.

It was Danny's turn to blink bright, blue eyes. He jammed one tennis shoe clad toe into the carpet.

"You want me to let this guy do stuff to me. Sex stuff?"

He couldn’t' believe the words forming in his mouth. He couldn’t fathom what his dad was asking.

"Oh, Christ, Danny, I don’t even know how much you know about sex. I know I haven’t been very good in that area as a dad. I guess I figured you would learn about it in school and from your friends like I did. And now, oh shit..."

Mr. Radke broke down and cried in front of his son. Mr. Black sipped scotch and studied Danny's fragile body glimpses of which teased from beneath the baggy clothes.

"What exactly does this guy want to do?" Danny asked his mouth suddenly parched.

Mr. Black leaned in.

"I want to fuck your cute, little boy ass and have your full, young lips wrapped around my dripping cock.

“You will become a cocksucker and an ass fucked, faggot boy. You will do this to save your dad and your family from ruin. You have no choice young man."

"But I like girls. I'm not gay," Danny protested studying the face of this monstrous handsome pervert.

"That's exactly why I want to fuck you. It wouldn’t be any fun for me if you were gay. But, to turn a nice clean cut straight boy into a sobbing dick crammed faggot; that is a real pleasure. Now shall we get on with it?"

Danny shuffled his feet nervously. A trickle of sweat ran down his smooth, soft neck into his tee shirt and across his boyishly flat chest. The cheeks of his face turned slightly pink. His tongue flicked at his full lower lip.

"Do I gotta, Dad?"

"I don’t know of any other way, son."

It was a lie of course. There was another way, but Mark Radke was prepared to watch his twelve-year-old son get ass fucked rather than face prison himself.

"Will it hurt?" the boy asked, sounding very young now almost a baby.

"You bet your sweet, boy cunt it will hurt."

Mr. Black laughed.

"It will hurt worse than anything else you will ever experience in your life. It will feel as if you are being ripped apart. You may black out in fact.

“I have a huge cock, and I fuck hard. Lots of women can’t even take me in their cunts. Imagine what I am going to do to your tender, little shithole. Those small ass lips will be stretched beyond endurance. You will feel sure you are about to die. You may even want to die. After all, you are being turned into a girl and when it is all over your ass will never be the same again. It will always be part ass, part cunt."

To Mr. Black's complete delight both father and son sobbed now. They hugged and sobbed as Mr. Black's big dick twitched in his pants.

"Well I can’t fuck the boy until he is naked," he said impatiently.

"Um, do I take off my clothes, Dad?" the boy asked not wanting to speak to or look at Mr. Black.

"Mr. Black wants me to undress you son. It's part of his sick game."

So, Mark Radke uncovered his boy’s smooth, pale body, and as layer after layer of clothing fell to the carpet, the businessman marveled at just how young and fragile the boy was. The tummy was flat and smooth and soft as velvet. The chest had little definition, the nipples looking pink and lonely on the hairless torso. The indentation of the boy's shoulder blades, the soft hairless moist armpits, the sad, sad face sniffing and crying with snot running from the darling pug nose. The boy’s eyes wide and filled with fear like a fawn in captivity.

At last the twelve-year-old stood in only his boxer shorts. His dad knelt in front of him and with trembling fingers tugged at the waistband of the plaid, cotton undergarment. Over boney boy hips, the material slid, down across the curve of the pale, pink, boy ass until it lay in a puddle at the kid's naked feet. Danny put his hands covering his prick and balls and shut his eyes, too humiliated to look at his father and the monster man.

"Please God, let this be a nightmare," he pleaded silently.

However, when he opened his tear-filled eyes, he found himself naked in his dad’s office.

"Very nice," Mr. Black whispered, licking his lips of scotch and rubbing the drooling bulge in his pants.

"Mark you may go over and sit on the couch. Danny, I want you to turn around and face me. Now step a little closer. You have an exquisite body almost more like a cunt than a boy. Maybe you should have been born a cunt, Danny, instead of a boy. Have you ever wanted to be a girl, Danny?"

The boy stood naked in shock, his hands covering his genitals.

"When I ask you a question, I expect an answer. Have you ever wanted to be a girl Danny? Have you ever wished you had a pussy instead of a cock?"

"No..." Danny mumbled, biting back tears. The room spinning.

"No, sir!"

"No sir," sniffed Danny.

His fingers gripped his soft, hairless ball bag more tightly.

"Never wanted the older boys to take you on dates and kiss you and shove their big, teenage pricks in your tiny, little, hairless pussy?"

"No, sir. I'm not gay."

Danny was a wee bit defiant. Mr. Black would have to take care of that.

"Take your hands away from your dick and balls Danny and put them at your sides."

The boy hesitated too long for Mr. Black's liking. He leaped from the couch in a flash and one hand lashed out and slapped the boy hard. The next instant he was seated comfortably once again. Mark buried his face in his hands and cried. The left side of Danny's cheek glowed bright pink.

"When I give you an order, hop to it, twat face."

Danny moved his hands revealing a beautiful, pink, smooth penis and balls. A tiny patch of black hair had sprouted above the prick root. The balls were still hairless and baby soft. The cut prick hung about three inches flaccid and very all-American.

"Very Nice, you have a nice little dick for your age. Now I am going to ask you some questions, Danny, and I want honest answers from you. If I ever find out you have lied to me, all your work will be in vain, and your father will rot in prison. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir."

Danny felt so terribly vulnerable; he didn't know what to do. The man was looking right at his dick and balls. Right at his most private parts. Danny had just recently had his first cum and was terribly shy about his developing sexuality.

"Danny, have you ever fucked a girl?"

"For God's sake, Black, he’s only a kid," Mark shouted, spittle running from his chin.

"You shut the fuck up.

“Danny, have you ever fucked a girl?"

"No, sir."

Danny looked scared. He was afraid, scared, and embarrassed.

"Have you ever felt a girl’s bare pussy? Most boys your age have at least copped a little twat."

"Um, no sir. I haven't."

"What are you, some kind of faggot?"

Tears poured down soft, satin cheeks.

"No, sir. I like girls."

"Do you ever think about fucking girls and play with your prick?"

Danny chewed his lip.

"Sometimes," he said at last.

"Danny, the truth now. Do you ever think about fucking your dog?"

"Christ, that's sick," Mark groaned and ran to the sink to puke.

"Do you Danny? Do you ever think about fucking Rex?"

The tears became a flood as he nodded his cute, young head.

"No, I never—," he said at last.

"Of course, you do. It's only natural. You think about Rex shoving his big, dog dick into your tiny pussy, don't you?"

“No,” the boy replied, tears streaming down his face. His head nodding, poor Danny could not fathom dog dick up his ass.

"How often do you masturbate, Danny? "

"I...I... um...don't know."

"Of course, you do. How often do you beat your meat? Every day? Twice a day?"

"I guess, sometimes."

The boy looked down at the carpet.

"When you pound your prick, do you ever insert a finger up your asshole?"

Now the boy looked like a deer caught in a headlight. How could this man know his innermost secrets? How could he know?

"Uh, um, no, I—"

"You do, don't you? Don't lie to me. You rub your finger over your ass crack and touch your ass hole, don't you? You rub it like a girl fingers her cunt."

Danny's tight little tummy fluttered. His thin chest heaved, and his nipples got hard. His shoulders rose and fell, and he gulped back sobs.

"Please, mister, please,' he stuttered.

"Oh, yes, Danny, you stick a finger up your ass just like it was a pussy on a girl. I can tell. Turn around and spread your legs and bend over."

"Please, can't we find some other—" Mark started.

"Oh, shut the fuck up. You bore me. Bend over Danny. Show me that sweet, boy ass. That's a real beauty. When I saw you drying your tender, boy pussy with a towel in the country club locker room, I knew then and there I had to shove my cock up you. Reach back with your hands and spread your ass cheeks so I can see your shithole."

Crying out loud now, Danny reached back and with shaking hands grabbed his ass cheeks and spread them. Oh, God, he felt so exposed. Indeed, he was. His twelve-year-old pink, perfect ass pucker was on display to a pervert.

"Spread those ass cheeks a little wider. There you go. Now I can see your beautiful, hairless ball bag hanging there too. Fine. Now bend your legs just a bit and push out with your asshole like you were shitting. That's good, Danny.

“You see when you obey everything goes along smashingly. Your son has a beautiful asshole, Mark. It's perfect – perfect, pink ass lips, perfect, the corrugated circle of pucker skin, tight, just waiting to be fucked. Well let’s do it, shall we?"

Mr. Black stripped. He had an excellent body. He had an enormous cock, not only long but fat and dripping. Danny was sorry he looked back. He should just have stayed in place bent over ass spread. Mark buried himself into the couch, sobbing.

"Mark, you're going to want to help your son. I suggest you lick my cock to get it wet. I'd hate to have to fuck his cunt dry."

Mr. Black stood by the boy's ass, kneading it with his hand while the boy whimpered and the man stroked his swollen drooling cock with his other hand. Mark crawled across the carpet blubbering and choking on tears, muttering and hysterical with grief. Whatever had happened to the self-assured hunk?

It took some encouragement, but Mark could see that the cock would never go into the boy’s ass without lubrication. So, for the first time in his thirty-four years, Mark Radke put his tongue on a man’s cock. He gagged, but thought of his pitiable, whimpering son and licked the cock stalk.

"That's it get it as wet as you can. It will go in more easily. Wet the cock head. Don't worry about all that cock slim; that will help the fuck. Okay, I think we are ready now.

“Grab the edge of the desk, Danny. Spread your legs wider apart.

“Mark, you hold your son’s ass cheeks open. Jesus, that asshole looks tight. My cockhead is three times as big as your pussy hole, boy. We are going to have to do some cunt stretching. Danny put that leather wallet in your mouth and bite down. I don't want you biting off your tongue when I fuck you.

“Are you ready? Here we go."

Mr. Black pushed the swollen, spit-slick cockhead against the tender, prepubescent asshole. At first, nothing happened. The boy groaned. His dad whined like a wounded puppy. Mr. Black grunted.

Then, little by little, the cockhead forced its way into the tiny asshole. The boy’s shit hole opened and the cockhead squeezed its way inside.

"NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," Danny wailed trying to pull away, but Mr. Black held the boy around the waist.

"Mark, spread that boy ass. Look at that cock head going in. It’s going in. Shit, is that teen twat stretched. Feel it boy. Feel my cock in your ass?"

"Oh, God, take it out. Take it out. It's too big. It’s killing me..."

The little lad threw his head from side to side. Spittle flew from his wailing lips. Fingers clutched at the desktop, nails digging into the cherry wood. The boy’s knees buckled, but Mr. Black held him up and forced two inches of cock into the grotesquely stretched asshole.

"Look, Mark, my cock is up in your son's ass. Look at my cock shoving its way up into your boy’s rectum. I'm fucking your son in the rectum, Mark. How about that?"

Danny threw his body like a bucking stallion. Mr. Black had to hold on for dear life. He forced more and more cock into the boy. Six inches, seven inches, eight inches. The boy gagged and puked, vomit spraying the desk. Mark knelt there in shock watching the fat cock disappear in the boy’s fucked hole.

"I'm turning your son into a cunt, Mark. As punishment for your illegal business dealings, I am turning your twelve-year-old boy, into a cock stuffed, whore slut of a fucked out cunt hole. When he walks through his school, every boy will know he's been fucked just by the way he holds his ass.

“Do you hear me, Danny? Everybody will know you have been ass fucked. Everybody will know you are a twat boy, an ass cunt. No girl will ever want to date you. Take my cock you whore. You fuck ditch. You slop bucket. Take my cock all the way. Can you feel it in your stomach? Oh, shit, I think I can feel my cock in your tummy. Now I'm going to fuck you deep and hard. I'm going to pull out and push back in again until you want to die. I am going to fuck your ass cunt until I shoot my fuck snot up your boy pussy and it clogs your intestines.

Lick my balls, Mark, while I fuck your son."

And the businessman, mindless with hysteria and numb with guilt, obeyed. He licked Mr. Black’s enormous, swinging balls while the man fucked his son. Sweat and spit sprayed the room as the fat, hairy balls swung and the big cock embedded itself in the boy’s ass.

Danny gurgled and choked, sputtered and grunted. More like an animal than a human child. The pain reached up from his ass and encompassed his entire body, long fingers of pain reaching every corner, every limb, every fiber of the kid’s being.

And, at long last, the fuck was finished. Mr. Black shot off a huge load and pulled out. He stood there sweating and sated for the moment, muscular chest heaving, cock half hard and dripping, covered in blood and shit and cum.

"Not bad, Danny, for your first fuck. You'll get better with time," Mr. Black said, looking at the writhing body of the twelve-year-old splayed across the desk with cum, shit and blood trickling from his asshole.

"Is it over?" Danny whispered, lips and teeth chewing at the leather wallet lying on the desktop.

Mr. Black sauntered around the desk and picked the kid’s head up by the hair.

"This part of the game is over. The first part. Now on to the second part. First, you will lick my cock clean of your ass slime and cum and blood. Then your daddy will fuck you. Then we will take a little ride out to your house.

“Oh, you don’t think I’ve forgotten about your dog, do you? Danny your big, old Great Dane. Well, we can’t leave him out of the fun, now can we? I'm sure you won’t mind having some dog dick up your fucked-out, faggot ass, will you?

Mark moaned and rolled over on the floor.

"Well, I think little Danny should help his doggy out, so Rexy is going to fuck him!"

Mark lost it then he shattered the relative quiet of the private office with a bellow that could only have come from such gut-wrenching pain that it reached back into the very animal center of life itself. It wasn’t a human sound. It was so awful, so lost, so tortured that even Danny forgot his pain and cried for this father.

"Then, while Danny gets fucked by Rex, Daddy can fuck your older brother, and we will all be one happy fucking family.

“And that's just today's activities. What a fun family you will be now that you have me to help you! Now stop the sniveling and move your asses!"