Mr. Black's Christmas Offer

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Bill Savoy was ushered into the luxurious suite at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. He had received the invitation from Mr. Black only the day before, but he knew that if he did not cancel all plans and fly out to Vegas immediately, he would never again get the opportunity to make his dream come true. The young man who opened the door was between fourteen and sixteen years old. He was naked except for a printed sarong which he wore slung so low about his hips, that had he had any pubic hair it would have been clearly visible. His brown body was finely muscled, and he had inbred sexuality about everything he did. The boy was remarkably handsome and of an indeterminate race—something Latin or Asian, Bill surmised.
“Please follow me,” he said in a husky whisper.
The boy turned to lead Bill further into the massive and perfectly decorated suite. Bill’s eyes couldn’t help but travel down to the way the boy’s hips swayed like a female cunt when he walked. His young ass made an enticing mound under the thin batik cloth of the sarong. His naked feet were broad and finely arched. Around one ankle, the boy wore a thin orange string. In profile, Bill could not only see the handsome, clean line of the boy’s nose and chin, but also the significant bulge of teenage boy dick pushing out the front of the sarong. Not that the boy was erect, oh no, simply that the boy was well hung when flaccid.
“Mr. Savoy, I am delighted to meet you.”
The rich baritone voice came from the cluster of furniture at the far end of the room. Mr. Black was seated on a couch, sipping a vodka martini and munching on some sort of rice cracker. He was dressed in very expensive, loose-fitting, chocolate-colored slacks and a baggy silk shirt of a lighter brown color, which was opened to below his pecs. Around his neck, he wore a gold image of Buddha on a thin gold chair. He was middle-aged and quite good-looking, with close-cropped black hair with just a few hints of gray at the temple. It was impossible for Bill to pinpoint Mr. Black’s race as well. There was definitely some Asian there, but perhaps only half. The man’s eyes were remarkable, deep and of an elusive hue that seemed to keep changing. They were absolutely hypnotic. Bill knew for the first time in his life, the thrill of being in the presence of a truly great man. Mr. Black did not rise but indicated a lounge chair opposite the couch.
“Please sit down. What will you have to drink?”
Bill smiled. He had waited almost a year for this interview, and now here, at last, he was.
“Oh, a martini will be fine. I know from all the legends about you, Mr. Black, that you drink a vodka martini like James Bond. That will be fine for me as well.”
Mr. Black waived one hand. “Please, Mr. Savoy, Bill if I may, do not compare me to a shallow British thug, merely because we share the same drinking habits. And as for the legends, most of them are urban legends anyway.”
When Mr. Black smiled, he seemed almost human. His eyes twinkled, and his lips formed a crooked line raised more at one corner than the other. A second boy appeared with a silver tray on which rested a small martini glass and a silver cocktail shaker. This boy was even more naked than the one who had answered the door. He wore nothing more than a red silk pouch over his genitals, and what shocked Bill the most was that he could not have been more than ten years of age. The young penis and sac were clearly visible through the thin red pouch material. Except for on his head, the boy had no hair anywhere on his body.
“Martinis are not meant to be served in large glasses. They become warm, and warm vodka tastes like owl piss. When they were invented, they were always drunk as follows: small glasses, the contents of which may be consumed in a swallow or two, along with a shaker filled with more! Did you know that the man who invented the martini was gay?”
Bill did not. They settled back, and each had a swallow or two. The vodka was as smooth as fresh teenage boy cum. Bill was anxious to get the formalities out of the way.
“I have waited almost a year to see you. I’m glad you were able to arrange this before the holidays. It will be a wonderful Christmas present to me.”
“We had to do a background check on you. And then I had some business in what was once called Burma. I think the old names of many of these countries so much more romantic than the new ones. With the changing climate in that country, we must make sure the youth sex industry is not in any way hampered. Thousands of wealthy foreigners go to Myanmar each year to fuck. We can’t lose that profitable market. Anyway, here you are at last. So, let’s get right to the point, shall we? There’s a championship boxing match here in Vegas tonight, as you may know, and I have an appointment to watch the contender workout. He will work out naked, of course, so that I may appreciate the tone of his physique. So, let me see what it is you wish of my services. Oh yes, you would like to have your son gang fucked.”
There! It was out in the open, Bill’s most secret and darkest fantasy, the thing that had obsessed his mind for over a year. It was said so casually by Mr. Black. No whispers, no coded words. The phrase seemed to hang in the air between the two men.
“Ah…yes...you see...the boy’s mother died a few years ago and left me—”
“Yes, yes, whatever. I’m really not interested in your motives. I’m only interested in providing you with the service you require. How old is the boy?”
“He’s…ah...he’s twelve. He just turned twelve.”
“Children are reaching puberty at an earlier age now than they did twenty years ago. I suspect it goes in cycles. We know that in olden days, children married at thirteen, so one assumes they had reached puberty by then. Perhaps our stupid conservative sexual values have stunted puberty for the last few generations. At any rate, studies now show that boys have fully functional fuckers often at ten and eleven as well, so you may be a little late. So there’s a fair chance he is straight. This could psychologically scar him.”
Bill felt his dick harden. He pictured his arrogant twelve-year-old son supplicating to him.
“Ah...yes...that is a possibility. I’m fine with that.”
“From what you emailed to me and our telephone conversation, and I’m sorry if I am covering some ground twice here, but I have so much on my plate right now, and I want to get this right. From what we discussed, I think I suggested, and you agreed to a weekend abduction gang rape. That way, the boys will have more time not only to fuck all your son’s holes but also to humiliate and degrade him properly. It makes for a better memory for you and a much more enjoyable DVD.”
Mr. Black smiled again and ruffled the ink black hair of the ten-year-old Asian boy in the pouch who kneeled next to him. Bill could see the small prick pushing out the thin, red silk material, which was dampened with a spot of pre-fuck.
Bill sipped his drink. He felt warm and uncomfortable discussing his son’s fucking in the open like this, but also very excited.
“Yes, a weekend abduction rape.”
“And money is no object? I mean for a three day fuck instead of just an overnighter?”
“I’m fairly well off, as you no doubt know after checking my bank records. This means a lot to me. It means more than anything else in my life does. I really want to have conceited bastard turned into a fucked out cumdump. It’s pretty much all I think about.”
Mr. Black nodded knowingly as he popped some rice crackers into his mouth and then slid the bowl across to his guest.
“It’s a common fantasy for many fathers to want to see their sons stuffed with dick. I have known more than a few dads who secretly spy on their sons fucking their teenage girlfriends. Well then, black or white, Latino or Asian?”
“Beg your pardon?”
Mr. Black smiled.
“For the men who fuck your son’s little brains out, do you want black or white, Latino or Asian, or a healthy ethnic mix. Nothing like a boy who just turned twelve to feel his tight virginal asshole stretched and turned into a cunt by cocks from all races. But, each race has their specialties. The Latinos can be the cruelest and really get into young maricón abuse, but the blacks, of course, have the largest dicks by far. Nothing like watching some huge nigger cock fuck in and out of your son’s mouth and ass, I should think.”
“Oh, yes, black by all means. I’d honestly never even considered that, but that’ll be so hot! I’d like him fucked by really huge dicks, so he learns the proper respect for cock, even at his young age.”
Bill pictured his poor innocent little son fucked by a gang of muscled black niggers. He was not a racist by any means, but using the ugly term nigger when thinking about black dick fucking his twelve-year-old son somehow made it more exciting. His cock grew larger in his pants and began to pulse.
“By the way,” Mr. Black said, “would you like a cock suck or anything while we visit? Emil, here,” he gestured to the ten-year-old boy, “is an excellent cocksucker. I promise you, you won’t regret Emil’s mouth. That young mouth has sucked the sperm from the heads of state of many nations. Bitter enemies from the Middle East have his mouth in common, not to mention his fine young ass.”
The boy blushed modestly as Bill shook his head.
“Ugh…no…I’m fine, thank you.”
“So, blacks it will be—a gang of blacks. Do you prefer older men or younger men? Some prefer older men fucking their sons, while others like strong, violent young street types.”
“Oh, the strong young street types by all means.”
Bill had visions of broad-nosed, thick-lipped, tattooed, lean and hungry thugs with low-slung pants and humongous wet dicks pushing out the fronts of their trousers. In his mind’s eye, he saw silver and gold jewelry clanging as the thugs mercilessly fucked his son with their thick, gnarled fuckers, big loose balls slapping and swinging.
“And I hope they are extremely rough with him.”
“Rest assured, they will be, and they will fuck the shit out of the little faggot and turn him into a cock-hungry slut, all in one weekend. The average cock size of the boys will be between nine and twelve inches. The little twelve-year-old fuckhole will get quite a ride. Imagine his young hairless, pink asshole opened by a twelve-inch dick! He will learn how to respect and to service dick properly. Now, if it’s to be a weekend-long fuck session, I recommend at least ten niggers. I know I said five to seven before, and I know it costs more money, but I think you will be so much happier with the results. With ten niggers, they can pretty much fuck him non-stop all weekend long. As soon as the cocks in his ass and mouth pull out, fresh ones fuck in. Just think of how he will feel being fucked continually for hours and hours and hours. And we will capture all of that in HD. In between fucks, of course, they will use dildos, bottles, corn cobs, toilet plungers, and even baseball bats on his new twat.”
“Oh god, yes, I want him fucked so he can’t walk for a month.”
Bill could hardly contain himself. Bill noticed that the young man who had answered the door was now at a computer taking notes of their conversation.
“So, ten...let’s say twelve, healthy, extremely well hung young niggers it will be then. What about dogs?”
Bill forgot to breathe. He was in shock. He blinked and found himself almost passing out from not breathing. “Dogs?” he said at last.
“Would you like him fucked by and made to suck off dogs? That’s very popular now. Men like to see young boys degraded in that way—a slimy canine dick face-fucking a sweet young innocent boy. It teaches the boy that he must always concentrate on the dick, not on the body or personality behind the dick. That is important if ever you want him fucked by fat or unattractive older men. It’s one thing to be raped by a nigger stud, but another to have some fat old man slobbering over you. He must learn that servicing the dick is the only thing that matters. So, dogs?”
“Oh...ah...yes, please.”
Bill sounded like a little boy, which made Mr. Black chuckle.
“It can be amusing with a boy that age. You can tell him that you’ll show his friends photos of him sucking doggie dick and taking it up the ass. He’ll live in terror of his friends finding out.”
Bill took a large gulp of his drink. “That sounds great.”
“So let’s say, four nice big dogs. The black boys will get a kick out of watching that as well. Those big slimy dog pricks are pretty gross. And, let me see, toilet games? Would you like toilet games?”
“I’m not sure what that all entails.”
“Well, the niggers can piss on your son, or make him drink their piss for the entire weekend. They could give him a piss enema, and his tummy will bloat, so that he looks like he’s nine-months pregnant. They can piss up his ass, make him expel it and then lick it up. That’s always very humorous to watch. And then there’s shit. They could shit in his mouth or on a plate and make him eat it. You name it. It will be pretty hot to see a handsome Negro buck squatting over your son’s face and squeezing out a thick brown turd into his open mouth. A lot of these boys regularly make their girlfriends eat their shit. It’s a way of testing their loyalty and obedience.”
Bill frowned. “I...ah...I’m not into shit. Is that okay?”
“It’s your money. Piss?”
“Oh, god, yes, have them piss all over him and make him drink most of it. Dog piss too, if that’s okay?”
“Certainly, we can have him licking dog piss off the floor while he has a dildo up his ass. Now, what about pain?”
Bill took a large gulp of his drink and licked his lips. “I’d like him to experience lots of pain, extreme pain if possible. But I don’t want any permanent marks, or for him to end up crippled or anything.”
“No problem. He will suffer unspeakably for the entire weekend, but he’ll be returned to you as pretty as a picture on Monday morning. You know what to tell him afterward?”
“Afterward…ah…sure…that going to the police would ruin his life, so we had better keep this horrible thing to ourselves. And, I’ll suggest that it was, at least, partly his fault for attracting the boys to begin with. I should plant the seed that he is a little faggot cock slut and needs lots of dick to be happy!”
“Exactly. Now, with the twelve niggers, I figure he will be fucked at least ninety times in the three days. He will also be sucking cock pretty much all the time, cleaning dicks and such, but they will unload in his mouth or face about twenty times. I can have them pull out of his ass before they cum and shoot on his face if you prefer more facials! Many fathers really want to see their little son’s face covered with cock slop.”
“Yes, I think I’d like that, as long as they don’t stint on the ass fucking. I want his rectum fully stretched!”
“Oh, it will be, with those black boy pricks, I can assure you that it will be.” Mr. Black leaned forward. “He will be psychologically affected by this experience, as I said. His mind will be damaged to some degree. I mean, he will never be the same little boy as the son you now have. The gang rape experience can turn some boys off to sex for the rest of their lives. And we wouldn’t want that. We want to turn him on to sex and turn him into a cock hungry slut, correct?”
“Oh yes, indeed, in fact, I want to fuck him silly myself eventually. I want him to live to worship his father’s fat cock.”
“Yes, well then, I will include a free of charge follow up just to make sure he turns out the way we want him.”
“Follow up?”
“Aswan, come here,” Mr. Black called, and the handsome youth at the computer rose and walked over to the two men.
“This is Aswan. Shortly after the gang fuck, while your son is still recovering physically, you will introduce him to Aswan. He’ll be a family friend. He will comfort your son, and he will fall in love with Aswan because he is so kind and so very handsome. Believe me that he knows how to make young fuckhole-to-be fall in love with him. He is, as you can see, movie star handsome.”
The beautiful youth blushed a bit.
“About two weeks into the relationship, just as your son is pretty much healed, Aswan will fuck your son for the first time. He will teach him not to feel guilty about being gang fucked, but to enjoy his new status as a fuckhole. He will educate him on how to please a man. Your son thinks Aswan loves him, so he will give Aswan what he wants. Aswan will hold back nothing. He will repeat with your son the very same activities that he underwent with the niggers, but this time it will be done for “love.” Soon, he will not be able to go without cock for even a few hours. Then you may do anything you wish with him. And all of this while he is only twelve years of age.”
“That’s amazing, Mr. Black. Will the sessions with Aswan be filmed also?”
“A complete film record of all of his fucks will be provided to you. Aswan will teach him the fine arts of ass eating and proper scrotum licking. He will learn how to sleep all night with the dick of his beloved in his mouth. He will become complete cock trash.”
“I insist on paying you for this extra consideration.”
Mr. Black waved his hand. “No, no, this is all part of the package. We like to make sure our little fuckholes are well taken care of, and follow up is essential so Aswan here will become your son’s boyfriend.”
Mr. Black snapped his fingers, and the teenage boy opened his sarong and dropped it to the floor. He stood there totally naked, and Bill gasped. Although the boy was not more than sixteen, and although his teenage cock was flaccid, it hung there as thick as a wine bottle and almost eight inches long.
“Aswan is quite unique as you can see. Erect, his dick grows to thirteen inches and is thicker than a baseball bat. He had a hard time finding fuck partners until he met me. Now I find suitable young boys to enjoy his enormous charm! Don’t you think he will make the perfect boyfriend for your little boy?”
“Jesus, he’ll rip his asshole apart.”
“No, your son will be suitably stretched by the weekend nigger fuck. But each time Aswan fucks him, your son will struggle to take all of him. Thirteen inches of dick going into a twelve-year-old boy-cunt provides quite a painful challenge. That cock will have to penetrate his stomach and then some. He will be well stuffed. And because of your son’s love for Aswan, he will take all of him, and then Aswan will insist on fucking balls deep. Your son may never walk properly again.
“When your son is absolutely hooked on cock and needs it several times a day in order to exist, Aswan will drop him Your son will be agitated mentally and emotionally, and sexually distraught. You may now take over with whatever plans you have for him. Personally, after Aswan, I would think about his next lover being a horse! We can arrange that too.”
Mr. Black smiled. Aswan’s hunk of fat teenage fuck meat had grown erect, and it stood out obscenely from the boy’s body. Bill gulped. The cunt banger was grotesque.
“You’re serious about the horse?”
Mr. Black nodded. “Yes, of course. It’s quite popular now. We start with a large dicked pony and work up to a stallion. We have special racks built so the horse dick cannot penetrate too deeply. A stallion provides a cum bath like no other.”
“But can a twelve-year-old boy take a horse dick?”
“We prepare him first with fist fucking. So, all in all, our relationship, I hope is just starting, not concluding.”
“The money has been transferred to your bank account with a respectable tip.”
Bill stood, his dick pushing out the front of his trousers. Aswan looked at it hungrily.
“It’s more than respectable. It will be a pleasure doing business with you, Bill. And I do suggest that after the initial gang fuck weekend, while Aswan is comforting your son and fucking his brains out, that you at least let Aswan suck your cock. He is an expert cocksucker. And you might want to break into some new territory and suck his dick as well. I assure you, you will treasure the experience for the rest of your life. And Merry Christmas!”