Mt. Black in the Tokyo Airport

(Mm) (anal, oral) (humil, sad) (nc)

The fucking flight was delayed indefinitely. It seems some plane had slithered off the runway in the rain, and now the whole airport was at a standstill. The hub was crammed with hundreds of people with nothing to do for hours and hours, so, naturally, Mr. Black’s thoughts turned to sex. Hundreds of darling teenage Japanese, Chinese, and Thai boys stuffed shoulder-to-shoulder, ass-to-crotch, polite excuses as bodies rubbed against bodies.

Mr. Black did not even see the fat, red-faced tourists sweating and fanning themselves with ticket envelopes, shouting out loud that they were American and had to reach their destination at once, and something had better be done. The Japanese airport staff pretty much ignored them too. Why is it that Americans think they can get whatever they want whenever they want it?

Now, Mr. Black, on the other hand, can get whatever he wants whenever he wants it. He had seen the young man earlier in a ticket line, and his dick had gotten hard then. Now with the delay, he had time to play a little. The boy was about seventeen and Japanese. Nice sturdy build, pale, muscular body, smooth, almost girlish face with dark narrow eyes and a shock of black hair with a carefully cultivated unkempt look. He sported a backpack and a cunt.

She was about his age and hung onto him as only a teenage girl in the blush of first love traveling with her boyfriend can do. In other words, she was on holiday with her dream boy, and he had a hole to dump his cum into—three holes to be precise. And from the bulge in his baggy jeans, it looked like he had the equipment to do it. I know what they say about Japs and tiny cocks, but any lover of rice will tell you that that is not always the case and certainly not with hunky seventeen-year-old Azumi.

The kid had a wild, raucous manner about himself, flashing even white teeth every few seconds as he threw back his head and laughed, or puckering his full young lips to plant one on the cunt’s neck or cheek. This was the new Japan with no more of that formal, no intimacy in public bullshit. Mr. Black even saw the cunt brush her hand over the boy’s dick bulge once and give it a little squeeze. How Azumi did laugh then.


Of course, they had a disc player and often sat with ears plugged, slapping a hand on a thigh and bouncing to the silent music while the airport buzzed and shoved around them. And then Azumi had to piss, and Mr. Black had his chance.


In the hub of Narita, there is a little-used upstairs lounge. It has bathrooms and an almost always deserted snack bar. It did not matter if downstairs they were packed in like sardines, upstairs, everything remains calm and tranquil and pretty deserted. Mr. Black had no idea why this upstairs lounge remained Japan’s best-kept secret, but apparently, Azumi knew of it, and that suited Mr. Black just fine.


Mr. Black bowed his head slightly as he passed the handsome guard and followed the hot Jap ass and backpack up the two flights of stairs. The configuration of shit stalls in the airport toilets was central to Mr. Black’s plan. You see, unlike many toilets, the stalls at Narita are small stone rooms with thick walls going from floor to ceiling and doors that go all the way down to the floor, very private, very soundproof, very safe, and somewhat spacious for a shit stall.


Fuck, but the kid was cute. He had an arrogant swagger to his walk and now and then he flipped his head a bit to clear the black hair from out of his eyes. He was not tall, but as I said, compact and hunky as hell.


How the cunt must love to run her tongue over that studly teenage body. Mr. Black loved the thought of horny young teens indulging in their first fuck experiences. It was so romantic. The twat all flushed with love, submitting to her beautiful athletic boyfriend, and swearing eternal love while the sweaty jock only wanted to shove his dick balls deep and empty those fat teenage nuts in the twat’s cunt or mouth or ass. Young, fucking love, there is nothing like it.


The kid had just reached the urinal and was unzipping to unleash his teenage Japanese fuckmeat when Mr. Black grabbed him from behind and spun him across the room into one of the shit stalls. He kicked the door closed behind him and punched the kid hard in the gut. The boy doubled over, and Mr. Black shoved the cute face into the toilet bowl.


“Do you want to live?” he snapped in Japanese.


The boy tried to kick and struggle and fight back, so Mr. Black had to ram the pretty face into the hard porcelain of the inside of the toilet. A little blood discolored the clean, clear water in the toilet. Mr. Black flushed the toilet, and water cascaded over the black hair of the already drowning teenager.


“Do you want to live?”


The kid could not answer, of course, since his face was underwater. It could have been worse; the toilet could have been unflushed. Mr. Black grabbed a handful of black hair and yanked the cute punky face out of the bowl.


“Do you want to live?”


The kid started to scream for help, and Mr. Black was forced to backhand the boy a dozen times. The teenager’s cute young face swung from side to side with the blows, several teeth were loosened in the process. A crack in the lip caused blood to flow and join the trickle already coming from the Jap’s nose.


“Don’t you fucking scream,” Mr. Black hissed. He hated recalcitrant teens. “Don’t you fucking scream on me.”


He brought his knee up into the kid’s crotch and felt a nice fat ball sack. The boy made a sound as if he had just swallowed an apple whole and crumpled to the floor of the stall. Mr. Black tore off the boy’s backpack and stuffed it in the corner. Then he ripped open the boy's jacket and shirt, revealing a well-developed hairless chest and two nice big brown nipples. Mr. Black took a teenage tit in each hand and pulled the boy up by his udders. At the same time, he stepped on the boy’s crotch, so the kid was stretched with his tits almost two inches from his chest. He made strangled gurgling sounds that Mr. Black rather enjoyed.


“When I ask you a question, you answer politely and quietly and respectfully like a good little Japanese boy is supposed to do. Do you want to live?”


“Hei!” the kid burbled, and a little blood drooled down onto his pecs.


“Be a good boy, and you will live. You’ll be able to go back to your cunt and catch your flight and have a nice holiday. Be a bad boy, and you will die here in this stall. Do you understand?”


“Hei,” the boy mumbled, his eyes frantic and wild with shock.


“Good. Now stand up and take off all your clothes.”


The boy just kind of stared dumbly at Mr. Black, so he let go of the raw, red sore teen tits, and he rammed two fingers up the kid's nose and dragged him up on tiptoe.


“You’re moving too slow. I have a flight to catch.”


The boy was in pain, no doubt about it. When Mr. Black released him, he started to strip. The boy almost sobbed as he hopped on one foot at a time to kick off his sandals. He removed his jacket and shirt, revealing a beautiful smooth pale torso with black forests of armpit hair, which was a perfect contrast to the otherwise hairless upper body. My, my, his tits were pouty and sore. Perhaps, Mr. Black had been a bit too harsh.


“You want my money? You want my clothes?”


“Do I want your clothes and money? No, you stupid cunt. What would I do with your clothes, and does it look like I need money? Christ, my sunglasses alone cost five hundred dollars. No, young man, I want your pussy.”


The half-naked kid froze. He looked up at Mr. Black, long black eyelashes fluttering. Fear clouded the narrow slits of eyes.


“I don’t do that,” he managed finally.


“You do today.”


Mr. Black laughed, as he reached out and grabbed clumps of moist armpit hair and twisted. The boy’s face screwed up with pain.


“Take off your pants. Hurry up!”


The baggy jeans dropped to the floor, and the blue boxers soon after. Azumi was a darling little stud. His legs were strong as tree trunks and sprinkled with black hair. He had a nice bush at the crotch and a really fat long foreskin on his prick, which swung over loose egg-sized nuts. Mr. Black reached down and gave the fat swinging sack a good hard slap. The teenage boy howled and hopped hopelessly from one finely arched wide food to the other. Mr. Black spun the kid around to take a look at his ass. All right! Solid muscular ass globes, a deep hairless crack, and if this boy’s protests could be believed, a cherry pussy hole. Mr. Black squeezed each ass cheek, and the boy whimpered. Then Mr. Black spun the boy back around to face him. He took the kid’s terrified face in his hands.


“Look, pussyboy. Get this straight; I’m only going to say it once.


I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to turn your asshole into a cunt. I have nothing personal against you. I have a long flight ahead of me and need to unload my fuck sack. Otherwise, I won’t be able to sleep on the plane. You happen to be a very cute teenage boy, so I guess it’s just your hard luck that you are going to be my twat boy.”


The kid chewed his lip, and tears spilled from his beautiful terrified eyes. He rose up on bare tiptoes, and Mr. Black tightened his grip on the kid’s face and drew him up closer. He kissed the boy on the mouth. The teenager groaned and sobbed. Mr. Black forced tongue into the kid’s mouth, knowing the lad would never dare to bite or resist.


“Now, I want you to be a good little girl for me, and everything will be just fine. When I kiss you, you kiss me back. Give me lots of teenage tongue and spit, I like that. Stick your tits way out, as far as you can. Don’t fight me. Work with me here. I don’t want to hurt you any more than I have to, but I expect full cooperation.


“I’m going to chew on your nipple now. It will hurt because I intend to chew really hard, but I don’t want you to cry out. I want you to show me what a good obedient girl you can be. He sucked the fat boy tit into his mouth and started to chew. It must have hurt terribly for the boy’s strong teenage legs gave up, and he began to slump toward the floor. Mr. Black, without releasing the sore nipple from his mouth, reached down, grabbed the boy by the scrotum, and hauled him back up. The boy trembled with pain.


“You have a wonderful ball bag, boy,” Mr. Black said, releasing the nipple which was bleeding and raw looking. “It’s a damn shame I don’t have more time to play with you. I could really have some fun with your nutsack.”


“Please...please...” the teenage boy burbled as Mr. Black squeezed the fuck eggs as hard as he could.


“Please, what? Please, fuck you? Of course, I will, but first I want you to suck my cock a little.”


“Please…I’m not gay.”


The naked boy was thrown down to the floor like a rag doll.


“Nobody gives a fuck what you are.”


Mr. Black unzipped. His dick was hard and drooling from the fun foreplay. The prominent veins in the Coke-can-thick prick pulsed, and the kid gulped bug-eyed at the sight. This is a man’s cock, my little Nippon Nip, not a little Japanese sausage like the one you boys carry. This is a real honest to god white man’s fuck slab. Look how big that pisshole is. Look at these nuts, girlie. Smell my dick and balls. I’ve been flying for eleven hours, and they are pretty rank, so you can just clean them up with your tongue.”


The Japanese schoolboy knelt there frozen with shock and revulsion, so Mr. Black grabbed a handful of hair and shoved the pretty teenage face into his sweaty sex bloated genitals.


“Lick me up good, girlie, and maybe I’ll go easy on your twat.”


The boy was choking his own tears. His face was wet with tears and drool, and now the dick and ball sweat. Mr. Black rubbed his throbbing fuckmeat all over the boy’s smooth beardless face.


“Fuck, your mouth is just like a little girl’s pussy. Those lips of yours are just like baby girl cunt lips. Suck my dick Jap boy as if your life depended on it because you know what, it does.”


Mr. Black’s spitting prick was almost as big as the boy’s whole face, such a fucking thick freakish dick. How could this teenage kid take it all in his mouth? Mr. Black was persistent. He knew the athletic young boy could do it if he really put his mind to it. And if he ripped the kid’s throat a little bit, so what? He didn’t have time to fuck around with the kid.


He grabbed the teenager by the ears and started to fuck his face roughly. He shoved more and more dick into the mouth of the gagging, sobbing, hysterical Japanese boy. He forced his prick in until he was balls deep and could see the outline of his monster cock in the kid’s throat. He massaged the boy’s soft, smooth neck, feeling his dick inside there, stroking his dick through the throat skin. The boy was being strangled by cock. His body flopped around like a broken puppet. His eyes rolled back in his beautiful head. Mr. Black pulled out until only the drooling dickhead remained in the boy’s mouth.


“Breath in, quickly,” he warned and then rammed his prick scrotum deep again until his saggy sack of nut flesh was slapping against the boy’s chin.


“Yeah, there is nothing like a virgin throat massaging your big throbbing leaking pisser. Very good, girlie. I could do this all night, but I have to fuck you now.”


He pulled the dick out, and the boy slumped to the floor, gulping for air. The teenage chest heaved, and the tight young tummy fluttered. Mr. Black reached down, grabbed the boy around the slender waist, and hauled him up.


“Come on, sweetheart, cherry popping time. It’s the famous cherry popping festival in Japan.”


Mr. Black swung the little athletic body around until the ass faced him, and the kid was bent over the toilet. The boy put his hands on the toilet rim to brace himself.


“Ugh…ugh...baby, I need you to reach back and spread your ass cheeks nice and wide for me. I wanna get a real good look at your cherry blossom.”


The boy was half choking, half sobbing as he reached back and spread his muscular young ass cheeks. The crack was deep and sexy. The hole itself tiny and corrugated, a lovely brown pink. Very clean as most Asians are.


“My, my, my, you have a beautiful pussy, young man. That is the prettiest boy-twat I have seen in weeks.”


Mr. Black reached out and rubbed one finger over the puckered asshole. The boy wailed and fell to his knees. Mr. Black shoved the kid’s head in the toilet again to get him together. He made the boy standing there with his ass cheeks spread and bent over the toilet while he played with the boy’s virgin hole. He rubbed one then two fingers over the ass-cunt, and then shoved a finger in deep. The boy almost blacked out from pain and humiliation.


“Pl…pl…pl...please don’t do this to me. I beg you,” the kid whimpered.


“Shhh,” Mr. Black soothed, “keep your ass cheeks spread, boy, nice and wide.”


He ran one large, strong hand up the boy’s back collecting the sweat and then deposited it on the pussy hole.


“Who knows, you might enjoy this so much that first chance you get you’ll dump the cunt and get all your school buddies to fuck you from now on. I have known it to happen. My, my, look how nicely your nut sack swings when I play with your cunt. I truly wish I had about a week to work you over, darling. You would be a different boy when I finished; I can promise you that.


“I’m going to put my big dick into your tiny little ass now. It’s going to hurt worse than anything in your entire life does. You will think you are going to die. You will want to die, but you will be a good little slut and push back against my big fat prick. I’m going to fuck you very, very hard.”


The boy was gulping air like he could not breathe. His stomach fluttered with butterflies. Mr. Black held him around the waist with one hand and shoved his dick in with the other. It was a beautiful fuck—rough and mean, and insistent and horrible. Blood trickled from the asshole. Mr. Black pulled all the way out and then plunged in again and again. The kid was totally out of it. Not even screaming or crying anymore, just kind of hanging there, swinging his head from side to side on each fuck stab. At some point, he had bitten his tongue, and blood now ran down over his chin and dripped into the toilet.


The little Jap rectum was really tight—at first, anyway. Mr. Black fucked the boy like this for fifteen minutes. Twice he pulled out and spun the kid around and made him suck his own ass slime and blood off the throbbing prick. Then he fucked some more.


When he finally came, he jammed the boy’s head into the toilet and held it underwater while he shot his load. When he finally finished, he, of course, made the now docile beaten Japanese teenager lick his dick and balls spotlessly clean. The kid puked into the toilet. Mr. Black was kind enough to help the boy clean up a bit.


“Now, you go back to your girlfriend and have a really nice trip, you hear? And don’t even think about telling anyone about this. I’m traveling with friends, and they’re not nearly as nice as I am. I would love to piss in your mouth, but there just isn’t time since that would arouse me all over again, and then I’d need to play with you some more. Bye, bye.”


The sight of the bruised and beaten teen limping out of the men’s lounge was strangely erotic. The boy wracked his brain as to what he could tell his girlfriend, surely not the truth. He had to save face at all costs. He would say he fell down a flight of stairs. It was humiliating, but not degrading.


Ironically, there is a coda to the story. You see, Mr. Black never did get his Bangkok flight that night. Everybody was rerouted. He was flown to Hong Kong for the night, along with about three hundred other stranded passengers. At the Hong Kong airport hotel, worn and weary, after checking in, who should he spy as he was making his way to his room but the little recently fucked Japanese hunk and his girlfriend. Mr. Black could not resist calling the boy’s room.


“It seems we do have time to play some more. Be at my room, number five forty-six, in ten minutes. I don’t care what you tell the cunt, but you will be spending the night with me. I was beginning to think I was going to have to fuck a bellhop, but I’d rather play rough with you. I’ve got some fun toilet games in mind, and I know how you Jap boys love bondage. Don’t be late. You know how angry I can get. And don’t even think about not showing up.”


Nine and half minutes later, there was a rap at the door. Mr. Black opened it. There stood the hunky Japanese teenager, head hanging, eyes looking down at the floor. He wore a small pair of red running shorts and a tee shirt, nothing else. It was going to be a good night.