Mr. Black in the Barn

(MB) (anal, oral, scat, ws) (humil, rough) (nc) (beast)

Jason crouched at the entrance to the barn. He was sixteen-years-old, of slender build with curly hair, and bare- ass naked. Inside the barn, they were setting up lights and getting the camera's ready. Jason was trembling, not from cold, but from fear. His body was smooth and hairless, and he wore glasses, giving him the look of a young intellect, or a nerd. He had a cute face, though, and that lent a kind of strange beauty to his lack of muscle and strength. He was a sensitive boy. A shy boy.

Next to him stood Mr. Black, dressed in expensive gray slacks, a black shirt and matching tie, and a gray and black tweed sports coat. There was a slight chill in the night air. Mr. Black glanced down at Jason's nipples. Yes, they were pouty and hard, like pebbles.

"It won't be long now, Jason, they are almost ready with the cameras."


"Oh, God, I don't think I can do this. I really don't think I can do this." Jason's voice was thick with fear.


"As I see it, Jason, you really don't have much choice. Now, we've been all through this. You promised to be a good boy."


This was not how it was supposed to be. It had started out so simply. Jason had agreed to pose for some naked photos over the internet in exchange for cash. He really needed the money. He came from a poor family and couldn't afford college. Education was Jason's route out of his dull, drab, hopeless life. His family never understood him. His brother was a jock and popular. His brother made fun of him and called him a faggot. Jason's dad took his brother's side in everything, and lately had event taken to calling Jason faggot. Imagine your own father, calling you faggot! Jason's mom was loving and sensitive, but she didn't dare speak out.


So, one evening, out of desperation, Jason had agreed to masturbate on his bed with a video cam watching him. It wasn't his cam. Oh, no, he was too poor to have one. He had rented it with money sent by Mr. Black. Mr. Black had seen potential in the boy from the online chats and had invested in him. Jason felt good about that, even though posing naked really scared him. He was thin and not very muscular. Who would think him cute? Mr. Black had insisted that he wore his glasses when he masturbated. He said it added charm.


It really hadn't been all that hard to do. After all, only a camera watched him. That was the first time. Then Mr. Black had wanted him to masturbate again, but this time in front of a live group of men. Jason had refused, and Mr. Black had informed the boy that since he had invested time and money in the kid, Jason owed it to him.


He then had some of his goons beat Jason up. Not badly, but painfully. They knew where to hit a guy, how to pinch him, which nerves to touch to send waves of pain through a body. Jason now lived in fear. He had to do what Mr. Black wanted. That was how it started.


It got worse and worse of course. Soon, Mr. Black, had Jason sucking cock on film, all kinds of cock, Latino cocks with thick foreskins, enormous black cocks, white cock, cocks of young boys and cocks of fat, old men, cocks of studs, and cocks of dwarves. Jason became a cocksucking star at sixteen. His films sold well because he often cried while sucking the dicks. Audiences loved that.


When Jason had tried to run away, Mr. Black had dragged him back and submitted him to an electric shock session. Then he had threatened to send the cocksucking films to his mother. This almost killed Jason. It hurt far more than the shock. He loved his mother more than anything in the world. The one thing he wanted was for her to be proud of him, so he continued with the horror imposed on him.


Next, of course, Jason was ass fucked. Mr. Black himself fucked him the first time. He liked intellectual looking boys in glasses. He rammed the lovely, smooth pale ass of the sixteen-year-old boy mercilessly. He stretched Jason's tender, pink asshole obscenely. Jason screamed out in agony, and the camera caught it all. Then Jason was gang-fucked. In one film, an entire black basketball team fucked his ass in a locker room.


Jason was a fucked up mess. Mr. Black, true to his word, had given Jason quite a bit of money for his talents, but what good was that, when Jason couldn't get out? Jason couldn't quit!


"Okay, I think they are ready. When I yell, action, you know what to do. This is going to be a big moneymaker for us, Jason."


Mr. Black reached down and rubbed his hand through Jason's curls like he was an animal. Well, he was, wasn't he? How had it come it this? Simple! You have to up the ante. You have to increase the stakes. The audiences get tired of the same old thing, so the humiliation, the degradation, and the abuse have to escalate. It's simple marketing.


"Action," cried Mr. Black.


Slim, young, cute Jason crawled naked into the barn. The cameras picked him up. With the lights on him, he crawled with his ass up high, as he had been taught. He made sure his scrotum swung as he crawled. Mr. Black hated retakes. The barn stank of straw, leather, horse, and shit. Jason kept his legs wide apart as he crawled. It was harder to crawl this way, but the cameras could catch his teenage balls swinging better that way. Now the cold was gone, and Jason was sweating under the hot lights used for filming. Mr. Black's videos were of the highest quality.


"Over there, to your right!" Mr. Black directed.


Jason turned his body and crawled to his right. Sure enough, there it was, right in front of him. A huge, steaming pile of fresh horse shit. Jason felt faint. He wanted to die. He crawled until his face was over the pile of horseshit. He held his breath so as not to pass out as the smell was so overwhelming.


"Do it!" Mr. Black yelled.


The cameramen were shooting with one hand, and jerking on their dicks with the other. It was so sexy, watching a bare-ass naked, teenage boy so totally degraded. Mr. Black sure knew how to do it. Nobody did it better! Not even Roger Moore. If you listened hard, amid the sounds of the stable, the horses stomping and shifting in their stalls, a roaming farm dog snuffing around, you could hear the steady thumping of the cameramen masturbating their dicks as they watched the bare-assed boy.


Jason felt weak. His body started to slump.


"Ass up! Keep that cunt up in the air!" Mr. Black directed.


Jason immediately arched his back and shoved his ass globes high in the air. He had been taught to make sure his cunt is always available.


"You are wasting film, motherfucker!" Mr. Black yelled.


Jason stuck his tongue out of his mouth and leaned down, touching the very tip to the pile of horseshit. You could hear the cameramen suck in their breath. They couldn't fucking believe what they were filming. Jason started to lick at the pile of horseshit. Like some kind of sick, fucking animal, he licked at and then began to eat the horse shit!


"Holy Fuck!" One of the cameramen said, getting a close-up of the boy's beautiful, full lips covered in horseshit.


Jason had to eat the entire pile of horseshit. That was Mr. Black's order. He had to lick his lips at the camera, open his mouth and show it full of shit. When G. Gordon Liddy said "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!" he was wrong. What doesn't kill you, makes you more submissive, less human, even more vulnerable! And Mr. Black liked nothing more than a vulnerable boy. His only wish was that Jason had been a few years younger. A twelve-year-old boy forced to eat horseshit really brings in the money.


"Okay, move on, Fuckface!"


Young Jason lifted his shit-covered face from the stable floor. There was even a smudge of shit on his glasses. He looked utterly pathetic and very sexy. His dick swung as he crawled on in the stable, and over to the second pile of horseshit. His stomach already felt bloated. He burped, and horseshit smell came out of his mouth. Brown strings of saliva ran from his chin.


"Oh, God, I can't" he moaned as he stared down at the second huge pile of horse turd.


"Go for it, Asswipe!"


The dicks of the cameramen were leaking all over the place.


Sixteen-year-old Jason ate the second pile of horseshit, then a third. Then he vomited, and the camera caught all of that. Then Mr. Black ordered him to lick his vomit off the barn floor!


"You make a mess, you clean it up!"


Mr. Black's dick was hard as iron in his pants. How the fuck far could he take this boy? Was there nothing the boy would not do? Mr. Black intended to find out.


Next, the sixteen-year-old kid was ordered to crawl over to one of the stalls. His face was covered in horseshit. It dripped onto his chest as he knelt up. He faced the horse's ass. The horse's tail had been cut, and only a stubby nub jutted out over the horse's asshole.


"That horse is completely immobile. He has been braced and tethered. He cannot buck. There is nothing to be afraid of, Jason. Now, Jason, I want you to lick and suck on and eat out the horse's asshole! While you do it, I want you to masturbate. Do not cum, but jerk the hell out of your teenage dick while you tongue fuck and suck on that horse's shit hole!"


The entire stable spun. Jason thought he would faint. He stood up, grabbed his nice, thick teenage prick, and started to beat it. He bent over slightly to bring his face to the horse ass. The cameras moved in. The camera men were going nuts, masturbating their own throbbing, leaking dicks. Jason brought his cute, young face up to the horse ass and reared back from the stench. Even though his own face was covered with horse shit, an overwhelming gaseous smell emanated from the horse's ass. He yanked harder on his dick and leaned over, swiping his tongue over the asshole. The horse stomped and shifted in his fetters. He made a snorting sound. Jason tongued the horse asshole. He licked up and down and then stuck his tongue into the shithole. It was the grossest thing any of the young, muscular cameramen had ever seen. It wasn't nearly the grossest thing Mr. Black had ever seen or ordered a boy to do, but it was right up there. Now with a little bit of luck, and if the stuff given to the horse would work...


Jason stuck his tongue way up the horse ass, then suddenly he felt the rectum move and a pressure against his tongue, and then a huge mass of wet, liquid horseshit shot out of the ass and splattered Jason in the face!


"Eureka!" shouted Mr. Black.


The timing had been perfect. Jason fell back entirely covered in horseshit! His nose and mouth were clogged with it. His eyes were plastered shut with it. He gasped for breath and clumps of shit went down his gullet. He rolled in the hay, puking and gasping, entirely covered in horse shit. Two of the camera men came. Jason's naked body jerked uncontrollably. It was very sexy. His dick that he had been pumping stood up pink and untouched by the shit.


Now the horse in the stall started to piss, and one of the stagehands grabbed the horse dick and turned the spray on Jason. The strong spray of horse piss cleaned most of the shit off the suffering boy. The spray of piss was aimed at his face, and Mr. Black told him to open his mouth. Horse piss filled the boy's mouth. Mr. Black ordered him to gargle with it before he swallowed. This was an added bonus to the film.


The rest of the film was rather mundane. Jason would lick the horse balls, then jerk the horse dick, and finally lick and suck it. Mr. Black had a theory that even horses had to have sexual relief, and faggots had to learn that their job was to serve cock, any and all cock. Jason was learning that lesson. There he knelt, totally naked and cute as anything, licking the enormous pink and black spotted horse dick while his hands played with the low hanging, horse nuts. The boy was learning well. He still had a way to go.


Mr. Black had another favorite quote, "There's always one step further down you can go!"


"Now suck that horse dick. Get as much as you can into your throat. Don't be afraid of the pain! Get that horse cock way into you!"


The next step, of course, would be to get Jason fucked in the ass by horse cock, but he wasn't ready for that yet. That would be some weeks off. Mr. Black was now confident that Jason was totally his. He wouldn't need to threaten the boy anymore. The kid was broken. He would do whatever Mr. Black wanted. Later that night, Mr. Black would watch the rushes from the day's filming. He would make Jason watch with him so the full force of the boy’s complete degradation would be brought down upon him. While they watched, Mr. Black would gently masturbate the boy's dick, never letting him shoot, but telling him all the while, what a good little pig he was becoming. Then Mr. Black would fuck the boy.