Mr. Black Hits the Mark

(MB) (anal, oral, ws) (humil)

Fourteen-year-old Mark Wess leaned back from his his cute bottom lip. The message on his screen was . Mark was kid at five foot nine, one hundred and pounds with blond hair and blue eyes and trim body. He was also an adventurous kid. At fourteen, had three girls around with guys. Like many boys his age, Mark was experimenting to find out exactly what he liked. One thing he knew he was internet . Mark spent most of his homework study time jerking fuck sites. His favorite turn- juice the Mr. Black stories, and he had recently started a letter exchange with dale10, the author of the . Mark was very in this kind of humiliation. He had admitted to dale home alone he often the house bare-assed pretending to be a slave.

But this message form dale10 was most interesting. It said, "Mr. Black and I have a little surprise for you." No attachments, no dirty photos of teenage boys getting fucked in the ass or mouth, just the message.

"Hmmm," Mark said while tapping his fingers on his blue boxer shorts crotch, feeling his firm, throbbing teen cock. He loved to read dirty stories and finger his prick, which was somewhere between five and a half and six inches long when hard but growing every day.


"Mark, somebody to see you." His mom yelled from downstairs.


Mark snapped off his computer, adjusted his drooling dick in his shorts, slipped into some baggy jeans and a tee shirt and turned toward the door. It was probably one of his buddies from school, wanting some homework help or dropping into gab about hot high school cunt. Mark was considered quite the stud by boys his age because he had fucked. Of course, he was nothing compared to the older boys who fucked girls almost every day. Mark didn't bother to slip any shoes or socks on his size ten feet. He tromped down the stairs only to be mystified by the sight of the well-dressed dark-haired middle-aged man standing in the hall.


"Yeah?" Mark said.


He feared it was someone from school to report something he had done wrong. The man was good-looking and dressed expensively in a burgundy sweater and pleated gray trousers. He carried a camel colored top coat over one arm.


"Hello, Mark, I'm delighted to meet you."


The guy extended one hand, and Mark took it. The strong grip was firm and sure, and perhaps he held on just a fraction too long.


"Eh...I'm sorry…but I don't know who you are..." Mark said.


"Don't you? You should. I am Mr. Black."


Mark felt this heart drop into his lower intestine. His throat was suddenly clogged with something that made swallowing impossible. It couldn't be...not that Mr. Black. But the man smiled.


"Yes, Mark, that Mr. Black, and I've come to play with you."


"You can't be. How did you find me? I mean…I…"


"Come come, Mark, you told dale enough stuff about yourself, and you've read my stories. You know that I have unlimited resources. It was easy. I've come a long way to be with you."


"Yeah…but…I...I…I mean…I read your stories, sure...but I don't...I mean..."


Mark's incoherent jabber was silenced by the arrival of his mom down the hall.


"Sorry about that, I was on the phone with Mark's father. Now, what can we do for you, Mr. Black?"


"Well, Mrs. Wess. We are conducting a talent search. Mark applied to us on the internet."


Mr. Black smiled, and Mark looked at the floor. What was this man up to? What would he say? Could he be the real Mr. Black? Could the stories be real?


"Yes, he’s always on that computer of his. I don't know what he all looks up, but he seems to enjoy it. So he applied to you, for what may I ask?"


"My company makes videos. We are always looking for new models."

The middle-aged woman lit up.


"For like television commercials?"


"Something like that. We travel the country auditioning models. We, of course, can only accept a few. Professional modeling can be a rewarding and exciting field to get into, but only a few young men are suited for it. Of course, after I interview Mark, if I think he qualifies, I will sit down with you and Mr. Wess to explain to you how our company works. I might just add that we are well aware of the importance of education and we schedule all our work around a boy’s studies."


Mr. Black winked at Mark, and the fourteen-year-old teen curled his toes in the hall carpet. Yeah, sure, schedule around his studies like the boys in the stories who go to high school all day and then after school they report to be fucked up the ass and tortured and abused by Mr. Black's clients. Mark was terrified.


Mrs. Wess took the man's coat.


"Well, if you'd like someplace to interview mark privately, why don’t you go up to his room. It will give you a good chance to learn about him. We're awfully proud of our Mark. His brother will be excited to learn that he might be a model."


Mr. Black smiled.


"We sometimes do work with brothers..."


"Really?" the woman beamed. "Well, if you want my vote, I'd say Mark was cute enough to be one of those teen models in the magazines."


She laughed, and Mark turned red as he saw Mr. Black look down at the cock bulge in the boy’s jeans.


"He seems to have potential. Well then let’s get on with the interview, shall we?"


Mark, at last, conquered his shock and fear and stepped in.


"Eh...couldn’t we do this some other time? I mean I have lots of homework and..."


"Now, Mark, that's rude. This nice man has come from...a long way I’ll bet just to see you. Now, take him up to your room, and I'll bring up some soft drinks."


Mr. Black smiled again.


"Actually, I'd like to talk to him uninterrupted. Perhaps we could come down for soft drinks later when your husband come home."


"An excellent suggestion, Mr. Black. Go on, Mark, don’t be shy with Mr. Black."


"No, don't be shy with Mr. Black," the man whispered watching the fourteen-year-old boy’s ass cheeks rise and fall as he climbed the stairs ahead of him.


Mr. Black closed the bedroom door and locked it.


"Eh…my Mom doesn’t like me locking the door. It…eh...it..."


"Why don’t you take off all your clothes, Mark?"


Mr. Black eased himself into Mark's desk chair.


"Look, sir, I really don't want to play this. I mean I appreciate you've come a long way and I'm sorry about the mistake. I don't know what to say…except…yeah…I like dirty stories, but I don't actually do that kind of stuff."


"You told dale you took dick up the ass."


"Yeah, well...shit…I've tried some things. I have experimented, but I don’t see as that’s any of your business quite frankly."


Mr. Black was out of the chair so fast that Mark never saw him coming. It must have been that Hung Gar Kung Fu that he learned from a Sifu in China. Mr. Black struck the boy. He slapped Mark’s face with such terrible force that the boy's hair flew as his head snapped from side to side. He feared his teeth would be knocked out. Then Mr. Black was seated calmly back in the chair.


“Strip off your clothes and let me see your body, Mark."


Mark tried to stand tall. His ears rang from the slaps and his head hurt.


"What if I don't? What if I call my mom?"


Suddenly, there was a nine-millimeter, automatic pistol in Mr. Black's hand.


"Then I will have to shoot your mother in the head and your father when he comes home, and then your brother. And then you will strip for me."


The man was evidently a lunatic. Mark almost pissed his pants.


"You know from my stories that I mean what I say. So strip now!"


Mark peeled his tee shirt up over his lean torso revealing his tight tummy, his well-formed but not overly muscular pecs and his delicate, brown nipples. His armpits were sweating from fear. He was really terrified now.


"Why are you here? What do you want from me?" he stammered.


"Oh, Mark, don't be a stupid little cunt. You must know. You sounded like an adorable kid who could use some sexual exposure, so I have come to you, here in your home, to fuck your cute, little, teenage ass. "


"Oh, Christ, you're not kidding. This isn’t some kind of a joke?"


"I fully intend to turn you from a healthy, normal, teenage boy into a cock crazy fuck slut, so we had better get going, huh?"


Mark closed his eyes. Sweat ran down his face. This had to be a dream. A horrible sex nightmare from which he would soon wake, but he opened his eyes, and the man with the gun was still there. With trembling fingers, he undid the button on his jeans and let them fall around his ankles.


"Cute, very cute, but from now on, Mark, I don’t want you to ever wear underwear. You will sleep bare-assed, and you will go to school bare-assed beneath your jeans. I want your teenage dick to hang free and your ass ready to be fucked by dick at all times."


"I have to wear underwear, my mom washes it, and she will get suspicious if it’s not dirty."


"You stupid twat, in the morning, when you wake up, wipe your ass sweat and ball gunge on a pair of shorts and the same at night, and then your mom can still smell your dick and balls on the underwear. Now, strip them off and let me see your prick and nuts."


"Please...please...I don't want to do this. Look I promise I won’t read your stories anymore. I just want a normal teenage life, okay?"


"It’s a little late for that. Shall I call your mother so you can strip in front of her? Do you want me to make her suck your dick?"


Fourteen-year-old Mark Wess peeled off his shorts. Mr. Black liked what he saw — sweet, full nuts, a little blond ball hair, a three-inch flaccid dick that still had some growing to do. The boy had definite potential. The kid was so boyish, so perfectly teen, and so fuckable.


"Very nice, Mark, now turn slowly around so I can see your ass. Don’t cover your cock with your hands. Put yourself on display for me like the cheap, little faggot slut you want to be. If you want to fuck twat at fourteen and take it up the ass, then you have to be prepared to play with the big boys and girls. Bounce a little on your feet, so your balls jiggle. Very nice. How does that feel, Mark? You said humiliation turned you on."


"It feels terrible, and I don’t like it at all," the boy snapped.


"Tough titty, now, kneel on the bed, Mark, away from me, then use your hands to spread your ass cheeks so I can see your fuckhole."


"Oh, god…please…no..." Mark moaned even as he climbed onto his bed. "Please don't let this happen to me...."


"It wasn’t a week ago you were telling dale you would love to meet me. Be careful what you wish for Mark. Now lean on your shoulders, legs apart, ass up. Now, reach back and spread your ass cheeks nice and wide. And you know how angry I get when a boy doesn’t spread his cheeks wide enough."


Mark’s ample balls swung back and forth as he reached back and grabbed a smooth, tight ass cheek in each hand and pulled. His round pink asshole came into view. It was hairless and perfect.


"Oh, Mark, do you know how beautiful your pussy hole is? The men who buy my videos will just love that tiny, pink rosebud. You have a perfect teenage boy-pussy. Let me get out my digital camera and get a shot of that. Great, now roll over on your back for me and lift and spread your legs like a little whore. Are you crying, Mark? That's all right. I like photos of teenage, tough boys crying like little cunts."


With his mom downstairs, Mark lay there on his bedroom bed with his legs spread exposing everything as this pervert took photos of him.


"You know this is moving along quite nicely. We’re making fine progress. That’s because you realize from my stories that it's useless to resist me. I always get what I want. Now masturbate your dick into a nice, stiff hard-on for me, will you?"


Beautiful, blond-haired Mark Wess curled one trembling hand around his shrunken penis and began to yank on it. He was worried it wouldn’t get stiff. He massaged his balls and at last in desperation stuck a finger up his asshole.


"Oh, that's cute, Mark. Let me get a shot of that. Tell you what, stick four fingers up your asshole for me."


"I can't get four fingers up there. I just can't."


"Sure you can, Mark, and you can do it in thirty seconds too, or I'll call your mom up here and have her stick four of her fingers up your asshole. You wouldn’t like that, would you? Boys your age generally don’t like their mom's fingers up their asses."


The room spun, tears clouded his vision, but the nightmare wouldn’t stop. Mark reached down and shoved two fingers up his asshole. He'd done that before lots of times when he jacked-off, but never four. Now a third worked its way into his rectum. It hurt terribly. He squirmed on the bed. He looked pleadingly at Mr. Black. He chewed his lower lip. He snorted and sobbed as tears clogged his nose and throat and then he brutally shoved a fourth finger up his tight, teenage asshole stretching the corrugated pink pucker of skin. He grunted as he shoved the fingers into his tight asshole.


"Now, with your other hand, keep jerking off." Mr. Black said


Mr. Black continued snapping photos of the boy. Mark's dick started to get thicker, and then it flopped and finally got stiff.


"Great, let me see that hard-on. Wonderful, show it to the camera, arch your hips up. Fine, you can take the fingers out of your cunt now. Now, stand up."


Mark climbed shakily from the bed. His hard dick was bobbing and swaying. He was breathing very heavily. His tight smooth tummy was sucked in. A sheen of sweat covered his pecs, and his nipples were hard as little stones.


"You know, Mark, I feel like a soft drink after all. Why don’t you go downstairs and get one for me?"


Mark reached for his jeans, but Mr. Black stopped him.


"No, Mark, go for it bare-ass naked, just like you are and don't lose that hard on."


The boy's eyes grew wide and his mouth opened in soundless horror. Finally, he found the words.


"But my Ma's downstairs...she'll see me..."


"Not if you are very clever and very sneaky. You've only got two minutes, so you better hurry."


Mr. Black took the barrel of the automatic and pushed it into Mark's asshole. Choking back sobs, Mark unlocked the door and went out into the upstairs hall. His mom was watching TV, so he ran past the open living room doorway and into the kitchen. He snatched a Coke from the fridge and scurried back, his balls swinging, his cock flopping, his bare feet feeling alien and strange on the hall steps.


"Mark, is that you?"


His mom’s voice rang out. She was still watching the TV, but she yelled over her shoulder. Mark's hunky teenage body froze on the stairs.


"Eh...yeah, Mom, I'm getting a Coke. Mr. Black was thirsty after all."


He bounded up the stairs and into his room sweat spraying from his naked body, dripping from his scrotum and ass crack. He stood there, back against the door holding the Coke at arm’s length for Mr. Black.


"I changed my mind, Mark. You drink it."


"I don't wanna," the confused boy muttered.


"But, I want you to. What you want from now on is irrelevant. I tell you what to do, and you do it. It’s as simple as that. Now drink the Coke."


Mark drank the Coke.


"Can empty? Good." Mr. Black smiled. "Now piss in the Coke can."


Mark frowned. His cute teenage face looked darling that way, all pouty and worried. He took his teenage prick in one hand and put the dickhead to the hole in the Coke can. He closed his eyes and concentrated as Mr. Black continued to take photos of his debasement. At last, a trickle of pungent, yellow piss sprayed from the boy’s large pisshole. The trickle turned into a stream filling the can with piss. Mark studied his own pissing prick with a look of pathetic depression. The piss stopped.


"Outstanding, Mark. Now, drink it."


"Oh, god, Mr. Black...sir...do I gotta drink my piss?"


"Yes, Mark, you gotta. Smart assed teenage boys like you should all be turned into toilet mouthed piss drinkers. It keeps a boy in line, keeps him humble. You'll soon get used to the taste of piss don't worry. It’s an acquired taste, I'll admit. Now drink."


The piss was still very warm, almost hot. It tasted sour and bitter all at once. Mark gagged as he gulped down the foul urine. At least it was his own piss.


"Now, come kiss me, Mark. I want to taste your piss on your lips."


The big man wrapped the naked teenage boy in his arms and kissed him long and deep. He forced his tongue into the boy's mouth. He explored the boy’s cheeks, gums, tongue, and throat. He slopped spit into the kid's mouth. Mark felt very sick to his stomach but dared not protest. Then Mr. Black pulled back and spit right into the boy's face five times with vast gobs of snotty spit.


"You’re nothing but a little cock pig, Mark. You have to learn that. You have much to learn. I see there is a little ledge outside your bedroom window. Open the window and crawl out onto that ledge."


"But it’s freezing outside. It’s snowy and icy and...and...and..."


The boy became wracked with sobs. Mr. Black slapped the boy’s bare ass.


"Climb outside now!"


Poor Mark opened the window, a blast of frigid air charged into the room. The shaking boy climbed bare-assed out on to the tiny roof ledge. His feet grew numb at once on the icy roof tiles. Mr. Black closed the window and then left the bedroom to explore. He returned ten minutes later with what he had been seeking. Mr. Black opened the window, and the half-frozen, naked boy almost fell into the room. His teeth chattered, and his lips were blue. He was incoherently muttering with tearless, choking sobs His hair was stiff and his dick was shrunken. Mr. Black threw the handsome kid onto the bed.


"Crawl under the covers and get warm. I'm going to undress to fuck you.”


Mr. Black stripped quickly and silently, folding his expensive clothes and setting them on a chair. Mark, who thought he was going to die, couldn’t help but stare at Mr. Black’s huge, thick, massively erect, throbbing dick and large swinging nuts. Oh, god, he could never take a cock that huge up his ass. Mark cursed himself for fooling around with sex and swore to himself that he would stay off the internet if only God would get him out of this mess. But God was either busy elsewhere or else jacking off at the sight the abused boy. Mr. Black approached the bed with his gigantic prick swinging like a baseball bat.


"Don’t be surprised if you think you're being ripped to shreds. I haven’t fucked a boy yet who hasn’t almost passed out from the pain. Some have even fainted. But boys much younger than you have ridden this dick and lived to tell about it. You see, Mark, what you have to learn is that the essence of life is fucking. Sex is the center of everything. It’s all that matters. Every single day getting one’s rocks off is the only concern. And finding new and degrading ways to do it is the fun."


Mr. Black stripped the covers back from the still chilly bare-assed boy on the bed. Mark looked up at the dark-haired man with the huge dick.


"I'm going to fuck you now, and the only lube you get is your own spit so get up here and lick my dick."

Mark had licked dick a few times. He wasn’t scared of the act, but he was scared of this man and his giant prick. The smell, the texture, the heat of the throbbing fuck tool was enough to make Mark's head spin. Pre-cum drooled from the big piss lips that opened and closed like a tiny mouth. The balls rose and fell in their heavy skin sack of their own volition as if they were living things. With his mom sitting just downstairs, fourteen-year-old Mark began licking Mr. Black’s dick. Mark licked the dick stalk, tracing a vein and he couldn’t help but feel some excitement. Perhaps, Mr. Black was right. Maybe, he was a pervert. He swiped his teenage tongue up to the dick head and down the dick stalk to where the nuts began, back up and back down, coating the man’s gigantic cock in slick spit.


"That's enough for now, cunt. On your back, legs spread and raised, I want to see your face when I fuck you. Don’t close your eyes. Look at me all the while. You might want to scream when I first shove my cockhead into your pussy, so I got a pair of your father’s dirty underpants for you to suck on to stifle the noise. I'm sure you’ll be able to taste the sweat from your dad's prick and balls."


Mr. Black shoved the underpants into the kid's mouth. Then he hoisted the boy’s legs up onto his shoulders and placed his huge, drooling cockhead right on Mark's puckered asshole. It would never go in. It was too fucking big. The boy was just too fucking small. But Mr. Black was not deterred, he reached down and fingered the ass-pussy wedging the hole open while shoving the cockhead against the sweet, pink, pussy flesh. Mark groaned and sucked on the underpants tasting his dad's dick.


Sex, sex was everything. Cock was everything. He was a fuckhole, a cumdump, just like in the stories. He was going to be Mr. Black's dick ditch. But the fucking cock wouldn’t go in. Mr. Black grunted and pushed. The cock knob bent and slid away from the fuckhole. In frustration, Mr. Black jammed two fingers into the asshole and spread them apart. The boy sobbed into the dirty underwear.


"From now on, boy, you sleep with a carrot up your ass every night, you hear? Within a month, I want you to be able to sleep with a cucumber up your hole. This is fucking ridiculous. I've fucked eight-year-olds looser than this.”


He jammed his dick into the hole next to his fingers. He used his hand to guide the cockhead into the stretched fourteen-year-old boy cunt. Mr. Black thought only of getting his cock into the tight little shithole. He squeezed his dick and forced half an inch into the rectum, then an inch, then all at once the entire cockhead plopped into the asshole.


Mark bucked and twisted on the bed. His head turned from side to side, his blond hair snapping around his sweating face while sucking the sweaty underpants noisily. His eyes were twice their size silently pleading for mercy. Mark let out an unearthly grunt that sounded more like a burp, and for a second his heart stopped beating. He almost went into shock, but Mr. Black who was an expert at such things slapped the kid's face and brought him around before shoving two more inches of thick dick into the quivering asshole. Now, Mark breathed in tiny gasps, snot running from his nose into the spit-soaked underpants. Mr. Black reached up to twist and tug at the boy's nipples to keep him alert. Then he shoved more cock in.


It seemed to go on forever. The dick plunged deeper and deeper, until, at last, he felt it in his intestines stretching his guts from the inside. He felt his stomach ache like when he overate, but he knew it wasn't food, it was dick bloating him. He felt the big, leathery scrotum touch his ass flesh.


Then Mr. Black started to fuck. He drew the big dick almost all the way out until the boy’s inner ass lining was turned inside out all pink and raw looking, and the asshole opened like a flower, and then he rammed the swollen prick deep into the boy’s guts. Mark’s head pounded back against the pillows. His jaw worked like someone in a seizure, the underpants fell out and spit sprayed from his lips, drool streamed from his mouth down his chin onto his slender, boyish neck and down to the pillow where it pool into a lake of spit. Mark's eyes rolled back in his head. He could feel the dick growing inside of him as it forced its way up through his body until he was sure it would come out of his mouth.


Slam! Slam! Slam! The prick pounded into him. The balls bounced on him. Mr. Black bounced his big, muscular, naked body onto the boy’s lean, smooth frame. The boy’s legs were bent back so far they almost snapped. Mr. Black fucked him like this without stopping for fifteen minutes. Twice more, the kid faded away, and twice more, Mr. Black brought him around with harsh slaps to the face.


"I want a boy alert when I fuck him. I want him to feel every thrust of my dick." Mr. Black hissed.


Mr. Black pounded unrelentingly into the teenage ass balls deep. At long last, after forever, after the land of pain turned into the land of numbing forgetfulness, after doors closed in the mind, and the act of fucking became a ritual of stuffing more and more dick, endless lengths of dick, into the twisted insides of a little boy, not just turning him into a girl, into a fuck slut, but also turning him into a mindless cumdump, a trash heap of swollen intestines and raw slop lined canals, at last, Mr. Black came. At last, he shot his load. With his dick still embedded in the boy’s ass, he laid on top the kid and whispered in his sweat-slick ear.


"Now, my boy, you’re going to get dressed, and we’re going to go down and tell your mother the good news that you qualify to model for my company, but because you need to travel to us, we won’t use you until summer. Until then, we will install cameras in your room so we can continue your training via a live cam link up. You will be watched at all times. You will obey my every command. I also have spies to watch you at school. Are you listening asshole? Your entire day every day will be controlled by us. Your days will be filled with fuck training and your nights with cock discipline so that by summer you will be a mindless fuck toy. We’re trying something new with you with this internet and live training. If it works, think of it, we can have thousands of boys all over the country turned into groveling cock whores.


“What are you waiting for? Get down there and lick your ass slime off my dick and balls. After all, if a cock is kind enough to fuck you, you always clean it off with your mouth. It’s the least a little cock slut like you can do. You are going to have so much cock in your mouth, boy, that you will permanently taste dick all the time. Every night, with the cameras watching you, you will work on stretching your asscunt. You will work on your tits until they stand out like sow tits. You will pump your prick until it grows to its full potential.


“When your parents are gone, you will bring boys up to this room and get fucked with the cameras watching. You will bring old men up here from the rescue mission and suck their dirty unwashed dicks. You will learn to drink piss and eat shit. You will learn how to eat out a man's asshole properly. You will attend school, but your real school will be Mr. Black's sex school so that when summer rolls around, you will be ready to star in some really hot videos. You’ll be bare-assed in this room at all times. You will sleep bare-assed. Sometimes, you’ll invite your dog, Davey, to sleep with you so you can get extra friendly with your little doggie — a boy and his doggie what a cute sight.


“Does that make you sick, baby, make you want to puke? Well, that’s just the beginning. We've got lots of games to play. A well-rounded boy should try everything at least once.


“You feel that? I'm scooping the cum out of your ass with my fingers, and I want you to lick it off my hand. Remember, Mark, the dirtier the fuck, the better it is, and baby, nothing is too dirty for you."


Mark, dazed, confused and half out of his mind sucked the fuck slop off Mr. Black's fingers. He had better get used to the taste of cum, sperm, spooge as he was going to have a steady diet of dick snot down his teenage gullet every day from now on. Poor Mark Wess would never be the same again. And this was just the start of his adventures. All because he got online with a friend of Mr. Black's.