Mr. Black Cums to the Rescue

(MB) (anal, oral) (humil)

Yes, sir! I've got Mr. Black to thank for my good fortune. For the longest time now, I have desperately wanted to fuck the cute, smooth, tight ass of my sixteen-year-old neighbor boy, Danny. I helped him set up his computer and used any excuse short of marrying his single mom to get over to their apartment. I was reminded of the novel Lolita. I even considered getting hitched to the mom to get into the kid’s underpants. She’s a nice enough woman, but I think she would have difficulty understanding waking up alone in the morning while I was stuffing her son’s ass-pussy with dick.


Now the kid was absolutely ripe for it. He pretended to be straight, talked about all the girls in school he fucked, acted real tough, but he was a beautiful, lanky, blond boy whose ass said "fuck me" with every step he took. His mouth was made to have a big cock in it twenty-four hours a day. He has a darling, boyish face with a few freckles and eyes that always seem to be partly flirting. He's one of those boy cunts who looks irresistible just standing around. His body, his attitude, his posture, everything about his casual, teenage manner causes my prick to throb in my pants and watching him lounge watching TV with his strong, young legs spread, wearing jeans or shorts, drives me mad.


I had to fuck this kid!


It got so bad I had to stop visiting for a while. Honestly, I could hardly control myself. I couldn’t talk to the kid without thinking about fucking him and dying to touch him. I would get hard when I ruffled his blond hair or stroked his neck.


I would get insanely jealous and pout all night when I saw him go on a date with some teenage cunt. I imagined him stuffing his lovely, pink, teen dick into her pussy. I'd wait up until he came home, like a worried parent, watching for the headlights of his mom's car and wondering if he had fucked or gotten a blow job.


I used every pretext I could to get photos of the little hunk, especially in his bathing suit so I could study the lump of his dick as I beat off in my room. We have a pool at our apartment, so it was easy to snap shots of him lying on a deck chair with his smooth, teen, legs spread, prick bulge arching up from his hips. I often volunteered to put suntan lotion on his back and stomach and anywhere else I could.


The kid has nice, teenage pecs, not too developed but defined just right with surprisingly large nipples – not over large and not cunty, but sensual and pouty. I had seen his dick a couple of times when he used the pool toilet to piss and I, of course, had to go at the same time. He has to tug his Speedos beneath his ballbag to go. His prick is pink and thick and about three inches long soft. His balls are quite large, the kind that swings when he walks and the hair on them is so light they appear bald. He has a nicely trimmed, prick bush of hair slightly darker than his head.


You can tell that I obsess over the little fuck toy. Well, I freely admit it. And let me tell you I was at a loss as to what to do about it until Mr. Black came to my rescue.


I would often go over to their apartment when they were gone to do odd jobs for them. I am a nice guy except for this sexual obsession. Besides, I always used the chance to case the kid’s room. I would steal a dirty jockstrap now and then to suck on while I beat off. Sometimes I would take a pair of dirty, teenage underpants and smell his nut and dick sweat. I'd go through his drawers, looking for I don’t know what. I'd read notes from his friends, look at pictures of chicks and wonder if he was fucking them, and generally end up depressed. Well, this one day for some reason, I went onto his computer.


He had saved all kinds of typical kid stuff, music sites, downloading stuff about the latest movies, saving stories about rock stars. All kinds of shit on video games and just a lot of crap if you ask me, until — until what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the entire collection of Mr. Black stories. Now, why would a normal straight sixteen-year-old boy, who I might add looked about fourteen, be doing with a series of stories about teenage, homosexual abuse and humiliation? I looked further and found that he had written to the author of the stories telling him that he wished Mr. Black would train him to be a cunt boy fuck hole pussy slave! Well, well, well, was I surprised, to say the least. In the letter to Dale, Danny said he was bisexual and always dreamed about getting worked over really good, as he put it, by a bunch of guys.


That afternoon I had a talk with Danny. I had copied everything .and told him I would take it to his mother and the school. The kid was scared stiff and more desirable than ever. He protested that he had just been fooling around.


"You don’t fool around with sites like this. This means you are a pervert, young man. You may have to be sent to a hospital or something."


Tears filled his big eyes and rolled down his smooth freckled cheeks.


"I was doing a paper for school on porno sites on the internet," he lied.


"In that case, I'll call the school right now to complain."


I picked up the phone. I had nothing to lose, everything to gain.


"Wait. Stop."


Now, he slumped into a chair, crying really hard. His legs moved nervously in and out, his tennis shoe clad feet twisted on the carpet, and snot ran from his nose as he cried harder and harder. He confessed to me that he sometimes liked to read gay stories, especially ones where boys his age are humiliated and abused. He said he didn’t know why. Then his whole body became wracked with sobs.


I crossed the room and stood before him. I took his head in my hands to comfort him. He threw his arms around my legs shaking with anguish. I've never seen a boy cry so hard. I pressed his head against me, of course, in this position, his soft, young face was pressed right against my dick lump, and I was only wearing running shorts and a tee shirt.


"There, there, it’s going to be all right, " I said smoothly as I stroked his hair and pressed my hardening fucker against his face.


"Oh, God, Erik, please don’t tell anybody. Please..."


"Of course, not, not if you're a good boy. Now, why don’t you stand up in the middle of the room and strip for me."


His body stiffened.


"What?" he asked.


He pulled back from me. My hard dick was pushing out the front of my satin running shorts, and a drop of pre-fuck darkened the material. Danny's eyes went to it.


"You dream about a Mr. Black experience. Well, Danny, I'm going to give you one. If you do what I say, this will be our little secret. If you disobey, the school and your mom and your minister at church all find out, not to mention those dirty, little cunts you've been fucking.


“Now, stand up and strip bare ass, Danny. I've been dreaming too for a long time. My dreams involve seeing your pink, teenage body buck ass naked."


His beautiful cocksucker lower lip trembled.


"Oh, Erik, please don’t do this to me. It’s just a game, on the computer it’s just a game. I just, oh, I don’t know why I..."


"Sometimes games become a reality. You are about to learn an important lesson young man. Now start stripping at once, or I call your school."


A fresh wave of tears coursed down his cute, young face, and I had to slap him good and hard to get him to sober up. Then, visibly shaken and shaking like a leaf, he began to undress. This was the highlight of my entire life. I tried to drink in each second, each move as the slender teenage, boy's fingers lifted the tee shirt over his smooth hairless chest. The hands, messing with the belt buckle and the loose, baggy jeans falling in a heap around the large, well-formed sixteen-year-old boy feet and the slender ankles.


The smooth, tan legs. The white briefs with the fat, prick pouch nice and full. I’d heard Danny complain to his mom that he only wanted to wear boxers, but she said he was to wear whatever underwear was clean, and she wasn’t going to throw away perfectly good underpants just because they weren’t in style this year. And boy was I glad, Danny was a vision in the small white briefs. The shape of his teenage ass gave my dick a lurch. His big nipples were hard as pebbles from his fear, and his tight, young tummy fluttered. He stood there in his underpants, blinking at me and moving his lips wordlessly.


"See Danny, it’s just like one of Mr. Black's stories. I am one of Mr. Black’s assistants, and you are one of our new boys. Now, Danny, you know what comes next, don’t you? You've read enough of the stories. Tell me, what do you do now?"


"I..." the words stuck in his throat. His voice suddenly sounded hoarse and thick. "I take … off ... my ... underpants?"


"That's right, my man, you strip those little, white briefs down and give me a good look at your teenage pecker and nuts. Don't cover yourself with your hands now, you don’t want to make me angry. Tell me, Danny, the stud, how many cunts have you actually fucked in your sixteen years?"


He blinked. "Eh...nine."


"Nine cunts or nine times?"


"Nine different girls. Lots of times." He said, trying to regain his macho status. It was pathetic and darling.


"And how many guys have you fucked around with?"


He stood taller.


"None. Never. I told you It was just an internet thing, just a game. I never did anything with guys. Honest."


"Well then, what do you say we get going? Take off your underpants, Danny."


He put trembling fingers into the waistband of his Jockey briefs and peeled them down his slim hips. They fell to his ankles, and he was naked before me. Sixteen years of boyhood perfection. A peach about to be plucked. His dick was perfect, not too big, but perfect. He was cut with a nice dickhead and a large pisshole. His balls hang low in a loose sack and swing when he shifts his weight from foot to foot.


"Turn around, Danny. Let me see your fuckhole."


"Plleeeeeeaaaasssseeeeee," he practically wailed, fresh tears pouring down his face, dripping from his chin.


"Turn around, Dan. Show me your ass!"


He turned on unsteady feet. For a minute, I thought he might topple over. He was really hysterical and out of it.


“You have a really fuckable body, Danny. Swimming really toned you well. But I can’t see your pussy, so you know what you have to do now. You've read the Mr. Black stories. Tell me what you do now."


"I ... I ... spread..." he was gulping down snot and tears. "I spread my ass cheeks."


"That’s right, you spread your ass cheeks and show me your pussy hole. And you know from the stories that if you don’t spread those globes wide enough, you get punished. So, do a good job the first time. Spread your legs wide, bend your knees a little, and spread your ass cheeks for me."


The kid’s legs were really quite strong and beautifully proportioned. He bent over slightly thrusting his gorgeous, smooth ass out at me. He reached back with fingers and grabbed a cheek in each hand and pulled the ass crack opened to reveal a perfect, virgin, hairless, pink asshole.


"That's very good, Danny. You have a beautiful pussy. Mr. Black would like your pussy a lot. He would star your pussy in a whole series of videos. Danny and the Latino Gang, Danny and the Niggers, Danny and the Dogs, but let’s start today with Danny and the next-door neighbor, okay? I ran one finger down the boy’s ass crack and felt his whole body shudder. I cupped his nuts in my hand and felt him grow weak in the knees. He was making little whimpering sounds.


"You know what’s going to happen now Danny, don't you? I'm going to fuck your ass. I am going to turn your asshole into a cunt. It’s not going to be a romantic gay loving fuck. I'm not going to wear a rubber, and I'm not going to use lube. It’s going to be a brutal, raw fuck just like in the stories you like so much. It’s going to hurt you, Danny, more than anything in your life has ever hurt you. You are going to be stuffed by and impaled on my big, fat dick. You are going to be turned into a cunt, a bitch, a dick slut. I'm going to fuck you every day from now on, Danny. Every single day. You will grow to love, to need my cock. I am going to take pornographic pictures of you in lewd positions doing sick, twisted things to yourself. I am going to teach you how to suck cock and how to drink piss."


Danny gasped and fell to his knees. I grabbed him around his slender, naked waist and pulled him to his feet again, rubbing his ass cheeks and then grabbing his head of blond hair.


"I am going to turn you into a dirty, little fuck animal. By the time, I am through with you, you will think of nothing but getting fucked. You will not want to go to school, rather you will want to roam the streets all day looking for dick! You will need to be fucked five times a day at the very least. You will have a dick addiction. You will get physically sick if you are not fucked every few hours. Sex is a drug for young cunts like you, Danny.


“And the proof is that you get off on the Mr. Black stories. They are the sickest, most depraved stories on the internet and you get a hard dick reading them. That proves what dick slop you are Danny and I'm going to help you realize your dreams. You will be one of Mr. Black's boys, here in our apartment.


“Lay on your back, Danny and shove two fingers up your asshole. Do it now, slut!"


His hole was so tight he had trouble, so I kicked him in the balls a few times to get him going. I could tell by his eyes that he wanted it. Oh, he fought and protested and the first few days were difficult, but inside I knew he wanted, needed it.


After his mom is sleeping at night, Danny will crawl bare ass across to my apartment, and I will sleep all night with my cock up his cunt. If I don’t feel like fucking, I will stuff him with a big black dildo or a cucumber or a wine bottle.


Danny doesn’t date cunt anymore. He spends all his free time with me. I let lots of strange guys fuck him and make him suck cock for hours at a time. We are thinking of having him drop out of high school so he can fuck and suck all day and night. After all, what more education does a slop hole like Danny need than watching porno videos for new fucking techniques. The rings in his big nipples look really cute, and they help when we do titty exercises. We are trying to stretch his nipples out, so they stand up a good inch and a half when hard. I pierced his tongue because it feels so good when he sucks dick, and it also sounds cute, kind of a faggy lisp, when he talks, however, it can be removed for those guys who aren’t into that sort of thing.


Danny's going to be seventeen soon. He’s been fucked over eight hundred times, and we hope to reach a thousand by his birthday. There aren’t many seventeen-year-old boys who can take a fist as well or as deep as Danny can. I'm real proud of him. Oh, and I did make a scorching hot series of dog videos with him. That was tough for him, so demeaning, but I was relentless in my teaching. And though I wouldn’t exactly say he likes the taste of doggie spooge, he has come to accept it. He even scoops it out of his ass and eats it.


And the best thing of all, my proudest moment, I sent a copy of one of the videos to the author of the Mr. Black stories asking him to pass it along to the big man himself. I got a personal note from Mr. Black asking to meet Danny, so we are flying out this week. Danny is so excited, he hopes of course that Mr. Black will want to fuck his slut ass-pussy, but personally, from buzz going around the internet, I think Mr. Black may be considering Danny for a leading role in his new film, Stable Boy Slut Hole. Well, let me tell you, I intend to make some money on this deal. Although I have to be fair because after all, I have Mr. Black to thank for my good fortune.