Mr. Black and the Webcam Show

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Vince Lassiter sat in the comfortable chair in front of his computer. He was naked, and his huge nine and a half inch erection stood stiff and throbbing. Vince was a very handsome man in his mid-thirties, a successful businessman, highly respected in both job and community. He clicked the website on and then made sure his speakers and message system were working correctly.


“Cal, get your ass in here, it's almost time,” he shouted, and then took a sip of the whiskey and soda he had prepared for himself. He gave his fat fucker a few stokes. “It's about to start, Cal, hurry the fuck up.”


“Coming Dad,” a young voice responded from down the hall, and soon after a naked boy entered the spare room/office. Cal was smooth and pale, and his coltish body was still forming. He was slim-hipped, and his prick and balls had a way to grow to reach Dad's enormous fuck slab. His cute teenage cock hung flaccid over a full of fuck but average-sized fuck sack.


“Where the hell were you? You talking to that girlfriend of yours on the phone again?” Vince was horny and impatient, but not harsh with his beautiful son. “Get over here and climb on this fuck pole of mine.”


“Jeez, Dad, I'm still sore as hell from last night.”


“It's your own fault, son. I keep telling you to stretch that hole. If you didn’t spend all your time playing basketball and fooling around with girls, you could do your rectum stretching exercises. Now climb on, we only got about thirty seconds.”


“Let me go get some lube.”


Cal turned, and his father sucked in his breath at the sight of his teenage son’s beautiful full-globed, smooth-skinned, young ass with its deep ass crack. Vince's prick lurched.


“No lube tonight, sit on it dry.”


“But Dad, that's going to hurt like hell, I—”


“Not another word son or you’re grounded. Now sit on my dick!”


Sometimes young Cal hated his life. Ever since his mom had died of cancer six months ago, his father had been fucking him in the ass. It hadn't been so austere at first except for the pain caused by the enormous nine and a half inch prick as Vince had only put it halfway in the first few times. Vince struggled with bouts of guilt afterward, so the fucks were few and far between, but then he got into some real kinky stuff on the internet. He'd hooked up with some rich guy named Mr. Black, and since then well life was hell. His dad had started limiting the amount of time Cal could talk to girls on the phone. He had been forbidden to go on more than one date every two weeks for Christ's sake, and more and more of his time was being taken up playing stupid, queer perverted, sex games with his dad. Cal knew that his dad had suffered when Cal's mom died, and he tried to accommodate him, but Jesus, he was now feeling like some fucking faggot. Cal had to suck his dad's dick almost every morning before school.


Vince insisted he was only making a man of his boy, but he started making up weird rules such as they should always be bare-ass naked in the house and Cal had to maintain a fucking erection from 5:00 pm until 10:00 pm every day. Vince said it was so his dick would grow big like his. Do know how hard it is for a teenage boy to maintain a hard-on for five hours a day without shooting? And was another thing Vince had forbidden, the boy to cum except with his permission. He didn't know that Cal had fucked his first girl a few weeks ago and really wanted constant pussy from his girlfriend. Cal wanted in the worst way to be a normal, healthy all-American boy, but his father was making it very difficult for him.


“Jesus, Dad, it gets bigger every time I see it, “ Cal looked at his father's enormous dick and humongous nuts.


“Just shut up and sit on it.”


Cal sighed. He knew this was going to hurt. It had hurt the night before when his father had fucked him twice during the night. Cal lifted one leg and swung it over his dad's lap. He had to rise on teenage tiptoe because the fucking dick was so long. Cal placed the leaking head of his dad's prick at his tender teenage asshole. Then he pushed down until the fat cockhead popped through his ass ring. Cal grunted.


“Dad, you’re just going to have to go easier on me, really.”


“Wrong, son, you're just going to have to learn how to take dick. I'm putting you on a strict asshole stretching routine starting tonight. I want that hole to feel just like your mother's cunt, God rest her soul, and you've got a long way to go, boy.


Cal winced and tried to get used to the feel of the enormous dickhead in his ass. Vince reached around and with one hand began to masturbate his son's dick, and with the other to play with the kid's nipples. He wondered what his girlfriend would say if she knew he did this kind of thing or the guys at school. Cal was popular at school and the star of the basketball team. He wasn't a tall boy. Of course, he was still quite young and had a way to grow, but he was fast and had an excellent eye and arm for the ball.


“Oh, God, oh, shit, Dad, it’s too fucking big.”


“Sit down all the way boy, get all nine and a half inches up your boy twat.”


“Oh, God, Dad, I just don't think I can. It’s too fucking thick.”


“SIT!” Vince yelled and pulled the boy down onto his lap.


The poor teenage kid grunted and slammed down, nine and a half inches of cock up in his high school guts.


“There, there we are, now that's not so bad, is it? Damn, Cal, you're body hair is growing back I warned you about that. I want you hairless, smooth-skinned like your mother was. Do you think she had hairy armpits and legs?”


“I know, but the guys at school are laughing at me. I'm the only guy without hair on his body.”


Cal didn’t dare mention that his girlfriend had asked him about that when they fucked.


“Tell the guys it’s a ritual for the basketball team — a good luck thing you do. You know how sports stars all have those fucking goofy rituals. Well, tell them this is yours. The show is starting. Bounce a little on my dick.”


It hurt so fucking bad that Cal had his eyes squeezed shut, but now he couldn't help look at the screen, Mr. Black's Live Time TV Presents Mr. Black's Webcam Games. Please enter your username and password.”


“Type in your username and password,” Vince told his son while he was energetically jerking on the teenager's leaking cock and enthusiastically pulling on the kid's nipples.


“God, Dad, I can’t move with your big dick up me.”


Cal leaned in and typed in the password to gain entrance to the private club that had cost Vince two thousand dollars to join.


A handsome Asian man of about twenty appeared on the screen. He was bare-chested.


“Good Evening!”


The camera then pulled back to show that he too was seated in a chair bare-ass naked, except that between his legs, a kid of about ten knelt and sucked his fat uncut Asian prick. The Asian grabbed the little boy by the straw-colored hair and slammed his dick down the kid's throat.


“You see, Cal, you're always complaining that you can't deep throat my dick. If a boy that young can do it you certainly can.”


“For tonight's episode of the Webcam Club, we are going to visit the dorm room of two private school boys. They were caught with drugs in their room, and unless they do as they are told, they will be expelled and turned over to the police. Both boys have very conservative, strict parents and so they are perfect candidates for Mr. Black's Webcam Games.”


As the Asian said the title, he bucked his hips so his big, hairless balls bounced and his thick dick reamed out the throat of the little, choking, cocksucking ten-year-old boy.


“Oh. Fuck. Yeah.” Vince said pushing Cal on the shoulders, so more of his dick was embedded in the boy’s guts then reaching around to feel his dick in the boy's tummy.


“Shit, go easy, Dad, Please,” Cal moaned.


“Nothing in life cums easy, boy. You know that!”


The handsome Asian smiled at the camera.


“I am Khun Suk, your host, and you will be happy to know that Mr. Black himself is watching tonight's live episode of our show. By the way, remember you can repeat any of our previous installments by clicking on the archive section. We've just added Danny and the Doggies from a few weeks ago.


Now, for tonight’s show, these two boys are exceptional specimens of teenage flesh. Both are developing nicely, good at athletics, popular with the girls, when not away at the private boy’s school and popular with the boys as well, although both boys are terribly straight and never did anything with another guy until tonight that is.


They know they will have to suck and fuck each other for your enjoyment and they have been practically dying of shame all day. They have been assured that if they follow all of our orders, no matter how perverted and disgusting, that their drug charges will be dropped and no one will ever hear of their crime. Mr. Black has however assured me that once we are finished with our activities tonight, the videos of their introduction to homosexuality will be sent to their conservative Christian parents. We can only imagine what will happen to our two sweet teens then. I have instructed them to be clean and sleeping naked, so let’s see shall we?”


The screen went blank for a moment then cleared on a typical private school dorm room, .an old building but well taken care of. Both boys were lying awake in fear, bare-ass naked in their single beds. Good, healthy, virginal, Christian, teenage bodies. Young, slim, athletic bodies. Khun Suk's voice narrated over the sight of the two boys in their beds.


“Here are Chad and Chris, good Christian boys. Real cuties too, but then Mr. Black provides only the best boys for corruption, doesn't he? Oh, I see you are sending ideas in for tonight's game already. Let me see, what do we have here?


“Have the boys fucked by horses. Very imaginative, but I don’t think we can get horses into their dorm room. Come on, viewers, be more reasonable. Here we go, make the boys fuck each other's asses with crucifixes. Now that we can do, and the humiliation will be divine. Have them suck each other, but of course, duh! Make them fuck each other with things from around the room. Good game we'll try that. Come on, let's get more creative.”


Vince pumped his dick into his son's ass.


“Cal type in, ‘Have them beat each other’s asses with belts.’ ”


Through his ass pain, Cal blinked.


“Dad, why?”


“It serves them right for messing with drugs. If I ever catch you with drugs, I'll beat your balls until they are swollen like cantaloupe. Yeah, that's it, have them beat each other's fuck bags!”


As if Khun Suk had read his mind, the Asian said, “Have them engage in a scrotum slapping contest. Now that’s a good idea.”


“Shit, somebody already got it. Type in, ‘Have them beat each other's asses black and blue,’ do it, Cal.”


Cal groaned but did as his father asked wishing his dad would hurry and shoot his load since the boy still had homework to do. He would probably get fucked again at bedtime anyway.


Khun Suk was laughing while holding the ten-year-old boy by the ears and face fucking the poor baby as hard as he could.


“Okay, the ideas are coming in hot and heavy. We sent a box over to their room this afternoon contain, enema bags and hoses, fifteen-inch dildos, Ben-Gay, steel sounds for shoving up their pisshole, a thermos of dog cum, straight edge razors, a packet of twenty used condoms, and some dog shit in a plastic bag. You can see that Mr. Black is more inventive than most of you.


“So let's get our show on the road, shall we? We've got a long night ahead of us. Let’s meet our reluctant young stars, shall we? And Welcome to Mr. Black's Webcam Games!”


A buzzer sounded, and the naked teenage boy in the bed on the right of the screen got up and walked naked toward the camera. He looked terrified and sick, just as the audience wanted him. The other boy started to cry in his bed, and the sound now picked up the sobbing from the dorm room.

On with the show!