Mr. Black and the FBI

(MB) (anal, fist, oral, ws) (humil) (nc, rape, tort) (beast)
The story continues in Mr. Black's Return (story not yet published)
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The naked boy tied to the bed could not have been more than thirteen years old. His pale body was smooth and hairless. He was tied on his back with his legs raised, and his knees bent, opening up his crotch, so his teenage cock and balls and asshole were on display for the camera. If the boy had already reached puberty, it had been just as his dick was still fairly small, and his scrotum looked like a little pink velvet sack.

Pete Daniels could not even look at the kid. Instead, he studied the surroundings. Good FBI training. Look for a clue in everything: the bedspread, the headboard, the wall.

As the video continued, a man entered the picture, a huge naked black man, easily seven feet tall. The man had an erect penis that must have been thirteen inches. God knows where Mr. Black found this freak. The smiling man was laughing and talking to somebody off-camera in a foreign language.

The boy was just screaming because he had a ten-inch rubber cock up his tiny teenage asshole. His precious pink puckered virgin asshole had been violated on camera. The poor kid had been raped up the ass for the pleasure of the video audience. Now, the black man slid the blood and ass slime slick dildo out of the boy’s tortured ass. The hole was huge and kind of opened and closed like a mouth. The sobbing boy himself gasped for breath as he gurgled and groaned.

“Now the big black guy will fist fuck the kid. I know it’s hard to believe he can get one of those hands up that little teenage asshole, but he does. It appears to almost kill the kid, but the boy survives to eventually take two full hands up his hole at the same time.”

It was Pete’s superior who spoke, Robert Hagen. Pete turned away from the video screen.

“I can’t take any more. Jesus Christ, this is sick.”

“Watch the video, Pete. You have to prepare yourself. I know it’s impossibly perverse and disgusting, but it’s also real life. It is happening, and it’s our job to stop it.”

“Bob, why would anyone, even a pervert, want to see how large he can stretch a little boy’s asshole? I mean, what’s their motive? Where’s the pleasure in it?”

Robert Hagen poured a scotch for himself and one for Pete. They were not supposed to drink on the job, of course, but this could hardly be called an ordinary job.

“I have no idea, Pete. We will provide you with the best sex therapists and psychologists, and of course, you can ask them that question. For some reason, these underground porno films seem to dwell on taking innocent little boys and then stretching their assholes and mouths. Every conceivable kind of object is shoved up boy asses. They taunt the sobbing boys, saying things like, ‘Come on baby, you can take it. That’s it, almost there, just a little more of this baseball bat.’ And, of course, the unfortunate little victims have no choice. I can’t for the life of me understand it, but I do know it’s our first priority to stop Mr. Black and his sick network.”

Pete felt really sick to his stomach.

“And there are lots of guys who buy this shit? I mean, we are actually living in a world of sexual perverts who get off on this shit?”

Robert Hagen laughed, but it was not a cheerful laugh. It was one of those cynical, frustrated, bitter laughs like in a Sam Peckinpah film.

“We are talking billions of dollars. We are talking influential politicians, clergy, and celebrities whose perverse secret fantasies are fed by Mr. Black and his company. The videos are just one aspect and a pretty tame one I might add. Senators, mayors, police chiefs, visit Mr. Black’s underground clubs to fuck and abuse underage boys. And the system is international. Look...”

Robert Hagen nodded toward the screen where the hysterically screaming boy, sounding like a wounded puppy, was receiving a huge black man’s large hand up his stretched to the limit asshole. The boy’s red, raw ass lips gaped like a whore’s cunt.

“This boy is thirteen years old. He wasn’t kidnaped, believe it or not. He made this film while still attending school during the day. His parents had no idea of his secret life.”

“You mean he did this willingly?”

“Hardly. Mr. Black had a meeting with the boy, shot the boy’s dog, and threatened to kill his mother and father and baby sister if the kid did not work for him. Mr. Black loves humiliation and degradation. He loves psychological torture, so he threatens and terrorizes these kids. He’s got nine-year-old boys working as whores for him. And especially the clergy, it seems from our studies, prefers boys much younger than this one. Catholic priests love to molest preteen boys. But you are Catholic, so I hardly need to make you aware of that problem.”

Pete sat up more stiffly in his chair, his eyes now glued to the hand up to the wrist in the thirteen-year-old teen boy’s ass-cunt.

“Let’s not make sweeping generalities about the Catholic religion based upon a few troubled priests.”

“A few troubled priests? The entire religion is a corrupt swamp of hypocrisy. A few years ago, one of the leading bishops on the east coast passed away. This man was loved and revered. He had spent his life telling Catholic women and men when and when not to fuck, not to masturbate, not to divorce, not to practice safe sex...not, not, not....and when he died, it was discovered that he used to visit a famous brothel in Washington D.C. weekly to fuck and torture little boys. This is a fact, Pete! The Catholic Church is going broke, hushing up thousands of cases of priests molesting little boys. For some fucking strange reason, and I don’t know why it seems that an increasing number of healthy horny males love to stick their big dicks in little boy ass.”

“And you want me to stop Mr. Black?”

“We want you to infiltrate his organization, first as a customer, then as a partner. We have to make sure we really have enough proof to break him. The problem is, of course, that he has powerful and influential friends behind him. We don’t know how high the corruption goes. We can trust no one. Jesus Christ, will you look at that. That nigger is up to the elbow in that boy’s asshole. Eventually, you know, the boy’s asshole will look just like a cunt.”

Pete watched the screen nervously.

“Fuck it. Bob, why do you want me to take this case. I’m totally wrong for this kind of thing.”

“No, in fact, you are exactly right for it. The only man we have who is right for it. You are thirty-years-old, handsome, in shape. You see, in order to get in solid with Mr. Black, you will have to fuck and abuse some boys yourself.”

“Are you out of your mind? You’re asking me to commit a crime of perversion to catch a criminal. That would be illegal. Even if it weren’t, it’s the sickest fucking thing I have ever heard. I think I’m going to puke.”

“Use the wastebasket. This is a special case, Pete. If you have to hurt a few boys in order to save thousands, in order to catch this monster, well, that’s just the way it is. How will Mr. Black ever take you into the inner workings of his organization if you don’t prove yourself as sick a boy fucker as he is?” Robert Hagen leaned in closer to Pete. “Pete, this is the single most important case the FBI has worked on in years, maybe decades. Uncovering Mr. Black will no doubt uncover sexual perversion among senators, congressmen, city, and state officials. A lot of people are going to fall big time when this comes down. I know I am asking more of you than any human being has a right to ask, but you are more than a human being. You are an FBI agent.”

“Jesus Christ, Bob, why me? I lost my wife not a year ago. I have two sons of my own of eleven and twelve. How can I abuse a kid, when all I will see are my own boys in their eyes?”

“You’ll know you’re doing it to protect your boys. Besides, Pete, we know from your records that you had several homosexual encounters in high school and college.”

Pete Daniels blinked his big blue eyes. He brushed a hand through his short black hair and twisted his full handsome lips into a knot.

“You know this from my records? My high school sex life is in your records?”

“Of course, Pete, we pretty much know every guy you slept with and what you did with them. We have to check these things out. You know, like when you applied for White House clearance, and you were rejected. That was why. Your background may very well come in handy now. You see, we can’t just expect an ordinary straight agent to fuck boy ass convincingly, but you’ve at least had some experience. You have a chance of fooling Mr. Black and his men.”

“Bob, you’re nuts! Just because, as a kid, I experimented a bit, doesn’t mean that as an adult, I can commit a perversion. I was married to a wonderful woman for twelve years. I have two fine sons who are the light of my life. What makes you think I can screw some little kid convincingly?”


“Your duty to your country, combined with your past, makes you our prime...no, our only possible candidate. This isn’t easy for me either, Pete. I’ve asked agents to fuck for the FBI before, to uncover a prostitution ring involved with drugs or counterfeiting, to catch a serial killer, but I’ve never asked an agent to turn into a pervert and fuck boy ass.”


“Oh, Jesus H. Christ, Bob, I don’t know. I just don’t know.”


“Think of the boys just like your sons that you will be saving. Look, Pete, now they’re bringing in a Great Dane to fuck the boy. How can you look at this and not want to help? That could be your son on that bed. Your own eleven-year-old boy about to get dog dick up his tender young ass and shoved into his sweet little mouth. Think, Pete!”


Pete thought, long and hard.




Mr. Black was enjoying himself at a Waterpark in Las Vegas. He had his eye on a cute hunky young fifteen-year-old stud who was spending the day at the park with his little girlfriend. The boy was quite a sight. About five foot six inches tall, nice jock build with good pecs and tight tummy. Nice dime-sized nipples on the chest. Strong soccer player legs and cute ass encased in a large baggy boxer swimsuit. The swimsuit was a shame. Mr. Black wanted to see some dick lump, some ass crevice, and he would. He would. The boy had a darling, youthfully curved nose with some sun-kissed freckles. He had wide nostrils and full lips.

And he was hot to fuck his little twat friend. Mr. Black could tell from the way the boy could not keep his hands off the little fourteen-year-old slut. Mr. Black wondered if they fucked already. She deserved to be fucked, wearing that skimpy swimsuit. She deserved to be fucked by every guy in the whole fucking waterpark. Mr. Black studied the teenage boy’s big, sexy feet with lovely arches. He wondered if the boy had yet discovered the pleasure of shoving your foot up a teenage girl’s twat. Probably not.


Mr. Black himself was quite a sight at the park. Heads of both sexes turned with admiration and not a little lust. His tall tan smooth muscular body moved with a natural sexual stride. He wore a skimpy black speedo that could hardly contain his huge prick and nuts. He did not go for this modern baggy trunked craze. He was comfortable, more than comfortable with his body. More than comfortable with his big fucking cock. Let the little pussies drip as they stared at it. Let the boys adjust their sudden boners and turn away from their girl twats as they realized they were horny for a man. Mr. Black was so confident, so comfortable with himself, he went about without a bodyguard. Perhaps much of his inner strength came from his rigorous Hong Gar King Fu training and his Eastern meditation.


Mr. Black bided his time, patient as always watching the girls’ nipples through their suits and the boys’ dick lumps and asses. Once, he got behind a clean cut all American family out for a day of fun as they stood in a crowded line for a water slide ride. Mr. Black managed to wedge himself behind the ten-year-old son of the family and had some mild fun rubbing his big fucking dick up and down the boy’s naked back. He could tell from the shape of the little boy’s mouth that the kid would be an expert cocksucker down the road. The little boy bounced up and down excitedly as boys do, jumping on his naked feet impatient with the long congested line. Mr. Black could have stood there for hours. He lowered the front of his suit and pressed his bare-naked dick against the boy’s back. He was pressed so close to the kid that the people in line behind him saw nothing. It was dangerous and oh so much fun.


At last, the fifteen-year-old stud went to the bathroom, and it was Mr. Black’s chance to have some real fun. He followed the kid into the toilet, waited until another guy left, then locked the door. He turned to see the kid just shaking off his dick at the urinal. The cute little hunk had to lower his trunks to piss, so his beautiful full-cheeked ass was on display. It was a gorgeously smooth, unblemished, pale teenage boy ass. Two full round tight cheeks and a deep crack. Mr. Black did not go for flat-assed boys. He liked a nice deep crack. Slender waist, slim hips, bubble butt with a nice deep crack. He moved quickly behind the boy and slipped the small thin-bladed knife out of the hip sheath in his Speedos. The knife was only three inches long folded but opened to twice that size. He stepped up behind the kid, noticing that the little stud came only up to his tit. He slipped one strong forearm around the boy’s neck and brought the knife up under the boy’s full young scrotum.


“Do you wanna lose your balls, boy? Do you wanna have your nuts cut off? Think about it. You’ll never be able to fuck that fresh young cunt out there on the bench waiting for you with her pussy dripping. Answer me, fuck face, do you wanna lose your balls?”


The cute kid was so terrified he began to piss again. He had just finished, but more piss now shot out of his dick and over Mr. Black’s hand.


“No, sir! I don’t, sir...” the kid squeaked like a boy whose balls had not yet fallen.


“What’s your name, cunt?”




The kid’s fear gave him proper respect. That was good.


“How old are you, Alex?”


“Fifteen, sir. I was fifteen three weeks ago.”


“Do you fuck that twat out there in the park?”


Mr. Black rubbed his Speedo encased prick against the boy’s lower back.


“Um...ugh...no, sir...not yet I haven’t.”


The poor kid could hardly talk.


“How many twats have you fucked? And don’t lie to me, boy. I can tell.”


“None, sir...none yet, sir.”


Alex’s voice cracked delightfully. Big tears rolled down his smooth freckled cheeks.


“So your dick is pretty much useless, and I might as well cut the fucking thing off, right?”


“No, sir...please, sir…oh, god, don’t hurt me.”


“Jesus Christ, kid, I thought you were a tough little jock stud, but you’re pretty much a pussy, aren’t you, a scared little pussy. Tell me you’re a pussy, boy.”


“I’m a pussy, sir!”


“Good. And tell me, pussy, what do men do to pussies?”


The kid bucked for the first time, but Mr. Black held on.


“Oh, god…please no sir...don’t do that. Not that, sir.”


The boy was hysterical. Mr. Black thought it was charming. He pressed the blade up under the full, smooth young ball bag, feeling the soft teenage scrotum skin. One of the reasons he liked boys was because their ball bags were so damn soft.


“Answer me, cunt. What do men do to pussies?”


The teenager was up on his toes now, trying to relieve the pressure on his nuts. His swimsuit hung around his knees. His bare-naked ass rubbed back against his attacker, increasing Mr. Black’s already huge, terrifying hardon.


“They...they...oh, god,” the boy wailed…“they fuck them!”


“That’s right, you lucky cunt you, you win the prize. And the prize today is a nice big foot-long prick up your teenage boy ass.”


The kid must have blacked out for a second, for his legs gave way, and if Mr. Black had not been holding him around the neck, he would have crumpled to the cement toilet floor. Someone kept rattling the bathroom door.


“Use another toilet. We got a kid puking in here,” Mr. Black yelled.


“Sorry,” someone muttered, and the noise stopped.


Mr. Black took the knife tip and began to prick the kid’s nipples lightly. That brought the boy around.


“Come on, Alex, wake up. We want you nice and alert for the games we’re going to play.”


As hunky young Alex realized where he was and what was happening, a tide of fresh tears washed down his cute face.


“Big tough teenage boy crying like a little baby, I fucking love it. Hold your dick up for me.”


Alex did not move fast enough, so Mr. Black had to slap the little fuck right in the nuts.


“When I say do something, you do it. That’s the only way we are going to get along. Now hold up your useless dick for me.”


It was a very nice dick, indeed, for a fifteen-year-old boy. Six inches long flaccid, a bit less now because it had shrunk from fear.


“Hold it up so I can see the cockhead.”


The boy was shaking all over now as if about to go into shock.


“Please, sir...please…don’t hurt me.”


“Not if you’re a good cunt and do what I say. Now hold real still, and hold your cock real still.”


Mr. Black reached down and inserted the tip of the knife blade into the pisshole of the boy’s dick.


“Oh...oh, shit...oh, God...oh God...oh…”


The boy was out of his mind with fear. His eyes were wide as saucers with terror as snot ran from his cute nose and spit drooled from his lips.


“Hold real still, baby. Don’t move. Don’t faint on me now. One slip of the knife and your teenage prick is sliced in two. Now we’re going to slide a little more knife in your dick hole. Don’t move an inch. Hold that cock real still.”


The poor shaking kid was up on his tiptoes. Mr. Black could feel the young body heave and flutter like a dying bird in his arms.


“Take it out, please. Pleeease.....” the boy blubbered and wheezed, eyes rolling in his young head.


“Lean your head back on my shoulder. Now turn your face toward me. Come on. Now open your cute mouth. Now kiss me like you kiss your twat friend, a nice deep sloppy spitty tongue kiss. And it better be good.”


For the first time in his fifteen years, young Alex kissed a man. Mr. Black slopped spittle down the boy’s throat, and then he spit all over the boy’s face.


“Such a pretty little boy you are. I’d hate to carve up that pretty face. I’d hate even more to slice off your teen dick and nuts, but if I have to, I will. Now kick off your trunks. Good, now I’m going to remove the knife from your pisshole, but one wrong move, and I slice off your dickhead.


“Now, I want you to kneel down on this toilet floor. I want you to stick your hunky young jock ass up as high in the air as you can, I want you to shove your face down right into the bottom of the urinal, and I want you to start licking it clean. These urinals haven’t been cleaned in a long, long time, and lots of guys have pissed here already today. Come on, douchebag, get your face down there. If I have to put that knife to your dick again, it will come away with blood on it, I swear!”


Fifteen-year-old Alex, champion of his high school soccer team, knelt down on the cold piss-wet floor of the public washroom, sticking his hunky jock ass up in the air as high as he could, he buried his face in the piss wet mesh at the bottom of the piss trough and started to lick the puddles of pee and the yellow piss streaks.


“Very good, Alex, you see when you obey, you don’t get hurt. It’s really quite simple. You look perfect like that. Very hot. I’ve often thought that to teach humility and community service, high schools should assign the younger boys to lick out the urinals.


“Now reach back and spread your tight smooth teenage ass cheeks for me. And please, don’t disappoint me. Spread them really wide so I can see your asshole clearly.”


Mr. Black heard a whimper coming from the head in the urinal, but the hands came back, grabbed the hunky ass cheeks, and spread them wide. Tender white ass crack flesh gave way to a perfect puckered round pink asshole.


“I knew you’d have a perfect pussy, Alex baby, I just knew it. That is beautiful. You’ll have to give me your telephone number before I go. I’d like to date you again. That is if you can squeeze me in.”


Mr. Black laughed at his little joke, and the boy whimpered and whined.


“I don’t hear you licking, Alex. I wanna hear that boy tongue doing its work. Gotta keep these restrooms clean.”


Another rattle at the door handle.


“Use another toilet. My son’s in here with the runs.”


“No, I—” Alex yelled before Mr. Black’s foot slammed the boy’s face down into the bottom of the urinal.


“That was very stupid of you, Alex. You’ve made me very angry. I am going to punish you. Instead of a nice slow romantic fuck from my beautiful big dick, I’m going to go over and get that toilet plunger, and I’m going to shove it up your ass roughly. Because you were a bad boy Alex, you’re going to get fucked up the ass with a toilet plunger. You’re going to get fucked hard and deep, all because you were a bad boy. I hope this teaches you a lesson. I hope this toilet plunger handle shoved about fifteen inches into your fucking guts, impresses the lesson.


“Oh, sure, now you whimper. Now you sob. Now you promise to be a good little cunt. It’s too late, Alex. You need to be taught a lesson. Now, hold your fucking ass cheeks wide open. And if you struggle or resist, I swear, I swear, Alex, I will take my knife, and I will cut out your bowels, and I will leave you alive, so the rest of your life you have to shit out of a hole in your stomach into a plastic bag. Is that what you want, Alex?


“Now open that cunt and receive your first boyfriend, a stiff wooden toilet plunger. And then, after I’ve reamed out your hole with this wooden handle, maybe later, you will be a good boy and ask me politely to please fuck your pussy with my nice big cock.


“I’ll bet you’d like to be a cocksucker too wouldn’t you, Alex. Well, we don’t have much time today, your twat friend will be wondering what happened to you, so we’ll just settle for a nice ass fuck today, but you give me your telephone number, and we’ll plan another date real soon. That way, I’ll also know where to find you, in case you open your cocksucker mouth to the wrong person about this beautiful experience.


“Oh, yeah, buck that ass, hump that plunger. Does that hurt, baby? Does that feel like its rearranging your guts? It probably is, but you’re nuts if you think I’m going to stop at eight inches. A big healthy fifteen-year-old boy like you, you can certainly take more than eight inches. Oh, yes...now you feel it, don’t you pussy boy. Of course, that handle isn’t nearly as thick as my prick will be, but it is a lot more rigid than my cock and not as flexible. Oh, Jesus, boy, now you are puking into the urinal. Now you are going to have to lick all that up as well. What a fucking waste you are turning out to be. I have a good mind to take a belt to your ass. Stop grunting like a fucking pig. You only have ten inches up your twat. I’ve got an idea, crawl back out of that urinal. Crawl around the room with the plunger sticking out of your ass.”


Poor young deflowered, degraded Alex tried to protest that he could not crawl with the plunger stuffing his guts, but he could not even form words anymore, and besides, Mr. Black was not taking no for an answer. So the teenage boy crawled stiffly around in a circle on the bathroom floor with the wooden plunger sticking obscenely out of his tight young ass. With each inch he crawled, the boy thought he would collapse. The room spun, his guts felt ripped apart, but he knew he dared not resist Mr. Black’s wishes.


Mr. Black peeled off his Speedos. He played for a moment with his gigantic leaking dick. Then he willed himself to relax. Soon he was able to stand over the crawling boy and let loose with a thick hard spray of piss.


“An arrogant boy like you needs to be pissed on regularly. Your father should piss on your face at least twice a week, just to teach you humility. Parents don’t know how to bring up their kids nowadays. My own father pissed in my mouth every day from the time I was six until I was sixteen. That’s when I killed him. Hey, boy, do some pushups for me. But first, you need a couple more inches of the plunger in you.”




Pete Daniels entered the FBI training room that had been set up for him. Seated there on folding chairs were two teenage boys. In the corner was a single bed. Bob smiled.


“Pete, this is Luis, and this is Marty. They are both legal age, of course. Although, I admit Luis looks not a day over fifteen. I do believe this is the first time in our long and honorable history, that the FBI has ever procured the services of boy hustlers.”


Luis was a small thin Latino. Marty was a tall blond muscular farm boy type. They both had shy, sweet smiles.


“Pete, Marty, and Luis have been hired to teach you everything they know about gay sex. They know that you’ve had some limited experience in cocksucking and stuff in high school and college.”


Pete blushed. Did everyone know about the experimental days of his youth? He knew the Agency was thorough, but holy shit, he never suspected they went into that kind of detail. Bob left Pete alone with the two teenage hustlers.


“Look, guys, I fooled around a bit in school, it’s true, but I found I really liked girls, so I’m not sure this is even going to work. I don’t mind telling you I feel terribly intimidated and unresponsive. I’m sorry, but men just don’t do a thing for me.”


Luis smiled a big toothy smile at the cute FBI agent.


“No problem, man. We’ll strip and dance for you, Then we’ll suck your dick and lick your asshole. While I suck your hole, Marty will lick your balls. I’ll bet you all the money they’re paying us that you will enjoy it very much.”


“You’re one handsome guy, dude,” Marty said. “Just think, I’m gonna be sucking the schlong of an FBI agent. Holy shit.”


“Then we’ll teach you how to fuck boy ass, so you look really good. Like you’ve been doing it all your life. Then we teach you some piss and shit games.”


“Thank you, but no thank you. No piss and shit games. I draw the line there.”


“Very well, we’ll see. Here the FBI even provided some free drugs to make the trip more easy and comfortable.”


‘Oh, dear Jesus God, what am I getting into,’ Pete thought as he got stoned.


In his mind’s eye, he saw his sons, so innocent, so sweet. Then he saw the thirteen-year-old boy on the bed getting fucked by a Great Dane dick. He had to help. He simply had to.