Mr. Black and Marshall

(Mm) (blackmail)

It was one of the last days of summer before school would start. Thirteen-year-old Marshall was not anxious to begin classes again. He loved the lazy days of summer. Once his mom was off to work, he would wander around the house dressed only in his underpants. He would throw a boner almost at once and not lose it for most of the day.

He never went to the computer in the morning, because once he sat down with his hard pecker and started surfing for porn, the whole day would fly by. He disciplined himself not to go to the computer until after lunch. So in the morning, he walked around with a leaking thirteen-year-old pecker.

He usually jerked his boy fuck meat three or four times a day in summer. He jerked it constantly. He was always playing with himself, one hand shoved down inside his briefs as he watched TV. What got him excited? Everything. The cool guys and gals on American Idol, MTV, reality shows with half-naked people, he knew fully well that he was turned on by both guys and gals, which was cool to Marshall.


All afternoon and in the evening too, when his mom would go out on a date (Marshall’s mom and dad were divorced), Marshall would sit at the computer and frig his swollen leaking dick until it shot loads of boy spunk all over the keyboard. Marshall even tried to imagine the dicks on his mom’s boyfriends. He thought about them fucking, and it turned him on. He also loved to think about young brides and grooms fucking on their marriage night, which, for some reason, really got him dripping.


Marshall was an adorable but a timid and quiet boy. He did not have a lot of close friends. There were some boys from school he played video games with and went to the movies with, but not much else. He was what you might call solitary. He spent a lot of time with his dirty sex thoughts.


He had even written fan letters to some of the porn writers on the internet. He told them he was eighteen. He loved to get mail from the guys who wrote such disgusting filth. It made his small young prick quiver and tremble. It made his nuts rise up in the compact round hairless young sack, which was still as soft as velvet.


It was mid-morning, and Marshall was playing with his dick while he watched some hot college dudes on The Price is Right television show. One of the college contestants had a huge lump in his jeans, and Marshall was trying to imagine the size of the guy’s fuck meat. The doorbell rang!


“Who the fuck is that?” Marshall wondered, pushing his hard leaking prick down inside his briefs and looking around for his shorts. He slipped on his baggy tan shorts and on big boy bare feet ambled to the door. The bell rang again.


“I’m coming!” he yelled out in a reedy boy voice, not yet deepened by full teenage puberty. Marshall was still developing. His chest was thin and very pretty if you like thirteen-year-old boys.


He opened the door. There stood a very handsome middle-aged man with a cranberry colored silk shirt, tan trousers, and expensive Italian sandals.


“Marshall? I was in the neighborhood, and I thought I would stop by. You wrote to me on the internet. You said you liked the stories about me.”


“Who are you?” Marshall asked, his throat suddenly dry, and his voice at an even higher pitch than before.


“I’m Mr. Black. May I come in?”


“I…uh...I’m not supposed to let anyone in the house when my mom isn’t home.”


“Would you rather I contact your mom at work then, to tell her about what you do on the internet?”




“You lie about your age, and you write to homosexual men, and you read really perverted stories about teenage boys who are forced to suck the cocks of dogs. Do you think your mom would like to hear about that?”


Marshall felt his entire world drop into his bare feet. It was as if his stomach dropped to the floor.


“Ah…oh, god…ah…why do you wanna tell her? I was just fooling around.”


“I don’t want to tell her. I want to talk to you, but if you won’t allow me to come in to talk to you, then I will tell her.”


Mr. Black smiled at the distraught boy.


“Ah…okay…come in. Jeez, please, mister, don’t tell her. I was just surfing and fooling around. All the guys look at porn.”


Mr. Black entered the cool shade of the kitchen as Marshall backed away.


“Yes, Marshall, most boys your age jerk their cocks to internet porn, but most of them don’t write to the authors, pretending to be a cock hungry eighteen-year-old. Your writing told me you were much younger. How old are you, really?”




Mr. Black’s smile broadened.


“Perfect. My, my, what a pretty little boy you are. Your face is quite beautiful. And I love your smooth, young, undeveloped body. Here’s what’s going to happen, Marshall. I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to give you your first sexual experience. I’m going to fuck you in the mouth and in the ass. I had an appointment about an hour and a half away, and suddenly I thought to myself, ‘I need a good fuck. My dick is really horny today, and I need to fuck some nice virgin boy ass,’ so I looked through my files and found you. I thought you were a bit older, but I’m delighted that you are such a fine young unused piece of ass-cunt.”


“Please, mister, I don’t want to do no sex. I never did sex. I’m too young.”


“You weren’t too young to write really filthy letters to me about my stories. You’re not too young to have dick leak staining your underpants and shorts.”


Marshall looked down, and sure enough, the front of his tan shorts was stained dark with leakage from his teen pecker. Marshall grew very red.


“No…I was…that isn’t…I mean...”


“You were playing with your dick, like most boys your age does in the morning, and afternoon and evening. And now you’re going to have your first sexual experience. Why don’t we start by you sitting up on the kitchen table and taking off your shorts and underpants?”


A tear formed in Marshall’s right eye. A single tear. He was a big boy. He did not cry much anymore.


“Please, I don’t want to.”


“Would you rather I went to see your mother with your emails?”


“Oh, god, no, she’d—”


“She would probably turn you over to the police, and you’d be sent to a reform school for a few years. People don’t look lightly at internet porn these days. Now, what’s it going to be? I don’t have much time, and I want to move on. Get up on the kitchen table and take off your shorts and underpants.”


Marshall’s brain was in a daze.


“What…what are you going to do to me?” he piped, his voice growing even weaker. Now he sounded like a little boy.


“I already told you. I’m going to make you suck my big fat dick and then shove it up inside your asshole and turn your boy shit hole into a pussy. And if your hole isn’t clean, if there’s shit on my dick, well then, you’re going to have to lick my dirty dick clean. Now, you have ten seconds to get your shorts off, or I go to your mother at work with your emails, or maybe I should just go right to the police.”


Marshall yelped like a wounded puppy. He raised his slender ass and slipped off his baggy shorts. He sat there on the table in just his underpants, looking very frail and frightened.


“Holy fuck! You’re beautiful. Too bad I can’t stay and fuck you for about a week. I could turn you into a real cock slut. Okay, big boy, take off the panties and show me the goodies.”


Thirteen-year-old Marshall, with a look of terror on his sweet young face, slid off his underpants and sat bare-ass naked on the kitchen table for this stranger to examine him.


“Just kick those undies onto the floor. We’ll use them later to sop up the spilled jizz and ass juice and blood if there is any. Now spread your legs and show me your baby balls and dick and pussy.”


Marshall was shaking so badly the table was making a squeaking sound. He spread his young legs to show the man his dick and nuts and ass.


“This is going to be a tight fuck. I can see that already. Get up on hands and knees so I can see your asshole better.”


Marshall got on his hands and knees, sticking his ass globes out toward Mr. Black. Mr. Black took a boy ass cheek in each hand and spread the kid to show his puckered ass-cunt better. The kid made a kind of whimpering sound.


“Pleeease…please, sir, don’t do this!”


“Too late, kid, you’re really cute, and my dick is rock hard. I’m probably going to hurt you a lot today. Your asshole is really tiny, like the pucker of a nine-year-old. I’ll work the hole a bit with my fingers before I actually fuck you, but it’s still going to hurt like bloody hell. You’re so cute that I’ll most likely want to hurt you in some other ways too. You know, work over your nipples, and burn your nut-sack with cigarettes, stuff like that. You don’t have a dog, do you?”


“No,” the boy’s voice was only a whisper now.


“Too bad, I love to see a young boy fucked by a big dog. It is one of my very favorite things in the whole world. Look at the experience this way. There will probably be a story written about you, and hundreds of faggots will beat their meat reading about you taking your first dick up the ass. I’m thinking now that I may piss on you too. This whole thing may take longer than I thought. Your sweet face would look so cute covered in piss.


“I’ve changed my mind. I’m not going to fuck you here. I want to fuck you on your mom’s bed. If I remember correctly, you told me you haven’t got a dad. Well, think of me as your dad—for today anyway. And we’re going to go to your mom’s bedroom, and I’m going to get naked and show you my almost nine-inch dick, and then we’re going to get into your mom’s bed together, and I’m going to kiss and lick your pale, smooth young body and you’re going to kiss and lick my dick and balls and asshole. And then I’m going to fuck my dick balls deep into your ass and fuck your brains out. We’re going to cover your mom’s bed with spit and drool and cum and ass slime and blood.


“We’re going to be lovers for one whole day. I’m going to pinch and twist your young tits, and snap your balls, and slap your sweet ass and maybe even take a belt to you. If you’re a good boy and learn how to suck dick really well, I may not have to break any of your bones. Are you scared, Marshall? That’s good.


“Remember, the boys in my stories are always scared—and with good reason. It’s pretty traumatic to get a huge dick fucked into your tiny little ass, turning it into a cunt. After I get through with you, you’re going to be hanging around the high school all the time, looking for high school seniors to fuck your little ass-pussy.


“The internet will no longer be enough for you. You will need real dick, four or five times a week. It’s all you are going to think about from now on. Think of yourself as a virgin bride on her wedding night, about to taste the groom’s fat dick for the first time. What do you say, Marshall, are you ready?”


What could Marshall say? The naked boy gave Mr. Black his hand and led the way into the bedroom where he was to receive his very first ass fucking.