Mr. Black and Bobby

(MB) (anal) (nc)

Mr. Black called “Cut!”

The cameras stopped filming and the three cinematographers, who were naked and sporting throbbing hard-ons, immediately jerked their dicks until they spat ropes of cum all over the dirty floor. Somebody pulled the plug, and the bright studio lights went off, replaced by regular room lights which seemed dark and muddy by comparison.

The twelve black basketball players tried to scrape some of the cum off their legs and ball sacks. An assistant handed them tissues, marveling not only at the height of the seven-foot black men, but also at the enormous sizes of their wrist-thick pricks, which hung six or seven inches even in their flaccid state, and which had for the last few hours stood proudly at over twelve-inches each.


Mr. Black sure knew where to round up the perfect casts for his films. The black guys scooped their underwear from the floor and headed for the door and the showers. Mr. Black handed each of them an envelope with lots of money in it. Who cared how much he paid them? The film would bring in millions. The twelve black basketball players departed, flaccid dicks swinging, thick as beer cans, balls halfway down to the knee. Mr. Black approached the bed.


“Is that all sir?” one of the cinematographers asked, his dick dripping with after-cum.


“Yeah, we'll clean up later. I want to take care of our little star here,” Mr. Black said.


The boy on the bed was a twelve-year-old blond. He lay on his stomach as if dead, except for the faint raising and falling of his shoulders. He was blond, and his darling face was turned toward Mr. Black. The boy's name was Bobby, and this was his first movie. He had a slender, smooth, hairless body. His tiny ass cheeks were like two small melons.


He had just been gang fucked by the black men for over seven hours. He couldn't move. His tiny body was wracked with pain, but he was too exhausted to groan in agony even. Cum bubbled out from between his ass cheeks. His legs were coated with cum. There were pools of fuck slop under his body. Cum dripped from his lips onto the pillow and cum ran from his nose. Cum clotted his soft silken blond hair, and cum ran from his ears. His body looked broken.


Mr. Black sat on the bed next to the boy and gently stroked his smooth young back.


“Bobby...Bobby, we can go back to the hotel now. It’s all over. All over. You were such a good boy.”


He looked down the length of the boy's bruised fucked body and saw the kid's toes twitch.


“You wanna go back to the hotel now and have a nice long bath and a good dinner? Maybe, you don't feel like eating since you have so much nigger cum in you, we can wait a while if you want to.”


The boy barely moved. His long eyelashes fluttered, but the eyes stayed closed. Mr. Black reached down and gently took one small ass globe in each hand and spread the boy's ass, the asshole itself was stretched grotesquely and looked red and swollen. It was open about the size of a fifty cent piece. That had happened when two of the black dudes had decided to try to stick both their fat dicks up the boy's ass at the same time. To the great dismay of poor young Bobby, who passed out twice during the exercise, they had succeeded too.


Mr. Black shook his head and smiled. He couldn't believe the size of the asshole. He reached down and held his hand under the hole, and cum poured out of it into the palm of his hand. He then brought his hand up to Bobby's sweet face.


“Here honey, open your mouth for a minute.”


Bobby stirred, “Huh?” he moaned.


“Open your mouth, honey. We don't want to waste any of this.”


He held the boy's cum covered face in his hands and pried the mouth open, being very gentle but forceful. Then he poured the cum from his hand into the kid's spooge-slick mouth. The boy's tongue was coated white with dick slop.


“Good boy, Bobby, such a good boy. Now, lick my hand.”


Bobby groaned and extended his little tongue to lick the cummy hand. Mr. Black reached back down to the boy's ass and gently dug his fingers into the gaping asshole. The boy tensed and groaned in pain.


“Easy baby, it's all right. We're all through here for today. All finished. You were such a good star, such a wonderful star. You’re going to make thousands of men very happy when they watch your first movie.”


“I...I don't wanna do this anymore...please...” the boy cried, but he had no voice left. Too many cocks had been down his throat. His lips were swollen from sucking dick.


“Don't worry, Bobby, we're all finished for today. I know your cunt hurts, but a nice warm bath will help.”


Mr. Black dug his fingers into the boy's fucked hole and the kid twisted in pain. Then he extracted them covered with cum and ass slime.


“Here Bobby, suck my fingers clean.”


Mr. Black knew what he was doing. There was no sexual horror to which the boy would not be exposed in the coming weeks, and Mr. Black learned early that you had to keep the boy broken. Never let him recover. Each new degradation must be gently but firmly forced upon him. Bobby already knew it was useless to fight back. Bobby knew that Mr. Black was the boss. Bobby opened his mouth, and Mr. Black stuck three cum and ass-slime covered fingers into it. The boy didn't choke; he had had twelve-inch dicks balls deep in his throat for hours. He sucked on the fingers, no longer tasting anything terrible.(m


“That a boy. Here, your nose is all clogged with cum, blow your nose in my hand. Don't be shy.”


Bobby wasn't exactly shy about it as he was fucking wasted. Wiped out! He blew his tiny twelve-year-old nose, and cum and snot splattered into Mr. Black's hand.


“Now, be a good boy and lick it up.”


Bobby had to eat terrible things. Mr. Black had taught Bobby never to turn any food away, no matter how gross it was. While most boys his age were rejecting veggies or things like that, poor Bobby had to eat whatever Mr. Black presented to him. Just the day before, cameras blazing for an earlier segment in the same film, the poor little boy had been forced to eat lightly roasted horse cock served almost rare. He had been forced to eat the tough meat of the horse dick for the cameras. And when he had puked, of course, he had to lick up his vomit. He had done well in that scene too. He did his best in all the scenes because he didn't want to face Mr. Black's punishments. He'd done well in the scene where he had to fuck the little boy.


He didn't want to do it, it was gross, and he knew even with his little dick that he was hurting the poor young thing, but he had no choice. And he had been given so much Viagra that his dick was like iron. He knew better than to try to run away.


“You're going to have trouble walking for a few days because of all that big, black dick, but don't worry, I'll just have to serve you your meals in bed.”


Mr. Black smiled kindly at the boy. Mr. Black had been sleeping with the boy at night for the last few weeks, fucking him at least twice during the night.


“Please, Sir, is it almost over? Is the movie almost over?” Bobby asked in a hoarse, rasping voice.


“Yes, this movie is almost over. And you are going to be a huge star. And then, in a few days, we are going to begin work on your new film, Bobby on the Farm! We've got some very talented horses lined up to work with you and sheep and goats and dogs and pigs. You'll love the pigs. They have long twisting dicks like corkscrews.”


Bobby's slender, pale body shuddered, and he bit into the cum soaked pillowcase. Mr. Black laughed gently.