More Than a Bully

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School was out for summer. Me and Trent were shooting hoops in the driveway minding our own business when Justin started taunting us.

"You fucking twerps! You both shoot like pussies!" Justin yelled.

We continued playing, ignoring him, even though we both were pissed. He got a water hose and sprayed us. He laughed and called us names as we went inside. That was just one of the things Justin did to make life miserable for me. He was around every time I stepped out of the house. I had hated him before he'd lived there a week. I'd picture jumping him, beating him up, making him leave me alone, but hey, I'm fourteen, he's sixteen. He's one of those big jock types, and I'm not.

My name is Jacky Hardwick. I'm still waiting on hormones to kick in. I'm kind of uncomfortable with my body right at this point. It's hard on a guy changing from a boy to a man. You wake up one day, and your dick and balls are growing. Next week, you got leg hairs. Then some fuzz on your armpits and then it all slows down, neither boy or man, and you just got to wait.


Like right now, I'm five foot even, but only weigh about ninety pounds. I eat like crazy, I'm athletic, but can't gain a pound. And my dick? It seems to stop growing after reaching five inches. Yeah, I've measured it.


Now, Justin, he's like six foot and built. He's got dark hair, and I'm blonde. He's always shirtless, showing off his muscles, and I try and keep my body hid since I feel too skinny.


Back to Justin, his latest triumph has been nick naming me, Jack a Hard Dick. His two buddies have picked up on it too. Jacky Hardwick, the “Jack a Hard Dick,” is all I hear when I see them.


So, I avoid them, but I got tired of staying in the house, so I started sneaking out the back way. There're woods and a small lake behind our house, and I'd walk through them and go over to Trent’s house. It was kind of kewl fooling Justin like that.


I was using the woods to get to Trent's, and I found this old fort some kids had made. I'd figure they made it to play war or cowboys and Indians. But it was a kewl fort, kind of camouflaged by a bunch of trees. Part of it was dug out in the ground, and there were a ladder and a platform in a tree. Part of the platform was over a deep part of the lake. I figured it would be good for diving. Me and Trent started going there. We'd dive off the platform and swim for a while. It was pretty kewl.


Trent was going on vacation with his family for a week, so it was pretty much me all to myself. I had started getting a kewl tan so I figure I'd spend the week swimming and practicing diving off the platform. I didn't want my parents to know about swimming in the lake by myself, so I sneaked a couple of towels and a pair of trunks to the fort. I'd tell my mom I was going hiking, she'd fix me a lunch sack, and I'd head off in the woods.


I was careful. I'd swim and dive, then eat my lunch and let the sun dry my hair. I was doing that very thing the third morning that Trent had been gone. I was pretty water logged and walked out of the lake towards the fort.


There were Justin and one of his goofy friends, Kyle. They were eating my lunch. I froze and thought about running, but I was barefooted, and you don't run in the woods barefoot. Justin was sitting on my clothes, chewing one of my sandwiches. I just glared at him.


Justin grinned, "Hey, Jack a Hard Dick! So this is where you been hiding? Nice, dude, nice!"


Kyle laughed and said, "Where's your little playmate?"


"Give me my clothes!" was all I said.


"Take ‘em if you got enough balls!" Justin laughed.


I walked closer, I figure Justin would kick my ass, but I was so mad I was shaking. I didn't care and was just too angry to think. I dove towards Justin. He grabbed my wrists and held me. He was laughing as I was trying to get loose. Then Kyle started tickling me! I was so mad that I started crying and kicking. Kyle sat on my legs and kept tickling me on the ribs and stomach. I started screaming louder, and Justin stuffed something in my mouth. It was my underwear!


"Tighty whities!" Justin laughed. "Does the little boy wear cute little white undies?"


Kyle said, "All faggots wear ‘em, Justin!"


"Yeah, we sure got us a little fag boy here!" Justin agreed. "I wonder if he's got a dick or a pussy?"


That's when Kyle started peeling my swim trunks down! One of a fourteen-year-old dude’s biggest fears is being depantsed especially by older guys. The more I tried to struggle, the more my trunks were peeled down. I closed my eyes and kept trying to break loose!


Justin said, "Hey, he's a real blonde!"


Both of the ass holes were laughing.


Kyle said, "Where's his dick? Oh, there it is, underneath them ten hairs!"


Justin said, "What ten hairs?"


Then he grabbed one of my pubes and yanked it out! I couldn't yell or cuss because they had my mouth stuffed full of my underwear. Kyle laughed and pulled out one of my pubes, too.


Justin said, "Find something to tie the faggot up with and let's pull out all his pubes one at a time. Fags don't need dick hair!"


Kyle moved, and for a brief second I was almost free, but I tripped on my forgotten swim trunks that were still around my ankles. Justin grabbed my arm and twisted it up behind my back, but I was at least able to get my briefs out of my mouth. Justin wrapped his arms around my chest and pulled me back towards him. He held me real tight and was laughing right in my ear. Justin pressed against me, and I felt a hard lump against my naked butt. I knew what it was.


"Let me go, you fucking ass hole! Get away from me!" I yelled. "You're the faggot, you got a boner, dude!"


Justin laughed and pressed his boner harder against me. He started humping against me. Kyle just laughed, watching.


Justin said, "Hurry up, tie the little fag up!"


Justin held my arms above my head, and Kyle used the rope that I swung out on the lake from to tie my wrist together. My arms were tied over my head, but I could still kick! I kicked out making contact with the hard lump in Justin's shorts.


Justin yelled, "The little fucker almost got my nuts! You're gonna pay for that, faggot!"


Kyle held my ankles while Justin grabbed my nuts. Justin squeezed, and I screamed!


"I ought to rupture you!" Justin yelled. "Now, be still or I will!"


He gave a yank and let my balls loose. I was sick to my stomach from the pain.


Kyle said, "You want me to gag him again?"


Justin looked around. "Naw, dude, no one’s out here to hear him but us. Right now, the little fag's gonna listen, or I swear I'll bust his balls! You gonna listen?"


I nodded my head yes not able to speak.


Justin sneered, "I figure you would. Where were we? Oh, yeah, it's my turn to pull a pube out. Yeah, you lucky little fag, we are going to pull your pubes out one at a time. It won't take long. I bet you'll like it having two real studs pull your dick hair out."


Justin grabbed a pube, and he looked me right in the eyes as he pulled it out. Then Kyle repeated the process. My pubes formed a small, V-shaped nest of dark blonde hairs. Kyle plucked them from my right side, Justin from the left. It stung every time a hair was yanked out. I looked down as my claim to manhood was pulled out by these two older bullies. My bush got smaller and smaller. I had never felt so humiliated or embarrassed in my whole life. It seemed like forever that they yanked my hairs away. It reality it was less than ten minutes later that I watched my last pube tugged out by Justin.


I was past crying, past yelling, even past fighting. I looked at the now smooth area above my dick. They had taken in minutes what it had taken me months to grow. It's hard to explain it, but I was proud of those hairs, it was like my pubes had been part of becoming a man.


"Fuck, you got the last one," Kyle said. "He ain't got any hair on his nuts! What'll we do now?"


Justin grinned, "Let's make his dick hard!"


Kyle laughed and said, "I ain't playing with his dick, dude!"


"Naw, for real, dude, let's see if the fucker can even nut yet! I bet he can't!"


Justin laughed grabbing my dick. He spat in his hand and started rubbing my dick. I was even more humiliated when it started boning up. Justin kept playing with it as they were laughing and telling me how little it was. I fought the feelings but no one had ever touched my dick before, except me, and I begin to cum. If I had been embarrassed before, this was even worse. Nothing was more humiliating than this. Justin aimed my dick down as I began shooting. My cum landed on my feet. They were laughing!


Justin said, "You see that? It only took him like three minutes! Kyle, you jack him now!"


Kyle said, "I don't know dude."


Justin said, "Do it, man, we'll take turns, until like it really hurts him."


Kyle spat on his hand, "I guess, dude, but no one better ever hear about this shit!"


"Who's gonna tell?" Justin asked. "The little fag will be nutless if he ever says anything!"


Over the next hour or so, they took turns. They made me cum until it really hurt. My dick was swollen from all the rubbing, and my nuts were trying to pull up inside my body. All together, they had forced me to cum five times. I cried out in pain the last time. No cum even came out as my dick and balls just twitched. My puffy dick looked gross. It wasn't hard anymore but was so swollen it almost looked hard. My nuts were so drawn up that when I looked down, I couldn't see them.


Justin started pulling the bootlaces out of my hiking boots. I watched, but it was as if I wasn't there.


Kyle watched with interest. "Whatcha gonna do now?"


Justin said, "We made him cum, right?"


Kyle said, "Yeah, so?"


Justin said, "He's got to make us cum!" The two bullies high-fived each other.


"So what's with the bootlaces, dude?" Kyle asked.


"I don't wanna see his little wiener when he's beating me off, dude! It's all swollen and shit!" Justin answered.


He pulled my sock out of my boot and put it over my dick and balls. He began to wrap the bootlace around the sock real tight. In a few minutes, even though I was naked, my dick and balls were tightly bound, and nowhere to be seen.


"That's kewl! Hey, dude, if he had some tits, he'd look like a bitch!" Kyle said.


"Aww, he's gonna sure act like a bitch," Justin said. "I don't know about you, dude, but fucking with this little fag has me boned up bad. We're gonna throw his clothes up in the tree, and then we're gonna untie him. He's gonna jack me off, what about you?"


Kyle was quiet for a minute, "Yeah, I'm in, dude!"


I watched as my clothes were thrown in the tree. Kyle started untying me, but I couldn't escape naked. They had me. The two fucking bullies had me. As Kyle was undoing my wrist, Justin started taking off his shirt.


Kyle asked, "What's up with the strip tease, dude?"


"I'm gonna make the little punk get me off, and I don't want cum on my clothes, dude. Besides, I bet the creep will get off seeing a real man naked." Justin answered.


In front of both Kyle and me, Justin proudly stripped. I looked down, rubbing my wrist where the rope had cut off the circulation. I didn't want to see any guy naked, especially not Justin. It's one thing when you’re changing with a friend or in the locker room. But this was another thing. This was two older guys. This was wrong.


Justin said, "Naw, bitch, you're gonna look at me."


He grabbed my sock covered privates in one large, strong hand.


"Now, tell me your gonna look!"


He squeezed!


"I'll look at you! I'll look!" I said almost breathless from the pain shooting up.


Justin let loose.


"Remember that, you do what we say, or next time, I'll fuck you up! Now, look!"


The sixteen-year-old bully stood straight up proud of his naked body. His muscled arms were at his side, a trace of growing hair on them. He held his head high displaying his nude body to his friend and me. His neck tapered down to broad muscular shoulders. His pecs with a few hairs in the indenture between them thrust out. His nipples were twice the size of mine, dark in color, a few hairs already growing around them. His waist was taut and flat teenage washboard. Below his navel, a trail of silky brown hair traveled down to a thick bush of hair.


His dick was soft, but bigger than mine was on hard. It was thick, and the skin was darker than my dick. The head of his cock was hidden by what I knew was foreskin but had never seen. Below that were his nuts, they hung in a large sack speckled with brown curly hair. His balls were massive, and one hung lower than the other like it weighed more or something.


His legs were spread as if he was trying to frame his manhood. His thighs were thick with muscle, almost smooth until the halfway point, and then traces of silky brown hair formed a pattern down the strong, long legs. The hair was thinner where his socks had rubbed it away. Justin reached down and cupped his dick and balls in both hands.


"Touch it!" he demanded.


I looked away towards Kyle hoping he would somehow keep this from happening. Kyle stood staring at Justin, watching the scene.


Justin said louder, "Touch me!"


My hand shook as I reached out towards Justin. I brushed my fingertips across his dick. The heat of it made me pull my hand away. Justin grabbed my hands and pulled them to his cock.


"Play with it, faggot!"


As he held my hands, he thrust against them, and I felt the tube growing larger.


"Stroke it!" Justin commanded.


I felt a tear running down my face as I took his big dick in my hand. Kyle's clothes started falling around me as Justin cock overfilled my hand.


"The little fag's doing it!" Kyle laughed.


The two bullies stood side by side in front of me. They were both tall, brown haired, and muscled, but Justin was the most developed. Kyle was naked now, but his cock was still soft. Justin's wasn't. It grew larger and larger.


"You got two hands. Use them, faggot!" Justin ordered.


I heard sounds as I awkwardly held the two dicks in my hands. As I jacked them, I realized the sounds were of me sobbing. The bullies moaned and grunted. Justin gave me orders, but Kyle was mainly silent. I had jacked my own dick. I can't lie about that. All guys do, but it ain't easy when it ain't your dick, you know?


First, you can feel what you're doing to your own piece. You know what makes it feel good. And, when it’s your dick you’re jacking, it ain't like having sex. It's a relief, not sex. Being made to jack off two other dicks is sex, and like humiliating and disgusting. There's more than that, someone else's dick doesn't feel right in your hand. It feels nasty and all wrong.


I figure Kyle's dick was maybe six inches. It was just an inch or so longer than mine, but all different. It was too big around in the middle, and the head of it was more spongy feeling than mine was. It was cut like mine, but it was too hard, and he made too many noises.


Justin's was even worse. I don't know; I figure eight inches. I'm not into measuring any dicks other than mine. It had a curve in it and wanted to go up instead of sticking out straight. It was too thick to wrap my hand around it. And that foreskin, it moved when I jacked him, and the head of his dick was pretty gross. I know how to beat my own meat, but this was awful.


I just kept trying. I didn't know what else I could do. My dick was really hurting all tied up like Justin had it. I was getting scared that it would be damaged for real. I just kept doing what they were making me do when all the sudden Kyle knocked my hand away. Kyle grabbed his own dick, and his hand flew over it a few times. His cum hit me, right on my stomach! I let loose of Justin's cock and backed up. Kyle shot more cum on me, then more. I fell to the platform crying. Justin's laugh was cruel and gave me goose bumps.


"Way to go, Kyle, you creamed on the little faggot!"