Miles Punished

(Mb) (incest, spank, ws) (D/s, B/D) (nc)

A palimpsest based on a story by Napoleon Leopold

"So, you think you're too big to be punished?" Miles’ father yelled at him as he punched him. Miles would have fallen backwards if his father had not a hold of him by the front of his shirt. Even so, when he punched him, two of his buttons popped off the front of his shirt.


"I'll show you who's too big for his britches." He continued to yell and grabbing his son by his belt, he undid the buckle and yanked son’s pants down pulling his cotton briefs down with them to his ankles and as he sat down into the wooden chair, he yanked his son down across his lap and proceeded to spank his ass with his bare hand.


Strike after strike, he smacked each ass cheek over and over turning them crimson red. Miles kicked, screamed and cried as he pleaded with his father to stop as the walloping continued. He continued to smack his son’s ass cheeks with each spoken word.


"You. Are. Nothing. But. A. Little. Boy! I. Am. The. Man! You. Are. Nothing! A. Nobody! I. Will. Teach. You. Who’s. In. Charge!"


Miles’ ass went from sore to burn as it turned fiery red as his father continued to whack his son’s ass repeatedly. When his father finally stopped, he could feel the heat radiating off his son’s asscheeks as he rubbed his hand across both of the firm, red-hot and blistered cheeks. His hand soon slipped between Miles’ splayed ass cheeks and his fingers rubbed across his son’s asshole. An evil thought crossed his mind and he dumped his son off his lap onto the floor.


Miles laid there crying as his father left the room and returned minutes later with several lengths of rope. He grabbed Miles by both wrists in one hand and lifted him to his feet. Taking the rope, he tied his son’s wrists together. Miles tried to pull away, but was an unfair contest against his father’s strength and determination.


Holding Miles’ wrists above his head, he grabbed the front of his shirt and tore it from the front of his body with one powerful yank. Miles screamed at his father to stop, but his father was beyond listening to reason. Seeing his son’s tight teenage body exposed only made him more enraged as he took a hold of him and dumped him across the back of a wooden chair.


He bent Miles over the chair back with his front side down toward the chair seat leaving his son’s legs hanging down over the back of the chair. He then pulled his son’s tied wrists forward and tied them off to the front cross bar between the chair legs. Moving behind him, he pulled Miles’ sneakers off along with his jeans and boxers leaving him completely naked except for his socks. Taking the other two pieces of rope he tied off his legs to each chair leg leaving his spread apart with his toes barely touching the floor.


Opening the front of his pants, he pulled out his large, thick and hard cock, moved between his son’s legs and while holding his cock in hand, he proceeded to rub it up and down his son’s ass crack.


Miles could feel the head of his father’s cock moving up and down his ass crack and then felt his father’s cock probing at his asshole before his ass lips parted to allow his father’s cock to slip into him. His asshole opened up as his father’s monstrous cock began to enter his canal stretching his walls to their limits and beyond. He screamed in pain as his father split him open with his monster-sized manhood.


Feeling the head of his cock entering into the opening of his son’s canal, he grabbed Miles by his hips, then with one swift motion he thrust powerfully into his son’s tight, virginal boy-cunt burying his cock deep within his son.


Miles felt his ass lips tear and he screamed in pain. His father’s throbbing cock was driving deep into him as his balls slapped against his ass cheeks. His father’s cock bumped his prostate creating sexual heat. Excitement began to build up in him as his body betrayed him as he reacted to his father’s animalistic brutality.


Holding on to his son’s hips, he pulled his cock back until just the bulbous head was still inside and then he thrust forward again as powerfully as the first time. He plunged his cock into his son again and again as he repeated the process of pulling back and forcefully thrusting forward balls deep inside of him. He showed no mercy as he rutted him like an animal as he pounded him repeatedly. He did not think he was raping his son, but rather giving him a punishment that he brought upon himself.


Pain and pleasure over took Miles’ mind as he felt his father’s strong cock powerfully ramming his boy-cunt. The constant jolting of his prostate brought waves of pleasure to his addled mind and pain wracked body as he exploded in an overwhelming orgasm. His body trembled as his balls detonated causing cum to jet from his hard dick covering the chair seat with his debasement.


Feeling Miles's boy-cunt spasms from his orgasm created a delightful sensation all around his father’s cock He felt his own balls as they constricted and he ejaculated an abundant load of cum, filling his son’s boy-cunt with sticky jism. Load after load of semen spilled into Miles as his father kept his cock buried deep in Mile’s boy-cunt.


Miles collapsed in his bonds when he felt his father withdraw his semi-hard cock from his body. His boy-cunt continued to spasm uncontrollably as cum slowly seeped out of him and drip onto the floor. Suddenly, he felt his father grab ahold of a handful of hair and lift his head up. Miles's eyes flew open as his lips parted. Miles’ mouth opened to scream, but his father muffled the scream by shoving his semi-hard cock into his son’s mouth.


"Suck," was all he said.


Miles did as ordered slurping on his father’s big cock.


“Use your tongue, boy!”


Miles used his tongue to tickle the head of his father’s cock. Slowly at first, his father worked his cock back and forth in his son’s mouth. Soon it began to stiffen, growing harder and thicker and with each forward movement of his hips, his cock began to go further into Miles’ mouth.


Sentient of his son’s ineptness at giving him a blowjob, his father had now grabbed his son’s hair on both sides of his head with his hands and held his head still as he pushed his cock deeper into Miles's mouth forcing it into his throat as he began to pump Miles’ face like a cunt. Miles tried to back away but to no avail as his father’s hands held him in place. Miles struggled to control his gag reflex as the bulbous head rammed the back of his throat. In and out his father pounded Miles’ mouth with his humongous cock. Miles's jaw began to ache from having to hold it open so wide. His father’s thrusting cock began to hit the back of Miles’ mouth attempting to gain entry to his throat.


Griping his son’s hair tighter, he pushed his hips forward and Miles's eyes flew open as he felt his father’s cock hit the back of his throat as it gained entry to his throat and slipped down into his esophagus cutting off his airway. His father’s balls slapped Miles’ chin and his throat constricted around the shaft of his father’s cock as it went as deep as it could.


His father held his cock in Miles’ convulsing throat for several seconds before he began to pull out slowly. It left his son’s throat with a popping sound as Miles gulped for air and spit up saliva from gagging. Before he could catch his breath completely, his father’s cock entered back into his mouth and went deep into his throat again. This time, when his father’s balls hit his son’s chin, he pumped his cock back and forth without leaving Miles’ throat.


It was not until Miles began to thrash for lack of oxygen and was on the edge of blackness that he pulled out. His son’s gasping for air did not stop him from shoving his cock back down his son’s throat to the hilt. Miles choked and gagged, his throat muscles tightening around the shaft of his cock. This did nothing but excite his father even more and after a few pumps of his hips, he pulled Miles's hair tightly towards him. With his cock buried deep into his son’s mouth and nose pressed hard against his belly, his cock erupted a second time in orgasm as he spilled his cum down his son’s esophagus and into his stomach.


Emptying the contents of his balls, he pulled his cock out of Miles’ mouth and as his son choked, gagged, spit-up and gasped for air he took his cock and wiped it all over his son’s face smearing it with his leaking cum. When finished, he dropped Miles’ head, aimed his cock at the despoiled boy and pissed on him.


“Nothing, you remember that little boy, you’re nothing.”


Miles' father zipped up his pants and walked away leaving his humiliated, humbled and shamed son tied over the chair knowing that he was nothing to his father.