Mica's Movie

(Mb) (oral, rim, ws) (nc) (inc)

Seven-year-old Mica was led into the room. It was understandable that he was scared. The sixty men gathered in the basement were already all naked and masturbating. Mica was naked too, of course. He did have a support bandage on his arm from where it was broken when he tried to escape. The Man had had to get a little rough with him. The man told him over and over they were not going to hurt him, and the broken arm was his own damned fault for trying to run away. There was just too much money already sunk into this film. Oh yeah, did I mention the bright lights and the cameras? That added to Mica’s discomfort. I mean seven-year-old boys don’t like to be naked in front of cameras and sixty pervy men, now do they?

You could hear the gasps of pleasure at the sight of the little fucktoy. The boy was a darling. He had long curly hair of a luxurious brown. He had the cutest smile, and the man kept reminding him to smile. A small shell necklace decorated his throat, perhaps an inside joke as to what was to come. His body was small, slender and pale, and his baby dick was as large a big thumb.

Oh, he’d cried at first and made a hell of a fuss, screaming for his daddy. He had no idea that it was his father who was paying for this film. That was usually the case. Most incidents of abuse happened within the family.
And what a film it was going to be.
Mica looked around the room at the naked men. They were all ages, shapes, and sizes. The youngest looked to be fifteen or sixteen, the oldest over seventy. As I said, all were bare-assed as they pumped their various sized dicks. Some were already leaking. The hard, leaking cocks scared the hell out of Mica who didn’t understand anything about sex. He knew that his dad insisted he sleeps naked and often tickled him when he tucked him in at night. His dad also washed him and bathed him. His dad loved to tickle his little bags, and Mica liked it too. Also, his dad was always comparing his grown-up dick and balls to Mica’s baby ones. He would rub his big cock against Mica’s tiny one and say, “Someday, if you eat lots of protein, you will have a cock as big as mine and all the girls will love you!”
Mica was too young to care about girls, but he was somewhat fascinated at how his daddy’s dick grew so thick and long. Now he saw that all the men in the room had hard cocks, and as I said, some of them dripping. They also had ugly leers on their faces. They looked at the little boy as if they could eat him alive.
The Man led Mica to a low chair with arms. It was kind of like a kid’s chair. A special chair for a special young man! The boy sat in it, and the Man strapped his arms to the chair arms. His little body tensed at that.
“Don’t be scared Mica, I promised you we were not going to hurt you, and I always keep my word. This is just to keep you from wiggling around too much.”
“What are you going to do?” the cute little boy stammered.
“We’re going to make a movie, starring you! It’s going to be lots of fun. You’ll see. Now spread your legs and let us strap them to the chair legs that way we can all see your pretty little dick and balls.”
“That’s private.”
Mica pouted. With his hands strapped, he could no longer cover himself.
The Man laughed. “Not any more Mica. Hundreds, maybe thousands of men all over the world are going to see and enjoy your seven-year-old pricklet and balls. Come on, don’t be so shy.” The man reached down, took Mica’s tiny dick between thumb and forefinger and gently frigged the little boy meat. “Doesn’t that feel good? Look, all these men are doing the very same thing. And they’re all doing it just for you!”
Then Mica saw the other boy. This boy was about twelve and also naked. He held a metal dish that looked the like the kind of dish you pee in at the hospital. It was curved like that. The little boy knelt next to Mica and smiled up at him.
“Hi!” The little boy said with a shy grin on his face.
“Hi” Mica answered, pretty scared still.
The boy held the dish up under Mica’s chin, right at neck level. The Man yelled for the cameras to start, and right away, two big black men with enormous cocks stepped up to Mica and began to rub their dicks on his face. He didn’t like that at all and tried to turn his head away, but they grabbed his long hair and held his face still.
“Sit still, Mica, and I promise they won’t hurt you.” Mica stopped struggling but didn’t like the leaking prick knobs rubbing all over his smooth young face. They rubbed them over his lips, and he got the taste of the cock snot in his mouth. It was yucky.
It didn’t take long. Soon first one and then the other dick erupted in a spurt of an orgasmic mess. Thick ropes of spooge shot out of the piss holes onto the face of the little boy. Cum draped his nose and dripped onto his lips. Some got into his eyes and stung like hell. Poor little Mica started to cry. Cum dripped from his chin into the dish held by the other little boy. The black men grunted and wiped their leaking dicks in the boy's long hair. Then they stepped back, and two more men came right up, an old man and a teenager. They were only seconds from shooting. The teen aimed his dick right at the boy’s mouth and shot all over his pretty lips. The old guy lost control and shot most of his load into one of Mica’s ears. The sounds of grunting and pumping men became hollow and tinny. Cum coated Mica’s lips, and when he opened his mouth to protest, strings of teen cum connected his upper and lower lips. The kid shot the second rope of cum right into the boy’s open mouth, and some guys in the room cheered.
Mica struggled in his chair, but he was tightly strapped in. Cum ran down his sweet young face. Cum coated his lips. Three guys stepped up as the old man wiped his dick in the boy’s hair. The teen was still pumping. The men had been told to step up to the boy when they approached climax. These three grunted and shot almost at once. Huge gobs of cum covered the boy’s face in a mask of glistening yellow, white fuck snot as two, three, four spurts ejaculated from each dick. Now the Man stepped up to the boy.
“You are doing fine, Mica. It doesn’t hurt, does it? I am sorry if the cum in your eyes stings a little, but it’s not too bad, is it?”
The Man took his thick finger and scooped up some of the cum hanging like wallpaper paste from the boy's cheek. The Man tugged gently on Mica’s hair so his head went back and his mouth opened. Then the man shoved the cum clogged finger into the boy’s mouth as the cameras moved in for close-ups. The finger coated the inside of the boy’s mouth with cum. He ran his finger over the boy's gums and teeth, over his tongue and down into the back of the kid’s mouth. Mica gagged and felt as if he would puke. He had not been given any food for twenty-four hours to avoid a vomit scene. The Man smiled as he scooped up more cum and rubbed it over the boy’s teeth and gums. Then Two more guys grunted and stepped up close to the boy’s face.
“Stick out your tongue, Mica.” The Man said, gently rubbing the boy’s nipples. Cum was starting to pool in the bottom of the metal dish held by the other boy.
Mica stuck out his tongue, and almost immediately, one of the guys, a beefy red faced middle aged man, shot a massive splat of fuck snot on to the kid’s tongue. Mica gasped and pulled his tongue back into his mouth and felt the fuck sauce run down his throat.
“Tongue out, Mica!”
A hand yanked his hair, and his head went back, and his mouth opened again as the next guy shot off. Cum was now pouring into the dish, running from the boy’s mouth and chin. Thick yellow, white glops of fuck slop clung to his sweet young cheeks. His eyes were wide in horror. Three more guys stepped up. One shot right into his right eye. The burning was intense this time and his vision blurred. A second guy blasted into his hair, which was getting thick and sticky with cum. The third guy leaned down a bit so he could shoot his load right up the boy’s nose.
“Take it, you fucking bitch!” The young muscular guy grunted.
He sprayed spooge up the kid’s nasal passage. That really burned, and Mica couldn’t breathe for a bit. The cum was now totally clogging his sinuses. Two more guys one black and one Latino stepped up to the plate and batted a thousand as they shot off directly into the boy’s face. Cum was now almost an inch thick on the kid’s face and ran in rivers down into the tin plate.
The boy was throwing himself wildly in his chair. The boy holding the metal dish made a disgusting face as if he might puke. The dish was one-third full of cum. Still, more and more men came up to unload their nuts all over poor Mica’s face.
After the twentieth guy shot, the Man stepped up and this time with three fingers scooped up so much cum it looked like poi. He held the boy’s the nose, and when the little mouth opened, he put all three fingers into the kid’s mouth. Cum ran down the boy’s throat like lava from an erupting volcano. It tasted thick and revolting. The boy coughed, but the fingers kept shoving cum into his mouth.
The frail little seven-year-old body trembled and shook as if the boy was having a seizure. His small tits heaved. His breathing was ragged and quick. His eyes rolled in horror, the right one clotted with cum. The man laughed and stepped back. The kid’s face was mudpack of cum. Four guys stepped up and blasted almost at the same time. The force was so strong that the boy’s head snapped back. Laughter and cheers filled the room.
When the dish was full of cum, the Man had two guys hold the boy’s head back while he opened the little jaw. Then he tilted the dish and told the boy to swallow.
“Isn’t that good, huh? Sweet little bitch, isn’t that delicious? You swallow it all like a good little cumdump! Show the camera what a cum hungry fucking slut you are.”
The boy gagged, and cum bubbled out of his nose and backed up out of his mouth. It spewed out and landed back in the dish, which was tilted to feed it to him once again. He tried to protest that his stomach was bloated and he couldn’t swallow any more cum. His mouth and throat were thick with it. His tongue was coated in it. But still, they made him eat cum. While he was still drinking cum from the dish, three more guys stepped up and shot their loads all over his pretty seven-year-old face.
“Take it you fuckhole!” one of the guys yelled.
He started to slap the boy’s face with his dick. The Man enjoyed it so much he handed the dish back to the other boy and stepped back so the camera could capture the dick slapping. Two more guys began to slap his face with their fat cocks. Thunk! Thunk! The cock knobs thwapped his tender cheeks.
The dish was just too small for all the cocksnot. So they got a beer pitcher. Soon it was two-thirds filled with layers of yellow, white cock spew. Cum ran down Mica’s body across his bare chest and his tiny tits. He threw his face from side to side in revulsion as cock spit at him from every direction. He was bathed in fuck. Coated in fuck!
Finally, all sixty guys had shot. They tilted the chair back, so Mica’s head was resting on the floor. Then they tipped the pitcher over, and the fuck sauce cocktail was poured down his throat. He gagged and puked cum, but it kept coming. His tummy was bloated as if he was pregnant. He was almost out of his mind with agony.
The guys in the room were jerking again, getting ready for a second round. The floor was slippery with fuck. One black guy coated his foot with cum and then shoved his toes into the boy’s mouth.
The Man turned to the camera for a close-up.
“Are we ready for round two? I think seven-year-old Mica is still hungry for more sperm and we’re prepared to feed it to him. We may have to pump his stomach, but don’t worry, that adds to the fun. And don’t forget next week that the same fine group of men and teenage boys are going to gang fuck little Mica in the ass!