September 2019

Much appreciation to Amaryd for his contributions of several missing dale10 stories and chapters. (Amaryd - your email address rejected as invalid.)

March 2019

The search bar is back. It was removed in 2016 because it was having a lot of problems with the results. It will probably need refinements to work properly so be patient.

March 2019

Three requested stories (Black and White Toy Party, My Big Brother, and Boy Rehab Center) that were missing were graciously contributed by mwsinmd. (My Big Brother is not yet published.)

March 2019

A shout out to Jacky who has provided several missing dale10 stories.

February 2019

We have received a few requests for a forum. The previous incarnation of the website had a forum, which became problematic. A forum is currently not planned.

January 2019

Our appreciation to Joshhb for sending missing dale10 stories.

December 2018

The 200th dale10 story has been posted.

May 2018

Our appreciation to Steve who sent the missing chapters 8 - 10 of A Dad's Problem. Chapters 6 and 7 are missing. If you have them, please share here.

April 2018

Our sincerest gratitude to Max, who provided a list of dale10 stories that he had and sent all the stories that were missing to maipenraikhap.org .

March 2018

A shout out to powersjohn for the missing chapter 1 of Kip's Diary and the missing chapters 4, 6, and 7 of Toma.

March 2018

A big thank you to sirbosk1 for sending the missing chapter 2 of the Hypno-Therapist.

(story not yet published)

February 2018

maipenraikhap.org received an email from dale10: I'm not writing for a while. All is well. I am immersed in work and other things. Will get back to the stories eventually. Thanks, dale10

(dale10 is back to writing)

August 2017

The comment form is now working.

July 2017

The template that the website is built on is not functioning correctly for the Comment Form to submit. When available a message will be posted. Thanks to Evan for the notification.

July 2017

Maipenraikhap.org has very few of the author's e-mail addresses. Every story has a comment box, please show your appreciation to the writers by voting, leaving encouraging comments and tell others how much you’ve enjoyed the stories. It only takes a few minutes and the appreciation of their efforts encourages authors to write.

June 2017

A new section has been added to the dale10 story web page, titled Stories in Process. Dale10 is uploading stories to the website and this will allow the stories to be posted as he uploads.

June 2017

Dale10 has contributed seven wonderful stories to the website this month. They will be posted as time permits. The first one, Fathers and Sons, has been posted in the dale10 descants section in time for Father's Day.

June 2017

Maipenraikhap.org has two stories by Regnar S. Reklaw, Biker Bar Gangbang and Fraternity Pledge. Do you have any other stories by this author? If so, please upload here.

May 2017

Flattered and surprised at the kind words of dale10, who has discovered the website, to generously offer any missing chapters and stories he may have for publication. Approximately 500 of dale10 stories have been located, of which only about a two-thirds are listed on the site, and about half are published. The website has turned out to be a larger project than anticipated so it will take a while for all of them to be published.