I know, I have been sexually very, very lucky indeed to have the experiences I have had in my life. I have had to give up some things to do this, like some potentially long-term lovers, loves of my life, and a family, etc. All in all, I have been very fortunate to see what I have seen and done. Part of it was that I went looking for perversion and scenes of humiliation and degradation from the time I was twenty. That is about when it started for me. My sexual experiences up until then were rather vanilla. Many of the real-life experiences I have shared with you along with mixing them in with the erotic fiction I have written. The following may not interest anyone, but it will serve as a kind of record of some of the highs in my life. I have compiled a kind of list of the sexual highlights of my own life. Things I have done or seen that rise above ordinary sexual exploits. Many of these served as the spark for stories I have written, but all of these on the list are true and actually did happen. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite sexual moments in no particular order. This list is not chronological, nor is it from most favorite to least or vice-versa. If you have any questions or want to hear more about any of these real-life incidents (some of which I have photos from), let me know. As always, I would love your observations on any of them.

List of My Favorite Memories

With both Bradon and Tyson watching their teenage dicks fucking in and out of their mother’s cunts. It was a thrill I will never forget. Part of the thrill was how traumatized they were by it, and part of the thrill actually seeing the beautiful teen dicks going in and out and also rubbing them on their mom’s faces and mouths.


Fucking a senior boy at the school where I taught for over six months, and then him introducing me to his little brother who I fucked periodically over a few years.


Having a hunky dude who loves my stories invite me to stay with him and work on his son, who was fourteen. We did everything you can imagine.


Working with my friend Daniel to destroy Lek, a Grade-A Thai student, and reduce him to a totally fucked out boy working in a Bangkok fuck house. He was so pure and sweet when I met him. Most of his destruction took place online, although we had the Thai bar owners to help us.

The sweet part was my friend Dan also corrupted Lek’s little brother as well, so the twelve-year-old brother became a whore as well. Many of the most obscene things Lek was made to do happened at the world’s filthiest bar TWILIGHT in Bangkok, which no longer exists. They had boys opening beer bottles with their asshole muscles and boys in Plexiglas boxes eating shit. It was wonderful.


Meeting the underground sex film master whom I call Mr. Black in my stories and watching the filming of several of his movies, including a fourteen-year-old boy getting fucked by a horse, which has never left my mind and I have used the image over and over in stories. Although I have seen an older boy fucked by horses in Mexico, and have even sent some boys to join the scene, seeing that small fourteen-year-old have to take it stayed in my mind my whole life.

I also had the honor of attending a hotel where Mr. Black had a blackmailed high school boy eat lots and lots of shit. For me, the humiliation and degradation is always the central part of the sexual experience. This poor kid had been caught cheating or something (I forget), and Mr. Black made him go through an intense shit eating session before he eventually fucked by everyone and also had to suck numerous dicks. The fact that he was a normal healthy, straight teen boy was what made it so sweet.

That idea formed the center of many, many of my stories. Now and again on the internet, you can get a still or two from some of Mr. Black’s films, although most of them do not come near the perversion of the movies.


Helping high school boys haze eighth grade and freshmen athletes and then attending Camp Red Arrow. When I taught at the private school briefly, I was fucking several of the senior boys, and I was literally only a few years older than they were, so they invited me to watch their very rough hazing of the younger boys. Although I could not participate because I was a teacher, I could implant more and more filthy ideas into the heads of the jock high school seniors.

The school itself had a wide-open hazing and initiation policy that I have written about any number of times, but the private team hazings went much, much further, and under my suggestions to my dumb jock fuck boys, they became totally perverse games of sadism.


Once I moved my senior boys to demand blowjobs from the younger boys, things moved quickly. Those weeks were simply sexual hell for the young boys, but because the school had a proud tradition of hazing (I don’t know if it still does), the weak young boys felt they could say nothing.


One of my favorite memories is of the boys at the private school where I taught, being hazed by the seniors. Of course, the little bitches were only allowed to take ice-cold showers. Lots of cocksucking went on in the locker room. I suggested that while the younger boys suck dick, they should have a broom handle or a toilet plunger up their sweet young asses. It caught on.


The jock boys made the new team members attend class in speedos, dresses, and diapers—you name it. I taught with a hard-on half the time. The sweet boys were so fucking embarrassed. Imagine going through the entire school day dressed like this, and then knowing that after school, you had to suck ten or fifteen dicks.


Just to show you how rough the allowed legal hazing was in the school, at a weekend party at one of the boy’s expensive homes, they stuck sparklers and firecrackers up the asses of the new boys. Yes, there was some burning. They also at my suggestions stuck some sparklers up the piss holes of some of the boys.


Sometime I should write about the senior bully boy that I was fucking who ran most of this.


Then, the following summer, I was invited to Camp Red Arrow by some of the graduating seniors, a summer ranch owned by the school, where each summer a select group of seniors ran the camp to ‘teach them how to run a business.’


What actually happened is the senior boys bullied the younger boys terribly. Some of them made some of the boys suck their cocks every day. (Not all the boys participated in the sick rough stuff, but a few bullies are enough to keep things going.)


I saw two boys forced to masturbate horses. I was told they were made to lick the horses’ balls and dicks, but I did not see that. I saw a boy forced to pick up horseshit in his hands and clean the stable that way. They tripped him, so the horseshit got on his face and all over himself. (He was naked, of course.)


That was really the start of my sexual life in humiliation and degradation. That was where the seed began to blossom. I saw many sick things in my few days visiting my senior boyfriend at that camp, and of course, I encouraged more.


Being at several parties thrown by theater friends of mine where boys were fucked for twenty-four hours straight, as soon as one dick pulled out, the next went in on the next stroke. The boy was only allowed to rest when his hole was emptied of cum.


Most of these parties were held by people in show business, and the boys were young men who wanted to be actors or models, but a few of the parties had very, very young boys to use. Several times, I must admit, I took pre-teen boys as my dates, although, as you know, my taste in boys is from fourteen years of age to about nineteen. You can imagine what a hit a pre-teen boy is swimming naked at such a party.


Taking a college boy in Thailand to star in a huge musical production that I was directing and submitting him to more and more extreme sexual perversion as he became more and more famous.


Going on a road trip to northern Thailand with my friend Daniel (not the same Daniel as my American friend). Daniel actually paid a poor farmer to fuck his teenage son in front of his whole family, and we got to watch. The entire thing cost about two hundred dollars, which would help the farmer and his family survive for a year. After the farmer fucked his son, we all got to stick our dicks into the kid. The boy was not happy, but he was saving his family. We did many perverse things on that Thai trip.


Working with my Japanese underground film-making friend Ryo. Ryo specializes in blackmailing proper teen and pre-teen boys into making really filthy fuck films. You may have read a few years ago about the major league baseball player from Japan who it turns out had made sex films as a teen. (That was Ryo’s work.) I eventually took a long time teen love of mine named Danny and turned him over to Ryo, who sold him to a really sadistic friend of his. I left Danny in Japan, not totally against his will, as he was pretty corrupted by then. He still lives there as a slave.


Working on one of my favorite teens Ben and opening up his tiny teen ass more and more to unbelievable sizes. Eventually, he was getting double fist fucked. He had to drop out of school. Sometimes, we had to give him drugs to get him to be able to take the huge things we forced up his young ass. We just kept stretching it more and more until finally, it was useless to fuck. We then started him taking animal dick. I worked with a ranch near Cancun, Mexico, and he now works there doing four or five horse fucks shows a night.


Speaking about horse fucking, one of the highlights of my real life was meeting a very wealthy, quite famous doctor who was very kinky. He still does own a beautiful ranch with horses, pigs, and goats, etc. He had three sons. One joined the Marines to escape them, the second tried to commit suicide and ended up in a hospital, and the third was a boy named Peter. I was hired along with some others to totally sexually fuck up Peter including to get him to be a bitch for the horses on the ranch. We did, and some of you will remember my accounts of Peter’s sexual destruction, including his father fucking him and eventually, being fucked by and sucking off horses every day. This became his “farm duties.” We even held a mock wedding where we married the mentally fucked up Peter to a stallion, and then all watched the wedding night.


Working in Odessa and Moscow and having fathers try to sell their sons to me, some as young as four or five. (This was right after the break-up of the Soviet Union.) I did not partake, as I did not know whom I could trust, and the boys were a bit young for my taste, but the anxious dads stripped the little boy’s naked and showed me their tiny dicks and their assholes as if they were selling slaves in America in the 1850s.


Having a very famous young British actor as my lover and going to wild orgies attended by some members of the Royal Family. I did not fuck with any of them, but I saw them go off with some handsome guardsmen.

Memories of Some of My Boys

Bradon. Over the years, he has been called Brandon and Braden, but his name is Bradon. He became a quite successful actor. He was my fuck toy all through high school, and then in exchange, I paid for his college. As part of the deal, he had to do whatever I told him to, including eventually fucking his own druggie mother. Bradon was quite well hung, and his mom’s cunt had not been stretched that much since she gave birth to him. I had Bradon and his fucked up mother pose for photographs after one of their fuck sessions because if it ever got out or she turned on us, she would go to prison for fucking her underage son. It worked out quite well


Lek. Daniel and I destroyed (most credit goes to Daniel) Lek. He was used for extreme s/m and shit games by some German ex-pats in Bangkok.


Tyson. I taught Tyson how to suck dog dick. It was actually good practice for him, as he now lives in California, where he makes animal boy sex films for a living. He now sucks dog dick every day and takes it up his worn-out ass. It was so romantic how delicately Tyson, as the bitch, handled his male master. I wonder which he hated the most, sucking dog dick, taking it up the ass, or fucking his mom. I never asked him. It took a long time and lots of pain for him to accept dog prick in his mouth and ass. I remember how hard I had to work on that, and then, just when I got him to accept it, he was taken from me by his dad. It broke my heart.


That will have to do for now. As I remember more, I will try to share. As I say, if for no other reason than for the record.