Memorial Day Party

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As those of you who have been with me for several years know, one of my buddies always throws a wild sex-filled party on Memorial Day and Labor Day and these are pretty perverted filthy events during which younger boys are the source of much enjoyment for the “Men” at the party. This year my date to the party was a teen named Kirk. I had fucked Kirk several times and taken his ass cherry. I thought it was time his pussy was exposed to a broader audience and that he became used to being a fuck bitch for real men. He was terribly upset and scared when he found out that I intended to make his ass available to any man at the party who wanted it.

I had my sights at the party set on a delightful sixteen-year-old named Evan. Evan was blond and sweet and reminded me a bit of Denny Burton. I must have a thing for blond boys lately.

Anyway, we got Kirk a bit drunk and high and then stripped off his clothes. This was nothing outrageous as many of the younger boys at the party were already bare-ass naked and getting felt up and prodded and poked. I had had my host set up a bedroom upstairs for Kirk, and we announced that anyone who wanted to fuck his adorable, sweet pussy should simply help himself. There was a bottle of lube on the table next to the bed, but of course no condoms.


Kirk cried that he was scared and that his young hole could not take it. He was terribly afraid of the pain, as he knew how much it hurt each time I had fucked his pussy. I gently explained to him while masturbating his teen prick that faggot fuck boys like him had to get used to having their pussies constantly taking dick to please real men. That was their purpose in life—to serve Men. Because Kirk is pretty damned cute, lots of guys at the party wanted to take a fuck to him. The only dudes who did not seem interested were those who only go for boys under the age of eleven or twelve or so. And of course, there were a few men there who wanted adult fuckboys to play with. There were leather playrooms set up. There were dildos of every shape and size available.


The cutest young boys imaginable walked around serving snacks and drinks, and I copped more than a feel of really young boy pussy and dicklet and balls. However, I was really interested in Evan. The guy who brought Evan ordered him to sit in a lounge chair on the patio and lift and spread his legs to show all the men at the party his sweet little pussy. Man after man came up and stuck his fingers up that still pretty fresh boy cunt. His date explained that Evan had a girlfriend and fucked her, but that he understood what he had to do to have the career as a male model he so greatly wanted. He seemed to know the score, although I noticed he closed his eyes a lot when men stuck their fingers up his asshole cunt.


Anyway, the men started to line up for Kirk. I tried to organize it, so guys with really huge dicks got to fuck him first. I wanted him in as much pain as possible. My buddies C.J. and Chris took turns watching him when my time to roam the party came so that the boy was always in good hands. We encouraged the party dudes to fuck Kirk ass hard and rough, and as deep as they could. Soon the guys were lined up, some were already playing with their leaking pricks, some just nice and thick and ready. Twenty guys fucked that tender teen ass before we gave Kirk a break. He was pretty hysterical and out of it by this time, crying that his ass was burning so badly that he could not stand it. He sobbed that his hole was ruined. I kidded him that after today that he might have to wear diapers.


Just to keep him active, during his break, we made Kirk into a urinal. We allowed dudes to piss in his mouth and he was ordered to drink all of it. We did not let men shit on or into him, as Kirk has not yet been introduced to those fun games. Besides, other boys were serving as full-service toilets at the party. All piss and shit games had to take place either outside or in the cellar. I saw one little guy of seven or eight being used as a full-service toilet with at least thirteen guys waiting in line to shit into the kid’s mouth. His “date” had to limit it to one shit log per person, as the kid could only take so much. The little guy was made to chew and swallow.


We played a fun game with four and then boys who wanted to be actors. We had them audition for us naked by reading scenes from plays. They had to keep their naked teenage pricks hard while they auditioned. They had to masturbate while they read Shakespeare and other things. And sometimes they had to pump each other’s’ dicks trying to make the guy who was reading cum before he finished his piece. The boy who was deemed the loser by reading the worst had to suck the dicks of all the other boys while we watched.


We also had some teenage boys audition by squatting on beer bottles and taking them up their pussies while they did monologues for us. There was some real talent there. I, at last, coaxed Evan’s date to allow him to squat on a beer bottle for us. This would prove to me how tight his pussy really was and if I truly wanted to fuck it. The little bitch was in extreme discomfort even taking the neck of the bottle up his hole, which I loved. It meant that he was nice and tight. It turns out that the dude who brought him only really liked oral sex and piss games. He was not an ass man. PERFECT. I convinced him to allow me to fuck his date. I promised to really hurt the boy. The guy said I could do it if he could watch. NO PROBLEM. We used one of the empty upstairs rooms. The boy was terrified. He was trembling and shaking, especially when he saw the size of my pecker and the way it leaked and pulsed. He echoed his date and said that he was only into oral sex.


“Not anymore,” I told him.


He said he didn’t want to get fucked, but I told him it was too late. And then I had one of the best fucks of the last few months. Both Kirk and Denny were lousy compared to the tight, silky, warm, depth and tightness of Evan’s sweet little pussy. I loved the way he twisted and turned as he tried to get away from my prick. I loved the way he begged and cried. His date sat in a chair masturbating while I fucked the boy for almost half an hour. I fucked him in every position to make sure I reached every inner inch of his rectum and bowels. I wanted to totally stretch him and open him up. He fainted twice. I slapped him awake. I don’t want the kid to miss even a moment of his fuck.


When I came downstairs, leaving the man to cuddle and console his sobbing, ass-burning boy, I noticed that people were sucking dick and fucking all over the place. Kirk’s rest break had finished. He had a stomach full of piss, which he wanted to expel, but we told him his break was over and he had to get fucked again. Ten more dudes were lined up to fuck him. He was a fucking mess. C.J. had to help him walk. Right in the middle of the eighth fuck of the afternoon, he started to piss uncontrollably. It was funny as hell. In the evening, eleven more guys fucked the poor bitch’s now really raw stretched asshole. They wanted to fist him, but Kirk was not ready for that yet, and I would not allow it. I wanted to be the one to do that eventually.


When I drove the kid home, he sobbed all the way. I told him his ass would heal in a week or so. I also reminded him that he would not want to tell his parents or anyone about it because he would be labeled a faggot ass fuck boy and that we also had photos that could be sent to his friends at school.


I told him that I had set it up with dudes at the party to have him fucked by five or six guys three times a week, and he dare not miss a meeting. After a few weeks, I will raise the number to ten times a day. We are going to keep Kirk’s ass well used all summer. We had all kinds of dudes signing up for Kirk’s weekly fuck sessions. If he thinks his ass is ruined now, wait a few weeks.