Melon Boy

m, humil

In this amusing and totally harmless hazing game that you can feel free to try with your brother or some nerdy dork at school or work the pledge is ordered to buy a melon. You tell the pledge to carve a nice hole in the melon. Then you suggest the pledge stripe bare-assed so as not to get melon juice all over his nice clothes. If he resists, paddle his ass until he sees things your way. This pledge is only too happy to comply, as he does not want any more punishments.

Now when the pledge is bare-assed, he has to prep himself for the main event. To do this, he reclines on the bed and masturbates his dick until it is fully hard. This game should be played with at least five or six fellow frat buddies and maybe their girlfriends in the room. You know when his dick is fully hard because you have his measurements. His hard on must never be even a fraction smaller than his measurement.

Now, he is ready for the main part of the game, making a nice melon salad lunch for himself. He first picks up the melon and spits gobs of spit into the hole he has cut. Fellow frat brothers can also help by spitting into the hole as well, so the salad is nice and juicy. Now the pledge sticks his miserable excuse for a dick into the hole and begins to fuck the melon. This always gets big laughs from the party goers assembled. The pledge must tell the melon what a good fuck he is, how much he loves fucking the melon's tight virginal ass, and shout out how he wishes someone would fuck his own sloppy pledge ass in the same way. When the pledge is ready to shoot, he must pull out and jerk off to show everyone his fuck snot shooting into the melon. If he shoots off without pulling out, the game is a bust, and he must start over. He has to demonstrate to everyone how he shoots his fuck load into the hole in the melon.

When he has really milked his dick, so every last drop of boy spunk is in the melon, then he proudly picks it up and enjoys his melon lunch. Make sure he eats all of it–he is a growing boy after all.