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This is my story. It had happened a long time ago. I am now fifty years old. When it started, I was nearly thirteen. I haven't told the story to anyone yet as I felt it was too embarrassing, but the audience here might be interested to hear the story. Do not hesitate to tell me what you think about it and what has happened to me. However, please be honest. I don't want to hear comforting lies. If you think it was my fault, and I deserved it, please say so. I have my own opinion about it now. Maybe, I tell you later.

My name is Thomas. I am still a shy person and had been very shy when I was a child and teenager. We lived in Germany, and my parents moved to a different city when I was eleven. I had difficulties finding friends. This was at the time when elementary school ended, and I got in academic high school. There were about thirty pupils in the class, and that intimidated me. I was okay in school, but during breaks, I would often be alone in the schoolyard. My parents were both working full time, so I spent the afternoons mostly alone. Over time I realized there was another boy who also did not participate in playing soccer during the breaks at school — that was what most boys did. His name was Matthias. He was a year older than I was but he was not shy at all. To the contrary, he was very confident, and the other children gathered around him during breaks. I was impressed with his confidence and gathered around him as well to try and get his attention.

Over time, this worked out, and he became my friend. I was very proud of myself to have gotten a friend. He was my only friend. However, I was not his only friend in as he was friends with a lot of children, but that did not matter to me. I was about twelve at this time, and we spent a lot of time together. Both his parents were also working full time, so we spent many afternoons together at either his place or mine. His parents even had a big house with a sauna in the basement. Mine was only a flat, but that did not matter.

Puberty hit Matthias at this time also. I have to say I had not as I was a late starter. Others in my class were in puberty too. And Matthias started to invite others to play games like spin the bottle. Matthias did not ask me to these games, but he used to tell me about them. Evidently, he considered me too childish to participate. And somehow, I envied the others but did not dare to ask him to invite me as well. Matthias must have sensed my disappointment and teased me with detailed stories about these events. Not only did they play the games until someone was fully naked but afterward they used to go into the sauna because Matthias wanted to see all of them naked.

Somehow, he seemed to be more interested in the boys. In any case, he explained in great detail how each of the boys looked naked. You might be surprised that this was not common knowledge, as it was not customary for many of us to shower after sports. That means we didn't know how each of us looked naked. I was also very interested to hear these stories as my interest was also on boys.

I may not have yet been able to squirt, but I had started to jack off because of the talks with Matthias. He had explained to me how jacking off would work. I got dry orgasms as well. I had my favorites in class. One was Jens, a small but muscular blond boy who had according to Matthias a six-inch cock at the age of thirteen (he would later call himself Mr. Eight-Inch) and the other was Oliver. Oliver was also relatively small with very smooth skin and long, curly brown hair. According to Matthias he was cut and had a small one (but Oliver was the first in class to fuck, and he fucked most of the girls). These talks with Matthias made me horny, and at home, I would always jerk off immediately. Of course, Matthias realized that and once when he talked about such a session, and I got excited he threw me on his bed, opened my shorts and pulled down my underwear so that he had a good view of my little hard cock.

At the age of twelve/thirteen, I was still hairless and had a three-and-a-half-inch tiny cock and small balls. I had blond shoulder-length hair. I was about five feet tall and scrawny (you could see each of my ribs). Matthias, on the other hand, was five feet six with a slim, strapping body, and had short curly blond hair.

It was effortless for him to throw me on the bed and hold me tight with one hand while he opened my shorts with the other. I was embarrassed about what would come and tried to fight him but had no chance. I lay there in his firm grip, and he had a good laugh at my tiny, hairless boyhood. Nevertheless, he touched me, and it felt great. Within minutes he brought me to an enormous dry orgasm. That was embarrassing but also felt very good. Afterwards, I dressed and tried to throw him on the bed to open his shorts, but it was hopeless as he was too strong and only laughed at my efforts.

While he was explaining how all the boys from class looked like, Matthias never said anything about himself. From then on, whenever we talked about being naked, about cocks and how to jack off I tried to touch his crotch, but Matthias never let it happen. Instead, he would hold me, and when I was lucky, he pulled down my shorts and wanked me, which was what I was hoping for because it felt good to have his hand on my little cock. Yes, he made fun of my thingy and explained that he needed only two fingers (the thumb and the index finger) to masturbate me. Nevertheless, it felt delightful, and I always had a dry orgasm.


Once, he was annoyed by my attempts to touch him. He grabbed me hard, pulled my arms behind the leg of a table in his room and suddenly had some handcuffs ready, which were already lying on the table, and cuffed me to the table. I was stunned and became a bit frightened. He then removed my shorts and my underwear. I got nervous and apologized for my behavior.


He got mean and said that he does not want me to touch him. I apologized again and assured him that I wouldn't do it again. He was so mean that my hardon that I had at first got flaccid. Matthias just grinned when he saw it. Then he switched on the television and let me sit there half naked and cuffed to the table. I did not dare complain but accepted his superiority. It was very uncomfortable, and I was afraid someone might come and see me that way. After an hour he freed me from my unfortunate situation. He told me that he had some work to do for his parents and that I should help him. Of course, I wanted to show him that I was sorry and did the best to help him. We had to clean the sauna. When we finished, he was relaxed again, and I was happy about it.


From then on, we met at his place where there was very often something to do, mostly doing Matthias' chores that he got from his parents or it was cleaning up the sauna after he had invited our classmates. He wasn't too happy about doing this stuff, so he let me do most of it. I never complained because sometimes he would jerk me off. Over time, it was primarily me who did the cleaning while Matthias would watch television. Then he started to go over to a friend’s house to play computer games while I did his housework. I was not happy about that, but I did not want to lose my friend and the only person I had sex with. It went on for some months


Then it happened that I broke one of his mother’s porcelain figurines while I did the cleaning and Matthias was away. When Matthias came home to check my work, I told him what happened. I hoped that he would say that it was okay as it could happen to anyone. However, he became outraged and slapped my face hard. I was shocked and started to cry. Then he hit me again. He told me that those figures were quite expensive and that his mother would be angry. I felt sorry for my carelessness and cried even more. While sobbing, I murmured an apology. Matthias decided that I had to tell his mother and would have to pay for it. And so it happened. I apologized to her that I broke the figurines and offered to replace it. She was also angry but agreed that I could pay for it. Fortunately, I had some money at home to pay for the ugly figurine. From then on, I was meticulous when cleaning their house.


Meanwhile, Matthias’ parents had figured out that I was the one who is doing his chores instead of him. They did not mind. On the contrary, they started to tell me directly what I had to do. I was a bit surprised and asked Matthias if his parents were not upset that he let me do his chores. He explained to me that they were indeed quite happy about it because it showed that he would be a leader while I would be a loser. I was offended by his openness and that he said I would be a loser but then he asked me what I would call it. That was when I had to admit that he was right. He said he would not mind as long as I behaved. I felt humiliated, and in the evening, I cried when I laid in bed.


I was now fourteen, my cock has grown to four inches, and I could squirt; not much, but I was happy about my puberty. I was still hairless, but my balls did hang a bit lower.


I had not yet seen Matthias’ cock. From the tight pants he was wearing, I figured he was also among the bigger equipped in our class. He had one of his sauna sessions with our classmates again. Matthias seemed to be a bit horny that day and thought I would try my luck again and asked him whether I should jack him off. He looked at me and said wanking would be boring. I gulped, and then I asked him if I should give him a blowjob. I don’t know why I said this. I had been fantasizing about his cock for so long then, and I had heard about blowjobs. Of course, I had never done any such thing. Matthias grinned and said I could do it, but only if I swallowed his cum. I was a bit shocked as I only had heard people talking about it, but I agreed, and then he added that I would have to be completely naked. I was uncomfortable about being naked but agreed again.


I got naked, and it felt awkward to be naked while Matthias sat on his couch fully clothed. I was not happy with my thin body. Even in a swimsuit in the pool, I felt embarrassed. But I had agreed. Matthias watched me closely and did not say anything. I guess he liked that I was uncomfortable. He sat with his legs spread and his arms wide open on the backrest of the couch. I kneeled between his legs and for the first time I was allowed to touch his crotch. Matthias was semi-hard as I very gently massaged his cock inside his pants. I had shaky hands when I opened the zipper. I remember he smelled a bit sweaty when he pushed my head against his briefs. Then I pulled them down because I wanted to see what he had between his legs so badly. He was fifteen years old and had a seven-inch cock with visible veins on it. He was very hard now. I was impressed. Matthias had a long foreskin that covered his glans even when he was hard. When I tried to retract the foreskin, it was easy. It was a bit cheesy underneath, and naturally, I had to lick it away.


Very carefully, I licked his thick shaft before I opened my mouth as wide as I could and sucked the top of this big meat. I tried to gather a lot of salivae so that it was not too nasty to clean the cheese off his cock. Then I tried to get the cock as far into my mouth as I could. It was not very far, but Matthias seemed to like it as he started to groan a bit. He held my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. When he drove too deep, I gagged. Tears began to flow, but I wanted to be as good as possible for my only friend and his big cock. He thrust faster while he still held my head. Finally, he shot his load into my throat. I was glad when he came because the mouth fucking was very uncomfortable for me. His cum tasted nasty, but I had promised him I would swallow it, so I did. He made me lick his cock clean. Matthias was delighted and jacked me off. I squirted on his belly and then had to lick my cum from him. I have to say I was proud that Matthias was so satisfied with my sucking. Unfortunately, he would virtually never give me a hand job again. A blowjob was in any way out of the question.


He told me later that Conny, a girl from our class, had given Oliver a blowjob in front of their friends when they had played spin the bottle. I could not imagine that Conny would have done that, but Matthias insisted that she had. That was the reason why he had been so horny. But according to Matthias, Conny had only put the glans of Oliver’s cock in her mouth and did not let Oliver come in her mouth. That meant I had done a better job than her.


Back home I jacked off several times because of that event.


It turned out that it would not be a one-time event. Matthias liked to get his dick blown, and I was willing to do it. He told me that except for Jens he had the biggest cock in the class. I believed him. Whenever we spent the afternoon together, I would blow his big cock. The procedure was mostly the same. Matthias insisted that I had to be completely naked when I was doing it. I think he liked that I felt uncomfortable naked, and it showed his superiority over me when kneeled between his legs and pulled his meat out of his pants. Matthias was never naked when we were doing this. I did not mind. His cock was often a bit smelly but not filthy. I did not really like that, but I got used to it. I always tried to gather a lot of saliva in my mouth and ‘cleaned’ his cock before I would start to suck him.


He always pushed his cock hard against my throat. Unfortunately, I can’t deep-throat as I always gag when he pushed in too far, but Matthias did not seem to mind. He only got angry when my teeth touched his cock. He would slap me hard on the face, and I would apologize for it. It was not effortless with his big and fat dick. But overall, Matthias was delighted with my cock sucking. He did not have to slap me very often as I tried my very best to please him. In the end, he would always cum in my mouth, and I had to lick his meat clean. Matthias said that was the right way to do it. I was not a big fan of his cum as it was a bit yellowish and thick, but I always swallowed it since I enjoyed seeing my friend so satisfied.


Quite often when I visited him, Matthias would just explain the chores I needed to do, and then he would leave to do something with another friend. And when he came back, after he had checked my work, I would give him a blowjob. Sometimes we did something together afterward, sometimes not. I would just go home and jerk off.


After a while, he said he was bored with the blowjobs. Matthias said he wanted to have real sex. At first, I was afraid he was talking about sex with a girl, but that was not the case. Matthias told me to undress. That was when it came to me what he meant. I had never put anything in my ass, and that Matthias wanted to fuck my ass scared me. But I complied and undressed. He told me that I should kneel on the couch, and reluctantly I complied. I explained to him that I had never done this before, but Matthias said there would always be a first time. There was not much talk then. He told me to push out my butt a bit and spread my cheeks. I was a bit shaky but did as he requested. Matthias then left and came back with some cream. He rubbed a bit of the cream on my virgin asshole and some of it on his massive, hard cock, and then he stood behind me and rubbed his fuckmeat in my ass crack. That did not help to relax me. I had a lot of fear of what would come.


Matthias started to push his hard dick at my tiny and unfucked asshole. It did not open up easily, but Matthias just pushed harder. Finally, he got the top of his cock in my asshole. It hurt so much that I struggled to pull away as he held me tight. I started to cry and begged him to let me go, but that was not what Matthias wanted. Instead, he pushed his fat cock a bit further into my rectum. I had to breathe hard as it hurt like hell. I cried out loud. As a reaction to that, Matthias put a hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. He pushed again. I was tense, and the pain was immense. I wanted to scream, but I could not as Matthias held my mouth shut and only a muffled cry came out. Tears ran over my face. He pushed again even harder. I wailed because of the pain and tried again to get out of Matthias’ tight grip, but he did not let go. Instead, he started to fuck me. Relatively slowly, fortunately, but the pain was still intense. I was blubbering now, and when the fucking began my pecker shrank so much as if it wanted to hide in my belly. I was never hard during the whole ordeal. Because I was so tight, and Matthias was so horny, the fucking did not take long, and after a couple of minutes, Matthias shot his massive load into my gut.


I was shaking all over. The rape was more than I could bear. I was out of my mind in pain and humiliation. Matthias could not understand why I was so upset. He said it was totally hot and that everybody is doing it and that I should not act so stupid. I did not calm down. As soon as I had recovered a bit, I dressed and left and told him that I would not do this ever again.


At home, I locked me in the bathroom to have a close look at my asshole. It was red and swollen, and it did not close completely. At first, I was afraid it would never close again, but after a while, it closed again. My ass hurt still, and I had difficulties just to sit down, so I sat on the toilet for a while. I shat out Matthias sperm and swore to myself that I would never let this happen again. I was so angry with Matthias that I did not care if he would still be my friend if I refused to let him fuck me again.


The next day I met him in school. Matthias ignored me completely, and that irritated me. It definitely should have been me to ignore him! But he acted as if I had offended him. That made me feel a bit insecure, but I told myself that I was right. Not only did he continue to ignore me for two whole weeks, but he took it even further and snubbed me if I tried to talk to him. When I approached him and his group, he and his group would walk away. It hurt to be snubbed and excluded from normal school life. I decided to give him a call in the afternoon. Matthias was very snippy and just asked what I wanted. I said I wanted to talk to him. He told me to come to his place.


On my way to Matthias’ house, I was explaining to myself how I wanted the conversation to go. I wanted to tell him that I still wanted to be friends with him and that we could have sex together like wanking and sucking but no fucking. That was out of the question. As I was telling this to myself, I got more confident. After all, Matthias was a nice guy, and maybe, he was just too horny the day he raped me. He would certainly understand that it was not okay to rape me. I managed to get myself in a good mood before I arrived at Matthias’ house.


Matthias opened and led me upstairs into his room. He did not seem to be in a good mood and acted very mean. I tried not to be affected by his behavior. In his room, he sat on his couch. Before I could have a seat myself, he told me to undress. I was astonished, and at first, I wanted to object, but then I thought maybe that would calm him down and would make a better start for the discussion at hand. I swallowed my anger about his request and did what he wanted. After all, he had seen me naked quite often, and it also showed his interest in me. I undressed, and with my clothes, my confidence also vanished. I tried to act confident, but I am sure he could sense my insecurity. When I was naked, Matthias stood up and slapped me very hard on the face. I nearly fell. I was shocked and did not know what to do. My first thought was to get dressed and run away, but at the same time, I did not want to do that because I wanted to keep Matthias as a friend. In the end, I did nothing but stood there and looked like a drowned rat. Matthias sat down again and said that he would be waiting for my apology. I did not know what to say. He expected me to apologize? He was the one who had raped me! I stammered something like that this was not okay. Matthias got angry again and asked if I needed another slap. Of course, I did not want Matthias to slap me again. I collected myself and told him that I was sorry.


“Sorry for what,” he asked.


I was confused. Matthias wanted me to apologize. I did. Now, he was asking me why I apologized. Maybe he wanted to hear that I was sorry that I left him after he had raped me.


I’m sorry, that I was so angry after you had fucked me.”


That was not true, but what should I say? I was not in a good position at that moment to discuss his behavior.


“You better be sorry! Your behavior was not acceptable. You’re not the only one who gets fucked, and you make a fuss of it. You’re a total sissy!” He was raging. “I want to have a real friend who does not run away when I need to release some pressure.”


I felt terrible when he said that. Somehow, I had the impression I had betrayed him. He had a real interest in me, but I went away because my first fuck was a bit rough. I apologized again, but this time I meant it. He said it was okay, but he did not want to be treated like this again. When he needed to fuck me, he expected me to present him my pussy and not to run away. I promised him that I would not run away again. I was angry at myself and felt that this was self-degrading, but on the other hand, I was afraid to lose him. The last two weeks in school were terrible.


I kneeled down to lick his feet to prove him that my apology was honest. I had never thought about something like this before. What should I do? Risk another argument that I would probably not win? I have licked his cock so why not lick his feet? I kneeled down, pulled off his socks, and then bent down to kiss his feet. I am not into feet, but I would say his feet weren’t the most attractive and they were also smelling a bit. I held my breath while I kissed his feet, but he said he wanted to have them licked. I opened my mouth, put out my tongue and carefully licked his toes. That was so degrading! I knew there was no base for discussion. I licked all toes then I bent down even more to lick the bottom of his feet. That was not how I imagined the situation to be.


When Matthias had enough of this foot licking, he said it was fuck-time again! I was not prepared for that, but when he asked me to confirm that this was okay for me, I confirmed it. In reality, the thought alone of being fucked made my asshole tighten. I had to put one of his socks in my mouth because Matthias did not want to hear my screams. I gulped when he said that. Then it was the same procedure like the first time. I had to kneel on the couch, push out my butt and spread the cheeks. Matthias put some cream on my cunt and his manhood, rubbed it in my crack and then pushed hard to get his hard dick into my cunt. Again, it hurt like hell. I was not relaxed and cried immediately. I wanted to scream, but could not because of the sock in my mouth. Matthias pushed harder until he had opened my fuckhole so that the tip of his cock was in. He did not wait long before pushing again. Shivers of pain went through my body. The difference was that this time I had agreed to this treatment. Matthias pushed harder, and another wave of pain went through me. I wanted him to stop, but that was out of the question. He started the fucking. I had to endure this I told myself. Matthias seemed to enjoy it. He fucked faster and harder. This time Matthias did not come so quickly. He fucked me, and every thrust sent a shiver of pain through me. I cried and sobbed, but I did not tell him to stop. I just hoped he would finish soon. When he increased the fucking speed, even more, I realized he was close to cumming. Finally, he shot his load into my sore hole. I was exhausted and laid there crying. Matthias was happy. He cleaned himself up and then told me I would soon get used to it. I gulped at the thought of it but nodded. Then I got also dressed and went home. This time it was even harder than the first time. Matthias had been even less careful and fucked longer. I remember that I went to bed very early that day.