Mark and the Board Member


Being a seventeen-year-old senior, Mark knows his duties to Coach and the Board of Trustees. He has been well trained for four years by the coach. It was not always easy. When other boys went home for the summer, to date girls and hang out, Mark had to go to a special summer-long training camp, run by the coach and his staff. For four years, Mark was never allowed to date girls or even speak to them socially. He was trained to control his nasty teenage boy sexual urges. At first, he couldn’t control his larger than average dick, but eventually, over time with constant exercise and control, he learned to keep his cock hard and leaking for long periods without cumming. The last time Mark shot a load was over a year ago when he was a high school junior.

Mark now often spends nights in the Coach’s quarters sleeping with the Coach and helping him relax. Coach and the Board Members are not athletes and are no longer in training, so they don’t need to restrain and control their cocks anymore. They are giving up healthy sexual and social lives to devote themselves to the boys, so the least the boys can do is help them out. These ideas are drummed into the heads of the boys.
So, as a senior, Mark has to pay his debts to the school and the Board Members and especially the Coach and his staff. Mark generally gets fucked ten to fifteen times a week. Of course, when teams or reps from other schools visit, and Mark is in demand, the number goes way up to as high as twenty or twenty-five.
That does not count Mark’s oral duties. Mark has to devote several hours a day sucking on some of the younger boys, to help them maintain erections without shooting, so he is doing his bit of teaching others the wonderful lessons he has learned.
Mark now keeps his cock hard over ten hours every day, dispelling the myth that it is dangerous to the health to maintain an erection for more than four hours. The coach tells Mark that unless a Board Member wants to see him flaccid for his pleasure, Mark is never to appear in front of any member of the team or the coaching staff without a full hard on. Mark thinks about this all the time and works very hard on it. At one point it almost drove him crazy, it was so difficult to stay hard and not cum, but now he has conquered his problem, and he can be proud.
The coach keeps a large jar into which Mark deposits most of his dick drippings, and the younger boys who idolize Mark are allowed to drink from it. When Mark attends class, he now has to wear a condom on his dick because he drips almost all the time.
Mark is allowed to be flaccid for the swim meets, but even then he leaks pre-fuck, and it can be quite embarrassing in his tiny swimsuit. However, it was Mark’s dick drippings in his speedo that caught the eye of a very famous college rep who has now signed Mark up for a four year all expenses paid scholarship at his college. The rep is a friend of the Coach’s, and he has promised that Mark will continue his strict routine for four more years. In fact, the college will demand even more of the boy. At college Mark will have to sleep at night with his dick up another boy’s ass, while a third boy ass fucks him. None of the boys may cum of course.
Tonight, Mark is entertaining one of the older Board of Trustee members, Mr. Clark. Mr. Clark is very fond of Mark and usually fucks him twice a week. A sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy getting ass fucked by a seventy-year-old man is not unusual at this school. The boys learn the valuable lesson of not judging someone by their age, but by their works. The boys are taught never to refuse the attention of older men, as older men have earned their right in this world. In fact, the boys are trained to fight for the attention of the older men by flirting shamelessly. Mark has no problem hooking the old Board Members, as they all want a piece of his young ass and his tender cocksucking mouth. The Board Members, in turn, know that they may do anything they like with Mark except make him cum. Of course, if he should cum, it would be Mark’s fault, not the responsibility of the Board Member.
At first, Mark didn’t like tongue kissing with Mr. Clark. The man’s dentures kept getting in the way of a good sloppy spit kiss, but eventually, he learned how to give the man all the spit and tongue he wanted, and to swallow gobs of the old man’s spittle. Mr. Clark likes really sloppy kissing with young boys.
At first, when he was fourteen, Mark also hated putting the cocks of older men in his mouth. They were so different from the cocks of the other young boys on the team. And whereas the boys could leak, but not cum, the old men always wanted to shoot loads of fuck slop into Mark’s mouth and watch him gargle it and then swallow. The last time Mark came when he was sixteen, he had to jerk off onto his face then shoot into his mouth and swallow it. The coach solved Mark’s aversion to cum by making him swallow a large cup of dog sperm every day for a month. Coach also mixed sperm with all of Mark’s food. Mark soon got used to the taste. He was lucky enough to get some of the Coach’s dick sauce every few days as well. Coach has to pace himself since he has so many boys to attend to, and he tends to like the younger boys, but he values Mark enough to give him generous helpings of his cock snot.
Mr. Clark likes to neck with Mark. Some of the old men like fast rough fucking, but Mr. Clark is a romantic. He loves to take his time and spend hours and hours with his boys. Mark often spends weekends at Mr. Clark’s mansion, tending not only to Mr. Clark but also to the Negro gardener and Mr. Clarks’ three big black dogs.
Mark will be missed when he graduates. Mr. Clark is already looking for a new young ass to plow his fat prick into, and he has tried ten or eleven of the younger boys, but so far none matches up to Mark’s well-muscled throbbing pink fuckhole. Mark knows how to milk a dick with his ass muscles, a trick the Coach taught him. And after Mr. Clark shoots up Mark’s boy-cunt, he loves to watch the athlete squat and shit out his cum from his asshole and then lick it up. That shows true devotion on the part of a boy. Yes, in some ways Mark is the son Mr. Clark never had. And Mark is undoubtedly doing his duty to repay the excellent school that is helping to shape him into the man he will someday be.