Mall Molester

(mm) (anal) (humil)

If Sam was not the prettiest boy in his fifth-grade class, he was close. Sam was short, of course, for Samuel. He had beautiful longish hair, a sweet angelic face, and a slender energetic body. He had not yet blossomed, but he was on the cusp of turning from a little boy into a very eye-catching tween boy. He was seated at a table in the food court of the big local mall, frowning as he stared at his cell phone. He had been stood up again by his friend Matt. Matt was always breaking dates at the last minute. He had one of those crazy families that tried to do six things at once, and consequently, they missed half of them. Matt, being the youngest, usually received the brunt of the cancellations. He would not make it to the mall. Sam looked down at the cheeseburger and fries he had ordered and wrinkled his cute little nose. Had he known Matt was not coming, he would never have ordered the food in the first place. What to do? Sam looked around. The food court was quite crowded, but he didn’t see any of his friends from school. He contemplated what to do when his cell phone jumped to life.

“If this is Matt, he is going to get a piece of my mind,” Sam said out loud.

He wondered why his friend would call instead of just texting. Sam and his friends rarely spoke on the phone anymore, but texted all day and evening. Still, someone was calling him. He looked down at the caller ID and did not recognize the number.


“Hello?” he said in his sweet musical youthful little boy voice. He had such a good personality.


“Hello, faggot!” came a raspy male voice from the other end of the call.


“Who is this? That’s not funny.”


“Listen to me, faggot. I know who you are. I obviously have your cell phone number, and guess what? I know where you live.”


The voice was older. More like a high school kid, or even an adult male. Sam felt a shiver of fear course through his slender young body. This was like some creepy horror flick.


“Who is this?”


“I have been watching you for a long time. I know how much you love your cute little doggie. What’s his name again, Bowser? How would you like me to kill your dog? I can do it so easily.”


Sam’s pretty angelic face scrunched up into an agonized pout.


“What are you talking about? Who are you?”


“Do you want me to kill your dog? And what about your little brother, what if some horrible accident happened to him. He is such a rambunctious little boy. Accidents do happen. It’s all up to you, Samuel.”


“Don’t say stuff like that. I’m going to hang up.”


“Better not, or your dog dies! Then there’s your dad. He could have an accident too. It’s all up to you to save them, Samuel. If you’re a good little boy and do what I say, they will be perfectly safe, and nothing bad will happen to them. But if you are a bad boy and disobey me, well then, I’ll start with your dog, and then I’ll move on to your little brother, and then your dad!”


Poor little Sam’s mouth felt terribly dry. He took a sip of his Coke.


“What do you want? Why are you doing this?”


“We’re just going to have a bit of fun, Sam, nothing too serious, just a bit of fun. And if you’re a good boy, and play with me, then nothing bad will happen, okay? You’re such a pretty boy. Let’s start by having you spread your legs a little. You look so cute in those shorts. Just spread those pretty smooth pale legs for me. Don’t worry; I can see you quite clearly.”


Sam looked around. Where could the man be? There were so many men and boys eating in the food court that he could not spot his assailant. He could even be an employee of one of the fast food chains.


“You have five seconds to spread your legs, pussy boy or I leave, and by tomorrow, your Bowser will be dead dog meat!”


Sam choked back a tear and spread his legs. His legs were beautifully shaped and youthfully smooth. He did look darling in his sandals, shorts, and a t-shirt. He looked around again.


“No use trying to find me, cocksucker! Just do as you are told. Now, I want you to reach down and pull your shorts off.”


Sam grew deathly pale. All the color drained right out of his sweet face.


“I can’t do that. That’s…that’s—.”


“Look, you fucking dick ditch, I’m not going to toy with you. You do what I say, or your dog is dead, and then your little brother gets his little dick cut off! Do you understand? You have five seconds to take your shorts off.”


Sam’s eyes filled with tears. They welled up and then poured down onto his soft apple cheeks.


“Oh…please…don’t do this!”


“Three seconds and I’m out of here. What happens will be your fault.”


“Wait...wait...I’ll do it.”


Sam didn’t know which way to turn. There were people everywhere. What if they saw him and what he was about to do? He unzipped his shorts, raised his buttocks slightly and eased his shorts down. Then he quickly lifted one leg and the other and slid the shorts off.


“Good work, fag. Now, take off your underpants!”


“Oh…please, there’re some high school boys at the next table.”


“Just do it, pussy boy!”


Sam slowly pulled his underpants off as well. He felt terribly embarrassed, and he quickly covered himself with his hands.


“Good work, fag. Set your hands on the table next to your food.”


Sam placed his hands on the table. He felt terribly embarrassed.


“Good bitch. If you’re a good bitch, nothing bad will happen. Now, face the Chinese food place. Turn to face it. Now, put your feet on the edge of the chair. Scoot down a little. Don’t beg or make trouble. Just do it! Now, spread your legs. Stop your whining! Spread your fucking legs, pussy boy.”


Sam spread his legs. He could feel the cool air on his naked dick and, to his ultimate embarrassment, his asshole. It was the absolute worst thing that had ever happened to him.


“Wider. Spread your legs much wider! Do it, you fucking pussy!”


Gulping down a sob, Sam spread his legs. Some of the teen boys were looking at him and laughing with each other.


“Not bad, fuckhole. See, that wasn’t so hard now, was it. Be a good boy, and all of this will be over before you know it. Keep those legs spread wide. Now put down the phone and then with the fingers of each hand, I want you to spread your ass cheeks for me. And if you don’t really pull on them and spread them wide, I’m just going to hang up and go kill your dog.”


“Oh, god, please, no!”


He couldn’t, he simply couldn’t! He saw the high school boys looking at him with intense interest. They were all between fourteen and sixteen years of age.


“I’m so out of here. Hope you don’t miss your bro and your doggie too much!”


“No, wait!”


“Put down the phone and spread your fucking ass. I want to see your cunt!”


Tears dripped from the boy’s chin now, as he reached down and, using his fingertips, the trembling boy forced his smooth young ass cheeks apart. The pink virginal asshole winked as it came into view, a pretty pink pucker between two silky cheeks. It was totally hairless, of course. The boys at the next table were going nuts. They nudged each other as they watched the little boy spread his ass cheeks. They had hard-ons in their pants, and they were openly rubbing themselves and howling with laughter. He sat that way for a couple of minutes with his ass cheeks spread wide, displaying his virgin pucker. Then he let go and picked up the phone.


“Good. Good, boy. You have a very nice boy-cunt. Have you ever been fucked, Samuel?”


“I’m only ten.”


“You’d be surprised at some of the pussy boys in fourth and fifth grade. I fucked a fourth grader just last week. He loved my big fat, leaking dick. I bet you would love my big fat leaking dick too, Samuel. Tell me. Tell me you would love my big fat leaking dick.”


“I...I...” Sam couldn’t get the words out.


“Say it, pussy boy!”


“I would love your big fat leaking dick.”


He never even used those words. Some of the boys at school enjoyed talking dirty, but not Sam.


“With one hand play with your little boy-cunt, stick some fingers up it, and while you do it, beg me to fuck your boy-cunt with my big fat dick.”


“Please, I’ll get in trouble or something...”


“Just do it, faggot!”


“Please fuck me with your big fat dick!” he muttered.


“No, you fucking hole, you need to really finger your cunt. Get two fingers right up your cunt and then beg me to fuck you in the cunt with my big fat dick.”


Sam was shaking so badly he could hardly function. The boys at the next table were rubbing their leaking dicks through their jeans, huge wet spots forming. He stuck a finger in his tight virgin asshole. It hurt.


“Please...please fuck me in…in…in the...in the cunt...with your big fat dick.”


“Good boy. Good boy, Samuel. Now take some French fries and rub them on your boy-cunt and then eat them.”


“Oh…ah… that’s…that’s—”


“Don’t give me trouble. Just do it.”


Sam rubbed the French fries over his baby asshole and then ate them.


“Now take the straw out of your soda and stick the straw into your cunt and show the boys at the next table. And don’t you dare close your legs.”


“Holy shit, what a fucking fag,” one of the teenage boys said, and they laughed even harder. There he sat with the straw sticking out of his asshole.


“All right, Samuel, here’s what you’re going to do now. You’re going to go over to the Chicago Hot Dog stand and buy a plain hot dog and bring it back to the table. Go do it now!”


Samuel pulled the straw out of his asshole.


“Did I tell you to remove the straw? Stick it back in your cunt. Pull your shirt down over it. Go and buy the hot dogs with the straw up your cunt.”


It felt so awkward, and he had to be so careful how he walked, but he made it to the hot dog stand and back.


“How did that feel, pussy boy? A fucking fifth-grade faggot like you should have a big dick up his cunt most of the day. I know your type. By the time you reach sixth grade, you’ll have every boy in the seventh and eighth grade fucking your slutty brains out. You’re probably already sucking off your teachers for good grades. Aren’t you? Are you sucking the dicks of your teachers for good grades?”


“No...no...I’m not...I...” Sam didn’t know what to say to this pervert.


“Say it, cocksucker. Tell me you suck the juicy cocks of your teachers for good grades.”


“Why do you want me to say that?”


“Just fucking say it!”


“I suck...oh...I su...I suck…I suck the cocks of my teachers for good grades.”


He could hardly get the words out, poor thing.


“Juicy cocks, the juicy cocks. And say it louder!”


“I suck the juicy cocks of my teachers for good grades!” Sam said, perhaps louder than he needed to, out of fear.


“I’ll bet you do, you fucking fag,” one of the high school boys said. “Want some of this?” He almost shouted it, and two other men at nearby tables began to watch.


The boys were all sitting with their legs spread so the little boy could see their wet dick lumps in their stretched out jean crotches.


“Now, Samuel, take the hot dog and shove it up your asshole. Of course, you’re a faggot, so it’s your cunt.”


“Oh, god, please, please, no.”


“Wait, before you do that. Pull up your shirt, so I can see your nipples. I bet you got some really pretty tits.”


The poor little boy seated in the food court had no choice. With shaking fingers, he pulled his shirt up to reveal his pale chest. It was true, he did not have any tits, but his pale quarter-sized nipples looked girly.


“Jesus, god in heaven, what next?” one of the high school boys screeched as he shot off in his pants.


“You never can hold it back, can you? I’ll bet your bitch of a girlfriend hardly gets it in her mouth before you unload your balls,” his friend joshed him.


“You see all the fun you’re giving those boys, Samuel. That’s the job of a faggot. That’s his purpose in life, to give males sexual pleasure. Now, stick the hot dog up your cunt.”


The boy shook his cute head, and his long hair swished.


“No!” he said in an almost baby voice. “I can’t, I’ve never had anything up there.”


“Well, you are just going to have to do the best you can. It’s going to go up your cunt. You need to get used to it, so your cunt is ready to be fucked. So the wiener goes right up your little puckered asshole. Scoot down so we can all see your asshole and shove the wiener in. You have ten seconds to show me your legs spread with a hot dog in your fucking cunt.”


“I can’t believe what this fucking faggot’s doing,” another of the boys hissed. His balls ached from the need to unload.


Samuel sat there, trying to breathe, but it was suddenly difficult. He did it. For his dog and his brother and his dad, he shoved the wiener up his baby asshole. It was horrible. Worse than horrible, but he did it. It hurt too. But eventually, he sat there with the tip of the wiener sticking out of his stretched little asshole. He sat there with legs spread, his asshole on display, stuffed like a gang-banged whore.


“Good job, Samuel. I’m proud of you. This is going very well.”


“Please, can I stop now? It hurts,” Sam mumbled into the phone.


“Now, Samuel, I want you to fuck the wiener in and out of your cunt for me. If you’re a good boy and fuck it in and out nice and hard, then we’ll be finished here quite soon. If you give me a lack-luster performance, then things will get worse for you.”


The teenage boys were hypnotized. They had honestly never seen anything like it in their dirty young lives.


“Come on, faggot, I don’t have all day.”


Sam reached down and started to fuck the wiener in and out of his fifth-grade little pink asshole. The pain was substantial. Sam felt as if he were going to faint. The fuck feeling was overwhelming.


“All right, Samuel, now, listen to me, you did a good job. You pleased me. You may go home now. But, I want you to leave the hot dog up your asshole all the way home. I want you to walk home with the hot dog up your asshole. Do not take it out until you get home.”


Sam was so relieved it was over. The horror was over.


“May I...may I go?”


“Yes, you may go. And tomorrow you be here at the same time and the same place. And when you come tomorrow, have the same hot dog up your cunt!”




Sam started to sob uncontrollably. Another of the teenage boys shot off into his pants.


“Yes, Samuel, tomorrow we will play some more. You did very well for your first day. And don’t even think about not coming. Oh, and leave your shorts and underpants here. Goodbye.”


Sam left the table, tugging down on his tee shirt. He wanted to run out, but he had to walk rather slowly with his asshole stuffed with a wiener. The minute he left, the high school boys rushed after him.