Mall Brats

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Chris waited patiently in the waiting area of the mall security office, his leg bouncing with nerves. This was his seventh job interview in more than a month since his release. He never expected a call back from mall security; he almost did not even apply. Yet, he figured it was just a mall cop position, no weapon or anything—maybe they would make an exception. The far door opened, and a tall, dark Latino man leaned out.

“Chris?” he asked, looking straight towards him.

Chris jerked from his daydreams and tried to push a confident smile across his face despite his worry. His smile was met, and the uniformed man waved him inside. The swarthy man offered his hand, introducing himself eagerly.

“Franky! Franky Garcia!”


“Chris Bradford, sir,” Chris responded as the two shook hands.


Franky brought his hand down on Chris’s young shoulder as he energetically greeted him.


‘Fuck,’ Chris thought, ‘they had not done a fucking background check, no way had they with this reception.’


“Come on in, dude,” Franky ushered him into a chair and sat down behind his desk. Franky looked massive behind the small cheap desk. He was probably six-foot-three, at least, with broad shoulders and impressive arms pushing against the short sleeves of the mall-cop uniform. He could see the faintest hint of a tattoo peeking out from the crisp white uniform collar.


“I’m glad you could come in, Chris. Like I said, I’m Franky. I run the security office here at the mall, do the hiring, scheduling, and oversee the security of the mall. I’ve been here for about four years, a great place to work. We’re just gonna go through a few questions here to let me get a feel for who you are and, maybe, walk around the mall a bit to see if you’re a good fit for us. Okay?”


“Sure, sounds great, there’s just…uh…well, there’s just this thing I’m not sure if it came up or not, but well, I just don’t want to waste your time, you see…”


Chris hated this conversation, but he did not want to get his hopes up. He did not want to see the look on Franky’s face or hear the disgust in his voice on the phone later. Chris was a convicted sex offender, which was the reason over the past month that all of his interviews either were canceled or ended quickly.


Two years ago, Chris’s restraint broke. He had always been a boy lover, a fact he discovered soon after his parents gave him a laptop. Alone in his room, he explored his desires. He always knew he liked other boys, but he started getting into younger and younger boys. By fifteen, he was routinely jerking his smooth six inches to pictures and videos of toddlers and elementary school kids being molested and fucked. He painted his smooth, high school boy chest with his immature cum just seeing fat adult cocks violating the tiny pink holes of little kids. The porn had been enough until it was not.


Two years into college, his boyfriend asked him to watch his little brother for a few hours while he ran an errand. Chris sat there in his boyfriend’s house, staring at the beautiful little five-year-old-boy playing on the floor with his ass up in the air. He could see every curve and detail of the kid’s briefs through the fabric. His nineteen-year-old cock was rock hard and leaking, his tongue was practically hanging out as he envisioned the nasty and depraved things he wanted to do to the little boy.


Most of it was now a blur to him, except the taste. He clearly remembered the taste of that five-year-old butt, the sweaty freshness of kindergartner ass. He also clearly remembered the screaming, and the hitting, and having his face pulled from that tiny pale kiddie butt he was eating like a madman. His tongue was clearly up that five-year-old ass, his face smeared with kiddie butt sweat and his own saliva, so there was no real defense. Not even the fact that little five-year-old slut was giggling and pushing his butt backward against that pedo tongue. He loved the memory, but he hated having to tell potential employers about the conviction.


“What is it, Chris?” Franky asked, his smile morphing into a look of confusion and concern.


Chris paused his yammering, sighed, and finally let it out.


“I’m on the sex offender registry, that’s why I checked ‘yes’ to having been convicted of a felony. Usually, it comes up on the background check, but sometimes…”


Franky’s smile returned, and he chuckled.


“Come on,” he gestured, getting up from his desk.


Chris just shook his head, hating being led out after admitting he was a pedophile was just so degrading. He followed Franky down the hallway, assuming there was a back exit. He would probably be barred from the mall too, Chris thought. Franky stopped at the closed door, checked to see if it was unlocked, and turned back to Chris.


“We knew about your conviction, that’s why we wanted you to come in. We are always on the lookout for smart, hot guys like you. We always want people who know how to have fun and roll with the flow. Not easy to find sometimes.”


Chris was smart, his school’s salutatorian, on the dean’s list multiple times, and as far as his looks, the moment he made it to college, he had guys and girls drooling over his lacrosse-toned body. His body only toned more in prison; his five foot eleven, lean, muscular frame was in tip-top shape. He had always been a health-nut, and so he avoided the drug and rough scene inside, and most of the sex.


Franky opened the door and guided Chris inside, quickly shutting the door behind them. Chris looked into the small office space with only a table and a couple of chairs, but it was not the furniture that made Chris’s body shake and twitch, a lighter-skinned Latino man in the same white and navy security uniform was kneeling on the table, his hands supporting him. His uniform pants were around his ankles. He undulated and bounced his ass and crotch over the mouth of a four-year-old boy. He was throat fucking the kid in one of the most passionate and alluring ways Chris had ever seen. The light brown ass rose and swayed as he used his abs and ass muscles to force more of his brown cock into the small boy. It was as if he was doing moves from Magic Mike into the throat of a preschooler.


“This is my cousin Diego,” Franky offered, standing behind Chris.


Franky began massaging the new recruit’s shoulders as he let the twenty-four-year-old pervert take in the scene. Chris could see the kid trying to cough and choke, his throat desperately trying to push out the adult cock violating him. Diego did not even pause. His eyes closed and mouth open in a firm ‘O.’ Chris could easily see the extreme pleasure Diego was feeling from that tiny boy’s throat. His lean well-worked-out body rolled and flexed gracefully as he fucked into the little whore.


“Diego strips on the side, hence the sweet moves. The way he fucks little kids is fucking unreal, so sultry, and immensely loving. I love watching him fuck some kid’s ass. He makes out with the kid from beginning to end regardless of whether the little fuck is moaning or crying,” Franky explained, whispering into Chris’s ear. “We get lots of lost little kids in the mall, so sometimes we enjoy them a little before we reunite them with Mom or Dad. This kid’s dad loses him in the mall almost every Saturday, and we’re more than happy to find him.”




It was all Chris could muster. His brain was permanently locked in confusion and pedo lust. He focused on the slender brown cock sliding slowly in and out of the little tyke’s stretched lips.


“Hey, Diego, remember you need to be back on patrol in fifteen. His dad will be around to ‘find’ him soon too, so hurry up with the little hottie,” Franky reminded his cousin.


“Fuck you,” Diego muttered, never opening his eyes, and not even letting the reality of work pull him from the feelings only a tiny little tot’s throat can give. So warm and tight, the suction of the kid trying to breathe was only increasing the intensity of the throat job Diego was getting.


Franky and Chris slid out the door. Only once in the hallway did Chris finally start to recover, finding his way back to reality.


“So let’s start the interview now that you’re past that pesky worry of your background check,” Franky said as they walked down the long hallway towards the mall itself.


“That’s fine,” replied Chris, wanting to ask so many questions himself.


“How long’s it been since you fucked a little one?”


“Never fucked one actually, only eaten the ass of one, the one I got caught with,” Chris responded.


“Fuck, what rotten luck. How’d it taste? I know you still remember.”


“Fucking amazing! When I stroke off, it’s like I can almost still taste his little boy pussy.” Chris recalled as he adjusted the growing mound in his khakis.


“Yeah, that’s the way I think it is with everyone. You always remember your first taste of kiddie butt. Mine was my nephew, ate his two-year-old little butt for an hour before busting a load all over it and eating it some more.” Franky smiled and licked his thick lips. “How young do you like?”


“Well, never done one except the one, but I’ve been jerking off to kiddie porn since I was fourteen. I like teens, preteens, kids the age that Diego was using. I’ve jerked to toddler and baby porn, but not sure if I’d do it.”


Chris shrugged his shoulders.


“I getcha, and yeah, I’ve jerked this big Mexican dick to some pretty young kiddie porn myself, but never had the chance to try an infant on this cock. I tend to like the elementary school kids myself. You play with dudes too?”


“Yeah, I’m gay. It was my boyfriend’s little brother that I molested actually.”


“Nice, most of the other guys are bi. Some like little boys and girls, but we also get down with each other sometimes. Most of the other guys are married. You, me, and one other teen we hired last month are the only single guys,” Franky explained.


Chris smiled at his new boss.


“These aren’t typical job interview questions.”


“Well, I’m not gonna find a hot ass Abercrombie-looking fuck buddy and kiddie fucker like you with regular questions. This job is fucking easy as shit. Any idiot can do it. We might as well have some fun while we’re doing almost nothing.”


The two finally hit the big metal doors that led to the main concourse of the mall. The sounds of the mall hit Chris as they entered, the crap music and murmur of crowds. The two walked a bit with Franky pointing out things occasionally. Usually, it was a hot boy, but sometimes an important part of the mall.


“There are two elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school within walking distance of this place. We get all kinds in here besides the typical bathroom cruisers. We do our best to run off the trolls, encourage a better kind of freaky clientele, ya know?”


“Gotcha, this is unreal, man. Something I could have only dreamed of back in high school. I probably dropped a gallon of cum a week thinking about molesting and fucking little boys.”


Chris was enjoying this newfound ability, to be honest about his desires.


“Let’s step down here. There’s a restroom at the end of the hall. You have to check all of them on your rounds and trust me, you’ll usually want to,” Franky suggested.


The two walked through the noisy door and instantly heard shuffling from the stall and urinals. Turning the corner, they saw a man desperately trying to look like he was peeing through his moist and very hard cock.


“Fuck off for a little bit, dude. You can come back in about fifteen minutes. We need to do a security check of the restroom,” Franky said in his most authoritarian sounding voice. The thirty-two-year-old married father of four quickly shoved his thick white suburban dad cock into his jeans and scurried out of the restroom.


“Is that a glory hole?” Chris said, moving over to the small hole in the stall.


“Yeah, and if I have my guess…yup, it’s little Andrew hanging out in there,” Franky said, peering over the divider to the stall.


A little ten-year-old brown boy cowered in the stall, afraid of being discovered.


“Open up, ya little fag,” Franky commanded.


“Fuck, he’s beautiful,” Chris said as the two stepped into the handicap stall.


“Yeah, this little fuck is almost always here after school. His mom doesn’t get home until late, so the mall basically babysits him for four hours. Thankfully, his fifth-grade mouth has developed a taste for adult cock.”


Frankly stood next to the boy, rubbing his fingers through the boy’s silky hair, as he described what a wanton slut the boy had become.


“Watch,” Franky said as he slid around to the other side of the glory hole.


Chris heard the sounds of a zipper, some fumbling, and then he saw his new boss’s veiny uncut cock slide slowly through the hole. It gradually thickened as it hung there, inches from the fifth-graders face. The boy’s eyes stared at the thickening piece of Mexican cock, the head pushing through the foreskin to reveal the slimy head of a pedo cock. It throbbed and jerked as the young boy’s hand grabbed it, and Chris heard Franky moan loudly when the boy slid his sweet little pink lips over the head.


“Ah…fuck…yes, you fucking little whore!”


The words reverberated off the tile in the small bathroom and Chris’s cock throbbed, desperately wanting free.


“Pull down the little whore’s shorts and get you some more taste of little boy butt, bud. You’re hired,” Franky said as he pushed forward into the little cock sucker on his knees in a stall willingly being molested by two studly boy lovers.


“Yes, sir!” Chris answered as he dropped to his knees.


Chris’s hand grabbed the boy’s butt and felt the electricity of his desires coarse through him. It had been so long since he felt the warm firmness of little boy butt. He massaged for a moment and then pulled down the boy’s shorts, revealing a slightly paler butt. It was so perfect, so round, so delightfully amazing for Chris. Through all the hours of kiddie porn he had watched, nothing could replace seeing a naked little boy’s innocent body in person and up close.


He shoved the shorts down as far as he could and quickly put his face down against Andrew’s ass. He felt the softness on his cheek and inhaled deeply. The boy was sweaty and a little funky, from a day on the playground or from servicing cock in a bathroom for an hour, or both. He pulled the little brown boy’s butt cheeks apart, stared at the dark pink hole, and then ran his twenty-four-year-old tongue up the little kiddie butt. Finally, he was back where he belonged. The sweat of ten-year-old ass gathered on his adult tongue, and he sighed. It was mustier than the five-year-old ass from five years ago, but just as satisfying for his needs and his pedophile cock.


“You eating that little boy ass, mother fucker? How’s the little fuck taste? I can hear that slurping mouth, dude. Eat him out, dude, eat him out, you hot as fuck pedo!” Franky yelled from the other side of the divider, his body pushing and banging against the metal wall, his cock pushing deeper into little Andrew’s ten-year-old gullet.


Chris smiled and pushed in further, his whole face being hugged by the round Latino boy butt. He began smearing it around, wanting his face to be covered in little boy ass.


“Can I fuck him?” Chris yelled over to his new boss.


“Fuck, yeah, dude, rape that little fucker,” Franky said in the loud banging rhythm of fucking Andrew’s little mouth.


Chris could not wait any longer to lose his cherry. He’d fucked a ton of guys, but he still considered himself a virgin, his cock never pushing its way into the tight warm embrace of a young boy. Had he not been interrupted by the rude yelling of his boyfriend, he probably would have fucked that little five-year-old hottie that day.


Ten-year-old, fifth-grader butt was not as good as kindergartner butt, but it was still kiddie hole. Chris let a long stream of spit slip over his lip and down onto his waiting pedophile cock, his hand smearing it around as another stream of spit hit the kid’s little pink hole. As Chris’s twenty-four-year-old dick pressed into the little fuck’s hole, the kid tried to retreat, to turn around to resist the loss of his own cherry. Little Andrew sucked lots of dick but had never given his hole to anyone except his own fingers.


Chris pressed the boy’s face up against the partition, keeping his mouth firmly impaled on Franky’s Mexican cock. One hand held him down on the oral rape, while the other guided his cock into the struggling fifth-grader. Chris almost lost it when he was two inches in. Just the idea that he was fucking a ten-year-old was enough for his balls to give up their creamy load, but the man wanted more. He wanted the feeling of being balls deep inside a little boy, of filling him with pedophile cock and then looking down at his fat adult cock stretching the small boy hole open. After the hours and hours of kiddie porn that he had watched since he was in eighth grade, he wanted it to be his cock, finally, fucking that little butt. Another inch sunk into little Andrew, as the boy screamed around Franky’s musky uncut cock.


“That’s it, man, make him scream on my cock! Show the little fucker just what he gets sucking cock in our bathroom!” Franky yelled as he bottomed out in the kid’s throat, the kid choking and crying out from the fat stud pedo cock pushing into his throat.


The two men pressed harder into the boy, inch by inch, their pedophile cocks conquered his throat and ass until both men filled his little body with the girth and pain of adult dick. The kid would go home tonight to do homework having lost his virginity and with an ass full of young sex offender cum. Chris just stared at the point where his cock met pale brown butt, the kid’s ass seeming impossibly small contrasted with his thick twenty-four-year-old white boy cock.


“Fuck, yes, you little whore, your ass feels so good, baby,” Chris cooed as he was an inch away from feeling his balls pressing against the smooth warmth of ten-year-old butt. He pushed a little more and felt the boy’s whole body jerk and shake as he bottomed out. Chris paused, taking in the feeling of the ten-year-old boy’s hole, so warm, so tight-almost squeezing and pulling at his cock. He swirled his cock around just to feel the boy’s insides, to make it seem even more real that he was finally getting what he’d dreamed of, fucking a little kid.


“Hold his head still, bro. I’m about to feed the little cunt a big Mexican load,” Franky said as the wall began to shake under the assault of the grown man’s horny body.


Chris continued to hold the boy’s head in place as his own thrusts gained speed. Chris heard his new boss’s roar as he shot his load into the kid. Chris assumed it was a nice big thick load at the way the kid choked and struggled to take it all.


The bathroom echoed with the sounds of Chris’s body smacking against the now sweaty little ten-year-old boy. Chris held onto the boy’s hips now, his crotch pushing up into the kid, his head leaned back in ecstasy.


He whispered to himself over and over, “I’m fucking a little kid, I’m finally fucking raping a little kid.”


His new mantra was barely discernable over the loud sounds of intense kiddie fucking going on in the public restroom of a major suburban mall. Chris could not get over that not only was he molesting and raping a little kid but that he was doing it in public, and apparently this was a common occurrence with the new job. To think he wanted to be a doctor when he started college, now all he wanted to be was a kiddie fucking mall cop.


Franky came back into the stall, his fat Mexican cock still hanging out of his uniform pants and dripping cum. He looked on in admiration at his new hire and then slid around behind him. He took the opportunity to inspect his new recruit, his hands squeezing the firm jock butt and his mouth kissing and sucking on Chris’ neck. Chris moaned at the attention, his balls beginning to make their inevitable ascent. Franky suddenly dropped to his knees and shoved his face into the former lacrosse-playing sex offender’s butt. Franky loved fucking boys, but he had loved jock hole since he was in middle school.


The feel of Franky’s tongue up Chris’ hole pushed his pedo cock over the edge. With two hard thrusts, he began filling the little fifth-grader whore with his cum. Shot after shot flowed up from his balls and deep into the whimpering little ten-year-old beneath him. Chris coated that ten-year-old busted cherry with thick adult cum, the first of many adults to use little Andrew’s hole.


“Nice man, nice way to fuck the little angel.” Franky complimented as he moved around where man and little boy were joined in deep sexual lust.


Chris watched as Franky pulled the cock from the boy’s ass and lovingly began kissing and licking it clean of Andrew’s butt sweat and juices. The two kiddie fuckers kept constant eye contact as Franky savored the taste of little boy butt and pedo cock.


“Push out, Andrew,” Franky commanded as he shoved his face into the wet mess that was the boy’s ass.


Chris could hear the grown man moaning and slurping as he ate out the pedo load Chris had just deposited. Franky washed his face as Chris redressed himself. Andrew slipped back to his knees, mouth at the glory hole, and waited as he felt his ten-year-old asshole throb and continue to leak. The two men left and passed the man they had kicked out, still patiently waiting for his blowjob they had so rudely interrupted. Hopefully, he’d be able to cum before his wife and kids were done shopping.


Franky continued the tour, sometimes pointing out real responsibilities, other times pointing out hot regulars who patronized the mall and some hot teen workers. Chris was trying to pay attention, but his brain and cock just kept screaming, “You just raped a ten-year-old boy!”


“You wanna suck some teen dick? Into piss?” Franky asked as they strolled up to the food court.


Chris smiled as he replied, “If it’s underage, I’m horny for it. Even if it’s not, I’m always up for sex.”


Franky returned Chris’s smile and led him through the maze of tables looking around for two specific boys who routinely hung out after school. He quickly spotted the two young black studs, and the two men walked over. Both boys were very dark and smooth, their broad smiles, thick lips, and sparkling eyes made them even more alluring. They were the picture of masculinity, tough and intimidating. They were laughing and shoving each other as they sipped their drinks.


Chris watched with interest as their tongues and lips played with the straws. He admired their young bodies. Even in their jerseys and baggy shorts, he could tell they were well-built tall little mother fuckers. Tyrique had short dreads that almost hid his piercing eyes and dangerous-looking face. Shawn had a tight fade, his face friendlier and stunningly handsome.


“Hey, Tyrique, hey, Shawn, how’s it going?” Franky asked, standing in front of their table.


The two responded with a quiet, “Good, good.”


Franky leaned into the two boys and lowered his voice, “You two got time for some head?”


Tyrique and Shawn laughed with Tyrique uttering, “Fucking faggots.”


Franky laughed along, undeterred by their language, and turned to Chris with a lowered voice.


“They’ve been hanging out here for years, but a few weeks ago, I caught them jerking off in the bathroom and offered them my mouth instead.”


Chris chuckled and turned back to the boys who avoided his eyes.


“Fucking faggots can’t get enough of this nigga dick?” Shawn said, grabbing his crotch.


“Well, you two got time for a bathroom break?” Franky asked.


The two young teens looked nervous but finally said, yeah. Clearly, they were straight boys who just did not know how to turn down a blowjob. Franky told the boys to follow him, and he led Chris and the two fourteen-year-old black boys to a small employee bathroom behind one of the restaurants.


The room was a little tight since it was only meant for one person at a time, but they squeezed in, and Franky and Chris quickly hit their knees. They stared at the fourteen-year-old crotches, as their hands massaged the growing mounds. The two men looked up to see the boys staring in opposite directions, trying not to acknowledge they were being pleasured by two grown men. Their soft moans betrayed them.


Chris yanked Shawn’s shorts down quickly. Franky followed suit, and the two men shoved their noses into sweaty black boy balls. The two had spent the morning playing basketball in the warm California sun and had not showered before coming to the mall. Their girlfriends had complained that they stunk before leaving them in the food court. The boys were amazed as they watched two fags get off on the intense, sweaty musk of their crotch.


Shawn turned to Tyrique, a huge grin on his face, “Fucking nasty faggots, man.”


“Fuck, yeah, I love these boys’ big nigger dicks. So fucking hot,” Franky said as he licked up the length of Tyrique’s six inches. Franky stroked the thick teen cock as he looked up at Tyrique.


“You boys gotta piss?”


Both black boys looked at each other, sighed, and said, yeah.


Franky had asked for their piss each time he had blown them, yet each time, both eighth-graders were amazed that a man wanted to drink down their yellow piss from their fourteen-year-old cocks. They just chalked it up to fags being fags and gave him what he wanted.


Chris felt Shawn’s cock twitch and then a warm stream of boy piss flow over his tongue. Chris had never done watersports before with a guy, but for these two eight-grade black studs, he would do whatever they or Franky wanted. Chris sucked and stroked slowly as Shawn released his full bladder down the throat of the twenty-four-year-old stud pedophile. The seven inches of slender black teen meat began to harden as the stream subsided, and Chris had fully swallowed all that the boy could offer.


Both men had full bellies of teenage piss, but they quickly went to work on the fourteen-year-old black cocks, stroking, sucking, and playing with their balls. They knew the boys did not have much time. Crammed into the small bathroom, each of them could feel the intense heat of the others. Chris looked over at Franky, his face just inches from his own. Franky had his nose in the kid’s pubes, the six inches slid all the way down his adult Mexican throat. Chris did the same, the two boys moaning loudly as their impressive teenage cocks were deep throated. Neither of their girls would blow them, much less risk gagging on their young black dicks.


“Fuck yeah, you fucking faggot, eat my big dick!” Tyrique commanded as his hand guided Franky’s head on his young cock.


“You like that, faggot? You like that, you fucking pedophile?” Sean taunted Chris as he slapped the adult’s face, making Chris moan at the abuse being heaped on him by a middle school kid.


Chris played with the kid’s balls and then moist taint as he sucked the kid’s cock with enthusiasm. Like most middle school boys, it did not take long for the kid.


“Fuck, I’m gonna nut,” Shawn gasped as his cock pushed back and forth past Chris’ tonsils.


Chris pulled back just as the kid blew his load, the fourteen-year-old watery cum coating his adult tongue. The man loved the feel of the kid’s pulsing cock and the rich, pungent taste of his cum. Tyrique was shaking as he grabbed onto the wall as his own immense fourteen-year-old load filled Franky’s mouth. Chris marveled at how overtaken Franky was, his eyes closed and face consumed with a look of pure ecstasy as he savored the warm cum from that eighth-grade basketball stud. Both men took to licking the sweat and cum from each boy’s cock and balls, both pedophiles were still hungry for more as they molested the two underage straight boys.


Tyrique and Shawn looked at each other, smiled, and then turned around.


“Eat our asses, faggots,” Tyrique commanded as he smacked his own round black butt.


The eighth-graders giggled as they assumed no adult would even think of doing something so disgusting. Neither man hesitated even for a moment. Their faces plunged deep into those underage black butts, their cum-coated tongues eagerly searching out the sweaty foul-smelling underage black holes.


“Told you the faggot would do whatever we asked. Even your faggot did it without waiting,” Tyrique commented.


“So unreal, man, and this fucking feels pretty good too,” Shawn commented as he moaned, feeling Chris’ tongue find and press into his eighth-grade hole.


“Yeah, man, but we got to get back before the girls come back,” Tyrique said, beginning to pull his shorts back up.


“Yeah, sorry, faggots. Maybe next time you can eat our asses more,” Shawn said, redoing his belt and beginning to move to the door.


Chris and Franky watched them leave, admiring the butts they had just tasted.


“Damn, man, those studs are hot. You get them to fuck you ever?” Chris asked.


“Not yet, working on it. Tyrique has this hot little ten-year-old brother I want too,” Franky commented, turning to Chris. “Hey, man, you got nigger ass sweat all over your face.”


“So do you, pervert,” Chris shot back.


Franky leaned over, and the two shared a soulful kiss as they enjoyed the taste of eighth-grade nigga boy cum and sweat on each other. Chris smiled at Franky.




“Kiddie fucker.” Franky shot back.


The two laughed as they straightened their clothes. The two left the restroom and began heading back to the office.


“Let’s go back to my office and get your paperwork started. I’ll figure out when to fit you into the schedule, get you earning some money as soon as possible.”


“Cool, man, this is gonna be great. I’m just so thankful to find a job finally. Not many people want to hire a convicted pedophile.”


“Yeah, man, I’m sure it sucks. They don’t know what they’re missing, having such a fine ass stud like you working for them.” Franky said with a wink.


The two were about halfway back to the security office when they saw a little boy standing off next to the wall in front of a maintenance hallway. The boy caught Franky’s eye for two reasons, one, he looked worried and lost, and the other, he was adorable as all fuck. The kid was only two or three with the creamy white skin of an untouched toddler, a mop of blonde hair, sparkling trusting blue eyes, and a sweet little face you just want to fuck—hard.


“Hey, buddy, what’s the matter, you lost?” Franky asked, kneeling down next to the kid.


Chris did the same on the other side of the boy. Chris was also admiring the sexy curves of the little toddler, peering behind to see a cute little butt.


The kid just nodded as he sniffled.


“How old are you, buddy?” Chris asked to which the kid held up three full fingers.


“Wow, three! That’s great, buddy. You want us to help find your mommy and daddy?” Franky asked as his hand rubbed the front of the little boy.


The boy nodded slowly, still not saying a word.


“Well, partner, you wanna molest the adorable little fuck?” Franky asked his new recruit and pedo friend.


“Yes, sir, I do, but what about his parents?” Chris asked.


“We’ll return him when we’re done raping his little toddler butt. There’s a room at the end of this hallway,” Franky said as he picked the boy up and quickly carried the tyke to the room.


Chris followed, and the two slipped into the darkness. Franky flipped a switch and turned to lock the door. It was a small maintenance closet filled with brooks and maps with a padded table in the middle, the top at the perfect height to fuck.


“You can use this room anytime you need to fuck around with anyone. The only people that come in here are Miguel and Damien, two of the maintenance guys. If you’re fucking some kid, the only thing they might do is insist on a turn.”


“Cool,” Chris said as he admired the adorable little white three-year-old.


He reached for the boy’s right foot and pulled off the little Velcro sneaker and little white sock. He pressed the little toddler’s foot to his face as he inhaled deeply and began to lick all over the small foot. Franky quickly copied his new partner. The little boy started to coo and giggle as the grown men licked and sucked on those tiny feet and toes. Their large adult tongues glided over the boy’s feet, slithering around and in between his toes. Chris was getting high off on his first taste of toddler. Franky looked over as he shoved the boy’s whole foot in his mouth and smiled at how completely lost Chris looked. His eyes were glazed over, and his crotch was pushing against his dress pants, desperately wanting out and into the toddler. The two men began kissing up the boy’s legs, spreading them wider.


“How’s he taste, partner?” Franky asked.


“Fucking amazing, I’ve smelled babies and toddlers before, but the taste is even better. Fuck, I wanna pound this little baby hole,” Chris growled and thrust his hips as his desire overwhelmed him.


Franky’s radio crackled. He grabbed it and flipped the switch.


“Yeah, what’s up?”


“Hey, boss, we got a report of a lost kid.”


“What’s he look like?” Franky asked, smiling at Chris.


“A three-year-old, blond hair, blue-eyed, wearing a white t-shirt and blue shorts. His dad’s here in the office.”


“He there with you right now?” Franky said as he began slowly stroking his cock.


Chris did the same, waving his cock at the sweet little boy lying on the table.


“Nah, I’m in your office.”


“Cool, tell him we’re looking for him, and we’ll find him in no time. The new guy and I are with a boy right now, we’ll interrogate him to see if he’s the one we’re looking for.”


“Nice, boss, well, don’t interrogate him too hard. I’ll keep Dad busy. Where you at?”


“Maintenance closet four if you wanna check the cams while you wait.”


“Sweet, thanks, boss.”


“No problem, lube’s in the left-hand drawer. Franky out.”


Franky signed off and tossed the radio onto the floor. He turned back to Chris.


“Latrell will keep Dad busy while we have some fun. Something even hotter about raping and molesting a little kid knowing daddy’s waiting on us to bring him back.


“Hell, yeah! God, Franky, I need to fuck this kid bad.”


Franky laughed at his eager pedo friend.


“Let’s get the little fuck naked and get to work.”


The two men quickly stripped the boy. The kid fussed for a moment but then calmed down as he laid there naked between the two men, fully exposed and vulnerable.


“Get undressed, let’s do this right,” Franky suggested.


The two men stripped, both now naked as the toddler. The two admired each other’s firm, masculine bodies. Chris could now fully see his new boss’s brown body, his crotch only slightly lighter, numerous tattoos winding their way around and over the gentle muscles of his Mexican stud body.


Franky spun the boy around, bringing his head to the side of the table. He looked down, his pedo cock hanging in front of the boy’s face.


“Can you tell us your name? We can’t find your mommy and daddy without your name.” Franky leaned in as the boy murmured something on he could hear. “Tommy? Your name’s Tommy?”


The boy nodded his head slightly, his young eyes transfixed by the uncut adult cock twitching and flexing in front of him. His innocent mind having no understanding of the vile and sexy things it would do to him soon.


Franky pulled the boy’s head off the table, letting it drape over the edge. Tommy’s little three-year-old mouth was now wide open, fussing, his little tongue hanging out as well. Chris watched as Franky held onto his cock, tracing the kid’s lips with the head of his sweaty uncut cock.


“Mmm, so soft,” Franky commented.


Franky enjoyed the three-year-old lips gliding over his Mexican cock. He left a trail of pedophile slime along the kid’s mouth, the perfect lip gloss for a toddler. Franky let his cock slide into the boy’s mouth. Tommy began coughing and trying to reach up to push the horny Mexican pedophile out. Franky just smiled as he slowly worked his cock past the kid’s tonsils.


“You just have to remember that your cock is about the size of a toddler’s airway, so he can’t breathe when you’re raping his throat. Just make sure your strokes pull back far enough to let the kid have some air,” Franky tutored as his brown cock worked its way toward little Tommy’s lungs.


Chris marveled at the site of Franky long dicking a toddler’s mouth, Tommy’s lips stretched tight around the cock, as he struggled to breathe and accommodate a grown adult fucking his mouth.


“Come on, bud, stop staring at my beautiful pedo cock and get to work down there. Dad’s not gonna wait all afternoon for us to finish raping his kid, ” Franky encouraged as he reached down and grabbed the kid’s kicking legs and pulled them back to expose the naked crotch and butt of that sweet blonde three-year-old fuck.


Chris looked down at the tiny ball sack and penis and the pink line leading from that toddler scrote to the little pink dot of a toddler butt. The convicted sex offender jock sank to his knees and began slobbering all over the kid’s naughty parts. One day the kid’s father would talk with little Tommy about not letting strangers touch him on his underwear parts, but it will have been too late.


Franky kept his steady rhythm of raping little Tommy’s three-year-old throat, pulling out to let him breathe and then pushing all the way back in until his hairy brown balls covered the kid’s crying eyes.


Franky watched as his friend licked and sucked all over the kid’s crotch, legs, butt, and tummy. He could see Chris working up a sweat, as his molestation became more frenzied. Chris was now filled with more lust than logic, his pent up pedophile needs, and desire to fuck the toddler taking over his sensible suburban upbringing. Chris had never been sure if he would actually want to fuck a toddler, but now his cock was confident enough for both of them. It needed to be inside that three-year-old ass.


Franky could feel the kid try to scream around his cock as Chris pushed one of his fingers up the boy’s hole. Chris felt the resistance but pressed on, knowing that something much larger was soon going to rearrange this kid’s ass. Chris could feel the kid shaking as the pain and oxygen deprivation overtook the little angel. The former lacrosse stud and now mall cop added more spit as he finger banged the little tyke. His hand was now jackhammering the tight little asshole and immature prostate.


Chris marveled at how pristine Tommy’s little hole was. It was so pale white with only a small bit of pink showing around his tiny hole. He licked around his own finger, tasting the kid’s ass and his own spit. Finally, he stood up, his finger still steadily raping the kid, as he held onto his twenty-four-year-old pedophile cock.


“Any tips on fucking a toddler?” Chris inquired as a second finger slid into the screaming toddler, making Franky moan at the intense vibrations moving up and down his uncut dick.


“Dude, just don’t stop. Once you push in, just keep going. Toddler butt cannot handle adult cock unless you make it. It’ll stretch—eventually.”


Franky laughed as his brown butt bounced above Tommy’s face. That sweet angelic face now stained with tears, Franky’s sweat, and several pubic hairs clinging to his sticky cheeks.


Chris removed his fingers and added one more big glob of spit to the tiny hole and then another to his own very hungry cock. He put the head of his cut cock against the tiny hole, stared at the seemingly impossible physics of an adult cock fucking a three-year-old asshole, and then pushed hard up into the boy.


Tommy screamed again around Franky’s cock as his little butt pushed against Chris’ manly fuck stick. He resisted, but Chris persisted, and eventually, after the third shove, his head popped inside. He tried to stop and enjoy the feeling of toddler butt grabbing onto his cock, but everything inside of him said to push forward, to be satisfied only once most of his cock could feel the tight three-year-old hole stretched around it. Chris kept shoving, Tommy kept crying, and Franky kept smiling and enjoying some very sexy kiddie throat.


“Fuck, man, it’s so tight, not sure if I can even get any more inside him,” Chris said, looking down at three inches of his man cock planted inside the only recently potty-trained kid.


“Sure you can, bud,” Franky said, reaching out and roughly pulling Chris to him. The pull sunk another inch of both of their cocks inside the struggling little lost sex toy. “See bud. You usually can get at least four inches up a toddler. Sadly no balls deep up their butt, but you can down their throat,” Franky said as he once again pushed his entire cock down the boy’s raw throat.


Franky reached up and started playing with Chris’ nipples as the stud settled into a slow, loving rape of the three-year-old boy. His body flexed and glided into the boy, his dick enjoying what little it could have of toddler butt. Chris could see that Tommy’s small hole was violently stretched around his cock, the pinkness of virginity replaced with the redness from the pedophile rape.


“That’s it, man, fuck the little bitch, fuck his little toddler hole. Send this sweet little angel back to Daddy, a fucked out whore.”


Franky marveled at the intense fuck that his new-hire was throwing the toddler. He pinched and twisted Chris’ nipples spurring the wild pedophile on more. Chris’ thrusts became rougher, faster, and more emphatic at demanding pleasure from that tiny toddler butt.


The two men rutted in the hot, sweaty room as Latrell watched on from Franky’s office, stroking his black nineteen-year-old cock as his boss and new colleague raped the three-year-old little white boy. As he watched, the two men begin to kiss with a helpless little toddler beneath him, and he blew his little black babies all over his boss’s desk.


“I’m gonna blow, bud,” Franky said.


Franky held onto the kid’s throat and fucked into little Tommy. He could feel his balls draw up as he felt the head of his cock rub back and forth over three-year-old tonsils.


“Do it, man, feed the little slut that creamy Mexican load,” Chris said as he banged away at Tommy’s upturned little butt. “You hear that, Tommy? My buddy is going to feed you his pedo load, get ready for a full little belly.”


Chris laughed as he patted the kid’s smooth white stomach, two pedo cocks desperately trying to push even closer to it.


“Here it comes, Tommy, a nice…fucking…pedo…ugh...load.”


Franky kept his cock all the way in the boy, his cum jetting directly down the boy’s esophagus to his waiting little three-year-old tummy. Finally, Franky retreated, and the kid gasped for air as his ass still was on fire from the five inches of adult cock firmly planted inside his toddler butt.


Franky spread the kid’s legs wide, fully opening his little butt as Chris leaned back, hands behind his head, as he pushed short strokes into the boy, his cock head thickening and pulsing as he edged closer to his first time breeding a toddler. Chris pulled the boy in closer, the kid’s head back on the table, and leaned into the sobbing whimpering toddler. Chris shoved his tongue into the boy’s mouth as he fucked his pedo cock up into the boy. The two rutted like old lovers. Chris was passionately making out with his toddler conquest, running his fingers through the boy’s sweat-soaked hair.


“Fuck, I love you, little one, I fucking love your goddamn little butt,” Chris growled to his three-year-old lover, his cock stretching the boy further as his cum pushed from his balls, up his cock, and into the innocent hole of a no longer virgin toddler.


Franky leaned back against the wall, his brown pedo cock dripping onto the floor as he watched Chris lovingly rape and make love to the sweet little blonde toddler. With the sudden jerks of Chris’ butt, Franky knew the twenty-four-year-old stud was depositing his pedo load deep inside the boy. He smiled, as Chris never stopped making out with the crying toddler, his lips and tongue sucking on and violently invading the kid’s mouth.


“All right, you two love birds, time to get him back to his dad.”


Franky laughed as he started to put his uniform back on. Chris stopped kissing the boy and slowly pulled his cock out. He heard the squish and pop of his cock as it left the boy empty. That dime-sized pink hole was now read and gaping open, but even as he studied it, it began to close up, though a steady stream of creamy pedo cum began to leak out.


“Fuck, man, he’s a mess. How do we take him back to his dad like this? He’ll know he’s been raped,” Chris questioned.


“My cuz specializes in cleaning the boys up. He’ll douche him out, give him a quick bath, and slip him a mild sedative. The hoarseness from my cock fucking his throat is really just from all the crying he was doing when he was lost,” Franky said, buttoning his shirt and giving Chris a wink.


Chris just stared at his new boss, admiring his situation and the sexy man he just fucked a toddler with.


“Thank you, man. Not just for the job, but the most amazing day of sex I’ve ever had. None of the nasty fucked up kiddie porn I watched as a kid could ever prepare me for this day.”


Franky just looked at Chris and smiled. He walked over to the white stud, placed his arms around Chris, and pulled him in. The two were face to face.


“Dude, I’m just glad you’re as nasty of a fuck as I figured you would be. You’re certainly are hotter than your mug shot.”


Franky grabbed Chris’s butt, pulled him in closer, and the two young pedophiles began making out, melting into each other’s arms.


“Alright, let’s get this little whore dressed and back to dad,” Franky said, breaking the kiss and smiling at his new employee.


“Cool. I can’t wait for my first shift. I got my eye on some of those little middle school butts we saw earlier,” Chris said as he grabbed the kid’s clothes to redress him.


“Dude, you just fucking raped a toddler and already thinking about eating some twelve-year-old boy butt?”




“I think I’m in love,” Franky had a shit-eating grin on his face as he slipped the boy’s shoes back on.