Make Him Scream

MM, anal, fist, oral, ws, viol, rape, inc
A palimpsest based on a story by Darinost

When your son comes home from college today, you’re going to show him an extraordinary time.

Act natural.

Open the door and let him in. Give him a hug; tell him he looks great today. Doesn’t he just? College life is treating him well. It looks like even the dreaded “Freshman 15” was no match for him. If he’s gained any weight at all, it’s gone towards filling out his body.

Don’t do anything yet. Just make some small talk for now. Compliment him on that new stylish-haircut: the long lock of blonde hair looks great with his low back head cropped cut. Did he always wear it cropped that short, or is that new too? Either way, it looks fantastic.


Ask him how classes are going. Is he doing well in the dorm? Tell him Mom’s away on business. Keep eating your dinner, and don’t forget to smile. This is just another weekend visit from your son right now.


Your hands are shaking. Try to relax. There’s no need to be nervous. I’m going to walk you through this every step of the way. We’re a team, you and me.


Ask him to help with the dishes.


Are you ready? It’s time. Tell him you have something important to show him, and then lead him into the bedroom. The poor boy looks confused. Unzip your pants, and pull out your dick. Order him to kneel and suck.


Don’t let him get away! Tackle him before he gets to the door. He’s a fighter, but you have forty pounds on him. Put them to good use. That’s it, pin him down with your legs. Now you can use the duct tape in your back pocket to bind his hands behind him.


There’s a spreader bar under the bed within arm’s reach. Sit on his back and tape his ankles to it, one at a time. See, now he’s helpless. You can relax now. Stand up and get him onto his knees. Tell him that if he doesn’t open his mouth and suck you, you’ll be forced to beat him black and blue.


Aww, he doesn’t believe you. Look at that angry pout. Lips pressed closed, determined to disobey. Tell him he's a naughty boy. Tell him he deserves this.


You’re going to have to do this the hard way. Backhand him across the face again. Isn’t that shocked expression something? Even after tying him up, he didn’t really think that you would strike him. Show him how wrong he was. Use your fists now, and don’t go easy on him. For the next sixty seconds, make his face your punching bag. Keep going. Remind him that this can’t end until he opens his mouth for you.


And stop. He was handsome before, but now he’s exquisite with both eyes swelled up and glistening with tears, his nose broken in several places, a nasty cut on the cheek where your wedding ring caught the skin, and that sweet mouth, lips split and bleeding, stretched wide open.


Don’t go sticking your dick in just yet though. First take the O-ring out from the nightstand drawer, top shelf. See how his eyes widen, how he’s trying not to let you put it on him. He wasn’t really ready to obey yet, just hoping to turn the tables with a solid bite.


That’s okay. There will be plenty of time to break his spirit later. All that matters right now is getting those lips around your cock, and he’s got no way to stop you anymore. Strap the O-ring in place behind his head, and then rub your dick all over his face. Mop up some of that blood and tears, so that he can taste them in a second.


You couldn’t help getting hard, could you? It’s time for some fun. Hold his head still with both hands, and slide your dick right into that waiting mouth. What an incredible gagging sound he makes. He mustn’t have much cocksucking experience. Tell him that he’s going to need a lot of practice at this. Tell him that Mommy left you a few days ago, and you’re done putting up with his selfishness. You’ve decided it’s now his job to keep your balls drained, and you expect him to come back home every weekend to tend to his new duties.


Even gagged and with a mouth full of dick, he’s still trying to talk. What do you suppose all that gibberish is meant to be? Trying to reason with you, beg for mercy—sounds a little angrier than that though. Either way, his mouth must feel great, but your cock is barely in there. No need to hold back. His throat will fight you at first but just keep pushing, and it will loosen. There it goes. Keep going deeper. Don’t worry about how he’s going to breathe. If he passes out, he passes out. Don’t stop until your balls are on his chin.


Good, you’re all the way in. Hold there. You hear that retch. That means you’re doing it right. Pull back, and let him get a little air. Not too much, push back in. It’s a lot easier this time, isn’t it? Plug his throat until you hear that retch again.


Keep going like that. Tell him that Mommy was a frigid bitch who never let you do anything like this. Warn him if that he pukes on your dick that he’s going to be very sorry. And now make him puke. Just keep doing what you’re doing. He can’t hold out forever.


There he goes! Looked like he really was trying not to, but that’s no excuse. Push his head against the floor, and rub it in the mess he made. Call him a disgusting pig. Tell him that you don’t want his gross puke face anywhere near your cock anymore. Tell him you know a faggot like him must be getting passed around at all the frat parties. Tell him he’s left you no choice but to fuck his ass.


Without a dick to stop him up, he’s got quite a mouth on him, doesn’t he? Some faggots in his situation would beg or cry, but he’d rather tell you to go fuck yourself. That’s good. That’s very good. Spirited boys are always the most fun to tame.


Pick him up and dump him on his knees onto the bed. Push his face into the pillows and take a good look at his ass, sweet and plump and at a perfect height for plowing. Doesn’t that look nice? And God, the way he’s swishing it back and forth, trying to avoid what he knows will be coming? He must have no idea how sexy that looks.


Don’t want to fuck his ass just yet? That’s smart thinking. It’s been a few minutes since you really made him hurt, and frequent abuse is a vital part of breaking a faggot. Sit on his head to keep him in place, then take off your belt and make those creamy cheeks glow.


Wasn’t that a satisfying sound? And check out the red mark it left, standing out against the pale skin. Do it again. Do you like the way he shudders beneath you each time? He’s trying not to scream. Keep giving him plenty of reasons to. See if you can land a hit right on his asshole. It’s not an easy target, not while his hips are bobbing like that. But there’s no rush.


That’s one! That made him buck really well. Tell him you’re going to keep smacking him until you land two more hits there. You want his shithole hot and swollen when you fuck it. Tell him he can keep squirming and getting hit over and over, or he can be a good boy for Daddy by staying still so you can beat his asshole.


No surprise he’s not listening yet. A beating has to sound better than anal rape. What your stubborn son hasn’t accepted however is that he’s going to get fucked before the night’s over, but his resistance doesn’t really matter. All you have to do is keep hitting him. Right arm getting tired? Switch to the left. Remind him that the two of you have all night, and your erection’s not getting any softer. It’s true, too. You’ve been rock hard this entire time.


Looks like he’s finally realized he wasn’t doing himself any favors. That sexy swaying may have stopped, but his butt’s looking more delicious than ever. There’s no white left in those cheeks, just angry red skin, bruised and welted. It’s hard to see, but there are even a few trickles of blood where the metal buckle caught him just right. Give him a good wallop, as hard as you can, right on his left cheek. Again.


Tell him it’s not enough for him to hold still. Tell him that his asshole is just too small a target right now, and he needs to make it bigger if he wants you to warm it up properly. Tell him to reach back with those bound hands and pull his cheeks apart with his fingers so you can see what you’re aiming at. It’s okay if he doesn’t comply at first. Just keep hitting his cheeks. Make sure not to swing anywhere near his asshole.


And there he goes. One puckered asshole in full view. You know what to do. Make both strikes count. Very good. It’s swelling up nicely already. Ask him if he’s ready to be ass fucked now, or if he’d rather play with the belt some more. No response. That must mean he wants the belt. Give it to him. Then ask him if he’s ready to be ass fucked.


Hit him again. Ask him again.


Hit him again. Remind him that you’ve got all weekend for this. Ask him again.


Tell him that yes is not a good enough answer. He needs to be very explicit about what he agrees to. Hit him again. Ask him again.


Finally. See how easy this is, all it takes is a few threats, a bit of pain, and your innocent son is spreading his cheeks and begging you to fuck his ass. Tell him to keep his hands in place. Even stretched out like that, his anus is so swollen by now that you’d have trouble getting a pin in there. It will be harder to make progress than his throat was, but the vomit and spit on your dick will be more than enough lube.


It’s the same principle as before, push and don’t stop. It’s going to hurt a lot for you too, but that anal ring can’t hold out forever. That’s it. Keep up the pressure. It’s starting to give. And that’s the head in. You like that warm, soft paradise it’s found. That’s your son’s asshole, and it belongs to you now.


Boy, he can be a real screamer when he wants to. What’s that he’s saying? “Save me, Mommy?” Remind him that if Mommy were here, Daddy wouldn’t need to tear open his little boy’s asshole in the first place. Tell that if he hadn’t been a disgusting puke faced whore, he could have gotten away with just sucking your dick.


Tell him that you’re glad Mommy left. Tell him that you’ve been fantasizing about him since he was sixteen. Tell him that even when Mommy was still around, and you fucked her on this very bed, it was always your son you were imagining being inside. Tell him reality is so much better than you ever dreamed.


Push your cock all the way in. Take your time with it. Enjoy the warm pulsating that his guts make around you. When you’ve had enough, slide back out, and feel the way his swollen anal ring will hug your shaft as it passes by. You can train him to do that voluntarily later, but the belt was a useful shortcut.


Tell him that this is another thing his mother never let you try. Tell him that he should be grateful for that. If Mommy’s pooper had felt half this good, she would never have gotten pregnant in the first place.


All right, a couple more slow strokes to loosen him up. Only a couple. Ready? You’re going to be almost as sore as he is after this, but it will feel more than worth it.


Do it. Fuck him hard.


Come on, you can do better than that. Pound that tight asshole with everything you’ve got. Ream your faggot son’s ass out so good he’ll never shit properly again. Really make him feel it. Faster. Harder. Don’t let up. He’ll get no relief until you’ve hosed his bowels down with cum. Give it to him. Yeah, just like that. Just like that.


It must have felt amazing, huh. I didn’t tell you to pull his hair when you came. You must have wanted to get in deeper, shoot your load as far into his guts as you could. You’re a natural.


Look at what a mess he’s made of your dick. It’s looking red and painful too, but that’s not important. Flip him onto his back, and show him the vomit and blood and shit and semen smeared all over you because of him. Tell him he needs to clean it up, but not before he’s been punished.


Pick the belt back up. Apply it to those average hairy balls.


That ass reaming you gave him really seems to have improved his attitude. He’s already begging for the opportunity to clean you. Don’t stop belting his nuts and remind him that you haven’t forgotten about the puke. Tell him those lips don’t get to touch your dick until they’ve gotten a piss bath.


He’s a quick learner. Did you ever imagine you’d get to hear your own son asking you to piss on his face? Don’t keep him waiting. You can do it. I know it’s never easy to do on command, but you had a lot to drink at dinner. Just try to relax and think of flowing water. There it goes. Spray his whole face down. Give him some to drink too.


Time for that tongue bath. Take the O-ring out before he gets started. He’ll know better than to bite by now, and his mouth will feel even better with his lips wrapped tight around you. Tell him he has exactly one minute to suck all the grime off, or he’ll be in for more pain.


Look at him go. He’s developing a very healthy fear of you.


Time’s up. Your dick’s already getting hard again, but pull it out of that warm mouth for now. He’s done an excellent job; both head and shaft have been spit-shined to perfection, but now show him the filth still stuck to your balls. Oh, look at that beautiful expression. He knows he’s fucked up. Tell him he has to be punished for being such a lazy faggot.


Reject his pleas to lick your balls clean. Tell him there will be plenty of time for that after.


He’s expecting the belt again, but that’s old hat. Can’t keep punishing a slave the same way, or they’ll get jaded. Tie the belt around his neck instead, and then loop it around the headboard. Now he can’t move much without choking himself. He needs to be taught that there are worse kinds of pain than a bit of leather. There are a few special items in the nightstand, bottom drawer, for this. Have you ever used a piercing needle before?


Let him see it coming. Look at him squirm, looking for an escape that’s not here. Listen to all the things he promises you now, all the wonderfully dirty things he’ll do for you if you’d only put it down, but you’re not going to put it down. Pinch his tongue between your fingers and draw it out. It’s slippery, so you’ll have to dig in with your fingernails. Don’t be afraid to draw blood. Remind him that if he doesn’t stop struggling, you might rip a gash in his tongue by accident. That quieted him down. The rest is simple now. Just pick a spot that looks good, and stick the needle in.


That looked like it hurt.


Time to put the stud in. Feel how smooth it is on your fingers? Doesn’t that look sexy? Just think of how good that will feel on your dick. But it’s not time to try it out yet. Tell him he has two more piercings to go.


He must really be exhausted by now. He barely even tried to argue. It’s almost a shame to mutilate those beautiful nipples, but we all have to make sacrifices.


Put those big silver rings on them. They’re just the right size to hook a finger in and give his tits a rough tug. Go ahead, try it. You like how it makes him whimper.


Why don’t you give his new jewelry a test run? Tell him you’re almost ready to give him a break for a while, but first, you want to fuck that ass again. Ask him if he’d do that for you if you removed the tape from his hands.


A nice, eager nod. He’s coming along very well. Go ahead and free his hands. He’s not going anywhere with that belt around his neck.


Lay your dick on his ass. His cheeks are starting to bruise from their earlier run-in with the belt, so they must be extra hot and inviting right now.


He’s not wasting any time massaging his nipples with his hands, but he’s not doing it right. Smack his hands away. Tell him that these tits belong to you now, and he doesn’t get to touch them. Tell him to use the rings instead.


Oh, what a sweet sight that is! His thumbs hooked into his new rings, shaking his hands back. Look at his face; see that desperate, pleading look? He’s not just doing the bare minimum to get by. No, he’s genuinely trying to make you happy. He’s learned that the only way to avoid more pain is to be the best slave he can be.


Ask him how many girls he has fucked already. Uh oh, he stopped moving his hands. That calls for another sharp smack across the face.


Three girls only, huh? That’s bad. Ask him if he’s a closet faggot only good at using his pussy.


“I don’t have a pussy” is not an answer. Smack him again and repeat the question.


Tell him he is about to find out that you know better. Ask him if he’d rather be fucked in his mouth or boy-cunt from now on. Didn’t take him long to answer that one. Tell him that you’re going to fuck his cunt now and that it’s his job to make the experience even better than any bitch. His ass is already tightening, so you’ll never have a reason to use sloppy twat instead.


Bring his legs up, up, up, until the spreader bar is at the top of the headboard. Tape it into place and admire the view. His asshole looks completely different than it did an hour ago, huh. No more puckered, tight hole for him; that looks more like a gaping stab wound. Stick a finger in and swirl around a little, pick up some of that blood and cum that’s leaking out. Good, now offer it to him. Mmm, he didn’t even need to be told to suck it clean.


And above that ruined asshole is his untouched pink dick. He’ll even look better when you shave him down there. Ask him to thank you for that. Check if he’s leaking at all. No? I guess he’s not a secret masochist. But dryness doesn’t really matter. The only lube a faggot ever needs is his spit on your dick, and there’s already plenty of that.


Remind him that this is the only chance he’ll get to impress you. Tell him that if his cunt isn’t warm, tight, and welcoming, you’ll just pull out and switch to beating his balls and never give him a chance to cum ever.


Stop. I want you to just take a minute, and listen to the beautiful things your son is saying right now. Did you ever think you’d get to hear him promising that you’ll love his tight boy cunt? Did you ever, in your wildest dreams, imagine him begging for the opportunity to ride you? It’s amazing what a little persuasion can get you.


Well, might as well dig in and see if he’s telling the truth. I know, I know, your cock must ache like hell by now. No need for self-abuse this time; you can be as gentle as you want about this. Just have fun with it.


Oh my, looks like he wasn’t all talk, was he? Even though he’s in pain, he’s thrusting his hips up towards you, fucking your dick as hard as the bondage will allow him. And from the way his stomach muscles are trembling, I can tell he’s doing his best to milk you.


And look at you go. Your sore cock doesn’t seem to be bothering you one bit, not when compared to everything else it’s feeling right now. You’ve found a little piece of heaven inside him, haven’t you?


Enjoy it. There’s nothing quite like a tight boy ass.


Don’t forget to give his tits some attention. Knead those red nipples and ask him if he likes his new piercings. “Yes, Daddy,” huh? The perfect response.


Ask him if he wants you to pierce his boy clit later. Another “yes Daddy.” Oh, that is one well-broken faggot you’ve got there. Some of that will wear off over time, but tonight that son of yours knows he’s nothing more than Daddy’s fuck toy. No matter what happens after this, the lesson in obedience you’ve given him will never be forgotten.


Go ahead and cum when you’re ready. You’ve both earned it.


Well done.


All right, you both look exhausted. I think we’re just about done here. Tape his hands back up so he won’t be tempted to try anything funny, and then head into the bathroom. Close the door behind you.


Once we’re done talking, flush this earpiece down the toilet. After that, you’ll be on your own. Don’t try and remove any of the recording devices. If we see you interfere with any of them or break character around your son, your son will be going out in a body bag.


As long as you keep playing along, he’ll be safe and sound. If I were you, I’d enjoy this time while it lasts. You haven’t even tried out that tongue stud yet.


Oh, stop crying. We’re doing you a favor, really. There’re plenty of men out there who would kill for the opportunity to have a stunning eighteen-year-old faggot as their submissive fuck toy. So what if he used to be your loving son?


Anyway, the night is still young. I should let you get back to turning your precious little boy into a used up piece of meat. I hope you can think up some good ways to torture him. By the time we’re finished, you won’t even recognize him. In a few days you can tell what’s left of your son the truth if that’s what you want.


Now go back out there, stuff your fist up his shitter and make him scream.