A palimpsest based on Maya
MmB, anal, oral, rim ws, rough, nc, inc

Thirteen-year-old Maik had already been fucked by his brother when he came downstairs to breakfast. Sometimes he only had to give him a suck job, like if he was late for school, or not in the mood to fuck, or had just fucked his girlfriend the night before. But on this morning, he has wanted to pound Maik’s little boy-cunt really hard. As always, he tried to hurt him when he fucked him. Like Father like Son.

Maik had learned to thank his brother for his big, fat, wonderful cock. He spent most of his time at home worshipping cock. His father said that's what cocksuckers were put on earth for, to worship and respect cock.

Maik had been first fucked by his father and brother on his thirteenth birthday, a few months ago. Since then, his life had been a living hell. Until he was twelve, he had lived with his mom. His mom had left his dad because he was such a sadistic prick and she had taken Maik along. They had had a wonderful life, but then tragedy struck, his mom had been killed in an auto accident and he had been sent to live with him father and older brother.

His brother was seventeen and a senior in high school. Maik was a freshman. It was unusual to be a high school freshman at thirteen, but he was a very smart boy and had skipped a grade. He was also an extraordinarily stunning boy with big eyes, beautiful hair, slender, smooth legs, and an attractive ass. In the few months he had lived with his father and brother, he had become an expert cocksucker.

His tiny asshole was fucked frequently, every day in fact by both his father and his brother. And his dad allowed his drinking and poker buddies to fuck him as well. Maik was terrified that he would catch an STD, as his father refused to allow condoms when they fucked him.

Maik walked down the stairs bare-ass naked with his brother's cum running down his legs from his boy-cunt. He moved toward the kitchen hesitantly because he heard his father doing something in there and he never knew what kind of mood his father would be in. He was always a monster, but sometimes he was worse than other times. Maik was required to be naked in the house at all times. As his dad put it, "We want your fuckhole available at all times."

Was Maik scared out of his mind? Of course. But what could he do? Should he try to tell someone about his predicament? He had thought of it, but he was too scared to do that. I mean, one of his dad's friends would get him and hurt him bad, if he turned his father in.

His father was standing in the kitchen naked. He was a handsome, well-muscled man of thirty-four. He could probably attract almost any woman he wanted, but what he wanted was his thirteen-year-old son. As he stood over the stove, making breakfast for Rick, Maik's brother, and himself, his big, fat cock swung back and forth. Even flaccid it was humongous, like a huge sausage. His balls were huge too, the hairy sack looked like it contained hard-boiled eggs. He glanced over at Maik.

"Good morning, Fuckhole! Did you suck your brother this morning, or did he plow you with his fuck meat?"


Maik chewed his lower lip and stifled a tear.


"He fucked me."


"And did my dirty, little, cock sucking son enjoy big brother's fat cock up his cunt?"


"Yes, Sir, I loved it."


He knew what he had to say.


"I bet you did. My little fucking cock whore needs cock first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, doesn't he? You little faggots are all the same, worthless except for one thing: to dump a load of fuck jizz into.


Well, aren't you going to come over here and kiss Daddy good morning?"


Maik dropped to his knees and crawled across the kitchen. He knew how to crawl. Back arched, ass up high, legs spread so his boy-cunt showed from behind. He had to swing his balls as he crawled cause the guys liked to see his fresh, young balls shake.


His father stood there with his hands on his hips, looking down at his boy. When Maik got to him, he lifted his head and then rose to his knees. He puckered his sweet mouth and planted a long loving kiss on his father's fat, plum-sized cockhead.


His father had taught him that while boys love to kiss their girlfriends on the mouth, faggots much prefer kissing cock. He licked his father's piss hole, which opened and closed from the boy’s touch. This was nothing new for Maik. He often slept at night with his father's fucker in his mouth all night. Sometimes he had to sleep with his cute, little face buried between his father’s ass cheeks and lick his shithole all night. Now, he lovingly kissed his cock from head to balls. He even kissed and licked the big hairy scrotum.


His father stood over him smiling.


"That's a good boy. That's a good son. That's a good fucking cocksucker!"


Finally, he was satisfied. His cock was up and hard at its ten-inches. It was an awesome prick. He stepped back.


"Hey faggot, you got some of Rick's cum dripping onto the floor. Better clean that up!"


Maik obediently bent his head to the tiled floor and licked up the cum which had run from his fucked boy-cunt.


"Eat your breakfast, you'll be late for school."


Maik crawled over to his doggie bowl on the floor and started to eat his breakfast. It consisted of cornflakes, but instead of milk, the flakes were covered with his dad's piss.


His father had a philosophy that every aspect of his son's life should revolve around cock! He must be taught to think about nothing except cock all the time. He must taste cock in his mouth all day and smell cock. He should have no hobbies except fuck meat.


His tiny bedroom upstairs was covered with giant posters of cocks. Whereas most boys had pictures of sports stars, Maik had posters of gigantic cocks, cut, uncut, black, white, Latino.


Whereas other boys chatted at school about the television shows they watched, Maik was only allowed to watch videos of well-hung men fucking young boys. He was told to study them to pick up fucking techniques. His dad often quizzed his on the fuck films he watched and he had to be able to describe in detail the cocks that fucked the young boys, many of them much younger than Maik.


Maik knelt over his doggie bowl and started to eat his breakfast. He was allowed no spoon. He had to put his face into the mess and slurp it up like a dog.


Now he heard the pad of footsteps on the stairs and knew his seventeen-year-old brother was coming down for his eggs and bacon breakfast with their father. Rick strode into the kitchen, bare-ass naked as well. His cock hung six and a half inches flaccid. He was a well-muscled kid, the star of the school's football team and a very popular kid. He was handsome just like his dad.


"Morning, Pop," he said, flopping into his chair, his big balls hanging over the edge of the seat.


"Morning son, did you sleep well?"


"Oh, man yeah, I banged that freshman cunt, Cindy Meyers, last night. She was a fucking virgin and you shoulda heard her squeal like a pig when I popped her cherry."


"That's my boy! I am so fucking proud of you, son. I am so happy that you know how to properly treat a slut. Not like some boys today."


"That's cause I learned from you, Pop, and you are the best." Father and son sat down to breakfast.


"How was your fuck from the fuck hole this morning?"


"I meant to talk to you about that, Pop. It was pretty shitty. I mean he hardly put any enthusiasm into it at all and I think his twat is getting too loose. I know you gave his exercises to keep his cunt tight, but this morning it was like fucking a watermelon."


Maik held his breath. He had done his best. Now he would be punished for sure, and his father's punishments were horrible, to say the least.


"Well, we are going to have to look into that. When I fuck him this afternoon, I will check out his cunt thoroughly. Maybe he was just being fucking lazy. We will have to punish him for that, won't we?"


"Can I whip his balls with my belt?"


"Of course, son. But let's wait until tonight and we can take two or three hours to do it. We will make those balls plump up"


"I love the sounds he makes when I whip his balls."


"Get over here, faggot, and lick your brother's balls while he eats his breakfast. You were a bad fuckhole and don't deserve to eat."


Maik crawled over under the kitchen table and lifted his head to lick his brother's fat, teenage nuts.


"Pop, the thing that really got me angry was that after I fucked Cindy last night, and she was crying because it hurt her so much and all that shit, I asked her real polite and romantic like, you know how chicks like it, if she would please lick and suck my ass and she said it was gross and she wouldn't do it.”


"What the fuck is wrong with girls today? No proper sex education. Although, your fucking hole of a mother was the same way. She hated to suck my ass. I used to have to slap her around to get a good ass suck out of her.


“Not like our little fag Maik here. He sucks ass real good. I better not ever hear that he refused to suck any guys' asses. There would be hell to pay. You hear that, Fuckhole?"


He kicked his son in the balls with his bare foot.


"Yes, Daddy," he answered.


His lips and chin dripping spit from licking his big brother's balls. Rick slid a bit lower in the chair and spread his legs more.


"Give me an ass suck right now, Maik. I want you to go to school with my ass on your breath."


Father and son laughed as Maik scooted lower to be able to get his tongue into his brother's asshole. Up until a few months ago, Maik would never have imagined such things could happen to an ingénue boy. He was a bright boy who loved school and friends and his mom. Now he was naked on the floor sucking him the asshole of his seventeen-year-old brother.


"Hey, faggot, crawl over here and suck on mine a little. I ain't showered yet today. Tell us which asshole tastes better."


Maik scurried over and put his head between the legs of his father. It was true, he had not showered yet and his body odor was rank and sour. His ass was meatier than Rick's and Maik had to force his face down in further to reach his father’s hairy asshole. The smell was strong and the taste just as strong. It was a musky, bitter taste, but nothing Maik had not gotten used to. He was used to the most disgusting things by now.


"Okay, Maik, which asshole tastes better this morning. Rick's or mine?"


"Yours does, Daddy!" he said, his lips coated with spit and ass slime.


"You are going to pay for that ass licker!" Rick spat and kicked him in the ass. Either way, he would pay. If he had said Rick's hole tasted better, his father would have gotten angry and he was to be feared much more than Rick.


"I want to talk to you, Rick. The fag has been at his new school for two weeks now. Isn't it time he got fucked by some of the boys at the school? How about your whole fucking football team. Why not make Maik the team cunt?"


Rick gave one of his killer teen smiles, the kind that melted hearts and cunts.


"Pop, you are the best. All the guys have been saying what a cute piece of ass the faggot is. This will really get me in good with them. How should I do it?"


"Well, start with your best buddies. Guys you can trust. Tell them Maik's cunt and mouth are available if they would like a shot at them. Then have them spread the word among the other guys that he puts out for any guy. Get him into the locker room to suck the boys off after practice. Then we can arrange some weekend gang fucks here at the house. I would like to see him fucked by the whole team if possible."


Poor little Maik thought he would faint. How could his own father be talking this way? He loved school. This would ruin his reputation for sure. And he was just meeting such nice kids at the new school. It was the only good thing in his life.


"There are twenty-five guys on the football team," Rick said rubbing his rising teen prick.


"That's fine. I'm sure our little cumdump can handle them all. It may hurt a bit at first. Especially when they fill all his holes at once, but he'll get used to it."


"Oh, please, no," Maik muttered beneath the table.


"Shut the fuck up, cumwad. Get out from under there and make your lunch for school."


Maik stood at the counter making his lunch, listening to his father and brother talk about how the team would fuck him until he could hardly walk.


"I see him getting fucked ten to fifteen times a day soon. That is what I would like for him anyway. And sucking twenty to thirty cocks a day. When we have a good schedule for him going and he is taking cock pretty much all day and night, we will pull him out of school so he can work full time at his God-given talent. I bet some of those boys on the football team are well hung, especially the black boys, huh?"


"I tell you, Pop. You have never seen cock like some of those nigger cocks. And both you and I are really well-hung, but they got us beat.


“We got this one dude, Jamal, I swear to fuck, he has got to have thirteen inches of a prick. The girls cannot take it. They are afraid to date him.”


"Well, faggot here will date him and take it to the balls! Won't you, Maik?"


"Yes, Daddy."


"Maybe we should get Jamal to be Maik's steady cumdump. If the other girls are afraid of his big cock, he might like a steady thirteen-year-old cumdump like Maik. He could plow his balls deep in his holes, anytime he wants. Why not ask him? Maybe hold off on the team for a bit and let's just have some fun with Jamal and Maik first!


“How about that Maik. You would love some big, black, teenage cock, wouldn't you?"


"Yes, Daddy."


Maik was spreading gooey cum onto his sandwich. Yes, that is right. Cum. His father made him use old cum that was stored in the fridge like mayonnaise. Maik had to spread it thickly on his sandwich. That was so he would taste cum at school all day.


Rick and his dad jerked off into the jar so did some of his father's friends. His father also mixed in dog and horse cum. It was always half-filled with stale cum.


He was also required to take a thermos of his dad’s and brother's piss to drink. In fact, whereas most other boys his age drank soda or juice, Maik drank mostly piss from the cocks of his dad and bro. His brother watched him at school to make sure he ate the whole sandwich and drank the entire thermos of piss.


"Why not invite Jamal over after school today. I'd like to meet him. Thirteen-inches sounds like just what my son needs. One inch for every year, that's my motto!"


Father and son had a good laugh and Maik cried.


Thirteen-year-old Maik sat naked on a wooden chair across the room from his brother Rick, his dad and Jamal, the seventeen-year-old black student who had been invited over. He knew something awful was going to happen.


Maik sat as he had been taught, scootched down with his legs hooked up over the arms of the chair so his that his ravaged boy-cunt was on display.


Jamal looked nervous. His eyes flashed from Maik’s father to Rick and then over to the beautiful, little, thirteen-year-old boy. He could see that the boy was small for his age. Jamal's nigger cock gave a lurch.


"My son tells me that you have trouble dating girls, Jamal," Maik's father began. "He says some of the girls are afraid to date you. That seems absurd. You are such a muscular, handsome boy. Is it racial prejudice? Is it because you are black?"


"No, sir. That ain't the problem at all. The problem is...eh...more personal."


"Come on Jamal, we asked you here to help you. You can be honest with us."


Jamal shifted in his chair.


"Well, the problem is that the chicks are afraid to date me because, because my cock is so big. They’re all afraid I want to fuck them, which of course I do, and they think my cock will bust them open or rupture them."


"Poor boy. Well, you can't be expected to go through life never fucking. How big is your cock, Jamal?"


"Well, last time I measured it was a little over thirteen inches, but I think it's still growing."


"You ought to see it, Pop. It's fucking amazing." Rick said, obviously impressed by the black teen.


"Well, I'd like to see it. Thirteen inches is a bit more than I have ever seen. Here's the deal, Jamal. My son is a fucking faggot cumdump. I can't tell you the heartache he has given me, throwing his cunt at every boy he meets, even his own brother. He even begs me to let him suck my cock!"


"No way, that's disgusting."


Jamal had to shift again because his enormous, black fucker was thickening in his pants.


"We had no choice but to fuck the cock whore to try to keep him in line and to keep his fuck lust down, but it doesn't help. He is a fucking cock whore, no doubt about it."


Poor Maik wanted to yell out that his father was lying. His father and brother had raped him and forced him to do all those dirty perverted things. He had been innocent. Virtuous. Chaste.


"So, Jamal, I'll be honest with you. We are looking for a big-dicked boyfriend for our fag boy. It's got to be a large cock or else our fuckhole son will not be satisfied. We can't have him prowling the streets for cock.


“So, what do you think? Would you like to be Maik's boyfriend? He would be happy to take care of your huge fucker four or five times a day."


Maik started to cry. That seemed to turn Jamal on.


"Well, to be honest sir, I sure would love to fuck that pretty little thing, but I am afraid I would hurt him with my big cock!"


Maik's father smiled.


Oh, you don't have to worry about that. We've had quite large objects up his cunt! And don't worry about hurting him. Who the fuck cares? It might teach him how to respect cock!


“Of course, just because he is your fuckhole, we wouldn't expect you to not to date girls. I know you’re not a faggot, but I know seventeen-year-old boys need to fuck and since you don’t have to worry about getting the fuckhole pregnant, no condoms.


“Rick and I would still want to fuck Maik daily. In fact, we'd love you to get some of your black friends to fuck him too."


Jamal licked his thick lips.


"He sure is gorgeous."


"Fucking faggot, Jamal paid you a compliment. What do you say?"


"Thank you, Jamal," Maik stuttered, his eyes on the floor.


"We usually keep the cunt bare-ass around the house. That way he is easier to grab and fuck."


His father cleared his throat and Maik immediately spread his legs wider, revealing his bald thirteen-year-old boy-cunt.


"Useless hole, stick those worthless tits out."


Maik arched his back so his little tit nubs stuck out, pink, soft and beautiful. Jamal's cock was dancing in his loose jeans.


"I would sure love to fuck him," Jamal said.


"Well, being the fag's father, I would have to insist on some rules. I need to make sure my son is treated properly."


"Here it comes," thought Jamal.


He thought the boy’s father would restrict his behavior.


"You need to promise me that he will be fucked at least five times a day. If you are busy, you are responsible for arranging his fucking with one of your friends or even more of them. At least five times, but there is no limit to how many times he get plowed. The more, the better.


“I personally would like to see him fucked fifteen or sixteen times a day. And although your friends will certainly not be as well-hung as you, my fine young friend, they must have at least eight inches. I want the bitch to feel every single fuck!


“Then you have to promise me that every time you fuck him, you will fuck his as deep and as hard as you can. Don't worry about his pain! I want you balls deep."


"But that ain't possible, I bump up against something and I can't go no further. I only gets two-thirds of the way in."


"You got to be rougher and harder and just break through. There is no excuse for a fuckhole to not give you a full, deep fuck. You got to fuck harder boy and not give a shit about the fuckhole's discomfort.


“You need to fuck as deep and hard as you can. He's thirteen. There is no reason at that age, he shouldn't be able to take it. If your cock is so thick it rips his cunt open a little, don't worry. We can get it stitched. Have fun.


“Now, I also want you to face fuck him as much as possible. He loves to feed on cock. Force that huge, black cock down his throat until your balls are slapping his chin. I want to see all thirteen inches down his gullet!


“I also want to see him double fucked. You up his ass for instance, with one of your eight or nine-inch friends down his throat. He could do that ten times a day or so."


Maik was sitting on the chair with his boy-cunt on display, shaking with fear.


"And we want to get involved too," Rick, Maik's brother piped in, rubbing his teen cock through his pants.


Maik’s father continued, "and eventually, of course, I would love to see him double fucked. You and another well-hung teen with your cocks up his cunt together. Two cocks in his cunt at the same time. Again, don't be afraid of the stretching and tearing. He can take two huge black cocks up his cunt at the same time.


“You can use our house here to fuck him. Your friends are welcome. We'd like to participate, watch and take some videos. So what do you say? Would you like to be Maik's boyfriend?


"Oh yeah! And I got another idea, sir. My father. My father, if you can believe this, has a cock even bigger than mine. That's why my mother left him. She couldn't take it. After I was born, she didn't want to be fucked no more, but he needs it three or four times a day. My daddy would love to plow that little cumdump!"


"Oh my, I think I am going to cry from happiness," Maik's father said. "I can't think of anything more beautiful than father and son fucking the same young hole at the same time. Rick and I often double fuck the twat, but he definitely needs bigger cocks than ours. At eight inches, we hardly get a scream out of his anymore."


"Me and my dad can double fuck him, but he gonna pass out from pain."


"That's fine. That's okay. Just pull out and piss on his face to wake him up."


“I hope you do piss on a cunt's face from time to time?"


'Oh yeah, I love to piss on a cunt's face. I love to make them drink my hot, strong pee, but they won't let me."


"Maik will always let you piss on him or in him. He has been well-trained. Maik, tell Jamal that you would love to drink his piss."


"I...I would love to drink your piss, Jamal," the poor little boy said.


"That's a good faggot," Jamal said, tugging at the unbelievable lump in his pants.


"Can I, can I fuck him now?"


"Of course, Jamal, he's your girlfriend. May we watch?"


"Sure. First, before I’m ready to fuck his cunt, I’m gonna get him to lick my big cock and my fat balls and then I gonna make him lick my asshole."


"That sounds like a perfect first date!"


The sweet, petite thirteen-year-old angel of a boy crawled naked across the floor to lick the huge, sweaty, swinging balls of the seventeen-year-old nigger thug.


He had kicked off his baggy trousers and slipped off his shoes and socks so he was naked from the waist down. Maik's father almost fainted from delight when he saw the eight-inch flaccid cock on the black youth. It was a thick as a coke can. Oh my, the damage that cock would do to his little son.


Maik's brother had his cock out of his pants and was jerking on an eight-inch leaking erection.


"You fucking dick ditch, crawl properly. Don't embarrass me in front of your new boyfriend," his father bellowed, rubbing his own prick through his pants.


Maik knew what he meant. He had been taught to crawl with his back arched so his ass would ride high. He had to keep his legs spread so his asshole was on view, his beautiful but swollen thirteen-year-old balls on display. He had to swing his tiny dick as much as he could. He had been taught to stick his tongue out of his mouth like a panting dog to show how hungry he was for fuck meat!


"Holy fuck, he is a fucking animal," Jamal said.


The seventeen-year-old black boy had never seen anything like this.


"That he is, boy. He is a fucking cock whore! He needs cock all the time. He can't live without it. He needs abuse constantly. We have a hell of a time with him."


It was all lies of course. Maik hated sex and was terrified of cock. He had been raped repeatedly by his brother and father. He had been forced to do the most disgusting things. They would beat and torture him if he didn't comply. He had no say in it at all. He was a totally innocent victim.


As Maik got closer and smelled the huge scrotum, Jamal inched forward on the seat so his nuts hung over the edge.


"Here you go, you sweet, little fag. I bet you can't wait to taste these! You gonna make me one fucking good girlfriend. I gonna be da talk of da hood."


The nuts rode low in a heavy, full sack, covered with dark little curly hairs. Over it, the monster-sized, teenage, nigger cock draped, still flaccid and eight inches.


Maik had never seen a cock that thick. He knew at once it would hurt unbearably in his thirteen-year-old boy-cunt and probably rip his asshole to pieces. Obediently, he stretched out his tongue and lapped at the black scrotum. It tasted of sweat and piss and hadn't been washed in some time.


"Fuck, I’m never going to shower no more. I gonna let you lick me clean top to bottom!"


"Oh, that's a wonderful idea, Jamal."


Maik's dad beamed, hauling his own eight-inch cock from his pants before he leaked anymore on his trouser material.


"Jesus, look, Dad, my own brother is on his hands and knees licking nigger nuts!" Maik's brother said, his hand flying up and down on his fuck meat.


"I hope dat's not a racial slur, brother?" Jamal said, holding Maik by the ears and directing his lapping tongue down under his nuts.


"No, Jamal, you know I'm not prejudice. It is just such a fucking hot site. I think your cock and balls are the most awesome thing I have ever seen!"


Jamal flashed a toothy smile.


"Maybe you would like to have a lick of dem too? There's several white boys at school who just love to swing on my fucker and sack!"


Maik's brother gave an awkward laugh.


"No thanks, Jamal. I'm strictly a pussy man."


"We'll see."


Jamal laughed. Grabbing a handful of Maik's hair and yanking his head off his scrotum.


"Now lick down under my nuts toward my asshole, fag!"


"Oh, Jamal, I can see you are going to make a wonderful boyfriend for my son."


Maik was quietly sobbing now as he licked the area down toward Jamal's hairy black asshole. The asshole area was moist and sticky and smelled of unmentionable things. Jamal leaned back in the chair and lifted and spread his legs. His feet were huge. His cock was beginning to thicken even more and snaked to over ten inches in length.


"Tha's right you fucking hole, lick my asshole. Get yo' filthy tongue up my shithole. Get it in deep and lick and suck around. I likes my girlfriend to lick my asshole clean after I take a shit."


Maik's father almost shot his load when he heard that. It was more than he could hope for.


"I can see now that you are going to be the perfect boyfriend for my son. I was a bit hesitant at first, but everything is working out beautifully. I do hope you intend to have him lick the assholes of all your black friends!"


"He gonna suck ass three or four hours every single day! My daddy loves to get his ass sucked by a young, white fag."


Maik's brother piped in. "He sucks ass real good. I taught him. If he didn't suck good enough, I would whip his balls! Shit, I whip his balls anyway, just for fun, but I would whip them real hard so he learned to suck ass like a fucking pro! I sometimes sit right on his face and watch TV for hours with his tongue up my asshole."


Poor, little Maik hated to get his balls whipped. It hurt so badly when the belt lashed down on his tender thirteen-year-old balls. He forced his tongue as far as he could up the negro boy's ass channel, forcing it deeply into his moist rectum. He wiggled his tongue to give him pleasure while his lips sucked at the rim of the asshole.


"He doin' a real good job. He gonna be a fucking good girlfriend."


"Jesus Christ, look at the cock on that nigger!" Maik's father exclaimed.

Father and son stared in awe at the ten inch and still growing cock on the black teen. The cockhead was the size of a small orange.


"Mother fucking Christ is that going to tear the little fuckhole open!"


Maik's brother shot a spurt of pre-cum across the kitchen. Of course, Maik could not see the cock. He was down under Jamal's huge, floppy, ball sack with his tongue as far as he could get it up his rectum. Ass hair curled up his little pug nose.


"Okay, faggot, time to fuck you like you never been fucked!"


Jamal jerked Maik's head out from his ass, a trail of his spit and his ass slime connecting his lips to his hole. He twisted his hand in the boy’s hair and flung him to the kitchen floor.


Jamal stood up and for the first time, Maik saw his massive cunt buster. It was unbelievable. Jamal looked down at Maik’s trembling body and smiled.


"I know how demanding and disgusting girlfriends can be. You always want yo' boyfriends to take you places and buy you gifts and kiss and snuggle. Well with me, fag, the only place I’ll take you is to da boy’s can so you can drink piss out of da urinals for lunch! The only gifts I gonna buy you is a fifteen-inch rubber dildo dat you will learn to take all da way up yo' cunt. And da only kissing you is gonna be doin' is on my cock, balls, and shithole!"


"The perfect way to treat a girlfriend. Learn from Jamal, my son. He knows what a girlfriend needs!"


Jamal laughed and turned his smiling face toward Maik's brother.


"Got to keep da cocksuckers in dere places!"


Jamal bumped his hips so his massive, leaking cock bounced in the direction of Maik's brother. Maik could not take his eyes off the swinging cock. Cock leak hung in long strings from the large piss hole of the nigger teen and fell onto Maik's naked body.


"Spread yo' legs for me, fag. I don' ever want to see you without your cock whore legs spread offering me yo' cunt! Dat is how yo sit and dat is how you lays down!"


Maik could no longer see clearly, his eyes were clouded with tears, and his breath was ragged and erratic. He was terrified.


"Reach down and spread dose cunt lips for me and you better do a good job."


Maik reached down and with his fingers pried his ass cheeks open to reveal his tiny hole.


"Wider, God damn it. Spread dat cunt wider!"


Jamal kicked at him with his large naked foot. Maik tugged at his ass cheeks until he almost blacked out from the pain.


"Mother fucking Christ, that is so fucking hot," Maik's brother said, moving in to get a good look.


Maik's father had shucked his trousers and his shoes and socks as well. Now he squatted over his little boy's face and started to slap it with his cock.




His father’s heavy log of fuck flesh slapped against his tender face leaving pink bruises and trails of fuck slime. Pre-cum coated his cheeks and lips.


Jamal knelt down between his legs. He pushed them roughly further apart and Maik screamed. Jamal placed his swollen leaking cockhead at the fuckhole.


"Holy Fuck, it will never go in. It's too fucking huge," Maik's brother said, pounding his own prick for all it was worth.


All three males were totally naked now, as was the tiny boy they were violating.


Jamal reached over and grabbed Maik's brother by the wrist. He dragged his hand to his big, black, throbbing cock and forced the teenage boy to hold it.


"Here, you help me. You shove my cock into yo' brother's cunt. Feel my big cock. Feel da power of my cock!"


Maik's teenage brother was stunned. He had never held another boy's cock. It felt really hot to the touch. The skin was terribly soft, but the muscles beneath hard and wiry.


"I shouldn't touch your cock, it's queer!" The white teenager stammered.


"White boys love to hold a big, thick, nigger cock! Dey loves to suck on it too. Wait and see."


Jamal moved his hips back and forth so the white teenager next to him could feel the cock flesh move under his hand.


"Now, put da head in yo' faggot brother's thirteen-year-old cunt!"


The teenage boy guided the black cock until the orange-sized cockhead was pushing against the tiny hole. Maik still spread his ass cheeks with his fingers. Maik's father was still slapping his face with his own leaking cock. It was totally obscene.


"It's too big. It won't go in," Maik's brother said, pushing the nigger cockhead at the tight hole.


"It gonna go in jus' fine. Da bitch ain't felt nothing yet!"


Suddenly he bucked his hips hard and the huge cock knob popped into the twat opening. Maik screamed and let go of his ass cheeks, which closed around the cockhead.


With his mouth open screaming, his father shoved his swollen cock head into his son’s mouth. He reached down and roughly tugged at the little boy's nipples, raising his body up off the floor by the tits.


Maik's brother still held on to the stalk of the huge black cock. He leaned in to see the cockhead pierce the hole and suddenly Jamal grabbed the teenage boy around the neck and drew his face in. He opened his thick, black lips, chuckled and kissed Maik's brother on the mouth. The white teen tried to twist away, but the hold of the black was too strong. All the while, Maik's brother never let go of the nigger cock. Jamal forced his tongue into the boy's mouth and sloshed gobs of spit into it. Maik's brother didn't want to become the bitch of a black thug, but he had no choice.


Maik's father watched Jamal kissing his eldest son and shoved more cock into his son's throat.


"Oh fuck, yeah. That is so fucking perverted and hot! Kiss him, son. Kiss those thick, nigger lips and swap spit with that fucking jig thug! He's the man of this house now. He calls the shots!"


Jamal would not relent. Slowly the white teenage boy gave in and kissed back. The large, thick, black lips sucked at his face.


All the while he shoved more and more cock into the little boy. Maik felt like he had been impaled. He had suffered the cocks of his father and brother and his father's friends and his brother's friends, but never anything like this. Maik grunted and screamed around the huge cock of his father that was invading his throat. Good thing his father leaked so copiously, it lubricated his throat fuck.


Imagine a thirteen-year-old boy, small in stature, forced to take the massive, cunt-busting cock of a negro street hoodlum.


Jamal broke the kiss and Maik's brother fell back on the kitchen floor, so great was the power of the black boy fucking his brother. Rick had never felt anything like that kiss. Jamal roughly shoved eight or nine inches of cock into Maik. Maik was sure his insides were ruptured, but the little boy knew Jamal would stop until he had all thirteen grotesque inches in him. He would surely destroy him.


Maik's brother was watching with glazed eyes and yanking on his own leaking, spurting cock, but his eyes were as much on Jamal as they were on Maik.


Maik's father pulled his throbbing pisser out of his son's mouth and hoisted him up so he was sitting with the nigger cock in him. Jamal lay down under him so Maik was sitting on the black cock. Jamal on his back as he grabbed the young boy by the tits and pulled him roughly down on his fuck meat.


"Son, get around him and fuck your brother in the ass with Jamal!"


"Is, is that okay, Jamal, if I do that?" the boy asked.


"Sho' thang, white boy. You get yo' cock up yo' brother's asshole and we’ll stretch dis cunt to pieces."


Now Maik's screams filled the room. Several times he started to black out, but his father would slap his face with his hard cock to keep him alert. Jamal and his brother's thick cock stretched his tender asshole as they continued to force more and more cock up into his boy-cunt.


While Maik's brother behind him had shoved balls deep into his brother’s boy-cunt, his eyes all the while were fixed on Jamal.


Jamal pulled the boy roughly down harder the invading cocks.


"The goddamned fucker won't go any further. He too small."


"You gotta force through that. You can get all thirteen inches in. Just fuck him harder. Make the fag bleed!"


You know when pain grows too terrible, the human psyche can shut it out and to take the victim to another place. The essence of professional abuse is that they don't allow the victim to go there. They keep the poor thing alert and in the present so they cannot escape to that painless place. That way, the pain stays optimum. Maik's father's cock slapping his face was doing just that. It was keeping him from escaping into a secret world where the hurt would go away. And when he started to pass out, his father spit in his face and twisted his budding young nipples until they were ugly elongated red nubs.


"Keep alert, you fucking faggot. You got a lot more of your new boyfriend's cock to feel. This is what it's going to be like every day from now on. Every day all day and all night!”


Maik's father grabbed his son under his arms and lifted his until only five inches of nigger cock was in his raped boy-cunt. Then he slammed him down on the cock. He did this over and over until more and more cock ruptured into the poor thirteen-year-old cunt.


Maik made strange choking noises and his eyes rolled up in his head. His brother, fucking his ass, could feel Jamal's thick fuck meat against his. It was heaven.


“I feel like I am almost up to his heart! My fucking cock gonna come out of his mouth soon!”


"The dumb faggot is finally learning how to please a man. He is finally learning how to properly respect cock!"


Maik’s father gave his fat cock two jerks and unloaded his cum on his son's face. His cock snot splattered the little boy's nose and eyes and mouth.


"I'm in. Mother fucking Christ, I am in this fucking cumdump balls deep. Oh fuck, dat feels great. I never got in dat far before!" Jamal screamed.


His muscular black body coated with sweat and glistening.


"Oh Jesus, I am going to cum!" shouted Maik's teenage brother and he slammed his cock as deep as he could up his brother's boy-cunt.


"Fuck yes, this is how sex should always be! Most people have no idea how wonderful sex can be."


Maik's father was wiping the cum across his agonized son's pretty, boy face with his cockhead.


"Dis is just da start. Wait till my daddy get his fifteen inches up his cunt while I fuck his throat."


And then Jamal looked at Maik's spent brother. The kid was very handsome.


"While my daddy plows his cunt and I fuck his throat, you gonna lick and suck on my nuts!" he said to the teenage, white boy.


Rick’s mouth hung slack. He didn't know what to say to the stunning black stud raping his brother. Finally, pulling his still thick cock from Maik's ass, he looked the black thug in the eyes and muttered, "Yes, Sir!"