Lonely Summer

(Mm) (anal, oral, scat, ws) (humil, viol) (nc) (beast)

Fourteen can be a lonely and miserable age for a boy, especially if you are the youngest boy on the high school team and worse than that, the boy with the smallest dick. At first, Evan was thrilled that he got on the varsity soccer team as a freshman. He would be the only freshman on the team, but some of the other boys on the team didn’t want a fucking squirt to play with them, and they resented Evan even before they met him. And now Evan had to wait out the long summer before fall and high school and the team. However, that was not what made the cute teen’s summer miserable. I mentioned that he also had the smallest dick on the team. The coach had organized a scrimmage to end the school year and to introduce the new boys. In the locker room, one of the seniors had spotted Evan’s tiny still growing fourteen-year-old fucker. That had started the merciless bullying. They began to call him “Dickless.” The older boys gathered around to point at his dick and laugh at it. Some of the boys snapped photos.

It was the photos that did him in. The senior vowed to post the photos all over the internet and to send them to all of Evan’s friends and even to his teachers if he did not do exactly what they wanted. And what did they want? Well, various things. One senior liked Evan’s phone, so he took it. Evan had to tell his parents he lost it. Then they wanted some cash now and then, so Evan had to start stealing from his parents. But worse stuff was coming. They ordered Evan to stand outside his apartment every afternoon from two o’clock until four o’clock naked. He almost died when he heard this. Neighbors would see him. They would see his small dick. But what choice did he have? Older boys can be easily bully a kid of fourteen. A few punches and kicks, a few threats, and he’s theirs.

So Evan stood exposed every day. He was ordered not to cover his tiny peanut dick and balls. The seniors drove by every day. They brought friends, both girls and boys, to stare at the kid. They took more photos. Once they had enough photos to control the poor boy totally, they got creative. They made Evan hold up a sign saying,
MY DICK IS TOO SMALL TO FUCK GIRLS. Then one day, they made Evan get into their car and drove him to a park where they made him stand naked with the sign. All kinds of kids of every age were playing in the park. Evan could not control his tears.

They added a slight change to Evan standing outside his house each afternoon. For certain periods, he had to masturbate his dick. If he was not masturbating when they came by, they took a belt to his ass and nut sack.

It was about halfway through the summer when the boys decided Evan should suck their dicks. It started with just a few boys, a few of the seniors, but soon Evan was sucking up to a dozen dicks a day. He was sick physically as well as emotionally. One clever senior decided that while Evan sucked dicks, he should have something shoved up his cute young ass. So first they shoved a carrot, and then a cucumber and then a bottle and then a wooden toilet plunger up the kid’s ass. But they didn’t get much thrill from that, so they made him fuck himself with bottles and a cucumber while telling them how much he loved to get fucked up his pussy. One day they shoved a tire iron up his boy hole.
Some of the jocks took him to a local gym, and they made him stand on a bench in the locker room and masturbate his “tiny dick” for all the men to see. Evan wanted to run away, but he was too young, and he loved his parents and his dog Ruff.
One of the boys got the brilliant idea that Evan should suck the dog’s dick while they all watched. Evan puked several times while trying, so they beat him until he got it right. They ordered him to suck his dog’s dick every day and sent boys over to observe. By now, he was sucking fourteen to twenty high school boys’ pricks a day. Cum sloshed around in his stomach all the time. He constantly felt sick to his stomach.
Then they decided that Ruff should fuck Evan in the pussy. The poor abused kid had to allow the horny dog to shove its greasy pizzle up his rectum. The older boys got a real hoot out of that. They took pictures, of course. Some of the other boys had dogs as well, and they wanted Evan to suck the dicks of their dogs and also take their dogs’ pricks up his cute teen ass. Some days he was fucked by six to ten dogs.
One day while he was sucking dog dick, the dog took a shit, and the boy who owned the dog suggested that Evan be made to eat the dog shit. Of course, all the other boys agreed. It was an entertaining afternoon for everyone but Evan. After that Evan ate dog shit and drank dog piss quite a bit. That gave the boys ideas that Evan should also drink their piss. So they began to use young fourteen-year-old Evan as a toilet.
Some of the older boys, who were fucking girls, brought Evan their used condoms to suck clean that way young Evan got to taste cunt as well as sperm.
Summer was coming to an end, and school would be starting soon. The boys promised Evan that the fun would really start then. The senior boys promised Evan that they would have him sucking the dicks of just about every boy in the school. They would set up a regular cocksucking schedule for him for before school, between classes, at lunch, and after school. He could easily be sucking thirty cocks a day. Of course, his fellow teammates always had first go at him. It was their right. They would jerk off onto his lunch at school and would piss in his drink. They promised all kinds of fun games like using the toilet to have Evan “BOB FOR TURDS,” AND THEY PROMISED HIM THAT EVERY GIRL IN THE SCHOOL WOULD SEE A PHOTO OF HIS PATHETIC DICK.
In spite of all the attention, it was a very lonely summer for Evan, but he knew he would be even more alone in the fall.