Little Boy's Ball Torture

mB, oral, anal, ws, bd, cbt, spanking, tort, inc

A palimpsest based on a story by Boypunisher

Timmy's brother, Sean, never really liked his baby brother. Sean was also a sadistic bastard and he was sexually aroused by hurting and humiliating the boy.

When Timmy was nine their mother left them for a younger man. His father had gained some weight since he was born and his mom's new man was young, handsome and slim. Sean blamed Timmy for their mother leaving.

Shortly after his mother left, Sean started beating Timmy for any infraction. As the months went on the beatings became worse. He started tying Timmy up and beating him. This would sexually excite him so he started using him to satisfy himself.

It started when Sean was punishing him for some infraction. He had tied Timmy to the kitchen table – his arms tied to one end, his ass hanging off the other end, and his legs tied to the table legs. He started on him with a belt. Landing blow after blow on the boy’s ass and back. The poor, little fuck was screaming his lungs out and begging his brother to stop, but Sean just kept on beating. After about thirty lashes the boy could no longer scream. He was whimpering and sniveling like a baby.

Sean’s cock was rock hard and throbbing. He was stroking his cock between lashes. The sight of his brother’s suffering made Sean so horny and he was tired of getting off with his hand so he thought why not make this little fuck get him off. After all it was his fault they had no mother to take care of them. Sean untied Timmy from the table and drug him by his hair to their bedroom. He slung him up on the bed.


“Get your worthless ass on the bed. Lay face down you, pathetic, little fuck and do as I tell you or I'll whip you a hundred times.”


The crying, whimpering boy lay face down on the bed. Sean tied Timmy’s hands behind his back at the wrists and at the elbows. Pulling the elbows until they touched. Timmy felt like his shoulders were being dislocated. He begged his brother to untie him, but this only got him a hard slap on the face.


This excited Sean so much that he went into a frenzy. He punched Timmy in the stomach making him curl up. He punched him in the back and pulled his head back by his hair and choked him watching him flop around, releasing him just before the boy passed out.


He then got on the bed and pulled Timmy’s head between his legs. He pulled the crying, gasping boy’s head back hard by the hair and looked him in the eyes.


“You’re going to learn to suck cock, you worthless, little fuck. If you don’t do it right, I'll beat you the rest of the night until the sun comes up.”


Then he put his hand around the boy’s neck and squeezed and said, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME YOU FUCKING, LITTLE FAGGOT?”


The poor kid was scared shitless and did not really know what his brother was talking about, but he was in no position to do anything but agree.


“Y…Y…Yes, Sean. Pleas…s…s…se don’t hurt me anymore I’ll be a good boy. Please Sean Please.”




Timmy did as he was told and brother shoved his hard cock into the boy’s mouth. The smell and taste was strange to the boy and his shoulders hurt bad and his body ached from the beating, but he just kept licking, sucking and doing what brother told him. Timmy hoped that it would be over soon. Sean ground his face into his hard, dripping cock until he came. When he had enough he pushed him back and just lay back exhausted. When he recovered, he took Timmy to the bathroom.


“Open your mouth and if you spill a drop I’ll choke you until you die!”


Sean lined his cock up and pissed in the boy’s mouth and sprayed his face with piss. Timmy scared, swallowed the piss without complaint as a preferable alternative to being choked.


So, Timmy's life went on like this for a few more months until shortly after his eleventh birthday when his brother brought his friend, Todd, over. It seems that they were made for each other as he was even more of a sadistic pedophile than Sean.


Life soon got worse for Timmy. Todd had hit the jack pot. He liked Sean, but his brother was what really attracted him. Todd had been a pedophile all his life, but had only had a couple of opportunities to molest little boys. He spent many hours reading pedophile bondage and torture stories and looking at pictures on the web. He has long fantasized about really abusing a kid and now he has this pretty, little boy at his mercy.


It did not take Todd long to figure out what was going on. He saw the bruises on Timmy's body and he saw the way Sean treated him. Todd soon took control of Timmy's punishment. Binding, beating and torturing Timmy became foreplay for the two sadistic teens.


Tonight, Todd was going to introduce Timmy to some severe ball torture. Todd transformed Timmy's bedroom into a torture chamber. He has no bed, only a table with straps for binding and an x shaped cross with straps and pulleys and various other things.


Todd tells Sean to give Timmy an enema, because tonight is going to be very rough and he does not want the boy to shit himself. The thought of torturing the little fuck to the point of making him shit gets Sean’s cock hard and he grabs Timmy by the hair and drags him to the bathroom.


Sean pumps an entire enema bag into Timmy’s little eleven-year-old guts. It hurts and little Timmy sobs. Sean stood him up in the tub and looked him right in the eye.


“You little faggot, you are really gonna get it tonight.”


Then he balls his fist up and punches Timmy in the stomach. Timmy doubles over falling in the tub and sprays shit water out of his ass. Sean turns the shower on and rinses the crying, little shit. He repeats this a couple of times until he is well cleaned out. Todd has come in to help and decides to give him some ipecac syrup to make him empty his stomach as well.


Then they drag the whimpering crying boy to the torture chamber. They suspend him by his wrists from a pully in the middle of the room and ball gag him. Sean takes a leather strap and Todd takes a three-foot-long section of half-inch PVC pipe.


Timmy is whimpering and tears are running down his pretty, little cheeks. Sean and Todd look into each other’s eyes and they stroke their hard cocks.


Todd then steps back and with both hands swings the PVC pipe across Timmy's back. It lands with a loud crack and Sean follows with a stroke of the strap across his skinny, little chest. Timmy is swinging and jerking at the end of the rope. He tries to yell, but the gag stops most of the sound.


They work the poor, little boy over good. Working their way around his skinny, little body. Todd really likes beating his ribs with the pipe. It is flexible enough that it won’t break his ribs, but it will leave some deep bruises the boy will feel for weeks after. Finally, the beating is over. Timmy hangs limp from his wrists with drool running out of his mouth, snot draining from his nose and tears streaking down his face.


They take him down removing the gag and put him on the cross. Sean puts some clamps on the boy’s nipples while Todd puts a leather strap on Timmy’s balls. He then hangs a ten-pound weight from the strap pulling the boy’s little balls down tight in the sack. Poor little Timmy is crying and yelling.


“OHHH, please take them off. Aaaaggghhhh, it hurts. Please, please, Sean, please...”


This goes on for a while as Todd and his brother add five-pound weights to the nipple clamps. Finally, Todd had enough of the little fucks screaming.








Todd back hands him several times then he puts his big hand on Timmy's thin little neck and squeezes and yells.




Todd squeezed Timmy’s neck until his eyes rolled back in his head. When he let go Timmy gasps for breath, but when he gets his air back, he did not beg anymore, he just whimpers and cries.


Todd looked around and saw Sean stroking himself so he went to join him and they jerked off together for about forty minutes while watching Timmy as he hung on the x-cross with his balls stretched and his nipples in agony.


Then they took the clamps and weights off him and laid him on the table on his back. They tied his hands to the far end leaving his ass on the close end right at the edge of the table, Todd then put a strap around his chest and tightened it to the point that it restricted his breathing. He then put another one around the boy’s waist and pulled it so tight it dug into the poor boy and further restricted his breathing. He then pulled Timmy’s skinny little legs up and apart tying them to overhead pulleys. He pulled little Timmy’s legs wide apart in a v shape and back. Leaving his little balls wide open.


This is what Todd had been waiting for all night. He fantasized about inflicting pain on little boy’s balls and tonight he was going to get to really do it.


Sean just stood there, as if in a trance, with his hand stroking his cock and looked on as his friend got ready to torture his brother’s eleven-year-old, little, boy’s balls.


He did not have to wait long. Todd picked up a semi-stiff leather paddle and brought it crashing down on Timmy’s balls.






Timmy let out a grunt as all the air was knocked out of his lungs. He had never felt pain like that before. It went up into his stomach and when he finally got his air back he let out a scream and jerked violently against his bonds, but he was tied tightly and could not go anywhere. About the time, he started to recover Todd let him have it again.






Timmy convulsed and jerked and when he could, he screamed and screamed and begged them to stop, but Todd was as hard as a rock and his brother's cock was dripping. There was no way they were going to stop. They were both high on Timmy’s suffering and pain and they wanted more.








Three in a row landed on his aching little balls.


When Timmy had recovered somewhat Todd told Sean to mount the little fuck’s head. He gladly got up on his brother and lowered his cock into the mouth of his brother’s pretty, little, tear-stained face.


Todd struck his balls again.




Sean lifted enough for the boy to get some air and start screaming then he shoved his cock back down Timmy’s throat. God, he was getting off so much on having his little brother scream in agony around his cock.


Todd tied Timmy’s balls up and took an alcohol pad and wiped his little, ball sack down. Sean was wandering what he was going to do. Timmy had calmed down to whimpering and crying around Sean’s cock. Todd then brought out two long, hypodermic needles.


When Sean saw then he said, “Oh, God.”


He began stroking his hardon in and out of Timmy's throat and pulling on his little brother’s tits.


Todd placed the first needle against Timmy’s balls and started pushing. The tip went in and Timmy went crazy with the pain. He was bucking and screaming and jerking his head around. Sean orgasmed and Todd keep slowly pushing the needle into those little eleven-year-old balls. Finally, the tip of the needle emerged out of the other side of unfortunate boy’s balls. Todd then started pushing the other one from the other direction. Slowly he pushed it through while Timmy screamed and Sean fucked his little brother’s face to another orgasm.


Finally, Sean finished with the second needle and Timmy could no longer scream. He was exhausted from screaming and straining against his bonds.


Sean rolled off his brother, so weak in the knees he could hardly stand. Todd moved to the head of the table and jacked off before cumming over Timmy's face. He was so fucking horny from torturing this cute, little boy that he blew his load in less than a minute.




Timmy looked up at the sadistic man with red, swollen, teary eyes unable to do anything but whimper and do as he was told. He weakly opened his mouth to receive a huge load of cum from Todd's dick. Todd filled the little boy’s mouth and shot more all over his face.


Timmy thought that it was over. What could these two monsters do to him after sticking needles through his balls.


He did not have to wait long to find out. Todd was not done yet. He took a TENS unit and clipped the leads to the ends of the needles in Timmy’s balls.


Sean was crazy with lust now.


Incredible as it seems the little fuck was actually hard. He took a one-quarter inch, ribbed, metal probe and shoved it in the boy’s dick hole and at the same time Todd turned the current on his balls. Timmy could not scream any more, but he did start convulsing and then he turned his head to the side and puked. His stomach was empty, but he was dry heaving.


Todd lubed his dick and slammed it into Timmy’s ass in one thrust. He fucked the kid’s ass like a mad man while Sean fucked the poor boy’s dick hole with the ribbed probe. Todd shot his load into Timmy’s guts while Sean continued to raped the little boy’s dick with the ribbed probe tearing the boy’s piss tube.


Finally, they turned the current off and Todd pulled the needles out of the little eleven-year-old’s balls. That hurt as much as they did going in and Timmy tried to scream, but nothing came out but some croaking sounds. At this point, Timmy was delirious. They left him tied to the table the rest of the night while they went to bed and slept in nice, cozy beds.


They cleaned the boy up the next morning gave him some water and put him in his dog cage. His balls were swollen and discolored and he could not walk for two days. In the meantime, Todd and Sean had to be satisfied with slapping him around, choking him and keeping him tied for hours. Sometimes in a painful teardrop hog tie, a strappado and spreader bar while they fucked him, or the one they found most humorous the reverse prayer hogtie.

It would take Timmy weeks to completely recover from this torture session, but after one week Todd pulled Timmy into their bedroom one night.


“Well, I think he has recovered. I can hardly see the bruises on his ribs any more. What do you think?


Sean started stroking his cock and said, “I think he is ready. Let’s take him to the torture room now.”


Timmy started crying and begging.


“PPleasssee. NNOOOO. Please, Sean, ppllleeasssee.”


Sean balled his fist up and punched him in the balls. Timmy fell to the floor and curled up. Sean grabbed an arm and Todd grabbed the other and they drug poor, little Timmy to the torture room for another long night!