Listen, Cunt

(Bb) (humil)

“Listen, you fucking little cunt. I don't care if you have to steal from your parents. I want twenty bucks a week from you.

“And after school today, when my buddies and I meet you in the garage, I want you totally bare-ass naked. Goddamn right you’re going to suck our dicks again. You’re going to suck our dicks anytime we want it. And I’m rounding up some more dudes as well.

“And guess what, twat face? I’m also going to fuck your ass. And whether or not my buddies get to fuck your ass depends on how good a fuck you are. If you’re a really good cunt, I may save you all for myself, but if you’re a fucking loser, then everybody gets to fuck you.

“And, fuckface, there’ll be some goddamn ass eating as well. And you better suck ass really good, or you’ll be the sorriest loser on the planet.
“Now, pull your zipper down. You go around school all day today with your zipper down, and if one of my buddies or I see it up, we will beat the shit out of you.”