Liam's Lunch

(Mb) (anal, oral) (humil) (nc) (inc)

“Liam, it’s lunchtime,” I called up the stairs, knowing that my darling five-year-old little son would be right down as he is so well behaved that he never disobeys me at all. Perhaps, it’s because I taught him that Daddy always knows best.
I heard him running upstairs and then the patter of his feet on the stairs, and the next minute he came into the living room dressed in a long lavender sequined t-shirt looking just like the little angel he is with blond curly hair, big eyes, and a sweet pouty mouth.
“Hi, Daddy,” he said, his voice music to my ears.
“Hello, sweetheart,” I answered, and then I pretended to look cross. “Liam Crosby, here it is lunchtime, and you aren’t even undressed for lunch.”
“I’m sorry, Daddy,” he sniffled as if he might cry, and I hadn’t even raised my voice. He immediately began to lift his t-shirt to slip it off over his head. I could see at once that he didn’t have any underwear on, good boy. I forbid him to wear underwear ever—unless it’s his frilly little panties.
His tiny bare pricklet, so pretty to look at, became visible. Then the t-shirt was off, and little Liam was bare-ass naked, slender little body, so perfectly white and smooth, little button nipples, little boy tummy, and that pretty little pricklet nestled above two small marbles.
“We have to undress for lunch. We mustn’t get food spilled on our pretty clothes,” I reminded my son with a smile.
“Sorry, Daddy, I forgot,” he said like the big five-year-old boy he was.
“That’s my good boy,” I said as I kissed him on the head and bent down a bit so I could run a hand over his naked baby ass cheeks. “Daddy has got a special treat for you for lunch today! I know how you like chocolate!”
I pointed, and for the first time, Liam saw the bare-ass naked black man seated on the couch. The nigger was nineteen years old, dark as he could be, with a broad nose, thick lips, tight, wiry muscles, and a ten-and-a-half-inch prick sticking up from between his legs. He had his strong long black legs spread and one large foot up on the coffee table.
“Liam, this is D.T., and he’s going to be your lunch today. D.T., I want you to meet Liam, my five-year-old son.”
“Hey, you fucked out slutty piece of ass-cunt, how are you doing, cock whore?”
“Hello, D.T. nice to meet you, sir,” Liam said in his very polite grown-up voice. He was so sweet when he acted grown-up.
“Get your fucking cocksucking face over here and go to work, dickditch!” D.T. ordered, smiling and showing large white teeth.
Liam hurried across the room, but I stopped him with an “ah, ah, ah.”
He came back to me pouting. Then got down on his hands and knees and crawled toward the big muscular black buck lounging on the couch, fisting his fat dripping dick.
Liam knew how to crawl to a man. We had been working on it for a long time. He kept his legs spread slightly, so his ass and baby balls were visible. He arched his back, so the ass was thrust up.
“Jesus, Tony, you are right about him. Your son is a fucking five-year-old fuckhole—a slut for cock!”
Liam reached D.T., and still on his hands and knees, looked up at the black man’s fat prick and huge balls hanging right in front of him. I could smell D.T.’s nuts and dick from across the room, so the fetid odor must have been appalling for Liam. I could also see from the white shit around the prick head that the nigger cock had not been washed in some time, which is partly why I picked D.T. so little boy could have a scrumptious lunch.
“Lick my big balls, faggot!” D.T. growled.
Liam stuck out his pretty little pink tongue and brought his face up to the sweaty, stinking hairy black scrotum hanging in front of his face. No matter how often he does it, it always thrills me to see my little boy’s tiny face right up next to a huge cock and balls. There is something so fucking obscene about it, you know—a little boy’s cute face and a big fat leaking prick throbbing over a set of full hairy nuts—so lovely that I had to snap a photo.
Liam started to lick the scrotum. He knew how to do it from all of our practice. He knew to lift the nut with his tongue and then swipe underneath the sweaty sack. He then gently sucked on each egg-sized nut. Then he licked deep where the ball sack meets the groin and lots of stink and flavor rests.
“Motherfucker, what a fucking whore, I can’t wait, man, to bring my bro’s over. I got about ten buddies would go nuts over the little cunt.”
“Anytime, D.T. Anytime at all. We’ll have a suck party with little Liam and you and all your friends.”
“Now lick my dick stalk!” D.T. growled
Liam raised himself to begin paying attention to the ten and a half inch nigger prick which was thicker than his arm. The dick was larger than his whole face. He licked up and down the leaking prick, scooping dick snot and headcheese onto his tongue to eat it. He knew better than not to give his all. The few times he had balked at his job, I had been forced to punish him with the cattle prod. I hate having to hurt my little boy, but sons have to learn.
D.T. grabbed him by the hair and dragged him up higher so he could force his plum-sized dickhead into my son’s mouth. Liam whimpered, but not enough to make me angry. Then he opened his little mouth as wide as he could so D.T. could face-fuck him with his prick knob.
“How did this fucking faggot get to be such a down and dirty cock slut anyway?”
“Oh, it wasn’t hard for him. He’s a coddled mother’s son through and through. His mother was the same way, addicted to prick!
“Liam, some pre-cum has dribbled down the cock shaft onto D.T’s fat leathery scrotum, scoop it up with your finger and shove it up your nose.”
Soon Liam’s entire face was covered with dick snot. It is so beautiful that his face absolutely glowed. D.T. now had my son lying down on the couch, and he was squatting over him feeding his dick.
“Such a good lunch today, huh, Liam? Better than that old bum I brought home yesterday from the rescue mission, right? Let D.T shove his prick down your throat, honey. Relax your throat as Daddy taught you.
It really wasn’t Liam’s fault he couldn’t take the whole dick. It was just too fucking long and thick. I could see the actual shape of the dick in his throat from the outside on his neck. He was gagging like crazy, but D.T. didn’t seem to mind. I mean, how often do you get to face fuck a five-year-old? While D.T. mouth-fucked my son, he reached down and worked one large black finger in between his ass cheeks.
Now Liam’s boy-pussy was no stranger to fingers or to objects either. We had been practicing with candles, vegetables, toothbrushes, wooden spoons, and all sorts of things. But D.T. had very thick fingers, and he tried a little something special with Liam. After he gently forced his thick finger into his tiny little asshole, he began to stroke the kid’s prostate, which just drove the little slut nuts. My dick was leaking so badly there were huge stains on my trousers.
“This fag bitch needs to be fucked!” D.T. determined.
“I think he’s still a little young for that.”
“Are you kidding man? He is a ho! His twat will stretch just fine around a prick! Course you can’t fuck him too deep yet, just six or seven inches. You got to be careful at first. My little brother was only six, the first time I fucked him. He turned out fine. He earns me about two hundred a night now.’ I have to admire black men like D.T. they are such good businessmen.
“Do you think you could find some work for Liam?” I asked.
D.T. drilled his finger deeper into my son’s baby ass-cunt while he choked on D.T.’s prick.
“Are you kidding man, he could bring in lots of money. And you get twenty-five percent just for being his father. Course he got to be fucked first. And I got to be the man to do it!”
“I was kind of hoping his first fuck would come from his dad,” I said.
“Nope. If you want him to ho for me, I got to pop the cherry. But tell you what, since your his dad, I’ll give you forty percent of the proceeds from the kid’s cherry busting party!”
“That sounds fair enough! When should we do this?”
“In about a week or so, when I got time to let the cum build up in my nuts, so I really blow a load into him the first time. Also, I wanna have five or six of my bro’s around to watch the cherry busting. Then they can fuck him afterward to make sure he is loosened up real good.”
“Eh, D.T., I hate to distract you, but Liam’s face is turning blue. He can’t breathe with all that black dick in his throat.”
He laughed. “Oh shit, sorry, can’t afford to lose him yet. He is a little goldmine. Oh, fuck it, man, I am ready to blow!”
He pulled back and inch after inch of dick came out of my little boy’s mouth. I could see now that snot and pre-fuck were running from his nose, his eyes were red and watery, his mouth looked stretched to the limit, and he was kind of shaking all over. The dick popped out of his open mouth not a minute too soon, and D.T. blasted his baby batter all over Liam’s face.
“Take that you fucking homo fuckhole, you dick dump, you five-year-old face cunt!”
Liam’s face was spattered with the most massive load of cum I had ever seen. And still, it poured out of the piss slit of the fat black dick. It ran over his face like a tidal wave hitting a beach. Sloppy slimy cum shot up his nose, into his eyes, dripped from his cheeks and chin, coated his lips and bubbled out of his mouth. I ran over and started scooping up the cum to feed it to Liam.
“Enjoy your lunch baby. It’s so yummy and good for you too.”
After lunch, D.T. had Liam lick his armpits, and then he took a nice long piss into his mouth. After all, he needed something to drink too. We had Liam gargle the piss and slosh it around in his mouth before he was allowed to swallow. D.T. couldn’t seem to stop playing with my son’s five-year-old asshole. Liam complained that it hurt, but I told him to be a good boy and shut up.
Then we made plans for his cherry-busting party. After that, I told Liam he could go back upstairs to play, but he wasn’t to wash the dried nigger cum from his face. We would leave it on all night.