Liam Gets Gang Raped

(MM) (nc, rape)
A palimpsest based on a story by Nina

Liam looked at himself in the full-length mirror with disgust. He hated his body. He hated his chest and his arms. He hated small, 5’1”, 90 pound slender build, but most of all he hated his femininity. He saw the way guys around campus leered at him whenever they noticed him, sometimes making lewd crude comments to a buddy like, “Yo, man check out the faggot!” Faggot, fag, homo, queer boy, pussy, cocksucker - Liam had heard them all.

“Why couldn't he be more like his roommate Hunter?” he thought to himself. Hunter was tall, slim, blond and perfectly muscled. He had flawless skin and eyes as blue as the ocean. What he wouldn't give to have a body like Hunter's.

“Hurry up, the guys will be here soon.” Hunter yelled.


“Okay, I'll be right out.” Liam said.


Liam quickly put on a loose fitting tee shirt and a pair of shorts. He was really starting to regret ever agreeing to join Hunter and his four friends for a late night swim at the lake just outside of town. He thought about backing out, but it was a Saturday night and with nothing else going on it was either that or stay behind in his dorm room reading his textbooks. Besides, being shy he didn't really have a lot of friends, going out with Hunter who was everything he wasn't would be a great way to meet new people and maybe even begin to break out of his shell.


The boys left their dorm room and went outside where Jim and Scott were already waiting for them in Jim's car. Scott jumped into the back seat of the car with Liam while Hunter sat in the front with Jim.


The car smelled of cigarettes and beer. Apparently, the boys had already started partying without them. As Hunter lit a cigarette, Jim turned the volume of the car radio way up before peeling out. Yelling over the music Scott smiled at Liam as he introduced himself. Shyly, Liam smiled back at him before saying hello. It was useless to try to carry out a conversation over the music so Liam just sat back and enjoyed the ride and the music although he had to admit that Scott seemed nice and he wouldn't mind getting to know him a little better.


The group arrived at the lake where Cory and Jack were waiting for them. They had a bonfire going and were drinking beer. All six gathered around the fire as Jack started handing out beer to everyone. Liam took his and sipped it quietly as he was too shy to join in on any of the conversation going on.


“Are we going to go skinny dipping or what?” Hunter asked. Tired of just sitting around Hunter got up and started running towards the water as he stripped. He pulled his t-shirt off over his head and just let it fall to the ground. Hunter only stopped long enough to pull his shorts off and kick off his flip-flops. Liam noticed that Hunter was not wearing anything underneath. Completely naked Hunter ran into the water.


Jim came running up behind him taking his clothes and sneakers off too before jumping in the lake behind Hunter. Jim quickly caught up to Hunter in the water grabbing him and pulling him towards him, as he laughed and splashed in the water.


The others watched Hunter and Jim going at it with interest except for Liam who was too embarrassed to look on. Liam felt being naked should be done in private. He definitely did not want to play with the others naked. He was not surprised at Hunter though, Hunter had always been wild and an exhibitionist.


Soon, Cory and Jack were in the water too horsing around. Scott stayed behind hoping to get to know Liam a little bit better. He was hoping that with a little more alcohol in him and a little bit of coaxing on his part that eventually before the night was over he would be pumping his cock in and out of Liam’s sweet ass.


Scott asked Liam about school and what he liked to do for fun. He pretended to be interested in Liam’s responses, but honestly, the only thing he was interested in was seeing what he was hiding underneath Liam’s baggy clothes. Feeling a little tipsy Liam let Scott talk him into joining the others in the lake. He pulled his sneakers off but left his tee shirt and shorts on as Scott stripped naked leaving his clothes in a pile next to Cory and Jack's.


They swam over to where the others were and soon they were all splashing and dunking each other in the water. Liam was laughing and having a good time when Jack said to him, “Cory, Scott and I have had a long running debate as to who is the best kisser out of the three of us.”


“What do you say to a kissing contest?”


“We will each get one turn at kissing you and then you can decide once and for all which one of us is the best kisser.”


It must have been the beer or maybe the fact that he wanted to fit in that Liam welcomed the opportunity, against his better judgment, to judge the kissing contest. Since it was Jack's idea he went first, putting his hands on Liam’s shoulders, he leaned in and kissed him on the lips Liam closed his eyes as he let Jack’s tongue lightly touch his. It felt nice. He liked the kiss. Cory went next, wrapping his arms around Liam's waist he pulled him close to him as he kissed him hard. The kiss was okay, but a little too rough for Liam's taste. Finally, it was Scott's turn. Scott held him close as he brought his lips to Liam’s and gave him a deep, long kiss left him feeling all tingly and warm inside. He liked Scott’s kiss best.


“So, what's the verdict?” Jack asked.


Too shy to admit that he had liked Scott's kiss the best Liam explained that it was too close to judge, he told them that they were all good kissers.


“It can't end in a draw.” Jack said. “That just means that we will all have to kiss you again,” he continued.


Jack kissed him again, as Cory tried to pull Jack away from Liam so he could kiss him. Too soon all three boys were all over Liam touching and grabbing him. He started to feel a little bit panicky, but with everything happening so fast, he did not know what to think. He did not even think to protest that is until Jack tried to get him to take his shirt off.


“Take off your shirt I want to see the rest of you,” Jack said.


“No, I don't want too,” Liam answered shyly.


“Oh come on, take it off,” Jack insisted as Cory started pulling at Liam’s tee shirt trying to take it off him.


“No, please, I don't want to take it off,” Liam insisted pulling down on his tee shirt as Cory continued to try to pull it off him.


“I said NO!” Liam said with a little more authority.


“I told you guys that he's a pussy,” Hunter called out. “I don't even know why you guys asked me to invite him,” Hunter continued.


With everything going on Liam had totally forgot about Hunter and Jim. Hunter’s comments hurt and Liam wanted to go home. Is that what Hunter really thought about him? Did he really see him as a pussy? Liam wondered to himself. He managed to get away from the boys long enough to start swimming back to shore. He could hear the boys coming up behind him, but he did not look back.


Liam tried to put his sneakers back on when he arrived back at the bonfire, but the boys were upon him before he managed to get them on. Cory pulled the sneakers out of Liam’s hands and threw them in the fire. He looked on in horror as his sneakers burned in the blaze.


“Where do you think you're going?” Cory asked he was looking at him in a way that made Liam nervous.


“Yeah, you just can't just go around making our dicks hard and then not follow through,” Jack chimed in.


“Looks like we have ourselves a little cock teaser,” Scott said.


“I…I wasn't teasing you guys,” Liam stammered, his voice shaky.


They had him surrounded they were all staring at him now with ice cold eyes he stared back at them speechless. Hunter and Jim joined the circle that the boys had formed around him. Liam was quickly starting to realize that he in an event over which he had no control. He was terrified.


“We don't like cock teasers around here,” Jack continued.


“Looks like we might have to teach the little cock teaser a lesson,” Scott said.


“What is it? You think you're too good for us?” Hunter added.


“No, of course not, I'm just a little shy,” Liam answered.


“I don't believe him. He really thinks he's better than we are,” Jim said.


“Well, it's time we teach the little cock teaser a lesson,” Hunter said.


Frightened at what they might do to him, Liam tried to run. Jack grabbed a hold of Liam’s arm, but he managed to pull free and started running as fast as he could towards the woods. He could hear them running after him. He did not know where he was going, but he knew that he had to get away from them




Hunter caught up to him first. Lunging at him, he managed to tackle Liam to the ground. He tackled him the way a linebacker might pounce on a running back to keep him from scoring a touchdown. With Liam on his back, Hunter straddled him and held him down and his cock was in Liam’s face.


“Suck me. If you don't make me cum, I'm going to have all the guys rape your ass.” Hunter warned. Liam writhed moving his face side to side as Hunter tried to put his cock in Liam’s mouth.


“You stupid fag,” Hunter yelled exposing his mean streak. Hunter hit him with an open backhanded blow to the side of the head. Liam was so shocked that he could only stare at him speechless unable to feel the pain. By this time, the boys had caught up to them and were standing over them. There was no safety now.


“Hold him down,” Hunter instructed the group. Each of the boys grabbed one of Liam’s limbs and grabbing Liam's tee shirt, Hunter tore it off Liam leaving him in just his shorts.


“Please, no, please stop,” Liam pleaded to no avail as Scott and Cory pulled his shorts off him leaving him completely exposed. He had a horrible suspicion that he knew what they meant to do to him. He was terrified. Lying there completely naked his shame grew greater than his terror.


Liam started kicking and screaming trying to get loose. Hunter then slapped him with the palm of his hand slapping him back into submission. Liam realized that it was no use to continue to struggle and the boys realized that it was no longer necessary to hold him down


Hunter lay down on the ground, spread his legs and motioned for Liam to come finish what he had started. Liam knelt between Hunter’s legs. Liam did not know what he was supposed to do. “Lick the shaft,” Hunter instructed him. “Now work your tongue along the tip.” He continued. “Yeah, that's it cocksucker. Now suck on it,” Hunter moaned with pleasure as Liam opened his mouth, took Hunter’s cock in and began to suck.


The position that Liam had taken between Hunter's thighs left his upturned ass fully exposed to the boys. Soon all four boys were taking turns slapping Liam's ass hard with their hands as they verbally taunted him about his cocksucking skills. Each time they smacked his ass, the force of the slap buried Hunter's cock deeper inside Liam’s mouth. With his body overcome with pleasure, Hunter grabbed hold of the back of Liam's head as he reached orgasm. Liam gagged as he choked down the cock slime spewing in his mouth.


Too weak to stand up from all the abuse Liam tried to crawl away his knees were bloody from where he had hit the ground.


“Where do you think you're going?” Scott demanded as he stood in front of Liam blocking his path.


“Please, I won't tell anyone about what happened.” Liam pleaded.


“Please, just let me go home,” he pleaded.


“Next.” Hunter called out with a laugh.


Liam could not believe what he was hearing, he was sure that his ordeal was over after taking Hunter's cum in his mouth.


“Throw him over that log over there so that we can get better access to his sweet ass,” Scott said.


The boys dragged a struggling Liam over to the log and threw him over the log. Liam could feel the roughness of the wood against his bare skin. The boys continued to smack poor Liam's ass with their hands each trying to outdo the other. With every smack, Liam's body would jerk and stiffen. Liam pleaded with them, he begged them, but they did not listen to him.


Liam's ass was on fire and red from all the abuse; you could see the imprint of fingers. Liam flinched when he felt Hunter slip an index finger inside his virgin ass. Hunter started driving his finger inside Liam's asshole. He worked three fingers inside Liam’s hole. Watching Hunter rape Liam with his fingers got the boys hard again so when Hunter suggested that they take turns raping Liam's ass, they excitedly agreed.


Since the boys had already taken off all of their clothes to go skinny-dipping in the lake there was nothing left to do except to decide who would be the first to take poor Liam.




They drew straws to see who would go first. Jack received the honor of going first and fortunately, for Liam, Jack had the smallest cock.


“Look at that hole! I can't wait to get in it.” Jack said his cock getting hard just looking at it.


He lubricated his cock by spitting on it. With Liam still over the log he pushed at Liam’s ass with his cock, Liam’s tight, virgin ass resisted the intrusion, as he was too tense for Jack to enter him. Jack held his breath as he pressed forward more forcibly and his cock began to enter Liam’s tight, virgin ass. Liam stiffened and twitched with pain as he felt the cock enter his ass.


Liam thought he had known pain when Hunter had brutally raped his mouth, but he realized that the pain he had felt during that ordeal was nothing in comparison to the pain he was currently feeling with a cock lodged deep inside his ass.


Jack raped Liam’s virgin ass for what seemed like hours, but in reality, it had only been a few minutes. Ramming his hard cock up Liam’s ass as his balls banged against him. Liam was in pain from the brutal ass rape but Jack did not care.


Feeling himself ready to cum Jack pulled out of Liam's ass. “I want you to swallow my cum,” he said to Liam, “and you better be careful with your fucking teeth. Bite me and I will knock those pretty, little teeth out of your mouth.


Afraid that he would make good on his threat, Liam parted his lips to let Jack slip his cock inside his mouth. Grabbing Liam’s head, Jack savagely fucked Liam’s mouth. The feeling of warmth around Jack's cock made it impossible for Jack to go for more than a few minutes. Jack felt a chill run through his body as his cock pumped cum into Liam's abused mouth.


Liam found himself gagging and losing his breath when Jack shot into his mouth. Liam thought he might be sick he and he held his breath as he swallowed Jack’s cum.




Scott wanted to fuck Liam's sweet ass, but first he wanted Liam to wrap his soft lips around his swollen cock. Hunter and Jim rolled Liam onto his back and held his arms down as Scott took his place over Liam's chest. He forced Liam’s lips apart forcing him to open his mouth painfully wide.


Liam tried to fight Scott off but it was hopeless, as the boys rendered him helpless. Liam cried in embarrassment as Scott entered his mouth. The crying did not bother Scott as it only aroused him more. Being deliberately brutal, Scott continued to pump his engorged cock in and out of Liam's mouth wanting to degrade and humiliate him with each thrust.


He called him names like cocksucker, dicklicker and fag, his voice low and menacing. Liam's head was reeling; tears were now flowing freely down his cheeks. For a moment he wondered if he was awake or just caught up in some terrible nightmare from which he could not wake up.


Liam did as he instructed. He hoped that if he sucked his cock well enough Scott would not think about raping his ass. He was not that lucky. Feeling himself getting ready to cum, Scott pulled out of Liam and gave his cock a squeeze. Scott lifted Liam’s legs to Hunter and Jim who each grabbed an ankle and pulled them towards Liam’s ears.


Liam would have begged for mercy if he thought it would help, but he knew better. His knew his pleas and cries would only arouse the boys more. He wanted to lock out the sounds and the thought of what they were doing to him. He tried to shut off his mind to it. The terror and shock he felt did not grow less with repetition.


Trading places, Scott took his turn at Liam's ass while Jack made him clean his cock with his tongue. Defeated, Liam just laid there waiting for Scott to take his turn with him.


“Spread your ass cheeks for me,” he demanded.


Shamefully, Liam reached behind him and spread his ass cheeks for Scott. Tears began to flow freely once again as Scott entered his ass. Still wet from the load that Jack had dumped inside him Scott slid into Liam easily.


Scott brutally grabbed onto Liam’s balls, squeezing and pulling them roughly, as he stabbed into Liam with his rock hard cock. Liam winced in pain with each thrust. Cory and Hunter each bit down on Liam’s nipples hard causing him to shriek in pain. Harder, faster Scott pumped in and out of Liam. Liam begged Scott to stop.


Scott fucked him without remorse. About 10 minutes had passed; beads of sweat were forming on Scott's forehead as he vigorously pumped in and out of Liam's hole without mercy. With a grunt, he thrust himself in hard, right up the hilt and then with a grunt he shot a load deep inside Liam’s bowels.




Cory instructed Jim and Hunter to let Liam go, as he wanted to fuck him doggie style. Cory quickly took his turn. On his hands and knees, Liam tried to endure the intrusion of yet another cock. He felt as though he was being ripped in half. In one quick thrust, Cory buried his cock deep inside Liam's ass. Liam would have screamed out in pain had in not been for Jim who had shoved his cock inside Liam’s mouth. Brutally Cory raped Liam's ass with his rock-hard cock. Cory thrust in and out of him like a lunatic pounding Liam’s hole as he buried his cock to the hilt.


Cory called him names and laughed at him as he fucked him. He grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled his head back towards him. Silently Liam prayed that Cory would cum soon. Each time Cory pumped into him, it felt like someone had taken a knife to his insides.


“You fucking, dirty fag.” Cory said as he felt himself getting ready to cum. “You fucking cock teaser,” he continued as he pumped faster in and out of Liam’s hole. He closed his eyes as he came inside Liam. Liam felt Cory’s hot load as it filled his bowels.


“God, this fag's got a tight cunt,” Cory said to no one in particular.




“I've got an idea. Have the bitch eat Hunter out while you fuck him, Jim,” Jack said. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way,” Jack said to Liam. “You’re going to suck Hunter’s ass while Jim fucks you or we’ll punch your worthless balls until you agree.” Fearful that the boys would follow through on Jack’s threat Liam agreed to do it.


With Liam on his back, Hunter straddled Liam's face. “Suck my ass you stupid fag,” Hunter demanded.


Apprehensively Liam started sucking Hunter's asshole, as Jim fucked him. “I want to feel your tongue inside my asshole.” Hunter demanded. Liam began moving his tongue in and out of Hunter's asshole as Jim continued to fuck Liam's abused boy-cunt. The sight of Hunter sitting on Liam's face while Jim raped him was more than Jim could handle, it did not take him long to fill poor Liam's hole with his hot seed.


Laughing Hunter, Jim and his friends threw Liam’s clothes in the fire and left Liam laying there on the ground, all alone, in the middle of the woods feeling broken and betrayed with cum seeping out of his abused hole and running down his legs. Liam curled up on his side hugging himself for comfort. He was no longer Liam. He was merely a hole, a cumdump for the boys to do with as they wished.