Letters from Leo

(B) (viol)

Letter 1

Once again, friends, I seek your advice. I received a letter from Leo, a reader of my stories for the last ten years. He has worked with various boys and young men over that time. He lives in the rural South, and most of his boys are runaways or vagrants, just poor kids without a place to go or a future. Some are caught up on drugs. Leo helps these boys become useful to the world by turning them into cocksucking dick holes and toilets. At least that way they are of some service to a part of society and they have some set of skills. Well, Leo recently sent me a photo of a boy who used to be named Bradley. Now the boy is just called Cunt. Cunt has been with Leo for four or five months, and Leo thought they had built up a good working relationship. Leo provided lots of dick for Cunt to suck and to go up his teenage ass. Leo made a nice little amount of money for his work. I should mention that Leo has several other boys to rent out as well. Some of his rural white buddies love to work over young black boys. But some like white boys like Cunt.

The thing is Leo punished Cunt, and some of his buddies said he was too harsh with the boy as Cunt will be pretty much out of commission for a few weeks. This will cause Leo to lose quite a bit of money, but he maintains he had no choice, as if you go easy on a boy, the bitch will take advantage of you. Still, as a longtime fan of my work with boys, he thought he would write to me to ask my advice. And I ask you for your opinion on the matter.
The question is, did Leo punish the boy too hard? Did he go too far with Cunt? Leo does have a temper I grant you that. But again, he maintains that a boy will take advantage of you if you let him get away with even the slightest infraction of the rules. In this case, what caused the harsh whipping and beating that Cunt received was twofold, first, while a customer was beating the kid’s nutsack, he dared to say stop! Cunt maintains that it was simply an uncontrolled expletive resulting from the extreme pain of the sack beating. Leo insists that a boy may never say no to a customer, no matter what. Secondly, to make matter worse, the little fucker forgot to thank the customer for beating his worthless nut sack. He never even thanked the kind gentleman.
Now everyone concerned agreed that the boy needed some discipline. The question is, does the punishment fit the crime? Was the beating too severe for this infraction? I want to know what you think. Do you think Leo was too hard on Cunt? I am not going to share my opinion with you at this time because I want to know what you think. Leo has a doctor friend/customer who saw the boy after the discipline session.
Let’s hear your opinion on the matter. I will pass your answers on to Leo.

Letter 2

I must say, so many of you weighed in on Leo’s punishment of Cunt that I am a bit overwhelmed. And almost all of you think that the punishment was fitting for the boy’s outrageously impolite selfishness. A number of you suggested that the punishment was too light and that the boy must learn never ever to suggest that his mentor “STOP the exercise.” You felt that even worse was the fuckhole’s crime of not thanking the man for taking the time to educate him and to help his balls develop.


I do agree with you and feel his not thanking his mentor was the worse of the two mistakes. Some boys will cry out during training. I do not mind this so much. I rather enjoy seeing a boy cry and beg. However, STOP is a pretty strong infraction of how a boy should behave during education. But not to thank the kind man for taking the time to work with him, not to thank him for the effort he put into helping the boy’s ball sack develop that to me is pushing it. What arrogance and selfishness on the part of the boy.


Thank you for your quick responses, I am sure they will help Leo in the future. Now I will share my view with you by giving you a real-life example of my discipline of a boy with whom I worked a couple of years ago. This boy also did not thank me. He didn’t thank me for the dump I had just taken in his mouth. I took great pains to train this boy to willingly receive anything I gave him—cum, piss, spit, snot, shit. And then one day I took a perfectly natural shit into his mouth and the arrogant little bitch never even thanked me. Of course, I thought of this incident when I got the letter from Leo.


I had to punish for not thanking me. I pointed out to him that there are plenty of boys I have trained who would be grateful for my turds in their mouths. Not only did this boy not thank me, but he also had the nerve to actually gag and choke on my shit.


So I took a switch to his body. Oh, he promised to be good from then on, but I was not satisfied. I drove nails into his nut sack flesh and into his nipples. I put him on a shit only diet for an entire week. Three meals of shit a day and he had to eat every scrap. But he learned, and after that, he behaved beautifully.


Sadly, I have forgotten his name. I think I called him Dick Dump, but there are so many boys that one forgets. Oh, his back and lovely ass were even more damaged by my switch, and on the bottom of his feet. I also worked the ass crack and inner ass crack and also landed blows on the asshole itself. This is an essential step in working with a boy. I hope this serves as an inspiration to other boy mentors.