Lakeland Lads

(MmBb) (anal, felch, fist, oral, rim, scat, ws) (cbt, humil, sad, spank, tort) (nc, rape) (beast)
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Bobby Waters’ twelve-year-old, smooth, milky-white body was just blooming from boyhood to teenager, and his black hair and flashing eyes made him a tasty morsel indeed for those who have an interest in preteen boy meat. He was innocent and naive and right now scared out of his mind, as he stood before Mr. Burke, the headmaster of Lakeland Academy for Boys.

Academy indeed, it was a reform school, no use toying with labels. The only thing being toyed with at Lakeland was the boys. Bobby was just the latest acquisition at the sadist-driven, private indulgence for male perverts, who were shielded by well-placed government employees who availed themselves of the school’s pleasures.

Burke was thirty-three and well-muscled. He sported a short choppy buzz cut, and his hard, smooth features looked antique Roman. Now he glared through dark eyes down the length of his straight nose past flared nostrils at the preadolescent twelve-year-old boy who stood quaking before him.

“We don’t fuck around here at Lakeland. We take juvenile offenders like you, pieces of street shit and break them. Cut them down to size and then if they’re lucky, rebuild them again.”

He had not dealt drugs as he had been accused of, but what was the use of protesting his innocence? The judge had not believed him. Fuck it, his own parents, who were never around anyway, had not believed him. Bobby looked across the polished wooden desk at Mr. Burke. The man was very handsome but very cruel looking.

“The doctor will give you an official physical later, a very thorough one,” Burke laughed, and the hunky eighteen-year-old trustee behind Bobby laughed as well, “but I suppose we’d better check you out. Strip and hand your clothes to Jeff.”

Bobby was terrified now. He chewed his cute, full pink lower lip. Tears welled up in his big black eyes. Burke smiled. He loved it when a boy crumbled like a cookie.

“What the fuck are you waiting for? Get your fucking clothes off now!”

Twelve-year-old Bobby Waters kicked off his tennis shoes and peeled off his socks. His toes felt funny on the plush carpet. He took off his jacket and handed it to the tough-looking trustee who was dressed in a very tight white tee shirt, so tight the boy’s nipples, big quarter-sized pink nubs, showed clearly through the thin stretched material. The eighteen-year-old sneered at the little boy and looked as if he were about to eat him. Bobby had always been a good boy. Very good! Why was this happening to him? The lump in his throat would not go away as he unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his smooth boyish shoulders, so delicate like a bird’s wings. Bobby stood bare titted before Burke. The boy’s chest was pale and undeveloped, just the beginning of a definition, just a hint of pec muscle topped with two nickel-sized, undeveloped pink titties.

“Not much there,” whispered Burke, licking his lips, “but we’ll fix that. We’ll work on him until he’s got nipples like a fucking sow!”

Bobby could not make out the headmaster’s words, which was just as well. The boy was sweating now, rivulets of perspiration trailing down from his hairless armpits, down his alabaster boyish torso into the waistband of his jeans.

“Well?” Burke barked.

Bobby’s hands flew to his belt buckle. The boy, like most preadolescent boys, was extremely uncomfortable about undressing in front of other people. He had not ever gotten used to stripping in the locker room at school for gym class. He would turn away giving his gym teacher, a real fucking pervert, a good look at his tight melon-sized ass cheeks and the beautiful boy crack between.

Bobby peeled down his jeans and stepped out of them, standing in only his small white briefs. When he turned to hand the trustee his pants, he saw the teenager stare down at the twelve-year-old prick lump in the underpants. One of Bobby’s hands went down to cover himself. His face turned a delightful shade of pink. He faced Burke again. He scratched one ankle with the big toe of the other foot, and Burke threw a boner. Christ, this little cunt was really asking for it! Burke leaned in.

“Well?” Burke asked again.

“Please, sir, can I keep my underpants?”

The boy asked so sweetly that Burke had to laugh. He saw Jeff’s dick bulge give a lurch. Jeff was dressed in the school uniform like all the Lakeland boys in a very tight, very thin white tee shirt and a small pair of tight white shorts, also very thin, so thin that the dark tube of cock flesh showed through.

“Bobby, if you don’t remove your underpants, we can’t give you your school uniform. We insist that all our boys wear white tee shirts and shorts for hygienic as well as budgetary reasons. I told you to strip. That means bare-assed. You will be punished for making me ask twice. Around here, never make a teacher or trustee ask twice. Now, take off the fucking underpants!”

Lots of twelve-year-old boys are very shy about being naked. Their boyish, colt-like, young bodies are just developing awkwardly into things of teenage beauty. Lately, Bobby had become acutely aware of his cock and how large it was growing. He had recently discovered the joys of masturbation and still felt guilty about his constant jerk-off sessions in his bedroom while thinking about some of the girls at school. He slid his fingers into the waistband of his white briefs and tugged them down over his bony hips, and Mr. Burke could see the boy’s exceptional five-inch, pink flaccid prick and his soft velvety bag of boy balls. Bobby picked up one big boy foot to step out of the underpants and Jeff, standing behind him, saw the crack in the kid’s ass spread. A wet spot formed in the front of Jeff’s white shorts. Burke saw it.

“You’ll be punished for lack of control, Jeff!” he smirked.

“Yes, sir!” Jeff snapped, pre-cum dripping from the leg band of the shorts.

“How can we expect our naughty boys to control their evil sex lusts and discipline their dirty little minds if our trustees are leaking like elephants in heat?”

Behind the desk, where no one could see, Burke’s trousers were soggy with fuck slime. How could anyone stare at this twelve-year-old bare-assed, innocent virgin boy and not drip dick snot? Bobby covered his cock and balls with his hands.

“Put your hands on your head, Bobby,” Burke commanded.

Bobby raised his thin arms, and his young, over-sized prick and plump ball bag were on display. Burke held his breath, the circumcised dick was so beautifully fresh and pink and unused with a nice fat dickhead.

“Now, Bobby, I have to ask you some questions for hygienic reasons. You had better answer honestly. If you answer honestly, everything will be fine for you. If you lie to us and we will check your answers later with a lie detector, you will be punished terribly. These are personal questions, and I know they’re a little bit embarrassing, but we have to ask them for our records, okay?”

“Okay,” Bobby murmured, very confused and frightened and wishing he could cover his dick.

“Have you ever fucked a girl, Bobby?”

Burke opened a notebook to record the boy’s answers.

“No, sir, I’m only twelve, sir.”

Burke laughed.

“Lots of healthy twelve-year-old boys are fucking twat three or four times a week. You don’t like girls, huh?”

“Oh…no…sir, it isn’t that at all…it’s just—”

“Have you ever sucked another boy’s dick?”

“Oh…god, no, sir.”


What kind of pervert did the headmaster think he was anyway? Burke’s voice grew more agitated.


“Did you ever take dick up your ass?”


“Sir, I’ve never done anything. How could you think I would—”


“Just shut up and answer the questions.” Great logic that. Burke was rubbing his nine incher beneath his desk. “Have you ever thought about fucking your mother?”


Tears poured down Bobby’s cheeks. His pouty little boy mouth quivered so he could hardly speak.


“Of course, I never thought about something so sick!” he yelled at the headmaster.


“You’ll be punished for your insolence, Bobby, just answer the questions. We get lots of really twisted boys in here, and we have to know! Now how often do you masturbate?”


Imagine being twelve and being asked that question. Bobby didn’t know what to say.


“Well…about…I guess…sometimes every day…sometimes not!”


More tears.


“What are the most times you’ve ever shot a load in one day?”


Bobby curled his toes into the carpet and looked at the floor. He remembered that day, beating his prick until it was raw, he just could not stop! His young nut sack ached for days.


“Six times,” he mumbled.


“Well, you won’t be doing that here. Boys are forbidden to commit self-abuse. In fact, boys are not allowed to touch their pricks unless ordered to do so. If you’re caught even touching that disgusting piss tube, you will wish you had never been born. Understand?”


“Yes, sir!”


Bobby trembled. Burke’s voice softened.


“Tell me, Bobby, have you ever sucked off a dog?”


Bobby started to gag. He shook his head no. He loved his dog Soldier at home, and he missed him terribly. Bobby was now convinced that Burke was a real psycho.


“Have you ever stuck your tongue up a dog’s asshole?”


“Sir, why are you asking me these things? I’ve never done anything dirty.”


Bobby was sobbing now. It is so easy to break a boy. Burke laughed.


“You beat your meat like a fuck-crazed animal. Some boys like to do nasty things with their pets. I have to know. Have you ever eaten shit, Bobby?”


Bobby went to his knees. His hands came off of his head and covered his beautiful face. Burke stood.


“You have to be punished, Bobby. You removed your hands without permission. At Lakeland, you don’t do anything without permission. You don’t piss. You don’t shit. You don’t eat. You don’t sleep. Now I’m going to have to punish you, Bobby. Please understand that I don’t like this. I don’t want to, but it’s the only way for you to learn. I hope you understand that this is for your own good. Now, sit up on my desk, Bobby, and spread your legs wide.”


Bobby, crying uncontrollably, did as he was told. Jeff came over, laying one firm hand on the boy’s smooth hairless thigh to hold him steady. Burke spread Bobby’s legs wider, revealing more of his boy dick and soft nut sack.


“Bobby, you have some black hair on your balls. Just a bit, but we don’t allow that for health reasons. Yes, indeed, you are sprouting ball sack hair. Lean back and let me see your asshole.”


Bobby did not have any choice as Jeff eased him back so Burke could see the delicate pink asshole.


“Spread your legs wider, cunt, so Mr. Burke can see your pussy.”


“Easy, Jeff, easy, we wouldn’t want to intimidate our new student. Hold your legs as wide apart as you can, Bobby, so I can check your asshole for hair.”


Bobby felt Burke’s big finger at his asshole.


“Yes, my boy, you have just a couple of sprouts around your pink pucker. You will have to pluck those hairs out as well as all your ball hairs. We do allow a prick patch of two inches in a perfect triangle above the dick, but no other bodily hair. Each morning you will be granted a grooming period, during which you will pluck out any ball, and asshole, and body hair you find. Of course, you will be inspected daily and punished for any oversights.


“As to your punishment, I will be very kind to you today. Think of this as an incentive for you to be a good boy and to follow all orders at once. Today, I will give you five swats on the nut sack with a ruler and then Jeff will show you the school and explain our rules to you. Your job is to remember the rules and not break them. Now hold your legs wide open, so I can get a good shot at those delicate boy balls of yours.”