Lakeland Dark

(MmBb) (anal, oral, rim, scat, ws) (humil, tort) (nc)
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I know the infamous n-word has been under tremendous scrutiny of late. Whole groups of intelligent individuals of various colors and ethnic backgrounds have publicly declared the word off-limits. While others say that it is perfectly all right for African American rappers, for instance, to use the word, but white journalists or comedians may not. All of this is of great interest to me because of my knowledge of certain places where the word rightly or wrongly still maintains a powerful punch. Lakeland Academy for Boys is one such place.

Jasper Higgins was a well-built, nice looking African American male of sixteen. He was well-spoken, well-educated, and came from a fine upstanding family. He made his dad and mom proud. He received athletic as well as academic awards and was popular in school. But his father, trying to make a quick killing monetarily, got in with the wrong crowd, and both dad and his son had to pay. A certain man named, ironically, Mr. Black, ordered that Jasper’s father be punished for not paying debts, and the son be used as a lesson to all who tried to cheat the system. Consequently, dad disappeared, and Jasper was convicted of drug dealing and molesting young underage white girls and sent for punishment to the notorious Lakeland Academy for Boys.

To say Jasper was scared out of his wits would be an understatement. He had always been a quiet, polite boy. Now he was worried sick about his mom and little brother as well as his father. What would his mom do to survive? And his poor thirteen-year-old brother, he would be lost without him.


The first odd thing Jasper noticed about Lakeland Academy was the unusual dress of the boys. The boys who were laboring on the grounds of the reform school—gardening, grass cutting, cleaning up—wore nothing but a jockstrap. This was obscene as far as Jasper was concerned. Many of the boys had achieved rich golden tans, but some of them seemed to be burning in the hot sun, their formerly pale boy flesh now a bright red.


The boy who opened the main door to the facility was dressed in very tight white shorts and a much too tight tee-shirt. His nipples could clearly be seen through the thin white material, the shorts rode up into the crack of his muscular young ass in back, and in front, the entire shape of his cock and balls could be seen through the material. Jasper was shocked but had little time to think about it, as the officer with him grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and hurried him on down the hall.


He passed other boys, who boys were dressed in tight well-worn jeans, not the popular baggy kind, but the old-fashioned skintight variety. They, too, wore very small tee shirts, some of them so tiny that six inches of boy belly showed over the top of the jeans. The jeans on most of the boys were rubbed white over the crotch area, and the material was so thin that their young dicks and balls could be clearly seen bulging out the worn cloth. Jasper could not believe his eyes. There was something else he noticed. Among the twenty or so boys that he encountered upon his arrival, there was not a single African American! The hand on his neck turned him into an office.


Seated behind a dark wood desk was a handsome man of about twenty-five. This was Sam Garner, the new headmaster of Lakeland Academy. How did one so young attain such a lucrative and highly respected position? He had exactly what the wealthy businessmen and politicians who supported Lakeland wanted. He was a psychotic sadist who specialized in torturing young boys.


Even as Sam sat there at his desk, a thirteen-year-old naked blond boy under the desk licked his huge pendulous balls. If the boy made a single mistake, licked in the wrong way, or did not provide enough pleasure, he would be terribly punished. The kid knew this as he was shaking with terror as his pink soft young tongue lifted each nut and bathed the sack in his teenage spit. Handsome Sam Garner looked up from his desk.


“Well, Officer Porter, what have we here, a bit of chocolate in our candy box? Step up here to the line on the floor in front of my desk, nigger!”


Jasper could not believe his ears. He had not heard that hated word since his father turned off a comedy special on BET, saying that some blacks were giving his entire race a bad name with their language and attitude.


“Jasper Higgins, we have waited for you for a long time. You’re our first nigger in six months. The last one had an accident. His dick got accidentally ripped off. How it got shoved down his throat to choke him, I still don’t understand. Oh, well, it was only a jig, not like it was a white boy or anything.” Sam’s foot nudged the naked lad beneath the desk to lick his nuts harder. “Well, Sambo, strip off, and let’s have a look at you.”


Jasper was so incensed and so horrified that he stood there frozen, glaring at this monster. Then the police officer slapped him hard on the back of his head.


“You heard the man. Shuck, jig!”


Sam leaned back and spread his legs wider so the boy could lick down under his balls toward his asshole. He studied the black boy in front of him. Yes, sir, this was one handsome, proud buck, all right. It would be gratifying to break him.


The sixteen-year-old black boy kicked off his shoes and peeled off his socks. He could not believe what was happening to him. He was shy, as I said, and did not like to have his body looked at. He was also at that awkward age when boys of any color are sensitive about their growing, changing forms. He peeled off his shirt revealing his well-formed teenage pecs with the rather large pouty nipples. His stomach was tight and muscular. His arms were well-muscled, too, and a trickle of sweat ran from under each hairy armpit. Sam smiled, and his even white teeth glistened.


“Whew, I can smell the nigger stink already, Officer Porter. We’re going to have to do our best to keep this one clean, or the spearchucker smell will contaminate the whole school.”


Soon Jasper stood before the young Headmaster in only his boxer shorts. He was trembling. His big black feet felt awkward on the carpeted floor. His toes touched the red line in front of the desk. His rather large lower lip also trembled from fear.


“What you waiting for, nigger? I don’t give orders twice. Shuck those boxers and show us how you boys run through the jungle back home!”


The black teenager could not believe this was happening to him. He was being treated in the most hateful prejudiced way. And to top off everything else, he was totally innocent. He had never stolen drugs, and he had never touched any girl indecently. He had been railroaded into this degrading situation. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and lowered them. He stepped out of them and stood up. Sam Garner let out a whistle. He knew now, why the big shots had picked Jasper Higgins for Lakeland Academy.


The sixteen-year-old boy was hung like a fucking horse. The boy’s flaccid dick must be seven inches long with lots of wrinkles in the skin, showing that it would grow even more when erect. The black balls hung low and heavy in their sack and swung with every move he made. Jasper stared at the carpet. He knew that his dick was freakishly large for his age. The kids at school all made fun of him in the locker room. They said no girl in school could ever take it in her cunt or mouth. All the guys were always trying to get a look at it, and the word was out that it was the main subject of the girls at their slumber parties. But school was a long way off. Now he stood totally buck ass naked in front of the headmaster of Lakeland Academy. His legs felt like water. His stomach rumbled and fluttered. His lips felt dry.


“Officer Porter, look at the fuck meat on that nigger! No wonder he can’t control himself. He’s hung like a fucking freak! Spread your legs, boy. I want to see those nuts swing. Spread your legs wider. Now swing your nuts back and forth. Swing them, boy! You will learn that there’s only one real rule of behavior here at Lakeland. You do everything you are told to do! And you do it instantly! That’s it. You don’t do anything you have not been told to do, and that includes shitting and pissing! You just do as you are told, and we will get along real fine. Now, play with your dick and get it hard for me.”


Jasper blinked. His mouth dropped open in disbelief.


“You must be out of your mind!”


Sam Garner picked up a metal paperweight off his desk and hurled it at the black teen. It struck him on the chest and knocked him back into the arms of Officer Porter. The pain was unbearable. He screamed and sucked in air. Sam Garner’s face had turned red.


“Don’t you ever talk back to me, you fucking jungle bunny cunt! You get with the program, or I swear to you, you will never get out of Lakeland alive.”


Jasper flashed his white teeth in anger. His eyes rolled in his black face.


“I don’t give a fuck. Kill me. Torture me. Do whatever the fuck you want. I will never bow down to your sick fantasies.”


Sometimes, teenage boys can be idealistic. Sometimes, they can be heroic. Sometimes, they can be foolish.


Sam Garner had regained his composure. He would have stood up, but he was entirely naked from the waist down and realized that this would compromise his position of authority. He picked up a remote and punched a button. The giant flat-screen, wall-mounted TV lit up.


Jasper looked toward it and could not believe what he saw. It was his father! His father was naked and being tortured by two or three thugs. In some of the clips, he had a ball gag in his mouth. In other, he was being forced to suck white dick. In still others, he was hung upside down like a side of beef and was being whipped with belts and sticks and crops. The film had no sound, but Jasper could see the agony on his dad’s face. The sixteen-year-old boy’s eyes filled with tears.


“So far, we’ve gone easy on your black buck of a dad, but how easy we go in the future depends on you. So far, he’s only had to suck ten to fifteen white dicks a day and take it up the ass four or five times, but that could change. We could have him sucking fifty or sixty dicks a day. Of course, that might kill him, swallowing all that jizz. We could whip the black skin right off of him. Or we could cut off his dick and shove it up his own ass. It all depends on you. As long as you co-operate here at Lakeland, your dad will be safe. Well, relatively safe. We do need to have a bit of fun now and then. So what do you say, Sambo? Are you going to be a good little jig for us?


Tears dripped off of Jasper’s chin and down onto his brown chest. His pecs rose and fell with his labored breathing. What could he do? How could he fight them?


“Yes,” he mumbled finally, digging his toes into the carpet, unable to look any further at the continuing torment on the TV screen.


“Yes, what?”


“Yes, I’ll be good.”


“Yes, I’ll be good, what?”


“Yes, I’ll be good, sir.”


Sam smiled.


“Usually, sir, would be the fitting title for me, but in your case, I think I like massa better. You know, massa, like in the old plantation days when you and your kind knew your place. Try it for me, will you?”


Jasper wanted to spit. He wanted to scream. He wanted to die. But he thought of his dad.


“Yes, I’ll be good, massa.”


“I’ll give you a couple of days to settle down to a routine, but by Friday, say, I want you to be talking like a nigger should talk. I want to hear you sounding like a plantation darkie. ‘I’s be a good nigger for yo, massa.’ Shit like that. You got that, snowball?”


Jasper hung his handsome head.


“Yes, massa.”


“Good, now, where were we? Oh, yes, get your fuckmeat hard for us!”


Jasper stood there before the two white men, playing with his sixteen-year-old black dick. At first, it did not want to respond, but he was a teen, so eventually, it did. It grew thicker and longer, and then was standing out over nine and a half inches long and thick as a flashlight.


“Holy shit, no wonder they sent you here. You must have ruptured those little white girls you raped. You must have ripped their tiny virgin cunts right open.”


“I never hurt anyone. It’s all a lie,” Jasper declared, his big dick bobbing and swinging over his fat bag of nuts.


Officer Porter backhanded the boy.


“Headmaster told you never to talk back.”


“He’ll learn, Porter. We’ll just increase his daddy’s discomfort.”


“No, please. Don’t hurt him. I’ll be good, massa!”


Sam smiled as Jasper rose up on his toes. He was one beautiful naked buck.


“Get your dick leaking for us!”


Jasper pumped his massive teen prick. He squeezed and twisted it. The plum-sized dick head shone, and the piss slit opened. A trickle of pre-fuck hung from the cock lips. It formed a long string reaching toward the floor. Jasper stood there, his dick leaking.


“Good, jig. Now don’t make a mess, scoop up that fuck snot and eat it.”


Jasper blinked again. His head was spinning. This was not happening. It could not be real. He reached down and with his fingers, scooped up the trailing string of pre-fuck, and then he brought his shaking hand to his own mouth and sucked the scum off.


“Everybody knows niggers eat their own dick snot all the time. I hear basketball players keep jars of it on the court and slug it down for energy during a game.”


Officer Porter barked a harsh laugh at Sam’s little joke. Under the desk, the boy had been redirected to start sucking the headmaster’s fat cock. Sam did not want to cum, just to be suckled a little. A guy could get seriously worn out, working in a place like this, all the mouth-pussy and ass-cunt you wanted available twenty-four/seven. Any pretty young boy you craved, any time, night or day. Yes, sir, it could wear a guy out if he was not careful.


“Listen, jig, and listen well. If you cum without permission. Ever! If you try to beat off or accidentally shoot a load in your sleep, your daddy will be sorry he was ever born. You shoot off only when we tell you to. You eat, piss, shit, talk, and breathe only when we tell you to! You got that?”


Jasper, his hard dick throbbing, gulped.


“Yes, massa.”


“Tell me what you are!”


Jasper blinked. It was a habit when he was distressed.


“I don’t understand, massa.”


“Jesus, god, you stupid coon, you’re a fucking nigger. Anyone at Lakeland, teacher or student, asks you what you are, you’re a fucking nigger! Got that?”


“Yes, Massa!”


Jasper was crying pretty hard now. There is something inspiring about seeing a sixteen-year-old boy cry—especially a black boy.


“Okay, then, what are you?”


Jasper screwed up his handsome face.


“I’m a fucking nigger, massa!”


“Louder, I can’t hear you.”


“I’m a fucking nigger, massa!”


“Louder, you black son of a bitch, or I’ll strip the skin off your daddy’s hide.”




The last word disappeared in a series of pain-wracked sobs. The teenage boy tits heaved in agony. The big cock drooped a bit.


“Good. Then I think it’s time for you to meet the rest of the faculty and the boys, don’t you? I’ve got an entertaining idea for your introduction to them too. What do you say we get going?”


Sam kicked the boy under the desk away from his dick and pulled up his pants.


This was going to be fun