Lakeland Behavior Modification Facility


Leland Grayson, the billionaire business mogul, leaned in closer to view the photo of the three naked teenage boys on the screen. He liked the looks of the young studs. All were good looking, cocky and had nice fat dicks that were impressive on boys of sixteen and seventeen. All three boys were uncut, and although the boy in the middle was a bit less muscular than the two other jocks, all three were well built, fit and damn good looking.
“So all three young jocks have their fuckmeat milked numerous times every single day?”
He could just imagine the cute young dudes being masturbated to orgasm by the Lakeland attendants. The Lakeland attendants were also well built, hunky males in their early to mid-twenties.
Dr. Carson smiled.
“Oh yes, indeed, we start off masturbating them four times a day, and then increase it to eight! You can imagine how uncomfortable that is for the boys, but we find that the medication and conditioning work best on a boy whose balls are entirely drained.”
Leland Grayson sat back and shook his head in awe.
“How can a boy, even a well hung, in his prime boy of seventeen be made to orgasm eight times a day? That doesn’t seem possible.”
Dr. Carson laughed.
“I assure you that it is. We use every means possible to assist the boy to have yet one more body shattering orgasm. For the first three, we allow the boys to watch porno or look at photos of young girls. For the fourth through sixth orgasm, we massage the boy’s prostate with a large dildo. We offer him the option of fucking himself with it or having us fuck it in and out of his tight young ass while we jerk his penis. We like to work with the boys, here at Lakeland. For the last few orgasms of the day, we put the boy on a milking machine. It sucks the fuck slop out of the randy young studs. The boys often cry like little children during these last few orgasms. We find it quite amusing and fun.”
“You’re getting a bit ahead of me here, I’m afraid. Can you explain why you repeatedly masturbate the boys? You said the medications and conditioning work better if their teen nuts are empty.”
“At first, yes, they respond better to the medication. This medication is amazing. It breaks a boy’s will and makes him suggestive to almost any commands. Once the medication has taken hold of the boy, we can reshape him into anything we want.”
“And where do the boys come from? These three for example, who are they?”
Leland was adjusting his hard and leaking nine-inch dick in his expensive suit trousers as he stared at the photo of the three boys. He had been informed that he would get to meet the boys in person later in the day.
“All three boys were arrested for fucking underage girls and getting them pregnant. All three are top-notch high school athletes and school studs, but they were convicted of date rape and forcing themselves on girls. The boy on the left for example, Ryan Coulter, fucked a girl of fifteen at a party. He fucked her twice and forced her to swallow his sperm and eat out his ass. She told her parents, and he was arrested.
“The slender boy in the middle, Alan James, has a nasty streak in him. He repeatedly fucked a fourteen-year-old girl whom he lied to and said he loved. He shared obscene naked photos of her with his high school buddies. He even had a video of himself pissing in her mouth. He was caught when the girl got pregnant, and her parents found out. It turns out he made the poor young girl drink his piss several times a day. She was so innocent, and he had convinced her that all girls did this for their boyfriends.
“The third boy, Cal Collins, looks older than his seventeen years. He is built like a brick shithouse and is captain of his school’s football team. Look at the dick on him. That fucker erects to ten inches, and he was shoving it into the cunt of every high school freshman girl he could get his hands on. There was a lot of stretched out pussy at his school.
“All three boys were given the option of going to a juvenile detention facility with older convicts where, due to their attractiveness, they were sure to be turned into bitches for the nigger thugs incarcerated there or to undergo behavior modification here at Lakeland. In all three cases, it was the parents, wishing to avoid scandal and prison for their sons, who decided for the boys.
Leland chuckled and squeezed his thickening dick in his pants.
“But none of them have any idea of the kind of behavior modification you are talking about!”
Dr. Carson laughed.
“No idea in the world. Here, we are experimenting with changing boys into whatever perverted, degraded, filthy sexual beasts we desire. As we look at it, these three studs, for example, deserve what they get.”
“So what are they going to get? What do you have in mind for these three boys in particular?”
“Well, the boy on the left, Ryan is being carefully conditioned through medication, shock therapy, slides, films, and repeated hypnosuggestion to sexually respond to no one, except for his little brother! He will have a continuous, uncontrollable urge to fuck his little brother in every disgusting way possible in the ass and mouth. The need to fuck his little brother will completely control and dominate his entire life. He will feel he is going insane if he cannot fuck his little brother at least three times a day! That big fat uncut teenage dick will have to plow his throat and asshole three times a day at least, every single day. He will not be able to stop himself. Imagine life for that poor sweet little brother!”
“And how old is this little brother he will fuck at least three times a day, every day?”
“He just turned six!”
Both men burst out laughing.
“You see these are very fortunate circumstances. The mother had Ryan when she was eighteen, and then six years ago she remarried and had little Drew. So, our cunt fucker Ryan will be fucking innocent little six-year-old Drew three times a day or more. We will also condition him to do other things like piss down his throat and play rough games like stick the pin in the balls. Now, here’s the best part. We have called the parents in for conferences on their son and submitted them to another drug and some hypnotherapy. They will know what their son is doing, but be unable to stop him. So can you imagine little Drew’s life in the next few years? Ryan will begin to sleep in his bed at night with the parents knowing. He will fuck the little boy cunt right in front of his parents. They will have to watch their darling little six-year-old son eat out his older brother’s asshole.”
Leland shook his head in admiration.
“Fascinating. Most fascinating. And what interesting things do you have in mind for our handsome, slender middle boy, Alan?”
Leland had his huge fucker out of his pants now and was pumping it as he stared at the photo of the three boys.
“Alan will be similarly conditioned. But in his case, he will have an uncontrollable, life-consuming desire to fuck his twelve-year-old brother! From now on, he will be driven to drive his fat dick into the mouth and asshole of his twelve-year-old little brother. Alan is being conditioned to have to fuck his little brother four times a day, every single day. While he will also want to fuck the little boy’s mouth and throat, he will need to cum at least three times a day up his little brother’s tender soft tiny asshole. Can you imagine what that teenage cuntbuster is going to do to that sweet little rectum?
“No more cunt for our boys. And in both cases, the boys are being conditioned to be turned on even more if their brothers cry. Now an interesting part of this conditioning is that after the fucks, the teen studs will feel terrible guilt. They will be fully aware of what they have done, but just a few hours after. They will be unable to stop themselves from doing it again! And again! And again! These two former teen girl fucking super studs will now live only to fuck their little brothers.”