Lakeland Annual Gala

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The Lakeland Academy for Boys held a gala evening each year to raise money for the school and its enormous expenses. Every student at Lakeland was required to help during this special fundraiser evening. It was only proper. After all, just paying the cops and politicians cost upwards of ten million a year, so a little fundraiser was held. Burke even wore a tuxedo, and he looked damned good in it too. It seemed to compliment his square, tough face, and his short choppy hair.

About sixty people attended the gala. More could not be trusted. These people were held in a trust that rested somewhere between loyalty and blackmail. They could never divulge Lakeland’s secrets or their own lives would be shattered.


The cafeteria was decorated beautifully. Swags of elegant curtains hid most of the high ceiling and sconces blazed with candles everywhere. At the grand piano, which was placed on the dais, a beautiful fourteen-year-old boy sat playing classical music. He was quite naked, and the piano bench contained an eight-inch dildo that penetrated the lad’s tender asshole while he played. He was allowed no sheet music. He had to play by memory, and his performance was measured by a computer for each mistake or each waiver in tempo or style. Electric shocks were administered to the kid’s ass through the dildo and his scrotum by wires attached to him. Sweat ran down his pale smooth, slender boy body, and because somebody had told him to smile a small lopsided grin lay frozen on his frightened face.


Naked boys, all thirteen years of age under, served canapes on silver trays. As the boys passed through the crowds, fingers drilled their young assholes and also tugged and twisted their nipples, and their boy dicks were examined and yanked.


At one of the bars, a big muscular eighteen-year-old boy crafted mixed drinks. When he had to stir a drink in a shaker, he used his fat thick prickhead as a stirrer, which brought lots of laughs. Everybody wanted to try a dick-stirred drink. The boy was embarrassed.


Bare-naked fifteen-year-old boys, their bodies shaved of all hair lay on banquet tables. Their teenage torsos were covered with treats, cheese dip in their navels or assholes, relishes around their scrotums and dicks, avocado dip in armpits. Guests chewed food and then spit it into the boys’ mouths. The boys were trained not to gag, swallowed the chewed up, spit-clogged food. Some of the boys had their erections held straight up by metal holders, and candles had been stuck in their piss holes. The candles dripped hot wax, of course.


Bare-naked sixteen-year-old Asian boys served as ashtrays. They knelt, asses in the air, and cigarettes were ashed in their sixteen-year-old boy-pussies. Butts were also ground out there, and the high whine of the boys’ pain complimented the music and conversation.


There was high stakes gambling to raise money. Guests bet on masturbating thirteen-year-old boys, who had to jack off. The bets were placed on how soon a boy would cum and how far he would shoot. The poor little boys were red with embarrassment having to frig their young pissers in front of fully clothed adults.


On another dais, a new boy at Lakeland, a boy who had led a very sheltered life as the son of a Baptist minister, was forced to undress and play with his cock and balls for the first time in his life in front of thirty-five gathered guests. The boy sobbed uncontrollably, a sight the guests found endearing. He begged and pleaded but was forced to show his dick and balls to all gathered, and then he was made to bend over and spread his ass cheeks. The poor little boy wanted to die. He sobbed for his daddy and mommy, who believed their son drowned in a boating accident. Next, the new boy was made to kneel, and a black eighteen-year-old boy with a ten-inch dick mounted the platform. The little boy had to lick the big black dick and balls. Then using the boy’s ears as handles, the black teen brutally face fucked the kid. Later, he ass fucked the boy while the guest applauded and cheered encouragement.


Several of the guests had pets with them. Naked boys crawling with gold chains around their necks with leashes attached. More than one pet also had an artificial tail attached to a thick dildo up his ass. The boys crawled with their legs far apart, so their young ball bags swung. The boys had been trained at Lakeland.


Dinner, of course, was served by naked boys. After dinner, the guests retired to the theatre for the main event of the evening. The auditorium seats had been removed and replaced with reclining chairs for the select guests. Let me walk you through the gala show using the program as a guide.


First, Burke welcomed everyone, and jokingly encouraged substantial donations. He informed the guests that no one would have to miss any part of the program to go to the toilet. All they had to do was raise their hand, and a urinal boy would be over to take care of him. Burke joked that there had been such heavy drinking he was afraid the boys would get drunk on the piss. Roaming bare-assed boys were also available for sucking or fucking service during the show.


The show itself opened with ten boys bare-assed except for bowties singing and dancing, Another Opening, Another Show. Cole Porter would have been proud of the fourteen and fifteen-year-olds. When the boys turned around, one could see a beer can thick butt plug up each boy’s ass. During the dance break in the middle of the show number, the boys kissed each other and frigged their pricks to an erection. For the second chorus, they stood very still and clenched their ass muscles, so their hard pricks bobbed in time to the music. It was charming.


The second act was a ball beating contest between two seventeen-year-olds. Both boys had huge scrotums, which was why they had been obviously picked for this and they took turns whacking each other in the nut sack with rulers until one boy crumpled to the floor unable to go on. The other boy, who had bitten through his lip in agony and had blood running down his chest, took a big bow and smiled as money was tossed on the stage. When he walked off the stage, you could see that he could hardly move since his nuts were so swollen and bruised.


Next, a father presented his fourteen-year-old son. He had caught the boy fucking a girl much to his displeasure. He ordered the red-faced, tear-streaked boy to undress, and then he made the kid show everyone how he looked with a hard-on. The father stripped and fucked his son’s asshole. The virgin hole was stretched wide by the father’s nine incher, and the boy’s screams were music to the ears of the guests. After he had shot his load, the father announced that the boy would be available for gangbangs later in the evening.


Next, the swing choir performed. They were naked, of course, and their movements to their songs were so cute. They sang:


“We are a bunch of boy cunts, just wanting so to please.

We’ll please you on our tummies. We’ll delight you on our knees.

We love the taste of jism. We love to savor piss.

And when you fuck our assholes, we beg you please don’t miss!”


On this last part, the boys pretended to fuck each other in the ass but missed and stumbled all over the stage. Johnny, the thirteen-year-old lead singer, stepped forward.


“My name is faggot Johnny. I want to be a hit, but so far I’m a failure because when I sing, I shit.”


He then turned around and let wet runny shit run from his ass, down his legs, and onto the floor. The guests roared with laughter. The other boys held their noses and danced around. No one noticed the tears in Johnny’s eyes or his beautiful boy lip quiver with sadness.


Next, a muscular Italian tenor stepped forward. He was fifteen and the oldest boy in the choir.


“My name is Peter Pisshole. I know that I’m a hit because when I shove things up my slit, I hit my top note.”


While he sang higher and higher, he fucked his pisshole with a silver rod, which was as thick as a good-sized cigar. His dick was a thick Italian one, and his pisshole was well stretched.


Now the boys all formed a daisy chain and stuck their dicks into the ass of the boy in front of them. They sang fucking in and out of each other except for the little tyke in front who had no ass in front of him, so he fucked the air and got lots of laughs.


The next act was a one-act play performed by the drama class. It was set in a boy’s locker room in a high school. Six jocks discover the wimpy faggot team manager sniffing their jockstraps, so they punish him. They not only ass and mouth fucked him at the same time, they double fucked him and fist fucked him. They put heating ointment on his nuts and up his asshole. They whipped the boy with belts. They snap his balls with wet towels until he was writhing in pain. They pissed in his mouth and up his ass. They finished by making him shove a tennis racquet up his ass-pussy and do a silly little dance for them. This play was so cute because it was boys abusing boys. It was kids horsing around as teen boys do. It was a good play. Romeo and Juliet would have been better but Tyler, who was to play Romeo, had really bruised his big black nuts pulling a heavy weight with his scrotum while demonstrating to the class how some black boys were used as work animals.


Burke introduced the next contest.


“You’ve all seen apple pie eating contest. Well, this is a variation on that. We’ve gathered four hundred used condoms from all over, the city garbage dumps, motel waste bins, fields behind schools, you name it. We’ve got four hundred really filthy, scummy rubbers and four hungry eleven-year-olds. Let me assure you folks that these rubbers are really full of dick sperm, cunt juice, ass slime you name it. We even threw in some that had been used to jack off dogs. Lots of bridal-night fuck sauce here. The first boy to clean all his rubbers wins. Of course, each condom will be inspected to ensure it is absolutely spotless.”


The four naked boys sat on the floor. In front of each boy was a huge pile of slime-caked, scum-soaked fuck sheaths. When the bell rang, each boy took a condom and began to suck on it. The audience cheered as the boys looking sicker and sicker as they sucked on the foul-tasting rubbers.


Next was a tableau of three men dressed as priests (who really were priests) and five naked boys. A boy, who had a huge dick, stood on the altar, arms outstretched making the shape of a cross. Several guests inquired as to his name. One priest was being sucked off by a kid dressed as an altar boy. The other three boys received communion from the other two priests, drinking piss that came out of one priest’s dick and eating wafers out of the other priest’s asshole. It was a religious parody of the most obscene kind, and everyone enjoyed it tremendously. A masturbating boy tenor sang spiritual songs.


Next a naked tap dance number with dick and balls flopping crazily.


Then a thirteen-year-old boy read a poem he had written called, My Fathers Dick. A slide of his father hung over the stage. Of course, he frigged, and finger fucked his asshole while he recited.


“I want to suck my father’s dick.

The fucking thing is so damn thick.

It fucked my mommy in the twat.

That is how I was begotten.

Some evening, when it’s very late,

I go to bed, and then I wait.

I hear my Mommy grunting low,

‘Oh, please, I just can’t take it, Joe!’

I creep out with no jammies on.

I watch my daddy fuck my mom.

He fucks her with his massive cock.

My little pee-pee gets like a rock.

He takes his dick and slaps her face.

I wish that I were in her place.

He shoots his load right in her face.

And with a towel, she cleans the place.

When exhausted, they do sleep.

Into the room, I softly creep.

I pick the cumdump towel up.

On Daddy’s sex snot, I then sup.

I kiss my daddy on the prick.

He never wakes up while I lick.

Of course, I’m too afraid to suck.

My handsome daddy might wake up.

Oh, someday maybe I’ll have luck.

I’ll be the boy my dad will fuck!”


While he read this poem, twelve boys on stage from the woodworking class fucked their own asshole with huge wooden dildos they had made themselves.


Next, a fifteen-year-old boy initiated his ten-year-old brother into the pleasures of anal and oral sex. It was even more pleasurable because this fifteen-year-old Latino had a nine-inch prick as thick as a beer can.


In the next scene, four sixteen-year-old skinheads, who were flown in from England, beat the shit out of a kidnapped thirteen-year-old Jew boy. I should stress that none of the guests was anti-Semitic. In fact, some of them were Jewish. The scene was scorching and produced lots of dripping hard-ons in the audience, especially the part where the very orthodox young Jewish boy was made to suck on the foreskins of the skinheads. Of course, they fucked his ass. They cut off his curls, soaked them in piss, and made him eat them. They shaved his body off all body hair, and then when he was a begging broken mess, they shaved his head. They blew their noses in his mouth. They brought out a huge poster of his mother and made him piss on it and then jackoff screaming out loud that she was a fucking dumb cunt and had tits like a sow. He was forced to scream that his mother sucked off his brothers. He collapsed in a tidal wave of tears and blubbers. The skinheads then with magic markers painted “Jew Cunt “on his ass and “Pussy Hole” on his forehead with an arrow toward his mouth. Burke announced that the student would be drugged and left naked in a real redneck part of town where incidents of brutality and prejudice ran rampant. Everyone applauded the bowing skinheads.


For the finale, the entire student body, bare-assed, came forward row-by-row and jacked their teen pricks for the guests. At a specific place in the music, the boys would remove their hands, and the dicks would bob and drool. No boy shot a load. That had to be saved for the big spenders. However, they came very, very close. Two hundred sweating dripping teenage boys, confused and horrified, wondering what would happen if some guest picked them but worried even more that they would not be chosen for they had been warned to please the guests at all costs.


The evening ended with each guest slow-dancing with the little boys, their fingers up the baby assholes, yanking on their dicks, twisting titties, deep throat kissing the little fuckers and promising the boys the fucks of their young lives.


One fat old coot with three fingers up the rectum of an eight-year-old cooed, “I saw you on the stage and thought you’re the most beautiful boy I had ever seen.”


“Thank you, sir,” the boy said politely, wincing at the fat fingers digging in his asshole.


“Yes, sir, I saw you, and I said, ‘That boy really needs to be fucked. He needs cock up his boy-pussy real bad.’ You do need to be fucked, don’t you?”


“Oh, yes, sir, I need to be fucked really bad. Will you fuck me, please?”


“My poor little baby,” the fat slob millionaire whispered, shoving yet another finger up the boy’s stretched asscunt, “he needs to be fucked so badly, and he’s got nobody to shove dick into him. Don’t worry, baby. I’ll fuck you. I’ll fuck you all night.”


“Oh, thank you, sir,” the boy said, his mouth dry, as he rested his cute curly head against the man’s chest as they danced.


It was a beautiful evening. A good time was had by all. Well, by all guests anyway. Lots of money was raised for the school, and Burke looked forward to an even more successful second semester. He smiled and looked around for a boy to fuck.