Kyle's Trial

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  • How to Suck Cock

When I was fifteen, my dad died, and my mom had to move to a new city for a job opportunity. It was rough on me as I was comfortable in my old school. I had had a girlfriend that I had been fucking for about nine months, and I really felt terrific about her and us and myself. I did really well on the freshman swim team, and my grades had been quite high. However, moving to a new city and a new school changed all of that.

My name is Kyle Tim Scranton, I am fifteen years old, and my life is fucked up. I am a good-looking kid, so they tell me, with an attractive, muscular body for a boy my age. Not too beefy, but toned and good-looking from swimming since I was in sixth grade. I am an only child, and I am alone a lot, as my Mom has to travel for her job. She trusts me and has no problem leaving me alone. However, I get lonely at times. At first, I talked every day with my girlfriend on the phone, but after a few months, I knew we were drifting apart. I have to be honest. I also missed the sex big time. I mean jerking your own prick with your hand can't compare with stuffing it into delightfully tight pussy. You may think fifteen was too young for a guy to fuck, but shit, all the kids in my class were doing it. Times are different, and kids fuck much younger now.

Well, the loneliness I felt, led me to try even harder to make new friends at my new school. No one was mean to me or anything, but those kinds of things take time. The girls at the school really seemed to take to me, and I think that made some of the jocks jealous. I'm not sure how the trouble started Yes, yes I am. It all started and ended with Jake. Jake is a senior and is the most popular guy in the school. I think his girlfriend was too kind to me. Although that's hard to say, because Jake is a fuck 'em, and leave 'em kind of dude. You know what I mean? He is so handsome, so buff, so cool, so sure of himself that every girl in school has wet panties over him. He dates a girl, and she acts as if she has earned some kind of merit badge or something. Whereas we all know, she gets to suck dick on the first date and maybe is fucked on the second. Everybody knows that if you date Jake, you have to suck dick on the first date. The guys all kid him about it and try to emulate him, but most of the girls won’t do it with the other guys. Jake is special. He has some kind of charisma that is just awesome.

He has that somewhat mean, handsome look like you can't tell if he is smiling with you or at you. His eyes twinkle, and he kind of sneers so you don't know what to say. He almost always gets his way, and rumor has it that the A's he gets in school are because he is fucking three female teachers and letting two queer teachers suck him off. I didn't believe that at first, but I do now and to think he's only a little over a year older than I am. He's the captain of the swim team. Well, lots of the guys were really pissed when Coach Martin put me on the varsity team right away. Lots of younger kids were jealous, and most of the seniors were really angry. Coach Martin said the team could use a good diver, and I am an excellent diver. I guess Jake was the most pissed of all, but he never showed it. In fact, that was when he started to act like my best buddy.

Jake invited me to watch sports shows on TV at his house, and I thought I had made a new best friend. I felt much better about being in the new city, and at the new school. I wasn't so lonely. Shit, when you were Jake's friend doors opened everywhere. Jake would even arrange dates with some of the hot girls at school, but when I tried to get to the fucking stage, they would pull back. Then, when I felt I had gotten in really good with Jake and a bunch of the seniors they lowered the boom on me. It happened one day after swim practice when Jake asked to have a chat with me.


We sat on a long bench in the locker room. We still both wore our speedos, and I couldn't help but notice, as I had noticed countless times, how much Jake bulged out in the front of his swimsuit. Well, I had seen him in the shower too, and I knew he had a freakishly big dick. Like the dick of a big, black basketball player even though he wasn't black and not all that tall. Everybody talked all the time about how his dick was the largest in the school. I don't know if that's true at least I didn't know at the time, but I knew it was massive. It pushed the front of his suit out in a huge lump that I even caught coach Martin staring at.


At meets, we knew all the girls watched that bulge more than the swimming. He was also known for his tight round ass — two really solid, muscular globes. He was an all-around stud, and I tell you this to try to explain to you how difficult it was to resist him in any way at all; no matter if you were a dude or a cunt. He just had this bearing about him. All the guys did whatever he wanted. He always got his way.


So we are seated in the locker room on the bench. His hair is hanging in his eyes still wet from the shower, and his wet body glistens in the bare locker room bulbs. Did I mention his nipples? No? Well, he has a strong, attractive swimmer’s chest, but also those really puffy, pouty, stick out kind of nipples that are almost too big for a guy, but really hot on hot dudes. You know what I mean? They can look really wrong, like girlie tits on the wrong guy, but on the right dude, they are awesome. My nipples were pretty big too, and I was always worried because I didn't want to get kidded by the guys about having girl tits. Guys love to do that.


"So listen, dude, we got a little problem Nothing major, but something we got to work out."


Jake smiled and ran one hand over his chest. His even, white teeth sparkled.


"What's the matter, Jake?"


I guess I have to admit that by this time, I did idolize him. I mean I spent all my fun time with him. I talked to him on the phone every night like I was his girlfriend or something. I hoped the problem was nothing serious as I couldn't stand to lose another friend and be lonely again. That feeling probably has something to do with my dead father.


Jake stretched out one leg and ran the toes of his foot down my bare calf. It tickled, and sent a tingle through me.


"Well, you know that you have become my best bud over these last few weeks." He nudged me with his toes. "Don't you?"


He smiled, and I smiled.


"Yeah, I guess." I felt somehow shy admitting that to him. "We do hang out a lot."


He laughed a rich, warm, masculine, teenage laugh.


"A lot? Christ, Kyle, I don't even have time to fuck much cunt anymore, I'm so busy hanging with you. Sometimes my fuckmeat feels like it's going to explode right out of my jeans.”


I felt a little thrill go through me at Jake's dirty talk. He talked dirty a lot. I also felt a twinge of sadness.


"Is that the problem? Do you want to spend less time with me?"


He shook his head, and some of the water from the shower flew from his hair into my face. It felt like rain.


"No way, man, I want to spend more time with you. I feel kinda like we’re brothers or something, don't you?"


I nodded.


"The problem is the other guys. They feel like I have dumped them for you. They're as jealous as that thirteen-year-old cunt I fucked pregnant last year when she found out I was boffing two other girls. They say it's unmerited ‘cause you never went through any team initiation or anything like the rest of us."


"I never heard about any team initiation, Jake."


"That's cause technically it's illegal. You know how parents and school boards are about that kind of shit, but we always do it. All of us went through it, and the guys say it's not fair just because I am the captain of the team, and you’re my best friend that I let you off so lightly."


I shrugged. "So, I'll do the dumb initiation."


"Yeah, but I don't want you to have to endure any rough stuff. Those guys can be pretty big assholes sometimes, and like I say they’re jealous of you, so I won't let you go through any real hazing or anything. No bad stuff. Shit, I am too ashamed to even tell you what I had to do."


I somehow grew terribly excited by this talk. I don't know why. I tried to imagine what Jake had to do in front of other guys.


"Like what, Jake? What did you have to do?"


He shook his handsome head again.


"Naw, I wouldn't ever want you to go through something like that. I like you way too much. But anyway, here's what I thought. I would tell the other guys that you would put in some time as a kind of a team manager. You would do little chores for them, pick up after them, that kind of stuff. I'll even help you. That way it would be like serving out an initiation How does that sound? Just do what the guys ask you to do. You know, little favors, and shit. Do that for about a month, and then I know they will accept you as one of them. That way we can still be best friends without me taking all kinds of shit from them."


"Sure, Jake, no problem. I don't want you to take any shit for me. I just want to get along with everyone, and I really want to stay your friend."


He reached out and put one large hand on my naked shoulder, and for some reason, I felt really weak.


"Great. I'll set it up with the guys. I'll tell them that starting tomorrow, you’re serving initiation time, and they can give you little, mild chores to do to prove your loyalty. And hey, in front of them, I may have to act a little tough and give you a few chores myself. I hope you don't mind. In private, I'll even help you with stuff, but in front of the other guys, you know how it is. Okay, dude?"


I smiled and felt his fingers knead my shoulder.


"That's fine, Jake."


"Puuurrrfeect!” He growled and stood up. "What say, we hit a burger joint for some sustenance? I'll bet you’re damned hungry and could eat just about anything."


As he said that, he peeled down his speedo. Now, I'd seen him naked like I said in the shower before, but for some reason, this felt so different. There he stood bare-ass naked in front of me, and his well-built, muscular body was not totally dry yet. He stepped out of his wet speedo and left it on the locker room floor. He stood with his hands on his hips with his legs spread slightly. I couldn't help it — I had to look at that big, fat girl fucker hanging between his legs. It was so fucking awesome. It hung at least six inches soft. Almost as thick as a Coke can, and his big balls hung behind it swinging slightly.


"Jesus," he said, "if I don't fuck something soon, I'm going to go nuts."


One hand went down and cupped his huge nuts. I felt myself getting turned on. Honest to God, I don't know why. I had never had a queer thought in my life. Not in my whole fucking life. He turned away and started to walk toward his locker. I watched his ass globes roll as he walked.


"Oh, Kyle, pick up my swimsuit, will you? And, eh, take it home, and wash it out for me, would you? I got so much homework, I won't have time."


"No problem, Jake."


I leaned down and picked up his tiny Speedo. It felt warm and wet. It smelled like swim pool and sweat. I thought of Jake’s big, fat, hairy balls, and enormous cock. I held the warm suit in my hands and tried to ignore the fact that I had a fifteen-year-old boner. What was happening to me?

How to Suck Cock