Kyle and the Black Men

(MB) (anal, oral, rim) (nc, viol)

My ten-year-old son Kyle ran for the couch to hide when he saw the five muscled black dudes I had brought home with me. He knew I brought them to play with him for my entertainment. If the huge muscled niggers had had any qualms about the proposition I had made them, one look at my bare-assed ten-year-old son running for the couch with a terrified look in his eyes convinced them that I meant business.

Not only were they going to get paid, but they were also going to get some fine little white boy pussy. He made the sweetest whimpering sound as the niggers circled the couch looking down at him. The smallest of the black men was six foot two, and the others were considerably taller and carried more bulk. They were breathing pretty heavy, and little Kyle could tell they were either drunk or on drugs. He had to deal with men like this before when I was in a mood to be entertained.


“Now I’m paying you boys good money, so you don’t go easy on the little cunt, you hear? I wanna have him screaming to beat the band. I want his little pussy reamed out so good he can’t walk for a week.”


My prick was hard as a rock and dripping in my pants. I don’t know why the fuck it was so, but I never got as excited as when my little ten-year-old asswipe of a son was getting hurt really badly. He was such a sensitive sissy boy.


He was a lot like his mother, the fucking cunthole who left me just because I got too rough with her during sex. Shit, why the fuck could she not take a couple of wine bottles up her cunt and asshole? I made sure Kyle could take a wine bottle up his ass-cunt! I made him crawl around the house that way.


I also saved on money since I started homeschooling him. He remained bare-ass fucking naked all the time. Homeschooling, what a joke, yeah, I homeschooled him, I taught him to suck dog cock and take fists up his ass-cunt and drink piss and lick my ass clean when I took a shit. He sleeps in a cage and has learned to be kneeling at the door when I get home, tongue hanging from his mouth like a doggie.


The niggers were stripping, taunting the crying little boy.


“You like my eleven-inch prick, little white boy? You ever had eleven inches of black prick up your little boy pussy?”


I made sure all the niggers were hung like horses before I hired them. The smallest was nine inches. The largest was over a foot long. Kyle was going to get it good. The big black sweaty beefy bodies were naked now, glistening. Their massive dick logs so thick and heavy they could not even stand up when they were erect They hung like logs, dripping pre-cum and who knows what the fuck else. I think, maybe, that some of them were diseased, so I would have to take the kid to my friend the doc after this little party. Well, he would have to go anyway because I was sure his asshole would be ripped and need stitches.


“Now, I hope after you fuck the shit out of him. If some of you big black boys need to take a shit of your own, my boy loves to open his mouth wide and accept turds from a muscular black ass.”


One of the blacks turned to me with a toothy smile. “No, shit? I ain’t never took a shit in a kid’s mouth.”


“Well, tonight’s your lucky night. I also hope you beat him up real good before you go. I’d like him black and blue and don’t worry about broken arms or legs, I have a friend who’s a doctor who fucks him every week. You boys just cut loose.”


“Oh, yeah, we gonna have a great time.”


One of the niggers had lifted up my son’s head and was slapping his huge hard hunk of nigger fuckmeat across the kid’s face, leaving red welts and pecker tracks. Another black dude was prying open the little boy’s ten-year-old ass with his thick black fingers.


“Oh, my god, look at that pretty little pussy.”


He dug his thumbs into Kyle’s ass, and the boy jumped on the couch. He opened his mouth to scream, but he was stuffed with nigger cockhead instead. I had my own dick out, beating off to beat the band. The black dick hardly fit in Kyle’s mouth, the black brother fucked about five inches in until Kyle gagged and then took it out, a bridge of spit and cock sauce went from Kyle’s lower lip to the dickhead.


“Only ten years old...”


The black man at Kyle’s head was banging his big hairy nuts against the boy’s nose and mouth until Kyle started to lick the thick-skinned scrotum. The dude at his ass had his thumbs in deep, stretching the asshole open. I could tell that Kyle was in great pain. I handed wire coat hangers to two of the other niggers.


“Come on, get into the act, and beat the little fucker’s feet with these.”


They held my boy’s large feet in one hand and whacked the wire coat hangers into the soles of his feet with the other. Kyle would not be walking anytime soon, not that he was allowed to walk in the house anyway. The thumbs were out of his ass, and a giant cockhead had replaced it. Kyle squirmed and screamed, his squeals muffled by the black-skinned scrotum on his face. The cock worked its way up his asshole. Hell, it certainly was not the first cock he had to take, not by a long shot. I fucked him at least two times every day, and all my buddies did too, but these were big thick hunks of cunt-busting fuck meat. The man at Kyle’s head had his buddy hold the boy’s face, and then he turned around.


“C’mon, asswipe, lick, and suck my big black ass.” He shoved his ass into the face of my ten-year-old boy. He spread his big black cheeks, and Kyle’s small pale smooth face was shoved against the asshole. “Stick your tongue up my ass, now, or I’ll rip your nuts off,” the black man hollered, so while another black man fucked my son in the ass, Kyle sucked black ass.


Kyle, I might add, hated ass sucking. No matter how often I made him do it to my friends and me, he just never got used to it. Only one way to cure that—have him suck more ass. So now he had nigger ass to tongue fuck and suck, and these boys, who I met in a bar, had not washed in some time. Even I could tell that from some feet away from them.


The first black dude had ten inches of cock up my son’s ass and was fucking as hard as he could, grunting and slamming his prick in deep. Kyle was almost out of it from the pain.


“I think he may faint, one of you guys piss on his face to wake him up,” I shouted.


“You want us to piss here in the living room on your good couch?”


“Who the fuck cares, the little ass cunt will be punished if the couch is ruined. Now, piss on his face, that’s what I’m paying you for!”


So the dude at his face rubbed the fat thick fucker a few times and then shot a stinking squirt of deep yellow piss onto Kyle’s pretty face. My dick almost came at that. Kyle squealed and cried harder as the piss hit his pretty face. They held his mouth open and pissed into it.


“Don’t swallow until I tell you to. Gargle with it first. Good, now swallow.”


“Jesus, this is fine boy pussy,” the nigger fucking him said, and then he arched up, rammed his fucker all the way in and shot the first load of the evening up my son’s ass.


After they had all fucked my ten-year-old son and his swollen, raw asshole was filled with cum, I handed him a long flexible clear rubber straw.


“Now, Kyle will drink your cum out of his own ass. We can’t let it go to waste.” I shoved one end of the straw into my son’s tortured, ripped, raw asshole, and the other end into his mouth. “Suck out that ass scum and that cum, boy, and do a good job.”


The terrified kid sucked, and we could see the slime moving through the straw toward his mouth. The thick white, yellow cum had ribbons of dark brown ass scum in it. It was really pretty. After he could not suck any more out, I got a big spoon and spooned the rest out of his ass to feed it to him. The niggers were all hard again from that.


“Why don’t you boys take your cigarette lighters and burn the little fucker’s nipples and ball sack and feet?” I suggested. “Not so he’s charred or anything, I still want him in one piece when you finish, but you can burn some nice blisters into him.”


I held my son while they burned him, loving the way his slender little body twisted and squirmed in my arms. I kissed him and spit into his face.


“Anybody got anything we can shove up his little ten-year-old pisshole? Like a ballpoint pen or anything?”


“How about fist fucking the little bitch?” one black man suggested.


“Certainly, but you gotta promise me you’ll go in up to the elbow.”


Of course, we made Kyle lick his blood and shit off the dude’s fist after he had fucked the boy’s ass. You should see how funny the boy’s ten-year-old hole looked all stretched out and open like the cunt of a fifty-year-old hooker.


After these parties, Kyle was always out of commission for about a month, but with doctor’s care, he recovered and was once again ready for more fun times.


“Christ, I gotta shit bad, I got the runs!” one of the black men screamed.


I smiled at my son.


“Kyle! Dinner time!”